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Memeing Into the Void: The Case That We Have Entered The Last Stage of Internet Culture

Conjecture: Internet culture, specifically meme culture, can be roughly divided into distinct movements associated with time periods, much in the same way that paintings can be categorized into their respective art movements. Here’s my best attempt at doing so:

The Original Meme Era (1993-2009): The foundational period of modern internet culture, the creation of the first internet memes, characterized mostly by sincere attempts at humor: lolcats, fails, rick rolling, rage comics etc.

The Ironic Meme Era (2010-2014): Internet memes become mainstream and accessible by popular media, in response meme elitism and ironic memes are born, characterized by parodies of other memes: dank memes, Dolan, ironic fandoms (Shrek, Bee Movie), montage parodies etc.

The Post-Ironic Meme Era (2015-2016): anti-memes, multiple layers of irony, memes begin to take on depressive and nihilistic overtones, irony and sincerity begin to become blended together and ambiguous: deliberate shitposting, bone hurting juice, bottom text, I have crippling depression etc.

The Last Meme Era (2017- )

Conjecture: There is an upper limit on how meta you can get; there are only so many levels of irony you can stack on top of each other before your conceptual framework implodes on itself. Let’s set aside the fact that Reddit is the Lyme disease of the internet for a moment and take r/Circlejerk as an example. The sub was created to humorously criticize the perceived manner in which greater Reddit had become a masturbatory echo chamber devoid of meaning or purpose. Naturally, it was only a matter of time before r/Circlejerk itself became an echo chamber, except this time with an even bigger superiority complex. Thus r/metaCirclejerk was created to make fun of the people making fun of reddit.  Naturally, r/metametaCirclejerk was formed next… but that’s the end of the series; there is no r/metametametaCirclejerk. This would be unnecessary and redundant, because once you get this many layers removed you lose track of who and what you’re responding to. The bottom drops out; r/metametaCirclejerk is much more about playing with the idea of meta-criticism on the Reddit platform rather than a direct mockery of r/metaCirclejerk itself. To put it more simply, I’m positing that once you get to about three layers of irony in any given media, the meaning begins to fall apart and you can go no further. This principle explains why we are currently in the final iteration of internet culture.

What is the Last Meme Era? It is nothing more than the self-cannibalization of the meme. Notice that every meme era is a direct response to the previous era, but there is no and can be no response to the Last Meme Era. The internet is bathing in its own digestive juices. To reject the Last Meme Era is in itself an expression of the movement.

This example is quintessentially representative of the Last Meme Era. Consider how many layers of culture you have to be familiar with to even understand what it means. The John C Miller meme itself exists exclusively as corruptions of other memes and furthermore is an anti-humorous rebuttal to the appropriation of internet memes by a private corporation for profit. The meme this image is based on (bone hurting juice) also exclusively exists as modifications of other memes, and is arguably a neo-dadaist celebration of nonsense. Finally, the original web comic is a morbid parody of a children’s book.

Conjecture: Culture is inseparable from the society that creates it, and this includes internet culture; every new meme created is fundamentally the product of late stage capitalism. As of 2014 less than one out of every four films released isn’t a reboot/remake, sequel/prequel, part of a franchise, or otherwise based on another work of media, and it’s only gotten worse since then. There are no new ideas, only perversions and corruptions of previous ideas; creativity has been crushed out of us in supplication to the profit motive. Society is eating itself. The 8 richest people in the world own more wealth than the bottom 3.7 billion. Quite literally all the money in the world wouldn’t be enough to pay off the world’s debt. Corporations are murdering their own customer base and then bemoaning that there’s no one left to buy their products.

Meme culture is necessarily a reflection of society, and as a society we can’t tell if and when we’re serious anymore. The president of the United States is a reality television star who is incapable of stringing more than one complete sentence together. Is this an extended joke? Does it even matter? The nation has been coopted by fascists who choose to represent themselves with a cartoon frog. We live in a post-truth world now, the public has stopped even pretending to care about reality anymore. I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked. Mental illness is a societal problem as much as it is a psychological one; everyone has become badly sick so how can we be surprised that despair is now a meme? And what the fuck is vaporwave?

