shiro: can’t you just come back into bed and pretend like we don’t have responsibilities!!

rhea: i need to go make breakfast for the hermit. if not he won’t eat ://

shiro: we need to find him a rebound asap!! he can’t keep stealing you away in the mornings, that’s when you look the cutest..

rhea: to do that he’d actually have to leave the apartment… but i’ll see what i can do.

shiro: okay…. i’ll see you at work yeah? girlfriend?

rhea: i’ll see you at work… boyfriend :-)

Please read

Today I’m announcing that I’ll be taking a break from Super Best Friends Play for a while…now for a small minority of you out there, don’t pop your champagne bottles just yet! I will be coming back when the time is right. However, before I go into the “when” I’d like to first go into the “why”. Just so you all know, this was not an easy decision to make as I love producing videos, I love playing games, and most importantly, I love making other people laugh. Despite all that, over the past few months certain aspects of the channel have been increasingly weighing on me and adding to the already every-present stress of keeping the constant flow of content going. While I’m certainly not the only person in the world with stress, anxiety or who suffers through panic attacks, I thankfully have the ability to step away from what is causing those problems, and I’d like to use that opportunity to focus on other things I’ve been neglecting in the meantime. My health and behavior has been suffering because of this, and I really hope all of you out there can understand the need to get back on track.

Of course for those that rely on the channel as a source of entertainment, information or comfort, the last thing I want to do is stop that while I take the time I need to re-focus myself. So the rest of the gang will try to continue at the same pace, maybe with just a few more one-offs or mystery boxes to make up for the difference. As for Sonic Unleashed that’s still ongoing, unfortunately we’ll be postponing that for now and resuming it in the near future. I’d also like to take the opportunity to unfortunately announce I won’t be going to MAGFest in January either. While some members of SBFP will be there for fun, we won’t be there as a group in an official capacity. However, you better believe we will still be making lots of other con appearances in 2017, so look forward to that! *cough, PAX EAST, cough*

During my time off, I’ll still be streaming here and there (because it’s so damn fun) and working on some stuff in the background as well. Oh, and one final footnote; when I do return to the channel full-time, you might be seeing a slight change in the format of our content; not the quantity or anything, but rather a change to allow more variety in the videos you’ll be seeing and to make it a bit more manageable for us to boot. Hope you’ll all be on board for this change, but then again, this is the internet, so that’s basically impossible. I really appreciate every enthusiastic, supportive and kind comment from all of you that I get on my twitter, tumblr and elsewhere, and especially those of you who manage to make it out to a lot of the fan-meet ups we’ve been having lately. It’s one of those great little boosters to see so many people go out of their way to meet us, but as for right now, I feel stepping back from the crazy world of youtubing will do me a world of good.

Thanks for listening and hopefully understanding!

See you later, fuckers!


But guys, Jack dressing up as his dad for Halloween would be so fucking funny. He’d get Bitty to paint a black eye on his face and make it look like he got a tooth knocked out (alternatively, he takes out his own fake tooth bc there’s a good chance he already has a fake). He’d throw on an old pens or habs jersey and go around and ham it the fuck up. He’d smile charmingly and tell people to call him Bobby and just start spouting all these inspirational quotes that Bob keeps stealing from his uncles.

Alicia absolutely LOST IT when she sees him, and she only laughs harder when Bob spends the first part of the night pouting cause his son is making fun of him. (But secretly he’s teary and flattered that his son chose to dress up as him for Halloween the same way he was when 6yo Jack did it the first time.) Both the Zimmerparents and Bitty have the picture of Jack and Bob on display somewhere and Shitty keeps one in his wallet that he pulls out for stars at sometimes. It’s a family classic.

lets get furry

you wanna make really nice lookin fur?? don’t know how all those furry artists do it???? allow me to educate you then

1: Lay down your base color! This is important and should be darker than the color you are aiming for.

2: Take that boss ass acrylic brush and set that thing as follows.

notice how we already are picking out our desired shade of lavender!

3: on the same layer as your base (if you are uncomfortable, make a duplicate so you don’t have to worry) and start making little strokes in the direction you want your fur to go. Put these strokes into rough rows and make sure you space them out enough for them to be told apart.

5: Keep going until you’re done! Want some cool dyed tips to your fur? Just choose a different color! Let’s start adding some cyan tips.

Just rinse and repeat until you’re satisfied! Don’t be afraid to play around with blending either, it can lead to some cool combos! 

consider this: Stephanie is a dancer and she has a performance coming up so Sportacus brings her to a tailor/designer (Robbie) to get her a really special outfit and Robbie actually listens to her ideas (”no, that’s stupid. don’t skimp on the sparkles” “what do you take me for? of course I can make it easy to dance in”) and comes up with the perfect costume so Sportacus brings her back the next time she needs a costume (”back again? really? like I didn’t spend enough time on you already”) and somehow they become regulars and one time Sportacus comes in without Stephanie and idles around, looking over a bunch of fabrics while Robbie watches with an unimpressed expression until finally Robbie sighs and just “are you going to ask me out or are you going to keep wasting both of our time because I’m fairly certain orange isn’t part of your whole monochromatic theme”

rowanblanchard Tbt to simpler times 💔😢 But for real:

