No Birth Control
  • No Birth Control

The lyrics are not mine. The only thing that is mine is my voice

Small, size A cup

Just a small tiny hickey’s

Not enough

Great, I can’t pay

Still a trace of her hair on my pillowcase


Waking up

Beside you I am on the run

I didn’t pull out fast enough

It’s not mine, what! No Birth Control?

Here we go

Powerless, let’s not make it obvious

I’ve already had enough of you

I can’t believe

No Birth Control, Birth Control

Taste on my tongue

I keep trying to wash away the night before

In the seat, where you lay

I can’t stay, I need a doctor right away


Broke my fences

I’m defenseless

The baby’s bills holding me ransom

This is sour

No more power

Management will call in the hour


The summer holidays are the best time to get out and about and connect with nature. School is over, the weather is warm and the flowers and birds are all out there for you to enjoy.

Even if you live in a city it’s not hard to find somewhere quiet and green to enjoy some peaceful time alone. I’ve provided some simple ideas to help you get inspired and a lot of them are aimed at people living in an urban environment.

Being closer to nature is good for your physical health and your mental health. Take time out to enjoy birdsong or watch fish swimming in a stream or read a book in the dappled shade, under a tree. When you get home you’ll feel better for it.

I hope you enjoy this resource and, if you have any queries or want to add anything please drop me a message. - Adam

  • learn the names of trees (), flowers () and birds () in your local area
  • go blackberry picking and make a simple jam ()
  • press wildflowers ()
  • cycle or walk to the edge of town and keep going into the countryside
  • find out the nearest beach of lakeshore to your home, go there
  • write a poem about a train journey through the countryside
  • learn about cloud types and spot them ()
  • make a window garden by planting herbs in a juice carton ()
  • find a shady spot in a local park and go read there
  • find a lovely river to go swimming in ()
  • go outside at night and spot constellations and planets ()
  • walk along a towpath or river path, look for fish
  • write a blog post about the best parks and open spaces in your local area
  • find out how geology has made your local landscape ()
  • make a picnic, climb a hill, eat the picnic on top
  • go urban foraging ()
  • make notes about weather and nature in you journal or diary
  • go for a jog in a local park or in the countryside nearby
  • understand a local river from source to sea
  • pack a tent, cycle a few miles out of town and go camping
  • get up really early and go to the sea


Flowers & trees

Foraging / grow your own

Walking, rambling, cycling

  • The South Country - Edward Thomas [beautiful and tragic descriptions of the English landscape, especially around Sussex]
  • The Making of the English Landscape - W.G. Hoskins [a really good beginners guide to why our land looks like it does]
  • Collins Complete Guides [my favourite wildlife spotting books, very comprehensive, the ‘British Wildlife’ one is a good starting point as it covers all the others in less detail]
  • River Cottage Handbook: Hedgerow [lots of good tips and recipes, especially good section on poisonous species]
  • Waterlog - Roger Deakin [probably my favourite nature book - about wild swimming, will make you want to go out and jump in a river, in a good way]
  • The Lie of the Land - Ian Vince [another really good beginners guide to geology and how it makes our landscape]
  • The Old Ways - Robert Macfarlane [all about ancient footpaths, beautiful descriptions]
  • Notes from Walnut Tree Farm - Roger Deakin [a lesson in how to observe through the seasons]
  • Field Notes from a Hidden CIty - Esther Woolfson [nature in the city and how to spot it]
  • Food for Free - Richard Mabey [the best book on foraging, simple and comprehensive]
  • Collins Gem guides [smaller than the big yellow books but good for slipping in your pocket when you go to the park or for a walk, only £5 each]
  • Observer’s Books [so cute, always popping up in second-hand shops, I collect them]

anonymous asked:

(1/3) I just wanna see Steve getting so horny for no reason and humping his pillow with panties on… and its the way he moves that makes him look like he's getting fucked so when Bucky comes home, he approaches the room cautiously cause he can hear Steve moaning and whimpering and of course he doesn't want to interrupt so he sneaks a peak into the room and has his cock out within seconds and just jerks it right there outside the bedroom watching Steve

(2/3) and then right as he’s about to come he gets into the room and comes all over Steves face while Steve just gasps and looks at Bucky like he’s already been throughly fucked and Bucky just says go on baby keep riding that pillow and Steve makes this choked sound and comes with his mouth wide open so Bucky sort of shoves his cock into his mouth(3/3) and then sometimes when Bucky gets in a certain mood all he wants to do is watch Steve humping a pillow or a big stuffed animal it gets Bucky really hot just watching and then obviously fucking Steve while he cries into the pillow he spilled all over I hope this is okay!! cause I’m so into this omg (also I hope you got them all)


no rawtilnearly4 for me today, it’s just too dang cold! ⛄️ Still keeping my day high carb with these AMAZING harissa spiced potato wedges served with my current obsession chipotle tahini. To make the tahini simply combine a tsp of adobo sauce from a tin of chipotle chilis with two tbsp of @mayversfood tahini, a sprinkle of salt, and enough water to make a nice thick consistency. Eat with EVERYTHING! I also just watched @agirlnamedally and @jenconverso’s YouTube vid on manifesting, and I’m definitely going to try it out! What a positive way to look at things and make them happen 💭 Photo also feat. study notes and my new checkbox study guide - behind already oops! Time to hit the books again before work 📚

ramennoodluke but imagine this:

Jimin knows he shouldn’t have, but he stayed behind to practice dancing some more. He intended it to be five minutes, but it transformed into two hours. By the time he leaves the studio, it’s already dark outside, and the few people that are still around all give him the cold look, snarling at him to go home already.

As he’s about to turn onto the last street, however, he hears a ruckus. Obviously not one for confrontations, especially not in this ward and at this hour, he quickens his passe until, much to his horror, he recognizes a whimper as being none other than his best friend, Taehyung.

He drops whatever plans he had and immediately turns onto the little side street, positively running, as he keeps making out yells and crashing sounds.

Taehyung didn’t mean to. He was just hungry and remembered how some thugs kept running through these streets. He really just wanted to calm down his stomach for a while, but running after the terrified asshole, he ended up, without even realizing it, in Suga’s territory. Big mistake on his part.

Of course, the notorious SS Class Ghoul only took two minutes to sniff someone in his side of town and, of course, he wasn’t very happy about it.

Taehyung had tried, really hard, to get off the hook, apologizing and even offering to leave the elder all the meat, he almost promised to even bring him some more, but he was having none of it, so they started fighting.


Taehyung froze, eyes going wide, from where he was pinned to the side of a building Jimin, no, no, no, no, no, no, this wasn’t happening, not Jimin! He slowly turned his head to the side and, sure enough, Jimin stood in the middle of the little street, mouth agape and eyes filled with horror. Not Jimin!

He tried to wiggle himself out of the elder’s grasp, he needed to protect Jimin, he needed to get him out of here, he couldn’t let him get killed! Not Jimin! But Yoongi’s hold was as fierce as ever, black and red eyes glued on the little human, more curious than anything. 

Before either of the ghouls could do anything though, much to both of their shock, Jimin dropped his bag to the floor and moved in between Yoongi and Taehyung, foll of determination.

“J-Jimin, what the hell are you doing!? Run away from here!” He didn’t move an inch though “Jimin!”


Yoongi seemed intrigued, and oddly shaken “Who are you…?”

“His best friend. I won’t let you hurt him. Please let him go” His voice wavered and shook a bit, obviously scared, but much too determined to back off.

“Jimin…!” Taehyung tried to release himself again, but to no avail.

