april’s spreads have been pretty messy but also very fun 
i’m appreciating the super warm weather, long weekends and happy colored pens & tapes, as you can probably tell from my spreads (also that floral tape that lisa gave me became my favorite)
i hope you all are having a lovely day♡♡

Hello to all my lovely followers. I want to deeply apologize for the recent Hustlerose Posts Nick/Griffin Slash Fiction.

  1. I will definitely not be pursuing or starting it.
  2. I genuinely wanted to help people. Thank you to all those who messaged me and let me know the reality of the situation. I was extremely naive.

Here are some free resources for those who are depressed or not in good situation.

  1. ten inch didlo

I know it won’t make up for what came across as gaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, but what matters to me is that those that need Nick/Griffin Slash Fiction can come and seek it.

If you have more resources I can add to this list let me know!

Witchy Things To Do on A Rainy Day

Originally posted by capistrania

  • collect rainwater, of course
  • do some self-reflection and introspection
  • make some magical tea or other warm drinks
  • any spells for washing things away, banishing, forgetting, or moving on
  • thank the sky for its gift
  • let the rain nourish you as it does the plants
  • cleaning and cleansing of the home