Your country elects a racist/rapist as president. Your eyes are so puffy from crying all night it actually hurts to keep them open. You wake up November 9th, 2016, imagining this is how people felt September 12, 2001. You are tired and sad but aware you live in a bubble of white privileged/ a bubble that is Los Angeles. You spend the entire day feeling like you could vomit, you try to get school done but doing history just makes you sadder. You are sort-of freaking out because you are a teenager so the world already sort-of feels as thought it was ending, and then this? You wake up Thursday feeling angry and wanting to fight back. You go to a protest, the first in your life, holding signes with other people your age, in the same boat you are. You march. Tears brim when you chant “My Body- My Choice”, which is followed by a “Her body- Her Choice.” You know there must be some resolve and healing in wearing your labels even harder. You know there must be power in just having survived this world with these labels. You read whatever you have on your shelf. You breathe, you cry, you rise. You breathe/You cry/You rise/You breath/You cry/You rise.

Drunk Joker x Drunk Reader -  “Double the trouble”

You and the Joker don’t drink very often, but when you do you have to take turns. One always has to watch the other to make sure things are not going…south. And if it happens that you both go down in flames and glory, the burden to keep an eye on both will fall on Frost. He so loves it…Yeap.   T___T

You just had one drink and stopped, J had about 6 and you cut him off because he’s already drunk. You tried to put him to sleep fast so he won’t bother you because you want to watch scary movies all night. You lured him in bed and right now you are uncomfortable as hell. Why? Because he loves to spoon with you, arms crossed on your boobs, holding them tight like his life depends on them. That is the only way he would sleep when he’s drunk. And you can’t wait to get away from the uncomfortable position. You try to take one hand away and he’s nuzzling in your hair, mumbling:

Dammit, first attempt failed. After 5 minutes, you try again, even slower this time, careful not to wake him up. It worked, but you know he might wake up if he doesn’t feel you. You make a run for the kitchen, grab two personal size watermelons and rush back to the master bedroom. You place them in between his arms and cross them on top of the fruits. He smiles in his sleep and squeezes them to his chest, happy. Have fun with your melons, Mister J. Mine are coming with me.

You snap a pic on your phone and send it to Frost downstairs:

“Ain’t he cute, Frosty?”

Jonny gets the picture, snorts and starts laughing, not really associating the word cute and Joker in the same sentence.

You go to the living room and start watching “Lights out.”

10 minutes into the movie and you hear J’s steps dragging on the granite floor.

“Princess? Where are you?” he whines, rubbing his eyes.

Crap, no!!!!! Why is he awake?!

You sigh:

“Over here, baby.” The Joker comes and sits by you on the couch, having a hard time concentrating. After 6 drinks, you bet ‘cha.

“Y/N, why are there watermelons in our bed?” he sulks, sniffling.

“I have no idea, handsome,” you innocently reply, trying to distract him.” Let’s get you back to bed, hmm?” you muster the brightest smile you can, trying to convince him.

“No, I want strawberries,” J pulls back on the couch when you try to lift him.

Great!!! Just go back to sleep dude.

“OK, I’ll go get you some.” You know you have to, otherwise he won’t shut up.

“I’m coming with you,” he gets up and grabs the hem of your t-shirt, following your steps. You roll your eyes: Make up your mind.

“You don’t have to.”

“No, I’m coming, you might leave me again.”

So needy when he’s drunk.

He drags a chair on the way to the sink, not letting go of your t-shirt and resting his head on your hip while you wash the strawberries.

“Done, let’s go back.”

He doesn’t say anything, he follows you back on the couch like a puppy, finally letting go of your t-shirt when you sit down again.

“What are we watching, Pumpkin?”

“A scary movie, baby.”

“Feed me,” he demands and you close your eyes, exasperated. Why won’t you go back to sleep?!

“Kaayyy, here,” you keep on giving him one fruit at a time, thrilled at least he’s quiet so you can continue the movie. After a while, you look over to him to see why he’s not eating the last strawberry. He’s dosing off. Yes!!!! Thank you God!

You try to lift your butt off the couch so you can place the bowl on the glass table in front of the TV. Wrong move.

“Where are you going?” he complains, grabbing your t-shirt and pulling you back on the couch, wrapping his arms around your waist.

“Nowhere…” you grumble, disappointed. He shifts so he can place his head on your knees.

“What are we watching, Pumpkin?”

You roll your eyes again.

“A scary movie, baby.”

“Gimme that black marker,” he suddenly signals towards it. You reach your hand and grab it from the chair.

“What are you doing with it, J ?”

“Stuff,” he shortly answers. You give him what he asked for and he starts drawing on his left arm. Since he’s preoccupied with something, you can pay attention to the movie again. After about 15 minutes, he shoves his arm in your face:

“This is my next tattoo,” he proudly states with a wide smirk.

“Would you look at that, it looks great, baby: I love my wife. And who might that be?!” you inquire, pretending to be puzzled while you slowly take your wedding ring off behind your back and hide it in your pocket.

He lifts his head up for a few seconds.

“Well, you, who else?”

“We’re not married,” you try to contain your laughter. Man, at least you can tease him to the maximum, this way it’s fun for you.
“Wh-whaaa’? Why not?!” he frowns, looking you in the eyes from your lap.

You caress his green hair, biting your lip so you look serious.

“You asked and I said no.”

“What??!!! But why???!!!  I’m such a catch! ” J is stunned and you are so entertained.

