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Fresh Helix with Anatometal Yellow Gold Tama end 5mm Cubic Zirconia


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One of my favorite study spots on campus.. It always has such a pretty view of the sunset! It’s a little room hidden on the top floor of the rec center, overlooking the athletic fields and part of the hospital.

Today I’m reading a research article and writing a summary for psycholinguistics and then reading for my Renaissance and Modernism classes. I work a double shift tomorrow so I plan on getting it all out of the way!

Hey OSU students! There’s a rally for sustainable food that will be happening on the South Oval on Friday starting at 1:30! Here’s the blurb:

 “I am a member of a student group here on campus called Local Matters Student Ambassadors. For the past year, we have been spearheading the Real Food Challenge at Ohio State.The Real Food Challenge (RFC) is a nationwide student movement to build a more just and sustainable food system. We work to organize power on campus to achieve 20% ecological, local, humane, and fair foods at Ohio State by 2020. Our main goal right now is getting Dr. Drake to sign the Real Food Commitment, which would commit OSU to this percentage.   This upcoming week we are having a rally for real food, a colorful and celebratory demonstration, on Friday, April 24th to show the university that students have a right to good food on campus. In order to make our demonstration even more visible and show President Drake that students are behind the campaign, we are hoping to have as much media coverage as possible. Please share this events with your friends and make sure to be there on Friday to show your support for real food!”

Please try to make it to this event and show your support for small, sustainable farms and farming methods! Here’s the Facebook event as well!

New Surgical Technique Helps Make Achilles Tendon Repairs Stronger, Safer 

The Achilles tendon is the strongest and thickest tendon in the body, but is also one of the most commonly injured. From elite athletes to weekend warriors, more than 250,000  Achilles tendon injuries happen each year in the U.S., many resulting in re-injury. 

That’s why Dr. Timothy Miller at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center created a new surgical technique, published online by Techniques in Orthopaedics, to repair torn Achilles tendons. 

“We’re constantly looking for new and better ways to do surgery, make it safer, make it faster, make it more efficient and minimize the risk of complications,” said Miller, assistant professor of clinical orthopaedic surgery and sports medicine. “Given how strong the repair is and the minimal risk of re-tear, I think it will potentially become the gold standard for repair techniques.” 


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