“He’s a ghoul”

“So what. He’s still my friend”

“He could eat you any time”

“He hasn’t done it in six years though”

“Back off kid…”

“You’re the one who needs to back off!” It seemed like the more they argued back and forth, the more Jimin lost his initial shock, becoming more and more demanding.

Yoongi just stared for a few more seconds, snorting, before he pulled his kagune back, eyes slowly returning to the human-like color. He continued to watch silently as Jimin immediately turned his back to him (not a good move) and proceeded to look the other kid over, fussing over the blood and slowly healing holes in his chest.

“V, was it?” Taehyung looks up, one arm instictively holding onto Jimin and pulling him closer “You’re one lucky bastard, you know that?”

Tae just smirks “Yeah”

Since that night, it seems like Jimin and Taehyung keep running in Yoongi in a lot of random places, slowly, very, very slowly becoming friends. And, if the way Yoongi is looking at Jimin is anything to go by, more than just that.

abbydino asked:

So i have long rly curly hair, so imagine watching Tangled with Mikey and making the offhand comment like "aw her hairs so long and perfect, i wish mine was like that" and him just pulling on a little ringlet until it stretches out and going "but look ur hairs already long, and anyway, can rapunzels hair do this?" And he lets go of the curl n it springs back up so you both laugh and keep watching the movie. After its done he goes "now how about we watch Brave, her hairs closer to my preference"


disney!5sos night with quiffedluke and featuringluke!!! send in requests or tag us in your blurbs!!

anonymous asked:

school starts Friday and I'm scared. I always get really bad anxiety and always start cutting when school comes around. but I don't want to do it anymore!! Idk how to keep myself from doing it. I've already seen a professional and it didn't work. idk what to do.

Do things you enjoy instead of harming yourself when you get the urges. Don’t focus on school and just focus now. You have a few days to prepare yourself. Maybe take some naps, make yourself some tea an some dinner, go out with a friend and just take your mind off things. You can do this, school shouldn’t be that haunting, you can bare with it for a couple more years I know you can, you got this c:

Who knew that me going on vacation with Amy Schumer could make people so happy. I didn’t but I do now. Taylor Swift and her gang better watch out because we’re the new squad goals. However; a couple of days in Hawaii done me good. There’s something about that place that makes me very happy and relaxed. I think it’s to do with the beach, good company and constant flow of wine. I only arrived back in LA today and I already miss it. Now I’ve got Pippi to keep me company while I sit in my backyard and pretend that I’m back in Hawaii. It’s not the same but I guess it’s close enough.

little-todd asked:

Hey sea fam. I have the stomach flu, but I already used all my call outs so I have to go to work in the sun tomorrow. Can you just give me some encouragement for me and all the other people out there?

Make sure you have plenty of water, dayquil, and any other medicines that you need to keep yourself going. Whatever you can fit in your pockets I suppose. You can make it through this! You’re super strong and even being sick can’t stop you from being awesome at what you do.

-Lou the Lobster

some people really don’t take asthma seriously, back when i did field hockey, one day it was like 95 degrees out and very humid so i was already having a hard time breathing, and my asshole coach decided to make us run for seriously 3 hours straight. no stopping. so obviously about 30 minutes in i was struggling to breathe, felt dizzy, sick, and on the verge of tears but my asshole of a coach just said ‘keep going no stopping’

‘but i can’t breathe’

‘too bad’

she knew i had asthma

what the fuck

asthma is a real thing, not something you can “push through” all the time

anonymous asked:

“We’re going to get caught" Ben/Carlos

“We won’t.” Ben replies, locking the door behind both of them. “See? The door’s locked.”

“But… won’t it be obvious that there are people in this closet?” Carlos says. Ben sighs, before backing Carlos up into the wall, placing his hands on the surface, keeping the shorter boy there.

“So, I’ll just make sure we’re quiet.” He says with a sneaky grin, his eyes already darkening. Although Carlos’ heart is racing at the lingering thought of someone finding them, he also feels a sense of excitement at the sight of Ben’s eagerness, happily meeting him halfway when he leans down to kiss him.