“Meehhh,” you lift your shoulders with an indifferent expression on your face.

His mouth opens with indignation:

“This is soooo not cool, Doll; I’m the Joker, I am a catch and you have to marry me.”

“Maybe,” you answer, absent minded, really wanting to continue your movie.

He takes your hands and kisses them both.

“Marry meeeeeeee, marry me, marry meeeeeeee, marry meeeeeeeeeee,” he keeps on begin over and over again, annoying the crap out of you.

“FINE!!!” you shout so he will be quiet again.

“I win,” he smiles to himself, victorious. He abruptly gets up, getting down on his knees in front of you. He’s rubbing his eyes again. Please just go to sleep.

“I’m horny, Princess,” he blurs out, crawling in between your legs. “Let’s go, take care of my needs!”

“I’m watching a movie, J.”
“I-I-I, I- I don’t care,” he stammers, so amazed you dare telling him no. “I am more important. I want you, NOW! Get naked!” he impatiently pulls down on your skirt.

You sigh. Of course you want him too, but it would be nice to finish this movie.

“Hey, Jaaayyy,”you seductively whisper, taking his hands in yours and placing them on your thighs. “We’ll have some wild sex, but first let’s drink some more, hmmmm?” you try to convince him, hoping that after a few more drinks he’ll be out cold.

“Really, you’ll drink with me?” he licks his lips, trying to keep his head straight.

“Oh, yeah, baby, then we’ll…(you kiss him) have (kiss) so much (kiss) fun (kiss).”

“All right,” he grins, anticipating the crazy night you promised him. His blue eyes sparkle with content.

You bring the whiskey over and plan just to take a few sips, this way you don’t get plastered.

“Come on, Y/N, drink”, he keeps on urging you and you have to.

Shit, you got drunk too.

***Frost wonders if everything is OK, he knows his boss is drunk and you are supervising him. He decides to check up on you and see if you might need help; J can be a handful when he’s inebriated. The elevator’s doors open up and he steps in the penthouse. Why is it so dark?! He turns on the light and the first thing he sees is you making out with the Joker in the middle of the living room.

You let out a surprised scream and hide behind J who is protectively holding you now with both hands behind his back.

“Oh my God, Frosty, don’t look, we’re naked!” you shout, embarrassed, slurring your words. Mister J is just shirtless, your t-shirt is lifted and you short skirt is pulled down low on your hips, but that’s it.

“Ummm, you’re not naked,” he points out but you don’t believe him. You slowly reach your hands from behind J and cover his nipples with your fingers.

“Don’t look, Frosty, this is so embarrassing,” you almost start crying, upset.

J looks down at your palms covering his nipples, his green hair falling on his face:

“Thank you, Princess.”

“You’re not naked, believe, me, ok?” Jonny tries to reason with you again.

“Are you saying my girl’s a liar?” the Joker snaps, growling at his henchman.

God dammit, Frost thinks, panicked, taking a deep breath. The emergency response team (which is you) is down. Now it’s up to the crisis task force (which is him) to take over. Frost needs to babysit you two now and make sure you don’t burn down the penthouse or worse. He’s seen it all.

“I will just go and make some very strong coffee, OK?” he nods his head, trying to stay positive.

None of you answer; you still hide behind J, convinced you’re naked, but finally take your hands down, uncovering his nipples. The Joker gives him a dirty, mean look.

Frost goes in the kitchen and brews coffee, knowing it might help a bit. Anything he can do to make his task easier.

He comes back to the living room and doesn’t see you two. Oh, no!

Jonny starts looking for you around the penthouse, checking the bedrooms first. When he gets to the master bedroom, his hand stops on the handle when he hears you:
“God, J, It doesn’t fit in anymore,” you whimper.

J grunts:

“But it always fits, Baby Doll. Here, hold it better.”

“”I’m telling you it doesn’t go innnn,” you whine.

J grunts some more.

“Dammmmiiitttt, it’s always more fun when it goes in,” you complain, exasperated.

“I know, Pumpkin, Daddy will make it slide in, hold on.”

Fuck no, Frost gulps, someone please shoot me now. Not fatally, but maybe just in the leg or arm so I can be out of commission for a while.

He finally decides to knock on the door:

“Sir…Ummm, you all right in there?”

“Frosttyyyyyy, come innnnnnnnn,” you whine.

He takes a deep breath, then another one and another one. He opens the door with only one eye open. What a relief: you and J try to put together the Christmas tree. It’s July.

“What are you guys doing? Coffee is ready,” Jonny announces, thrilled it’s not what he imagined.

“Stupid tree!!!!!!!!” you shout, pushing it and it falls down. You are getting mad and keep on stomping it.” Stupid, ugly, tree! I hate you!!!!!!!!”

Great, her temper is starting to kick in, Frost sighs. The Joker claps, content at your outburst.

“That’s right, nobody screws with my girl!!!! Except me!”

You both look at each other for a few seconds before starting laughing like crazy.

“Wanna screw me, Mister J?” you close your eyes, thinking you’re winking, trying to regain your balance.

“Daddy always wants to screw you,” he purrs and walks towards you with a devilish smile on his face.

Shit! Frost gets alarmed.

“Boss, coffee is ready, waiting for you guys in the living room. I saw you paused a movie on TV, were you guys watching something?” he tries this strategy, hoping it will work.

