lets get furry

you wanna make really nice lookin fur?? don’t know how all those furry artists do it???? allow me to educate you then

1: Lay down your base color! This is important and should be darker than the color you are aiming for.

2: Take that boss ass acrylic brush and set that thing as follows.

notice how we already are picking out our desired shade of lavender!

3: on the same layer as your base (if you are uncomfortable, make a duplicate so you don’t have to worry) and start making little strokes in the direction you want your fur to go. Put these strokes into rough rows and make sure you space them out enough for them to be told apart.

5: Keep going until you’re done! Want some cool dyed tips to your fur? Just choose a different color! Let’s start adding some cyan tips.

Just rinse and repeat until you’re satisfied! Don’t be afraid to play around with blending either, it can lead to some cool combos! 

Rei is a cute little overprotective boyfriend

Granted, Nagisa is a piece of work, but it’s still adorable seeing all the times Rei is rushing after him to keep him safe. 

Like when Nagisa steals his glasses and he’s like

It’s not even because he’s angry because he can’t see. 

He’s just worried it’s going to strain Nagisa’s eyes!

He’s like always watching out for Nagisa because he knows he’s going to get himself in trouble. His arms are already prepared to reach out, he is literally just waiting anxiously for Nagisa to do something silly and dangerous.

And when Nagisa actually does, he immediately runs after him to grab him, making sure he doesn’t fall off. 

And this is super subtle but it is so cute how when Nagisa complains that he is cold

And starts standing there shivering, the others are just like “ok” and Rei physically turns around to focus his attention on Nagisa because he is worried and definitely wants to give him hugs to keep him warm

Like he is always ready to run after Nagisa at a second’s notice to make sure he doesn’t get hurt

And he doesn’t let Nagisa stand on the outside of the sidewalk after this, and switches spots with him to make sure he doesn’t get hurt, and Nagisa looks all frazzled

Like this is just too adorable

So even though Rei is kind of completely clueless when it comes to people’s emotional well-being and picking up on those cues, he is so in-tune to Nagisa’s physical safety that it’s beyond precious



LIAM’S HERE TO LEARN AND TO IMPROVE AND TO BE THE BEST KENDAMA PLAYER HE CAN BE. Right now, Liam’s just trying it out. He’s testing the waters. He’s worked out that one side’s bigger, he’s keeping his movements small and making sure there’s a lot of slack in the line so he can get used to the physics of landing it before he tries anything Fancy. Once he gets to that level where he’s comfortable doing tricks, he will be ceaseless. HE WILL NEVER STOP.

Harry has broken his kendama already. Of course he has. God knows where the ball went. He could have flailed it anywhere. One can only hope there weren’t any injuries.

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Explaining trans people to my mom
  • Mom: But if she has a girlfriend, why don't they have sex like heterosexual people and she can skip the surgery and keep her penis?
  • Me: Ok it's like this... I give you a fork and tell you to eat some soup. And you want the soup, but you don't want to use the fork. So you ask for a spoon, but I tell you to just keep using a fork, because that's what you already have. Even though it won't work out, people keep telling you to use a fork because why bother getting a spoon if you already have one utensil? And you get frustrated and finally tell them all to fuck themselves and go get a damn spoon because that's what you need and what you want and you're going to have it.
  • Mom: ...makes sense.

woke up to some good conversation. 

fartimagines  asked:

How would the rfa, v, and saeran act when drunk?


  • downs all his drinks and gets even more drunk
  • he’s a heavyweight so something must have happened to make him get this drunk, we’re talking blackout drunk
  • the type to get into a fight (just please don’t go for the face!)
  • gets really passionate about theater all of a sudden
  • starts???? crying???? about??? theater???
  • gets rlly touchy feely and emotional with whoever he came to party with
  • he gets extra loud when drunk and he already has a booming theater voice so it’s even more intense when he’s loud because he’s drunk
  • trips every fourteen seconds and keeps thinking he needs to do his night facial routine and go to bed on the sofa of the club or bar
  • yells if people make out


  • gets the asian glow so bad even though he drinks wine regularly
  • gets philosophical about cats and tries to hold conversations with people about three piece suits but nobody knows what he’s talking about
  • what do you mean you don’t know what cuff links are you uncultured swine??????
  • is a very thoughtful drunk but it’s obvious he’s drunk because he can’t even pick up his drink right
  • the person zen is trying to fight probably
  • will write down ridiculous new business ideas in a notepad and remind himself to send to jaehee
  • but there’s so many typos it’s actually incoherent when he tries to read it the next day
  • gets extremely cranky the next day because of a hangover


