“Gimme Dis Job” Spell

You need:

  • a jar/ container/ pouch
  • some shiny pennies
  • fenugreek
  • coffee beans
  • mint
  • basil

Optional: the business card of the specific place you want your job. If you just want a job, leave it out.

Shake it up while saying: 

“Oh my god, I want this job. 

Oh my god, I need this job. 

Oh my god, I have this job.”

Keep it with you when searching for a job, filling out an application, or interviewing.

you know, the weird thing about the ‘i didn’t care about feminism until i had a daughter’ crowd is that the vast majority of these men have wives.they formed close,intimate relationships with actual human woman over the course of several years and yet that wasn’t enough to make them give half a shit about women’s issues. but the very moment that wife, that living breathing human female with rights and needs that these men could have been caring about this whole time,pops out a baby that  they feel is their possession, then women’s issues are important. very bizarre. 

Ok, witches! I gotta tell you about meteorological symbols!

There’s one for every weather condition you can think of! You can probably find a longer list in the back of a dictionary, or just search Google images.

  • You can use them as sigils on their own, or use them as inspiration to make your own sigils!
  • Use them for weather summoning!
  • Use the symbols as a substitute for certain weather conditions! For example, if a spell calls for rainwater and you live in the desert, use the meteorological symbol for heavy rain.
  • Use the metaphorical attributes of the symbols in spells! For example, a hurricane for added energy, or fog for concealment.
  • The list goes on!
Witchy Things To Do on A Rainy Day

Originally posted by capistrania

  • collect rainwater, of course
  • do some self-reflection and introspection
  • make some magical tea or other warm drinks
  • any spells for washing things away, banishing, forgetting, or moving on
  • thank the sky for its gift
  • let the rain nourish you as it does the plants
  • cleaning and cleansing of the home

october 18, 2016 // 1:08 pm // 8/100 days of productivity // i’ve been getting a lot of requests about me making a handwriting sample, and i’m so sorry it took me this long to post it. but there you go :)

also!!! i finally made an instagram account (studygram?? idk), and i’d appreciate it if y'all checked it out; it’s @juniorpeach :)