“Oh, my movie!!” you snap your fingers, yanking the Joker away when he was trying to kiss you.

“Oh, yeah, that scary movie,” he agrees, forgetting what he was trying to do. Thank God you two have the attention span of a dead snail when you’re drunk.

You head back to the living room, holding the Joker’s arm with one hand and Frost with the other.

“Ok, you boys sit here. Frost, get in the middle of us.”
“But why, Doll? I wanna sit by you,” J whines again, hurt you don’t want to sit by him.

“Frost is fluffier; we can use him as a pillow! Duh!” you tell J, amazed he didn’t get the point.

“Oh, I see,” J smiles, leaning on Frost.

“I’m not fluffy, I’m husky,” Jonny mumbles to himself, unhappy he gets to sit in between you.

You lean on Frost too.

“See, baby? Told you he’s soft, I always know better.”

“U-hum,” J agrees, watching the movie now.

Frost takes a few deep breaths, resigned. At least you’re behaving. After a few minutes:

“Itsy bitsy spideeeerrrrr…” J walks his fingers over Frost’s tummy, getting over to you and trying to tickle you. You scream and laugh, hitting Jonny like it’s his fault.

I really need a raise, he puffs, slowly blinking, hoping you’ll both fall asleep soon since you didn’t want to drink any coffee.

After you calm down, The Joker feels his hair getting pulled. You reached your arm behind Frost and did it, snickering.

“Hey!!” J gets startled.

“It was Frost!” you point your finger at him.

“Keep your hands at home, man!” J elbows him so hard Frost loses his breath for a sec.

You giggle with your face in Frost’s shoulder and he’s considering calling Batsy at this point.

“You guys want another drink?” he tries his last ace in the sleeve.

“Oh, yeah, good idea!” you shout, bouncing up and down the couch, impatient.

He brings you both two glasses full of alcohol, sits back down and waits.

It takes more than one hour but finally he looks left and right and you are both asleep.

Thank you, he lifts his eyes towards the ceiling, grateful. Now he can finally watch this damn movie he wanted to see anyway. He starts from the beginning and he’s so exhausted he passes out half way through.

Too bad there is nobody to take a picture and frame it.

All three sleeping on the couch: you put your leg over Frost’s lap so you can touch J, and you are also holding his hand over Frost’s chest, both resting your heads on his shoulders. Batsy would love this for Christmas.



Don't Mess With Pan's Lost Girl P.4

Warning: violence (not really but idk what triggers you), swearing, smut (ig kinda)

Word count: 1829

A/N: Ok I’m not so sure what you personally would say the definition of smut is but you know it’s something. I will get more extreme than this, I just didn’t want it to be all of a sudden sex, I want to have some fun with it first. Hope that’s all right.


By the time I figured out how I was going to get out of this damned cage, the sun had already gone down and all the boys were back. Felix took watch again and was standing quietly at his post, just outside the cage. I puffed out my cheeks and reached up under my corset and pulled out my tank top. I ripped off the bottom and stuffed the top back in my corset. I focused my attention on Felix making sure he didn’t turn around and catch me. Keeping my gaze on him I slowly backed up till I hit the cage and crouched down. My hand reached behind me and I blindly searched for the purple flower. Once I felt my searching finger graze against one I plucked it out of the ground and wrapped it in the black cloth.

“Hey Feeeliixx.” I said as I stood, I could just see the irritating building up in him, but he still turned to face me. I smirked at him and he rolled his eyes but locked eyes with me. I walked towards him holding his stare and my smirk grew into a cocky grin. When I reached the other side of the cage he licked his lips and I leaned against the bars. “I want to have some fun.” I whispered and leaned so close that my lips barely brushed against his. He inhaled deeply and moved back a bit. “I’m not falling for this, you’re staying in there till I’m told otherwise.” He said as his breathing increased and he stared at my lips. “Well you know there are a lot of things we could do without ever having to open the cage.” I said tilting my head and brushed my finger through his hair. He closed his eyes as I lightly scratched his head. His eyes then suddenly flew open and he stared me straight in the eye, “Screw it.” He said angrily and pressed his lip roughly against mine. For a moment I forgot all about my plan of escaping, my mind went fuzzy and was only focused on the movement of our lips. They moved in sync for a moment before his tongue licked my bottom lip, with out thinking my mouth opened. His tongue roamed every inch of my mouth and I let out a low moan. I tangled my fingers further into his hair as he deepened the kiss. He then pulled away just for a second, allowing us both to get a breath, before he pushed his lips to mine again. I grazed my teeth against his bottom lip causing him to let out a low groan. He put his arms through the bars and wrapped them around my waist pulling me as close to him as the cage would allow. He removed his lips from mine making me whimper and attached them to my neck sucking roughly, sure to leave a mark. I let out a gasp and he continued his assault on my neck, moving his way down to where my breasts were pushed up from the corset. He kissed them softly before nipping and sucking, leaving more love marks.

