• Someone: Hey do you know what's happening on [insert gay/lesbian show]?
  • Me, who has never watched the show but whose tumblr dash does the Great Gay Migration™ anyway: Yes.

“There’s something really cool that came out of [Orphan Black], which is this Clone Club community that impacted the way we’ve told these stories and our awareness of how fiction can effect change. It’s a community that embraces its differences and embraces people for who they are and is really supportive. There’s no infighting in that fan club and no discrimination. It’s just beautiful.” (x)

Tatiana Maslany plays 10+ characters - each with specific vocal registers, accents, body movements, and rhythms. She has spoken English, German, French, and Ukrainian. She played four characters in a six character scene. She utilized music to create individual heartbeats and internal rhythms for her characters. She understands what they love and what they fear. I am in awe. I will always be in awe.