Scene commission for @eidosofpraxus who wanted a monarch-style painting of their really beautiful OC! It was super fun to get to put so much detail into a piece! And I loved playing with all the textures and ornaments, and of course, the really pretty mech himself xD

//commission info//

Pinned down Aban’s coloring; he was the only character from Donovan’s party that hadn’t been finalized in that regard (I just have not showed you guys everyone’s color schemes).

Aban is a dark elf, and their color range is from tan (The Gilded King being an example of this) to purple/charcoal. Some are lighter and some are darker, but I wanted a drastic difference between the western elves and the eastern ones, to showcase, in some ways, their differences in how they have lived their lives so apart for centuries.

And no–he isn’t a Drow and he isn’t from a RP universe like DnD, though it is accurate to call him chaotic neutral.

Feel free to ask about him as I don’t reveal much about characters beyond personality traits in the shorts I make for them. c: Feel free to direct them to him personally and he’ll gladly (ignore) answer them. Well, he likes to hear himself talk so he might just reply because he likes his voice.

for a full background piece i charge 20-25 depending on the detail involved, plus 8 per additional character, plus 1 for animations. 


  • splatoon oc’s
  • pokemon oc’s & pokemon conpanions
  • humans
  • fanart
  • pretty much any character that is at least 40% human looking (mermaids and stuff are 100% fine)
  • simple backgrounds
  • couples (both romantic and platonic)
  • SFW affection (cuddling, hand holding, ect)


  • nsfw/nudity/suggestive poses
  • MOST ANIMALS sorry guys i’m just not good at them!
  • complex backgrounds
  • uhhh… nothing else i can think of, i’ll let you know if there is anything about your request that makes me uncomfortable!

sorry about the lack of recent refs, the first chibi and the full background piece are both recent but the others are very old.

but anyways im taking commissions indefinitely so please message me if interested!