I opened my eyes, my head spinning in pleasure, when I saw the light of the bonfire coming from the camp. The sight shook me from my lustful daze and I remembered what I was supposed to be doing. I glanced down at Felix and for a second thought about abandoning the plan to see how far this would go. No no no, I need to get the hell out for here. Once he finished leaving a dozen love bites on my breasts he licked each one to soothe the pain. “Felix” I moaned and he trailed kisses back up my neck until he reached my lips kissing them softly. He pulled away, the both of us panting, and locked eyes with me once again. I slowly bring my hand that holds the flower up, I comb my fingers through his hair and he closes his eyes. I take the opportunity to put the flower just under his nose and he, unknowingly, breaths it in deeply. Second later his limp body falls to the ground with a loud thud. I glance up towards the camp and see that everyone is oblivious to what had happened. I squat down and search Felix for keys to the cage. “Sorry hottie, but I gotta get out of here.” I say when I find a set off cold keys. There are only two on the makeshift keychain made from a vine and I pray one of them opens the cage. Luckily for me the first one I try causes the lock to click open. I look again to the camp and watch silently as the boys one by one head off to bed. When only a couple remain I push open the cage just enough for me to slip out, I step over Felix’s unconscious body and make my way around the cage finding the patch of flowers. I pick a few more and wrap them in the same cloth. I push them in between my boobs and the corset and make my way towards the camp.

As I approach the camp I can see a group of three lost boys facing the fire trying to stay warm. I try to stay as light on my feet as possible as I creep up behind them. I hook my arm around one of their necks pulling him to the ground,quickly shoving a flower up his nose, and swing my leg under a second one causing him to fall flat on his back. The third attacks me from behind just before I get a chance to put the second one to sleep. I manage to fight my way out of his grip, though, and I push a flower in his face and do the same to the one still groaning on his back. Panting, I stand and brush the dirt from my pants and look down at the boys around me. I click my tongue and look around the camp, I hear nothing but the crackling of the fire and some snoring coming from all around the camp. I walk around a bit trying to find the leaders tent, guessing that that’s where my belongings are being held, but can’t seem to find it. “Where the hell are you?” I whispered, then pause. I spin around and start to get frustrated, but then I see a tree house not to far from the camp. “Found you.” I say smiling and head towards it.

Once I’m at the base of the tree that is occupied by the tree house I realize just how big it is. I bite my lip and look around for a rope latter or some way to get up, but don’t find one. Looks like I’m tree climbing. I look up and find the branch closest to the ground and jump. I hold onto it and pull myself up and look for the next branch to climb. After a few slips and cuts I make it to the entrance of the tree house. Pulling myself up I find the door open and no lights on. I peer in and find a large bed on the other side, and in it lies a sleeping boy in green. I tip toe in and look around for my satchel and sword. I find my things slung on a chair next to the bed. ‘Of fucking course’ I think rolling my eyes. I quietly walk over holding my breath, when I reach the chair I look back at the boy and turn to retrieve my things. I sling my bag over my shoulder and reach for my sword when I feel a danger placed around my neck.

“You naughty girl.” The boy tisks in a low, groggy, voice. He places a hand on my shoulder and spins me around to face him. “How the hell did you escape, what did you do to Felix?” He asks his face tight with anger. “He’s fine, believe me. If anything he left more marks on me than I left on him.” I smirked and he glanced at my neck, following the trail of spots down to my breasts. His eyes widen for a moment then meet mine again. “You vexed him?” He asks raising an eyebrow at me. “I’d hardly call it vexing. He was all for it.” I say keeping the smirk plastered on my face. He looks away from me shaking his head in disbelief, then moves the danger away. He looks me in the eyes again, then down at the marks, and finally at my hands that are covered in blood from the few cuts. “Come with me.” He orders and walks away. I stare at him, baffled, but follow anyway. He pushes a curtain aside to reveal a small washing room. He grabs a cloth and turns on the tap, wetting it. He then turns to me leaning against the sink and grabs my hand, pulling me towards him and wiping away the blood. I watch him curiously as he continues to gently clean my wounds. “Who are you?” I ask when he had finished and wrapped a new cloth around my hand. He glances up at me with his forest green eyes, through his eye lashes, and it causes my breathing to falter for a second. He smirks at this, “I’m Peter… Peter Pan.” He says standing up straight and looks down at me, he’s only a few inches taller than me but it’s intimidating. “What about you love?” He asks taking a step towards me, “What’s a pretty thing, like yourself, called?” He says as I take a step back. “Mariana.” I choke out. “Well Mariana there are consequences for escaping the cage.” He says still advancing. “What are you going to through me back it the cage?” I ask trying to keep the distance between us but I back into a wall. “No, something that’s fun.” He says stopping only centimeters from my face. I hold my breath and he leans in pressing his lips to mine. I stay completely still and this causes him to get frustrated. He groans against my mouth and presses harder trying to get a reaction out of me. “Come on love. I’ll make you feel good. Better than Felix did, that’s for sure.” I still don’t do anything and he moves from my lips to my neck causing an involuntary moan to escape my lips. I slap a hand over my mouth and he looks up at me. “You’re tough to crack. But I heard that. Don’t worry love. I’ll. Have you. Soon. Enough.” He said in between kisses on my neck. “If Peter Pan wants you,” He says against my neck then looks up at me his lips brushing over mine. “He gets you.”

Felt like redesigning my gemsona, so here’s Geuda Pink Sapphire! She’s a sapphire who emerged too early from her kindergarten, so she’s far too soft and floaty. She can’t even make ice, only bubbles. Also, while she possesses Future Sight, she can only foresee the best possible outcome of any event. Rather than shatter her, I suppose Pink Diamond kept her around as a novelty…Until she realized she could use the faulty sapphire to motivate her doomed troops to keep fighting. 

