looking for some pokémon buddies :)

hey it’s me Fifi i was just looking for some people to fangirl over Pokémon with because none of my irls are as into it as me :P so yeah you could message me if you’re into any of these characters, games or ships :)

-Steven stone
-sun and moon
-gen 4 in general but I mena
-team galactic
-diamond pearl and platinum

ok welp i know that basically means any Pokémon fan but hey ho i have no friends :) so yeah if that’s cool u can send me a message or whatever and we can chat or something fun times :)


Pokemon Glazed Nuzlocke - #31 - A Whole New WORLD!

Last Episode, we were decimated. DECIMATED. EVEN EGGSTER. EGGSTER DIDN’T DO ANYTHING WRONG. Now, we’re back again with a new team of 6 from our PC to get our revenge. And boy is revenge best served EXTRA LARGE!

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Anonymous said:

Hey have you put that fake ORAS commercial where everything is horribly mispronounced on YouTube yet? I honestly just love it way too much

Now I have.  Original audio post here