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i lowkey want Ward to come back(as a LMD, clone, nightmare-hallucination, whateverthefuck) just so Robbie can meet him and immediately kick his ass. Like, Ward barely opens his mouth before Robbie *and* the Rider are like G U I L T Y and flame chain his ass

That is literally the only reason why I would ever want to see Ward’s stinkin’ face again. Like high-key resurrect his Nazi ass just so Robbie can send him back to Hell.

Honestly, nothing would warm my heart more than to see Ward’s “Oh shit!” face as Robbie transforms into the Rider :)

What if the Ancients Could Posses their Children's Body for a Day? Part 1
  • China: Aiyyahhhh... why am I so early for this meeting-aru? Nobody's here yet... was I the only one who received the text to come early from England? This is weird-aru...
  • Italy: Chinaaaaaaaaa~ *hugs China*
  • China: W-What??? I-Italy what are you doing?
  • Italy: not Italy, China, my best buddy! It's me, Rome!
  • China: ... WHAT???
  • Italy: we learned that we could posses our children's body! Isn't that so cool?
  • China: wait... 'WE'????
  • England: Hiya China!
  • France: Yo China! It's cool to see you again! Gaul is in da house!
  • Prussia: hm.
  • Iceland: WOW! This room is so bigggg! Right Aestii- I mean... Lithuania?
  • Lithuania: uuwwaahhhh, such a cute room~
  • Spain: the flowers here are so pretty~
  • China: w-w-wait... EVERYONE CAME???
  • England: nope! Greece, Egypt, and Carthage said that they're going to watch from above... I don't know why though...
  • China: B-Britannia??
  • England: Yup! I never knew England is so small and thin! And it's great to be in a guy's body for once! I can finally do hand stands without Rome nagging me just because I was wearing a dress!
  • China: w-wait... I don't think England's body could do that...
  • France: that's true, since we're in their body, it doesn't mean that we can do what we usually do.
  • China: w-wait... Gaul- I mean, France... what's wrong with your hair-aru??? It's all bushy!!
  • France: oh... I don't really know... maybe I used the wrong thing to clean it with.
  • Italy: this dumbass used dish soap.
  • China: oh... but I think it's weirder for me to hear Italy swear...
  • Spain: China, when are the other's coming~?
  • China: I-Iberia...? Erm... soon, I think... B-but you guys should act like your children-aru! Or not they'll be suspicious!
  • Prussia: true...
  • China: Germania- I mean, Prussia... t-this may be hard for you...
  • Iceland: bro, why did you choose Prussia? That's one hell of a personality change!
  • China: And you Scandia, why did you choose Iceland out of all the Nordics-aru????
  • Iceland: huh? Cuz I've always wondered what it'll be like to be small!
  • China: ...that's your reasoning?
  • Lithuania: hehe~ oh, I think I hear footsteps~
  • Germany: hm? China, Italy, England, France, Spain, Iceland, and Lithuania? You're all unusual early... and together... that's an odd group...
  • China: y-yeah... we just happen to meet... right everyone?
  • Italy: yup!
  • Germany: oh, okay... let's wait a couple of minutes then until everyone reaches.
  • China, whispering to the ancients: remember to get into character! If not, I don't know what they'll suspect-aru!
  • Ancients: sure!
  • China, in his head: t-this is not going to end well...
  • (To be continued.... ;)

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I smoke cigarettes because nothing else can calm me down from my panic attacks. It sounds stupid but it just helps a lot. I don't care if people think it'll kill me, I don't care if I get medical issues from it, Hell I don't care if people glare at me because of it. Smoking eases a lot of my irrational thinking and I just want to be calm. My dad smoked for 30+ years, and he's literally fine. He coughs a little, but that's it. I figure the ads over exaggerate a lot. Ppl smoke, it happens.

smoking has affected me negatively many, many times in my life.
-my mom smoked with me in the womb
-my parents fill our house with smoke
-I go to school everyday smelling like cigarettes and cheap perfume
-people have asked me if I smoke cigarettes bc I smell like it all the time
-my parents smoke in small spaces with me regardless of whether I cough or tell them I don’t like it
-I breathe in A LOT of second hand smoke because of it
-my uncle’s voice is all messed up from it
-5/5 of my mom’s siblings have smoked. 2/5 of them are dead (2/5 dead at 50 or below bc of cigarettes). 4/5 of them have had some form of cancer
-my grandma developed kidney problems from all the smoking that she did when she was young (the doctor said that) and died at 69 years old
-have you ever looked at a smokers lung????
-have you ever looked at a 2nd hand smokers lung??? me neither but I’m sure it’s disgusting
-they have rat poison in them. they have stuff in it literally used to kill living creatures
-there is so much research put into why smoking them will eventually kill you

I get it!!! I totally get that smoking helps calm you and you haven’t seen any negative side effects, but scientific research proves otherwise.

it’s okay if you already smoke as long as you’re not hurting anyone else (i.e. smoking around people who don’t want to be smoked around or constantly smoking in the house that others who, don’t smoke, live in) but I’m just saying that 49/50 times if you asked someone if they wish they never started smoking then they will say that they regret smoking. (I made that number up but yeah!!)

it was just a post letting people know not to start smoking bc it is a disgusting habit that can bring many problems into your life and isnt cool and I 100% agree with it