Culture has stagnated. There is nowhere to go from here but revolution or extinction. We are all memeing into the void; this is the Last Meme Era.

art theft in the phandom

This morning I woke up to several panicked messages from friends letting me know that somebody had tweeted a drawing of mine, claimed that it was their own, and that Phil had ‘liked’ this stolen artwork on twitter:

This person not only had the gall to upload it and suggest that they’d made it, but they also criticised the way I had drawn his face and then accepted compliments from other people, as seen in this screenshot:

This drawing means a lot to me. Ready Player One has been my favourite novel for four years now, and I was thrilled when Phil first mentioned it in one of his liveshows. It’s not a particularly well-known book, and it made me so happy to hear that Phil also enjoyed it.

I spent nine hours on that drawing. Nine hours hunched over that damn graphics tablet with a cramping hand and shoulders. I constantly redrew the pose even though I suck at anatomy because I wanted it to be perfect. I worked right into the early hours of the morning because I didn’t want to stop. I was so excited. I knew that Phil would enjoy this drawing.

The only other time I’ve been noticed by Dan or Phil was in 2015, when I tweeted another artwork at Phil. He ‘liked’ it and I almost had a heart attack.  It was an incredible feeling and I wanted to feel that again.
Everybody here knows how difficult it is to be noticed by Dan and Phil. Most people never get it. I was certain that this artwork would be recognised, and I was correct. It just wasn’t in the way that I wanted it to be.

The art thief deleted the tweet after being called out (they haven’t apologised or answered any of my messages yet), and I’ve posted my drawing again in an attempt to have it rightfully credited to me. Despite my best efforts, I doubt that Phil will see it again, or, if he does, I don’t know whether he’ll act. The pride and accomplishment that I felt after completing this drawing has been marred by this shitty, talentless person with low self-esteem and weak ethics. And what happened to me isn’t an isolated incident.

Take, for example, @phantheraglama and @maddox-rider’s constant struggle with people who repost their art. Or when @arctoids and @incaseyouart discovered that their work was traced and used in Dan’s The Urge video. I was there when @pinofs found themselves in a situation similar to mine, when Dan liked a tweet from someone who traced their drawing. 

It’s not limited to ‘art’ artists either. Some of my friends, @phansdick, @insanityplaysfics and @crescendohowell have their incredible phanfiction reposted constantly. @moaninghowell, @themostfuniveverhad and @moonlitdan’s edits have been stolen and posted, too. And this isn’t everyone. These are only the people I’m aware of, and the ones who are lucky enough to have had their plight seen by others. There are many, many other artists who don’t have enough followers to be noticed, or who never get the recognition they deserve because the thief has more followers than they do, and anything they say is overshadowed by that.

After scouring through copyright and code of conduct laws for various social media, I’ve learnt that unfortunately there is nothing you can really do except report the problem and hope that staff are able to delete the offending post. Since most phan artists don’t actually legally buy a copyright, we are completely reliant on the decency of others to prevent art theft from occurring. Most of the phandom is great and works to support artists, but unfortunately, the bad eclipses the good. The ‘good’ majority is irrelevant when there are ‘bad’ people out there, doing bad things.

So how do you stop this from happening? You can’t. There are, however, ways to make it harder for people to actually steal your art, a lesson I wish I had taken to heart before this happened.

1. Put your watermark in a noticeable place and make it your username, not your actual name. Write it somewhere that has a distinctive pattern or colours that are hard to replicate so that nobody can brush over it easily.

2. Specify in your caption what you’d like done with your art. Every artist is different – some are okay with people reposting their art with credit, others aren’t. Make sure you tell people what you want, as many people repost things with the good intention of getting it more recognition. 

3. If all else (including nicely messaging them) fails, report the shit out of the person.

And to anyone who has ever stolen art, know this: Your way of getting recognised by Dan and Phil is crap. Any reblog, like, note or compliment that you get is OURS. None of that goodness is directed to you. You have done nothing but shit on the hard work and achievements of other people. You’re the scum of the phandom.

I think that Vic, from @incaseyouart, phrased it really well: It takes many years to develop a fine skill such as drawing, because to learn is to develop your style by referencing other artists and material. Tracing and reposting someone’s image, and other forms of art theft, are cheap ways of reproducing art. It is plagiarism of great effort. Not only does it steal from the original artist’s feelings of accomplishment and pride over their creation, it also discourages proper skill development. Do not repost, create. Do not steal, learn.

