hi!! i’m back oops! basically the semester ends in two weeks and i’ll have loads of free time to just do whatever the hell i want, so i figured why not invest a little more in this blog & all you lovely people who follow me. so this is happening.

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Re: Third parties.

Certain states were never going to be a contest. Massachusetts, for instance, will probably never be red unless the apocalypse really does happen (I’m not discounting it, but hopefully the world keeps spinning tomorrow or we wake up on January 1, 2017, and someone’s like APRIL FOOLS). In that case, absolutely vote third party if you want to, particularly in smaller races.

But it takes a LOT of privilege to vote third party in a swing state. I won’t completely say “fuck you” for it because literally every prediction site was giving Clinton a nearly 100% chance of winning up until today, but I will say that I really hope you’re okay with four years of Donald Trump and what that will mean for your less privileged friends.