College Confession #8

My dorm wasn’t wasn’t feeling halloween-y enough.  So naturally, I went to the Engineering lab (because they don’t check what you print lol) and printed out 192 skeleton war posters (8 unique posters times 24 each) and plastered them all over the walls of all 4 floors and the stairwells at 1 AM.

Come morning no one knew how to react. They’re everywhere and our dorm is quite spooky indeed.

- Ohio State University

There’s bacon-flavored health food floating around in the ocean. Dulse is a strain of seaweed that’s packed with more nutrients than kale, but has a strong bacon flavor when you fry it. 

It’s usually harvested in the wild and sold at $90 a lb., but researchers at Oregon State University are trying to make it more affordable and available by growing it themselves with hydroponics.



This is awesome 📯Thanks, Ohio University!


It’s been a crazy few weeks – the perfect time to relax a bit on the top of a mountain range. Thanks to my friends over on NPR’s visuals team, you can! They’ve created a really beautiful virtual reality experience that you can easily explore on your desktop or phone.

Take a few minutes to look around - any direction you wish - and while you explore, you’ll hear Oregon State University professor Eric Kirby describe the fascinating geologic history of the Rockies.


A selection of GIFs from “TV Land” by The Ohio State University Marching Band

In order:

Bart Simpson on a skateboard

A batmobile that transforms into the Batman logo

A dragon flying, set to the music of Game Of Thrones

A galloping horse, set to William Tell Overture, the theme from Lone Ranger

A helicopter destroying a block ’M’ set to the theme from M*A*S*H

A surfer riding a wave, set to Hawaii Five-O

Thing T Thing waving, from The Addams Family

For a full video of the show, go here.


Oklahoma State Standing Fulls