The idea that mentally ill people can’t practice witchcraft is a complete myth, and a very harmful one at that. It’s spread primarily by people who aren’t mentally ill themselves (and really have no business speaking for the experiences of actual mentally ill people).

Sure, it can be hard, but never once have depression or anxiety affected my magic in ways other than they affect my mundane life. I get tired, worried, hopeless, etc., but magic is a huge help in times like those.
Witchcraft has been monumental in improving my mental health. It can ease anxiety and make me feel less helpless and give me a boost when I need it.

Not to mention that intense emotions can make for really powerful spells. (Fear and desperation really pack a punch in protections and curses, let me tell you.)

It can be hard to balance mental illness and a spiritual life, but whether or not mentally ill people do so is up to the *individual*, not a person making sweeping generalizations, to decide.

To anyone in Japan right now:

Please stay safe. I’m so sorry that you guys have to go through this; North Korea threatening you with missiles is absolutely terrifying, there’s no denial about that. If you’re really worried and need someone to confide your fears in, my DMs/ask box are always open for you. Hope you guys do better soon, and best wishes for your safety <3 :(