  • can’t handle his fucking liquor he can’t hang he’s a lightweight
  • gets lit way too fast and not only does he yell (remember the call) he also gets pretttttty damn handsy too 
  • and he goes apeshit. LOLOL makes him think he can do things he actually can’t do.
  • once he starts hearing his own heartbeat the boy freaks the fuck out 
  • is this what death feels like wait LOLOL is releasing new armor tomorrow i can’t go yet
  • will be the first one to pass out lmao 
  • probably only wakes up to throw up and then goes back to sleep
  • the friend they can’t bring drinking anymore because once he thought he “leveled up” in real life and tried to climb a fence and run away and then tried to punch v and then missed and spun around to hit himself
  • saeyoung records this and it ends up a viral hit on youtube


  • hics thru the roof
  • keeps adjusting her fucking collar (why did u wear a collar 2 a club)
  • will 100% stick to mc like glue and needs to use the bathroom every 30 minutes so there is a lot of bathrooming
  • a very calm and cute drunk who hiccups constantly and honestly is probably only extremely drunk bc she ordered a virgin pina colada and the bartender accidentally put alcohol in it
  • a Lightweight™
  • maybe some drunk making out but hey man nobody is complaining
  • a very quiet and very red drunk who is Suffering and literally almost dies 
  • she’s not used to being trashed drunk and she does not react well to it she’s literally panicking and trying to remain rational and freaks out if she loses ny of her coordination
  • knows to ply herself with water and fatty foods the next day so she doesn’t get a hangover cus she’s a smart one
  • The Most Responsible Person In The RFA Next To V 


  • the type of dude to stand on a table and start screaming
  • he’s so Extra™ even zen is kinda like… dude.. .
  • headbangs to literally every song and honestly everyone wants to murder him because he’s hit like 5 people already headbanging
  • the type to talk really loud when drunk
  • his glasses are so fogged
  • it’s kinda funny because he’s the type of extra ass person to do dumb things sober so you bet his ass is probably gonna do some Dumb Shit drunk and it’s gonna be worse
  • probably actually incites a fight between two people and starts a fight club outside of the bar and somehow gets the offer to be the leader of a cult
  • tries to map out a blueprint for a really complicated machine so he doesn’t have to brush his own teeth anymore and writes it down on a dirty napkin with a pencil
  • probably gets bored and goes on his phone to buy like 4 crates of phd. pepper 
  • needs to be monitored like he’s an 8 year old that owns weapons of mass destruction


  • takes jumin-level pictures of everything and it’s really funny because even jumin is like “lmao what”
  • a very quiet and calm drunk who probably just falls asleep before he can enter the truly shitfaced zone
  • a peaceful man who just wanted to come have fun with his friends but then saeyoung kept going all “you deserve to relax you’ve been working so hard” 
  • a heavyweight drinker but no one knew this until he started getting shots and downed it like it was water
  • everyone stared at him because it was alarming he had so much pent up stress
  • probably let’s out a secret that he doesn’t even bleach his hair he just reached full premature grey hair status and just dyes it blue because rika stressed the fuck outta him and u know it
  • wants to be at home in bed and honestly everyone needs to carry him out because he passed out and refuses to wake up for longer than two and a half minutes on average


  • his want to kill everyone increases by tenfold drunk
  • he’s so drunk that his face is all red and he’s shouting about “u fools i’ll kill everybody” because somebody bumped into him 
  • he seems to me like an angry kind of drunk. probably tries to fight saeyoung prolly cus ya.
  • once he stops being so Angry he’s probably just really sad drunk and apologetic to everyone 
  • tries to explain to people that he just doesn’t know how to respond to affection because he’s never had it and only can respond with anger but the only thing that comes out is probably “i wanna fight all of you a little less than i did before”
  • the type to sulk in a corner and look so intimidating girls wont even approach him but they all just stare at him from a distance 
  • probably falls asleep in the bathroom tbh and just wants to go home

I’m just gonna put this out there:

LEWIS HAS BEEN WORKING SO HARD TO KEEP THE CHANNEL UP BY HIMSELF and he is working his adorable little butt off making content with a bunch of different people and still all the comments are about Simon coming back. He has already explained what is going on, and complaining more will not make Simon come back. PLEASE try and recognize all of the work Lewis is doing and appreciate the content that is going up.


This is the saddest thing I’ve seen in a while. When the youngest walked out, that empty hug she gave the mother was so telling. So devoid of any emotion. And the look on her face. So powerful.

Then the oldest, staying as far away from her mom as possible, keeping her eyes fixed on her probably out of pure fear and repulse. These are children! Already with such strong negative emotions towards a single person. It just breaks my heart.

I absolutely love children, and to see this is so sad. They don’t even want to go into the car because they fear what would happen just in the car ride from one location to another. I can’t imagine what they had to go through.

