This is awesome 📯Thanks, Ohio University!


A selection of GIFs from “TV Land” by The Ohio State University Marching Band

In order:

Bart Simpson on a skateboard

A batmobile that transforms into the Batman logo

A dragon flying, set to the music of Game Of Thrones

A galloping horse, set to William Tell Overture, the theme from Lone Ranger

A helicopter destroying a block ’M’ set to the theme from M*A*S*H

A surfer riding a wave, set to Hawaii Five-O

Thing T Thing waving, from The Addams Family

For a full video of the show, go here.


The Best Damn Band in the Land …. 



Ohio State University Marching Band VIDEO GAME THEMED SHOW.  OMG!  -Ale


can we just talk about how amazing this show was


More of OSU marching band being AWESOME - this is their tribute to the Beach Boys.  It’s really fun to watch.  The HOURS of practice they must have to endure for the amazing result. WOW!


Ohio State University Marching Band - simply amazing!


Video game marching band.

when exactly did I become an adult because I only have one day left of living in my house, after that im in a motel for a night then BAM im at college moving in and going to band camp. And band is pretty much my entire day everyday until classes start so if I don’t make fiends in band then im going to know pretty much no one because I wont be going to any of the freshmen meetings and orientation things to me people. Marching band people please be nice to me and talk to me and not think im terrible and don’t want to talk to you because I do im just terrible at social interaction and awkward and trust me I am really thankful and happy that you’re talking to me. mrehmrehmrhmrehagrhagrhagraghrrrr… HOW DID I EVEN MAKE ANY FRIENDS IN MY LIFE?


Bringing this back for reasons.