I hope that we can start up a discussion about art theft again. I really don’t want anyone else to go through this stressful and disheartening experience.

Update: The person has apologised and seems to regret what they’ve done. Phil also liked my post on Twitter again! Thanks to everyone who helped, and Phil for seeing the issue and fixing it :) Even though this was a win for me, unfortunately art theft is still a huge issue. Let’s not forget that.

I know everyone's likely sick of these types of posts, but...

…I’ve created a new tumblr recently and I’m in desperate need of new, active blogs to follow! If you post/reblog a lot of any of the following, please like this post so I can follow you!

•Star Wars (Films and SWTOR)
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•Mass Effect
•Are there any Cyberpunk 2077 blogs out there yet?
•Art (just in general💖)
•Also I love aesthetic blogs
•and I’m OC trash tbh so if you post a lot about your gaming OCs or just your original creations in general, I’d especially love to follow you!

Mark Appreciation Information

So this is a follow-up to my original post concerning the scrapbook for Mark Sheppard to be given to him at SPN San Francisco since that will be his last Creation con for at least a year (he says he will be doing other cons, just not creation in 2018). If you have items you’d like to send my email (letters, art, photo ops, videos), you can now email them to:  markappreciation@gmail.com

If you have an item that needs to be mailed, message me and I’ll send you an address.

I’d like to have everything in hand by November 17th (that’s 2 weeks before the con) so I have time to make sure everything is put together. So that gives you 5 ½ months to put together awesome things :)

Feel free to message me if you have any questions. One question I did get: The scrapbook itself will be around 9 x 12 as I’m doing a custom binder.

Again, feel free to share this with anyone you know who also loves Mark or Crowley.

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yknow something i really love about flight rising and the community of it on here??

how often do you see posts from artists or writers or just anyone, wishing that oc’s were more celebrated and how getting 4 notes on a non-fandom work feels like gold

but thats what flight rising is? sure the dragon breeds arent our creations but look how different and original each persons lore and dragons are, they’re pretty much ocs in a way

and you see all the time, peoples ideas and stories and art getting 100 notes, if you think about it thats crazy? i have 2 bits of art with 100+ notes, and people reblogging and writing compliments about my art or my designs in the tags, thats literally the dream??

we’re just like, a whole community of people sharing ocs and paying attention to each other’s creations and celebrating them and??

idk. feels good man



To cut to the chase: I will be launching a SFW/PG-rated Patreon page on September 20th, 2017 in order to fund the creation and web hosting of my various webcomics and illustration work!! (This includes SFW/PG-rated original art, fan art, and commissioned work!)
By funding this page you’ll be able to directly help me create projects like THE MEDIUM, The Woman From Venus (my next major project), Scorpi, and other short and long form free-to-read comics and illustrations! Anything posted on this Patreon will eventually be posted on my Tumblr, Twitter, and/or upcoming personal website so that everyone can see my stuff, regardless of whether you’re a patron or not!

Again - I’ll be launching this page on September 20th and I’ll make an announcement when the page goes live! See you over on Patreon!!!


There are so many possibilities stretched out before me, 

 They branch out like a multitude of limbs on a tree, 

 The trials disappearing as they go over the glistening horizon, 

 Anything and everything that will happen or could have been, 

Down which of these uncharted paths should I go? 

 I find myself meandering towards an ending I do not know.

HOOOOOOOOOOOO BOY this was a long overdue post. Like i’ve had this siting in my files for like ever I’ve been meaning to post this for awhile now but I never got around to because I either forgot or got busy. 
Anyways I decided to digitalize this sketch that I did for my AP Art class that I absolutely adored and will definitely make some other pieces involving this concept (despite the fact that it could never happen due to the timeline of José’s creation)

On the left we have the original Chameleon man himself and on the right we have the clone “N02” respectably. I made sure to make use of contrast to show their polarizing personality difference as well as use subtle complimentary colors like red and green since their respected zodiac signs are entirely opposites. Mengele being a Pisces and José being a Virgo.  

Yeah so technically this is the first official post explaining how José is a separate entity and not just a Mengele caricature anymore.

