New「TC24-B1Z」Test by OS GIKEN



L16 / Datsun 1600 x OS Giken TC12 Dual cam head.

SUPER rare. 


Hands down my favorite Z-car ever built by anyone. 

Office Tomitaku S30 Nissan Fairlady Z. Many people mistake it for a Nissan Fairlady Z432, which came with a 2.0L I-6 DOHC, but this isn’t one of those storied cars. It’s equipped with a Nissan I-6 with an ultra rare OS GIKEN TC24-B1 DOHC cylinder head, triple Mikuni carburetors, and custom stainless steel header. This head is built for racing! See the water manifold just above the header? It’s an incredible piece of machinery.

My favorite part of it, though, is the radiator. It’s an original brass radiator. Most people would be in horror of such an antiquated piece of equipment in such a beautiful car, but I think it adds a final touch of nostalgia and character to this car. 

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