Geuda is rarely allowed to hear how events actually play out, however, so she remains flighty, upbeat, and relentlessly optimistic. She’s already foreseen that the rebels will come and apologize very soon, and she’s certain that everything is going to work out just fine. 

Purpose Tour Baby

Pairing: Reader x Justin Bieber

Request: ‘Hi ! Love your blog ! Your imagines are awesome .Though can I pretty please get an imagine where Y/N is pregnant with Justin’s baby and while he’s performing for Purpose tour , Scooter runs on stage to tell him he’s just received a call informing him Y/N is giving birth so he has to postpone his show and fly out to her and he just maked it in time for the birth . Thank you so much!


I was currently 9 months into my pregnancy, the last trimester. Our baby was due next week but, at the rate how he/she was going, they were going to drop at any second. Justin and I wanted to keep the sex of our baby a secret up until they were born. Let me also add that they have been kicking for the past hour. Why couldn’t they just be born already? 

I sat down on the couch, rubbing my hand over my stomach. It was just me, {Y/BF/N}, and the dogs chilling in the house. Justin was currently in Vegas for one of his shows. He was about an hour away but, that was still so much time and distance between us. I pushed myself up from the couch because I had to use the restroom. “I’m going to go pee. I’ll be right back,” I waddled to the bathroom. I reached for the light switch on the wall when I felt a liquid trickling down my legs. Oh no, it couldn’t be. I felt around for the light switch on the wall until it was in my reach. 

I turned it on and saw the puddle of water below my feet. “{Y/BF/N}!” I screamed into the house. She came running to me in less than a second. “We need to go to the hospital right now!" 

Justin’s POV 

 "How you feelin’ tonight Vegas?” I questioned, looking around in the audience. They finally turned the house lights on so I was able to see who was in front of me. The crowd shrieked in response and I just took that that they were having a good time. “I just got one more question for you guys. Who wants to be my baby?” The music cued in and the crowd went crazy again. I began singing the first couple of notes and let the crowd join in. It was more like they were performing for me than vice versa. I jammed out on the stage for the time being, enjoying the entertainment I was receiving. 

“Are we an item?  Girl quit playing. We’re just friends, what are you saying? Said “there’s another” and looked right in my eyes, my first love broke my heart for the first time and I was like..” I was in the middle of singing the next verse when Scooter came running on the stage, causing the music to stop. “Justin,” he said out of breath. “I just received word that {Y/N} is in the hospital. It’s time.” My stomach sank as he finished his sentence. I was literally an hour away from her. How was I supposed to get there in time? “Sorry for the inconvenience guys, but I gotta go,” I ran off the stage with Scooter backstage. I grabbed my bag of things and headed outside to the sprinter van.

We got back to Los Angeles after about an hour. I was a nervous wreck getting off the plane that I almost tripped over my own feet. I’ve never had the birth of a child, let alone my own before. I was happy to be a father but, {Y/N} was like a whole week early, wasn’t that bad? I know nothing about pregnancy, so I just assumed a lot of things were bad. We were currently in a van, on the way to the hospital. With all this traffic, we would never make it in time and I would miss my baby being born.

“Isn’t there a shorter way to the hospital?” I questioned the driver, annoyed with the traffic. I was no stranger to it but, it was even worse tonight.

“Well, I could get off at exit-”

“Drive!” Scooter and I said in unison. The driver did as told and got off at the closest exit. We sped through the mostly empty main streets, thank goodness, and got to the hospital in less than twenty. I jumped out of the van before it could come to a complete stop and almost hit a parked car in the process. I ran into the hospital doors and, I actually tripped over my feet this time.

“Oh, are okay, sir?” one of the nurses asked, helping me up.

“Fine. Can you please just tell me where my girlfriend is?” I asked out of breath, dusting off my clothes. 

“Oh Mr. Bieber, just the person i was looking for. Come with me,” I followed behind the doctor and got into the elevator with him. “Don’t worry, {Y/N} is doing just fine. It’s a good thing you got here, I was just about to call you.”

“Sorry doc, LA traffic kills,” i replied. “Has she given birth yet?”

“Actually, no. But, I know she will be giving birth soon. Her contractions aren’t too far apart. You’re going to be a father Mr. Bieber.”

All this pregnancy talk was enough to give me headache. The hell were contractions? The doctor led me into the room {Y/N} and her friend were in. I was greeted by her friend first and then, {Y/N}. “Hey, I’m sorry. Hope I’m not late.”

“We’ll discuss this later Justin.”

After almost 8 hours of sitting and waiting, the baby was born. To answer both of our suspicions, it was a girl! We decided to name her {Y/D/N}. I held her in my arms, rocking her back and forth, admiring the creation {Y/N} and I made. I was a happy guy.

So if y’all thought I was done with this whole Sportarobbie college AU, you were mistaken. Luckily, there are a few people who don’t want me to shut up and want to actually know more about what’s already established??? So, here you go kids

Let’s talk about that big ol’ Secret Relationship and how it ends up becoming Not a Secret.

So when they get together, Robbie actually wants to keep the relationship all hush-hush for awhile because he’s still used to being in the closet from his good ol’ high school days, and while he’s openly gay on campus, he still lies kinda low, and being in a relationship would make things kind of obvious, which scares him. The poor dude’s just afraid to be that far out of the closet. Sportacus, of course, is more than understanding and agrees. So next year, Robbie’s roommate (good ol’ Chad) is the only person who knows, and that’s just so Robbie and Sportacus have somewhere private to go.