Tigress and Wildfire

He’d done it again. Really, he couldn’t help himself! He’d done it so much as a kid, and it had been such a large part of making a name for himself, how could he not go back to doing it? It was the least harmful crime he could commit other than pickpocketing, and where’s the fun in not causing a commotion?

Besides, he’d already done a ton of that.

With chefs, waiters, and even a few patrons on his heel, Ace zigzagged through the town, looking for an out. He could just keep running, confident they’d tire out before he did, but while that was funny, it would also catch far too much attention.

Instead, when the Pirate turned a corner and caught sight of an open window above him, he lept for it. Pulling himself up, Ace was pretty sure he was able to shut the window before anyone was the wiser. At least, anyone not in the room he’d pulled himself up to.


Already ready for today.

Already too hot to function.

I’m just going to keep my water bottle on my face until I warm the water too much/drink it all.

Things that are happening today:

  • Trying again to get in with a counselor.
  • Making appointment with on post vet.
  • House viewing.  Keep those fingers crossed.
  • Another medicated bath for Kiwi?
  • Chicken sausage with peppers and onions on a pretzel bun for dinner.

Things that have already happened:

  • My computer restarted in the night and I lost an email draft I was working on.
  • Discovered more holes in Kiwi’s fur.  Definitely vet time.
  • Figured out how she’s been escaping the doughnut: One of the thingies that holds it on her collar broke.
  • Thinking about staying away from caffeine until brain settles down.

leopreston asked:

I second that, I can't wait for Autumn either and I absolutely love your blog! I'm so keen that I've been buying Autumnal coloured knitwear, scarves and gloves during the summer in anticipation! <3

Hey, Leona! I love that you’re already buying knitwear and cozy scarves and gloves! I was just online shopping last night for the same stuff. I secretly love that stores are all in such intense competition with each other because it makes them put out their fall stuff practically in the middle of the summer so they can be ahead of the game! 

I was just browsing your DeviantArt (is it bad to admit that I basically go lurk everyone who messages me?) and you’re seriously an amazing artist! Your gallery is so beautiful and unique—keep up the amazing work!

Thank you heaps for the kind words about my blog; I’m happy you’re liking it! Now we wait for the real thing. The countdown is on! (Only about 66 days left.)

Hope you’re having a great weekend so far! XX

anonymous asked:

camp counselor!Luke being really shy around you &amp; then some kids keep telling him "come on Luke!Just ask her out already" when you were near by &amp; they all started giggling &amp; Luke got all red &amp; then at the bonfire later that night he's playing his guitar &amp; he keeps staring at you &amp; then keeps making stupid but funny faces making you laugh &amp; after all the kids are asleep he goes "y/n, let's go for a swim,yeah?" &amp; you say yeah &amp; HE TELLS THE KIDS THE NEXT DAY &am

JLADISJFOAITEW i can just see him blushing at you while he plays guitars and then the kids would scream when he told them, and you’d probably hear them from across the camp and you’d know what happened and just shake your head and turn back to your own kids ljaskdfjalsdjfag

camp counselor!5sos night with suburbanbluesmichael​​, send/tag us in your blurbs!


So this was the project I was talking about in my last post. 

These are the photos I’m submitting/have submitted to a local museum’s exhibit for an event. They’re supposed to be printed out as post cards with me writing something on the back for the person who picks up my card to read. 

I’ve always wanted to get my hands on projects like these. Levitation photography and multiple exposure have always intrigued me and I’m so glad I finally got to try them out this summer! I think I’ll make this a regular thing though and keep making more of these. They’re way too fun not to! 

Also… If you haven’t already noticed. My watermark has finally made its debut on my photos! Ugh, this just got my excitement levels through the roof. Hahaha! Its the little things for me really. I just feel like the watermark finally means that I’m making progress and going somewhere with all of this.