If you love OINTB's Poussey, here's some good news
She's left a lasting impression as Poussey in Orange is the New Black, but Samira Wiley has lined up her latest TV project – and it's a very different proposition.

“You’ll next be able to see Samira alongside Mad Men’s Elisabeth Moss in Hulu’s new ten-part adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s acclaimed novel The Handmaid’s Tale, as The Hollywood Reporter reveals.

The duo will be playing best friends in the drama, as they try to survive in a dystopian world where women have no rights, are only valued for their fertility and forced into sexual servitude.

Samira will play Offred’s best friend from college, who’s also in training to be a handmaiden.

The Handmaid’s Tale goes into production this year, and debuts on Hulu in 2017.”

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8 Autistic Female Characters You Should Know About
Ten years ago, as an autistic child, I didn't see myself in media. Today I can.

As an autistic female, I grew up without seeing myself on TV, in movies, in books. If characters were autistic, they were mostly, if not always, boys. I grew up discouraged in the media, in myself. Did I even exist? Did I really? Today, however, I can say that I can.

I wish, with all my heart and soul that what happened to Sophia never ever happened to anyone. I know the world we live in is fucked up and I am aware of the many challenges the transgender community has to live through.
Sadly, even though Sophia is a fictional character, there are many people who have suffered something like that and even worse things, I really want a world where the trans community can live without the fear you feel.

Even if it is just to have someone to read it, feel free to send messages and I’ll be there for you, you are not alone.

Recuerden que no están solos. La comunidad trans es atacada día a día, pero tengo la esperanza de que la situación cambie y que el mundo sea mejor para todos ustedes.

Si te sientes solx, me tienes aquí para leerte y aconsejarte si lo necesitas.

I love you all guys!
Fanfic: Good Girls Do Bad Things, Orange Is the New Black | FanFiction

Summary: They called Lorna Morello crazy, psycho even, but Nicky Nichols doesn’t think that way, not even a little bit. She just wants to win this girl’s heart and figure out the secrets that lie within her fellow students at her new school, Albany High. Mostly Nichorello, includes Daya, Alex, Flaritza, Red, Gloria, Pennsatucky, Boo, Taystee, Pousoso, Suzanne, Blanca, Maria, and much more!

This is my new story and first high school AU for Orange is the New Black. It’s loosely based on another show called Pretty Little Liars, which is about four best friends who receive anonymous texts after the leader of their clique mysteriously disappeared and supposedly died. You don’t need to watch the show to understand what this is about, but the events that happen in this fic are similar to some things that are in Pretty Little Liars and you will also recognize parts of Orange is the New Black. Without further ado, read on, kids.

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