Things are still good tho, they’ll like hang out in public and stuff, but everyone just assumes it’s guys bein dudes, nothing to write home about. It isn’t until around halfway through the semester when things start to get a little emotionally taxing for Sportacus. And he feels so selfish for that because he knows it’s hard on Robbie too, but Robbie’s still afraid, and Sportacus doesn’t want to overwhelm him. So Sportacus just doesn’t say anything about it and powers through.

Then there’s a particular day where Sportacus is just having it really rough and he just wants to cuddle with his boyfriend and block out the world but he CAN’T because then people would KNOW. And he, Robbie, Chad, and one of their friends are just hanging out and talking. And suddenly this friend just says something about how she thinks Sporto and Robbie would be a cute couple. And after that Sportacus honestly just wants to cry because everything is just too much to deal with, so he just calmly excuses himself and then leaves in a slightly less calm fashion.

Later that night, Robbie gets a text from Sporto asking if he can come over and Robbie just knows something’s wrong so Chad leaves to give them some space because Chad is a fucking blessing okay and Sportacus comes up and he’s standing at the door and Robbie is just so concerned like “Is this about today?” and Sportacus just nods and starts s o b b i n g into Robbie’s chest like the poor boy is a wreck. And he’s spilling out all of his feelings about how miserable he is keeping this a secret and he’s apologizing and dismissing himself and Robbie’s telling him not to apologize and they just sort of hold each other for awhile. After Sporto calms down a bit, they have a Discussion in which they decide to make their relationship public, and they agree it’s probably better not to bottle up their feelings all the time the end.

The post that started it all
The big ol’ what’s already established post
That one post where they get together

Collider || Peter Parker x Reader [[request]]

[[request prompt: Peter x Reader where the reader is running through the busy streets and crashes into Peter but he catches her, she doesn’t have time to explain so he runs with her and then they hide together in an alley and she explains and ask each other out at the same time and it’s awkward but cute.]]

Okay, I’ve got this whole posting thing figured out, and I’m gonna catch up with requests ♡

My ask box is still open and the link will be placed in shortly. I’m just going to keep accepting requests because they honestly give me something to write about, especially when I can’t think of a good plot. I’ll post my own personal drabbles here and there in between requests, so I hope that’s okay with you readers!

I know I already posted something earlier, but I’m just so happy right now! And I wanna make up for my whining with some more stories 。゚(TヮT)゚。

I apologize for any grammatical errors since this was all written on my phone. When it’s posted then I’ll make sure to edit it a few more times just in case!

warnings: none really; just pure fluff, oh and a persistent Flash Thompson!!

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“Come on, [Name], you should be glad that I’ve taken such an interest in you.”

You had to keep from vomiting in your mouth. Out of all the people you could have seen outside of Midtown High and in the city, it just had to be Flash Thompson.

Flash was someone who was unnecessarily cocky 100% of the time. Just because he came from old money, he thought that anything and everything he wanted would simply be handed to him on a silver plate.

Which, unfortunately, included you.

You had no idea why Flash had such an interest in you. Was it because you were seen talking with Peter Parker (the boy he liked to antagonize) at every chance you got? You honestly wanted to get closer to Peter because you thought he was so cute. And thinking back on it now, you do vaguely remember defending Peter from Flash’s harsh words one time.

Ever since that day, Flash had never left you alone. He kept on spouting off nonsense, like how he fell for you at first sight and that he could treat you like a queen when you finally ‘came to your senses’ and returned his feelings.

Which made you simply scoff at his bold words. You would never date Flash, even if he was sort of cute and had all the money at his disposal.

“How many times do I have to reject you in order for you to understand?! I will –never– date you!” Your attempts at reasoning with him falls on deaf ears when Flash lets out an amused chuckle.

“I’ll stop when you finally open your eyes to see what you’re missing out on.” Good god this guy has the nerve to lean in closer to you with his lips nearly touching yours!!

Almost on instinct, you raised your right leg and give him a swift kick between his legs. Being caught off guard, Flash lands on the ground (practically groaning in pain) as you glared down at him, “Leave me alone! I only date genuine guys like Peter Parker who has more heart than you could ever have!”

“WHAT?! You have the nerve to mention THAT piece of trash??”

Seeing the fury in his eyes makes you gasp before quickly running away from him. You hear Flash yell out your name, but you didn’t dare turn back.

Taking advantage of the fact that Queens was a city that was always in a constant state of crowded disarray, you weave through the crowd of people. You hoped that you had lost Flash while running, and to make sure that he was tailing after you, you look behind you-

only to feel your whole body collide with someone else.

“Whoa, are you okay?” Whoever this person was, they were surprisingly strong when they managed to keep you upright in their arms. You look up to see familiar brown eyes gazing down at you with concern, “Oh thank God it’s you, Peter!”

“[Name]! Uh… Yeah, it’s me. W-Why were you running? You look out of breath.”

Believing that Peter could protect you from Flash, you quickly grab on to his arm and pull him with you, “Long story short: I’m being chased. Can you please come with me?”

Peter loses his confused expression when he hears that you were in danger, giving you a nod before grabbing on to your hand, “Let’s go.”