And to know that the court is giving them back to their mother makes this all the more tragic. There is clearly a problem when a legal system returns kids to the abusive parent, rather than to the one who clearly will love and support them. When you have to fight the legal system to save children from a life of torment.

This was back in 2014, so I really hope the father was able to get full custody of the kids, because this is horrifying, and they need to get out as soon as they could. Our legal system is built to move slowly, and time is something these children don’t have. Reading through the comments and on the father’s gofundme it looks like the he has joint custody, but not a lot has changed.

au ideas i thought of at 4 am
  • were in class and you keep throwing paper balls at me why are you doing this au
  • youre in orchestra and im in band, we take our rivalry seriously but holy shit youre hot so hey while they’re warming up wanna make out behind the curtains? au
  • i really cant chose between wanting to cuddle you and wanting to fuck you au
  • ok so im a celebrity and im single, and youre that one fan i see whos literally hella cute lets date au
  • its 2 AM and im knocking at your window, wake up and lets go on a late-night walk or something idk can we just hold hands already au
  • i didnt bring food for lunch but hey can i have half of your sandwich au
  • were in wrestling class and were partners and were in this really fucking awkward kind of sexual position right now au
  • im totally stronger than you but i let you win that arm wrestling contest au
  • we stayed up all night in bed texting each other and while i was confessing my feelings to you i passed out so all i left you with was “i kind of…” and thats it au
  • were in drama and we have this kiss scene together, i dont think i mind this one bit au
  • we did a trust fall but you were too weak to fully catch me au
  • were getting it on in bed and you fucking keep on whispering memes into my ear please stop this au

rowanblanchard Tbt to simpler times 💔😢 But for real:

Your country elects a racist/rapist as president. Your eyes are so puffy from crying all night it actually hurts to keep them open. You wake up November 9th, 2016, imagining this is how people felt September 12, 2001. You are tired and sad but aware you live in a bubble of white privileged/ a bubble that is Los Angeles. You spend the entire day feeling like you could vomit, you try to get school done but doing history just makes you sadder. You are sort-of freaking out because you are a teenager so the world already sort-of feels as thought it was ending, and then this? You wake up Thursday feeling angry and wanting to fight back. You go to a protest, the first in your life, holding signes with other people your age, in the same boat you are. You march. Tears brim when you chant “My Body- My Choice”, which is followed by a “Her body- Her Choice.” You know there must be some resolve and healing in wearing your labels even harder. You know there must be power in just having survived this world with these labels. You read whatever you have on your shelf. You breathe, you cry, you rise. You breathe/You cry/You rise/You breath/You cry/You rise.

The problem with a lot of “life hacks” is that they require me to go back in time and hoard all of my bread ties and soda can tabs and then not lose them like paper clips. You already have to be a very organized and diligent person who probably doesn’t need any life hacks. I have to have the presence of mind to remember not to throw out my empty ketchup bottle (or just buy one and waste a bunch of ketchup, and I for one was not raised to waste perfectly good tomato corpses), then wash it out, then keep washing it out every time I want to… make pancakes? 

Or I could just have weird-looking pancakes, because fuck, who cares?

The 5 Least Effective Life Hacks People Apparently Use


The first two Winter Prompts/contesty thing! For @heynonnyx2 and @fwlw !!! I said I was gonna wait to post but then I couldn’t! @ v @ ;;;; 

 I will message you to get your addresses for shipping! I’ll mail out the sketches to the winners in January! And I’m going to try to keep doing them until the 18th.! 

To everyone else: feel free to send me an ask/fanmail/message with more prompts of any theme. You can make as many requests as you want. I’ll just pick and choose my favs. Thank you so much to everyone who has sent me prompts already. It’s really helping me get out of my funk!

#ThankYouForOUAT trend attempt happening right now!

Hey everyone! As some of you may know, there is a hate trend thing going on on Twitter today and I just think Adam and the cast work their butts off to give us this amazing show and the negative stuff shouldn’t be the ones getting to them, making them feel bad after all their hard work.

So I feel like this trend attempt is a great idea to keep the positive stuff coming to Adam and the cast - to drown out all the bad tweets coming their way.

I didn’t come up with this positive trend attempt, it’s already a thing when I came across it but I feel like there aren’t enough people joining so I’m making this post.

I know, this might be silly for some of you but I for one can’t just sit here and be okay with all the negativity they are receiving without doing something about it.

So if this post gets at least a few more people to join, I would have fulfilled my purpose :)

And if you’re in on this with me, here are some things I think we should consider:

  • Let’s not respond to the hate. That will just create a bigger mess.
  • We tweet only positive things.
  • If we do feel like responding to some negative tweets, make sure you don’t @ adam or any of the cast so they don’t see
  • Don’t forget to hashtag #ThankYouForOUAT

(To help you think of what positive stuff to tweet, maybe list reasons why you love the show, your favorite characters, your favorite cast members. You can talk about how OUAT changed your life. The things you would love to see or are excited about. Or just simply rave and thank them for the show.)

