Hey Hatikvah!

Welcome to Hatikvah’s chapter blog for the fall/winter 2014/15 term! Right now it might look a bit empty, but soon there’ll be heaps of posts, telling you all about what’s going on in Hatikvah, the region, and our own lives. Anything from haikus to top-tens to full-on stories or updates are welcome! 

Since this is a tumblr, we can also post pictures, videos, links, quotes, audio, in addition to regular text posts, so get creative! You can submit articles here or to me via facebook or email.

This blog is what you guys make of it, so send in articles at any time. I’ll be sure to make a list of prompts y'all can write about soon but for now, get brainstorming. It would be amazing if we could get every member in the chapter to contribute something! I can even bribe you with food if that works. 

RSWULF: Cassandra the Panda, mountains, food, to my red and white tie-dyed soul, I remain Amanda (full name on the internet? Nope), Hatikvah’s f/w Orechet!