You start running again, this time with Peter by your side. You knew he was curious as to who you were running from, but couldn’t really tell him until you felt safe. When you felt as though you had put a good distance between you and Flash, you pull Peter into an empty alleyway to catch your breath. “Ugh, s-sorry about that. I just had to get away from Flash.”

“Flash was bothering you?” Instead of cowering at his name (like he used to do) Peter looked furious as his hands formed into tight fists, “What did he do to you? I’ll have a talk with him to make sure that he won’t bother you ever again.

You laugh at his bold words, gently punching the front of his chest (holy shit was he always this broad?? And when did he get such prominent biceps??) and blush slightly. Ignoring your thoughts pertaining to Peter’s lean (and muscular) physique, you clear your throat and reassure him, “I just turned him down when he asked me out for the millionth time this month. And when I told him that I would only date you, he got mad and started chasing me.”

Only when you were through speaking did you realize what you just fucking said to Peter, immediately covering your lips when Peter’s eyes widened at your unplanned confession.

After a few seconds of awkward silence, you saw Peter grinning at you, “You chose me over Flash?”

You nod, feeling your face turn hot with embarrassment, “Of course. You’re so sweet, Peter, I like you a lot.”

His smile widens at your words, and you feel the back of his hand gently caress at your cheek. “I like you, too. Ever since you defended me in front of Flash.” His touch was sweet (and nothing like Flash’s) but you were anxious now. You really wanted to be Peter’s girlfriend…!!

“Will you go out with me?”

“Go out with me.”

You and Peter blurt out at the same time, causing the both of you to laugh in response.



Peter’s smile was so pure and filled with happiness that you felt your heart melt, feeling his arms come around your form when he places a kiss against your forehead, “Jinx, you owe me a date tomorrow. And you can’t say no.”

You lean closer to him and gently kiss at his jaw, “Stop being such a nerd. As if I would ever say no to the boy of my dreams.”


(Human AU) Poppy is and always will be a child lmao. When she’s pregnant with the twins and finally starts showing (Which doesn’t take too long considering she’s got two babies in her and she’s already fairly tiny to begin with) she gets so fucking happy because ‘now I can finally get priority parking at Toys R Us!’

Okay so not to tell you what to do with your life, but I just wanna throw an idea out there for any environmentalists: not having children is literally probably the best thing you can do for the planet. A single human consumes so much in their lifetime, and population growth is going to keep making it worse.

Want to help the environment, but still want kids? Awesome. Adopt. So many children out there already need parents, so it makes much more sense to give them a home than make more kids. Be the best parent ever for someone who needs it most.

anonymous asked:

bless u for keeping with canon (aro) ace jughead my crops are flourishing my skin has cleared

 JUST  DOIN’  MY  CIVIC  DUTY !       &  i  mean  …  as  someone  who  is  aro/ace  themselves  i  remember  when  i  heard  about  the  show  i  was  incredibly  dejected  that  they  weren’t  going  to  keep  him  ace  as  he  is  in  the  comics.   it  would  have  been  such  a  huge  representation  for  the  aro/ace  community.    now ,  i’m  not  going  to  bash  the  show  nor  throw  dirt  on  anyone  who  ships  b.ugh.ead  or  any  other  ship  with  jug  for  that  matter ,  people  can  ship  what  they  want  i  can’t  stop  anyone ,  but  the  jughead  i  first  came  to  know  was  the  one  repulsed  by  any  idea  of  romance  for  himself  &  i  just  don’t  think  i  could  see  or  would  even  like  to  have  him  be  any  other  way  than  just  that ,  personally.   it’s  important  to  his  character ,  imo ,  &  it’s  always  important  for  the  aspec  community  to  have  some  representation  out  there.   we  have  so  little ,  i  wouldn’t  dare  change  jug  like  that  &  take  him  from  aspec  community.   aro/ace  jughead  or  bust !

au ideas i thought of at 4 am
  • were in class and you keep throwing paper balls at me why are you doing this au
  • youre in orchestra and im in band, we take our rivalry seriously but holy shit youre hot so hey while they’re warming up wanna make out behind the curtains? au
  • i really cant chose between wanting to cuddle you and wanting to fuck you au
  • ok so im a celebrity and im single, and youre that one fan i see whos literally hella cute lets date au
  • its 2 AM and im knocking at your window, wake up and lets go on a late-night walk or something idk can we just hold hands already au
  • i didnt bring food for lunch but hey can i have half of your sandwich au
  • were in wrestling class and were partners and were in this really fucking awkward kind of sexual position right now au
  • im totally stronger than you but i let you win that arm wrestling contest au
  • we stayed up all night in bed texting each other and while i was confessing my feelings to you i passed out so all i left you with was “i kind of…” and thats it au
  • were in drama and we have this kiss scene together, i dont think i mind this one bit au
  • we did a trust fall but you were too weak to fully catch me au
  • were getting it on in bed and you fucking keep on whispering memes into my ear please stop this au

Fandom: WWE

Pairing: Roman Reigns/Unnamed OFC

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: Ohhhhhhhh @tox-ambrose and I are terrible people who spend most of our days musing about huge buff dudes being super awkward and shy around their crushes. A little change of pace for Thirst Party Saturday, but hopefully enjoyable all the same! Tagging @hardcorewwetrash for the Thirsty Crew!

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