I have just finished my last exam of 2016 today and I am so happy, to celebrate I am doing an OT12 post.

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Xiumin - Would help you revise, he would come in and you two would go through revision cards.

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Luhan - Would force you to come relax with him for half an hour. He knew revision was important but you did need a break.

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Kris - He wouldn’t mean to, but he would always talk to you at a really bad time so an argument would break out.

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Suho - When your exams finished he would take you out to a nice diner.

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Lay - Would come in when you were revising and give you food and some kisses on the top of your head.

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Baekhyun - Like Xiumin he would try and help you revise but he noticed that you and him got off topic very easily, so he would have to leave.

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Chen - Like Kris, he would accidentally start an argument with you. 

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Chanyeol - He would know how stressy you could get, so he would try and stay out of the way. But when you came to him crying from stress, he would hold you in a hug.

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Kyungsoo - Would leave you alone to do your work, but would stick his head through your door to see if you were still okay.

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Tao - To help you de-stress he would take you out shopping.

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Kai - He would have a movie night with you so you could relax at night.

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Sehun - Would force you to have a break and go out on a walk with him.

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ice-skating with exo (OT12)

suuuuuuppppppeeeeeeerrrrrr short and quick! 

2 in one day wowowoow

i also have a really long reaction coming up but i have no idea when it will be done :((


suho: gets left behind on the ice

kyungsoo: runs over chanyeol’s hand

luhan: almost cries trying not to fall on the ice

baekhyun: runs into everyone

yixing: has to be physically dragged onto the ice

kai: shows off their super ice-skating talent

sehun: stays only a foot away from the wall /just incase/ 

tao: isn’t aloud to go ice-skating

xiumin: stops constantly to get food

chanyeol: got his hand run over by kyungsoo but surprisingly handles it like a fucking pro

jongdae: does figure eights the whole time

kris: hugs the wall the entire time


luhan crying after his first solo china concert means so many things at once. Standing on stage alone without 11 other members. Knowing your worth. Absolute nervousness. Feelings of joy and proudness. I hope he knows how much we appreciate his hard work. We love you.