José Martinez is a clone, he was the second one made in a line of experiments done by an organization called “4″ located in Brazil and was the first successful clone created. The underground organization was preforming these experiments to further the field of genetic engineering, trying to successful replicate genes in order to get organs/blood/etc. in order to help aid medical science. 

Though not too long after José’s creation (when he was a tiny childe) the first facility was ransacked by the government. A few of the scientists made sure that they wouldn’t find “N02″ in hopes that they would be able to continue their tests in the future one “4″ got back on their feet. Once the first facility was in ruins little José wandered out of the wreckage and was found by two Brazilian women who decided to take him in a raise him as their own. 

That’s all I’ll say for now and reveal more about the story line in future posts. I’m still working on just planning it out for where I want it to go. I’ve had to do a lot of rewriting but I’ll be sure to draw more of my paranoid son soon.       

A surprise wallpaper for a surprise gift for a super-awesome lady that I know. This is her adorable nature-nerd Vortian Invader Zim OC, Zero. I love her characters, and her artwork. Her unique personality was the icing on the cake.

Thank you for allowing me the privilege of calling you my friend, @causticbicaudate. ;u; I hope you enjoy your stuff!

- - - - -
I’m the original creator of this painting. The character pictured above is Zero, and he is an original creation of @causticbicaudate, or “TheCau”, and is not to be used without permission. I’m so happy if you like it, but please don’t repost it. Reblog this post instead, thanks!


I evolve and keep evolving as an artist, so I think it’s time to improve some of my oldies posts, my original creations such as “The Pride Gang”, and my other works too. Soon I will renew the look of all of my Original Characters, to get a clean style you all identify at a time. But don’t worry, I may delete my oldest post, but I will renew them, in all my social media accounts, so you will get more and cute characters. I wanna thanks, all of my fans, for support also thanks to some other people that without their help, I wasn’t sure to start doing art.

みんなさんありがとうございました ( ☆∀☆)/

anonymous asked:

Hey, just a quick question. Why don't you want people posting your art on different websites without asking?

Quick question, long answer. 

  1. Reposting sits on the supposition that all art found on the internet is owned by everyone and everyone has a right to do whatever they want with it. Deciding consciously to not ask an artist if you can use their work further confirms this entitled mentality. 
  2. Usually people that repost artwork are doing it to bolster attention to themselves or their blogs/web pages and very rarely post credit backwards to where they found the original piece.
  3. Reposts devalue the artist’s role in the creation of a work by separating an artist from their artwork. The art is then subjected to several iterations of being posted and reposted with less and less information about the original piece, to the point where when asked where a piece came from the most people can supply is “it was on my hard drive, idk”
  4. You might be tempted to think that an artist is being selfish when they want all the attention for a piece. But why should someone else be awarded any attention for something they found rather than actually made themselves?
  5. Many artists, myself included, strive to make a living off of art. This depends on people seeing my art connected to me, to know where they can buy prints, to know where they can buy charms, and to know who to contact for commissions. My art is my own self employed advertising. 
  6. On top of being rude, reposting to other websites is illegal. No one holds the copyright to my art except for me. Most websites have Terms of Service that stipulate that you must possess the copyright to something or written permission to upload by the copyright holder. 

i’m almost to 3k so i decided to whip out… *spins wheel* tumblr awards!! i never finished the ones i did last time because not a lot of people entered back in january, but they’re back again!  so like..420 waddup

how to enter:


  • best percy jackson*
  • best haikyuu!!*
  • best voltron*
  • best steven universe*
  • best aesthetic blog*
  • best edits**
  • best art**
  • best original posts**
  • best fanfiction**
  • best writing / poems**
  • best theme (desktop)
  • best url
  • best icon
  • overall favorite

looking for:

  • clean & organized blogs with tagging systems
  • overall friendly + nice personalities

winners receive:

  • follow if not already
  • eternal love & support
  • 10 promos
  • art of your choice***
  • short story / fanfic***
  • spot on my updates tab

runners up receive:

  • follow if not already
  • eternal love & support
  • 5 promos
  • small art of your choice***
  • spot on my updates tab


*must be 80%-100% of said category
**include your creations tag!
***i reserve the right to deny certain requests
1 winner & 2-3 runners up