I feel like this the least we could do to make sure they know how grateful we are for the show. Plus, the OUAT Fandom had been full of fighting lately, so I thought we could at least come together this time to try to fluff the fandom aura.

So if you’re with me, help me spread the word!

can camila just clarify everything and tell everyone that she’s not going solo or this will be the fist and last single she will release without the four other girls while she’s still in the band or just tell everyone that she’s already planning on leaving Fifth Harmony after 5H2, because IM SO FUCKING TIRED OF THIS CAMILA GOING SOLO DRAMA. This shit will not end unless she will say something about this. Everyone will keep on making assumptions about this issue and it will just make things more fucking complicated. I don’t hate her tho, I never will. I’m not mad her either. I just want this to end.

Hey TTR fans!  I have 2 extra beta keys to give away! Just reblog this post, write what you LOVE about Toontown, and you might get lucky!  It's THAT simple!  

I want to give these out to someone that really needs them.  If you already have a key, lemme know so I can give others a chance!  Feel free to spread the word!  Also, have your asks open or I can’t send you a key!

Only enter once guys!  Don’t go making fake accounts just to get a stinkin’ key!

Lets spread the word!  Not just for TTR, but for the Toon community as a whole!  Like Jesse told us:

“Keep the Toon spirit going on the web. Keep talking in the forums. Keep writing stories, keep drawing pictures, make your own Toontown indie games, whatever it takes!”

Keep the spirit of Toontown ALIVE!!!!!!

(I know junehs is doing it, but if I’m getting keys, I may as well give them out as well!)  (Really though, go visit her as well!)



Obsessing over my new blackmilkclothing Shredder dress…..you can get it here: https://blackmilkclothing.com/collections/dresses/products/the-shredder-dress

I don’t always wear all black but this occasion called for it. A little bit of matrix vibes as well with the long Geisha vest by Rik Villa http://www.rikvillashop.com/index.html

The shoes are Jeffrey Campbell “Theron” —- very punk

Not so many accessories today, there’s a lot going on here already. So I just wore a vintage imported Afghani necklace. It’s so nice and I actually love the weight of it….is that weird to say?

Honestly all my peeps keep cancelling on me for the last couple weeks. I get all dressed up like this and then at the last minute I have no place to go. Oh woe is me lol. I need to make some new friends dude. I just love having people around, it keeps me out of my own head. Sometimes I think too much and assume people don’t like me when it was never that way. #issues. Help me Lawd!!

alright so, forgive me if this has been brought up in a theory post before (i can’t believe im actually trying to make a theory post), but has anyone else noticed just how much stuff about bill cipher is connected to fire?

for one thing look at what the alchemic symbol for fire is

(slightly unrelated and kinda going out on a limb, but 

gold, which already has a heavy connection with bill, is dominated by the sun (more fire), and think about what it would look like if you combined the symbol for the sun with the symbol for fire. more specifically, stuck the symbol for the sun inside the symbol for fire)

and there’s the fact that bill primarily uses blue fire magic

and then there’s this

and then of course this

and then with the bill ama last night, we now have this sentence


there’s also the post pointing out how every copy/image of grunkle stan has been destroyed by fire/burning in some way, which i can’t find right now, sorry (edit: found it)

so uh…..this might have been obvious to everyone but me, but should we be….worried about this???


Fandom: WWE

Pairing: Roman Reigns/Unnamed OFC

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: Ohhhhhhhh @tox-ambrose and I are terrible people who spend most of our days musing about huge buff dudes being super awkward and shy around their crushes. A little change of pace for Thirst Party Saturday, but hopefully enjoyable all the same! Tagging @hardcorewwetrash for the Thirsty Crew!

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DGM Ramblings “Like the light, you are going to fade away”

I remember reading the page below and thinking Lavi was just being poetic BUT he was actually making a very accurate prediction! It makes me wonder how long Hoshino was planning on making Allen disappear. Maybe she had planned it from the very beginning. 

Maybe this is Allen’s fate, to keep walking until his entire existence just flickers out. 

Maybe this Allen was never even meant to exist. 

Maybe that’s going to be the tragic ending of D.gray-man where Allen sacrifices every part of him until there is nothing left. He’s already sacrificed his personality in favor of Mana’s, he sacrificed his name for a facade, he sacrificed his only escape from suffering in favor of keeping his promise to Mana, and he sacrificed his closeness to his friends because he’s afraid he’ll hurt them. 

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