I just wanted to let y'all know that I officially finished the first chapter of my dissertation today after two weeks of feverish last-minute writing on a deadline and I have never been happier to crawl into a ball inside of my comforter and directly siphon the internet mindlessly into my eyeballs

so, the gg trailer actually motivated me to get to a place of “okay! i’m going to try to finish or at least make some progress on the best of it before the revival airs!”

and then i went to open up the word document for the current chapter


i am cursed where this fic is concerned, y’all, i swear it

the universe doesn’t want it to be finished

OK so here’s my crazy writing goal for 2016:

I am not allowed to start anything new (with the exception of participating in a Christmas exchange, which I usually do) unless one of the following criteria is met:

  • 2016 is over
  • My WIP folder is empty (or well, all one-shots are finished and all chaptered works get at least one new chapter)

Obviously it’s going to be the former, not the latter, but shoot for the stars etc.

I realized I have all these things in varying states of completion, and every time I look back at most of them I’m like “I’m still excited about this, I could work on it RIGHT NOW if only I had the time.”

So, hey! This is me trying to make time.


I’m half-way finished making chapter 1!

Feels like slow going cause I’m still figuring stuff out & learnin - and can’t be happy with my work, yet. I haven’t felt this in a while, but with an old project like this it seems like it always feels better while you’re dreaming about it, and hard to replace those perfect vague ideas;; 

But anyway - feels good at least to be learning! Gonna get there slowly but surely.


Magic Universe AU: Tony remembers the first time he saw Loki. Drenched from head to foot, wet strands of hair clinging to pale skin and dressed all in green and leather - he thought Christmas had come early. 

If he’d have known what was in store, would he have done it?

Tony wasn’t stupid. He completed the HEIMDALL prototype for crying out loud - something his father was never quite able to do. Thanks to him, the city had a guardian 24/7, a protector in the form of a forcefield powerful enough to withstand even the strongest Jotunn magic. Combine that with HEIMDALL’S constant surveillance, scanning every humanoid form’s DNA for signs of irregularities (magic), and he wouldn’t hesitate to say he was one of the smartest person around.

So taking into account the politics, secrets, lies, backstabbing (quite literally), bloodshed, anger, hate, re-evaluating of one’s own morals and what is deemed right and wrong, feuds, war, possible end of the world… Would he have done it? Would he have introduced himself to one of the world’s most deadliest criminals had he the chance to go back and change his fate?


I’m not immune to the idea of sharing my home with another human, but most days I’m pretty content. Have I grown too comfortable and rooted in my ways? Perhaps, which is not to say I wouldn’t one day allow the right fellow in – one who finds my eccentricities adorable, or at least tolerable. For now, I savor these solo days like someone whose library book is overdue but hasn’t quite finished the last chapter. There are still a few more pages to go.
—  Victoria Smith, Kinfolk Volume Eleven

- Neo Sailor Moon and The White Paladin
I’m really liking how this turned out, Helios makes a very cute tuxedo man! On his forehead is the symbol for the sun. Chibusa is in her upgraded eternal form - not longer Sailor Chibi Moon, she’s now the only Moon senshi!

Maybe I’ll use this for the cover of volume 2? At the very least it’ll be a cover for one of the chapters :) Stay tuned for more work on my Neo Sailor Moon Comic, and Chapter 2 of Earth Guardian Mamoru is very close to finished!
🌙 🌕 ☀️ ⊙ ☾ 🎀 🌸

casandthedeanmon  asked:

"You forgot the magic word". Sterek please???

Stiles saunters into the living room, wafting a piece of paper between his fingers. Derek ignores him, determined to finish at least a chapter of the book he borrowed from the library, if only to prove a point to Stiles about books being just as relevant and interesting as the internet. 

Between porn and Chaucer, however, Derek’s privately thinking porn wins. But, Stiles will never know. 

“Looky, looky what I found on the good old, interesting internet,” Stiles drawls. “Derek Hale, the cutest baby to ever exist.”

Derek snaps his head up, and launches himself over the couch. 

"What did you—”

Stiles shrugs, “Got bored, googled you.”

“Googled me— Stiles!”

“Hey, most of it was depressing as hell, just like my name—”

“You google yourself. What kind of college allows you enough free time to do this shit?”

“There’s always time for google, man, just like there’s always time for porn.”

“Your priorities astound me.”

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Stuck Day

I might be able to pump these out once a week if I actually can focus enough, though my mind has been all over the place lately. Mostly just school stress and scholarship troubles. As usual, thank you for all of the wonderful messages of support. Man, I love you guys.

Shoutout to the anon wanting to shove their fist in Sans, the one that begged for Temmie for the past month, and to someone who wanted ASL Frisk. Hope I satisfy.

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[Sans Nights

Warnings: Temmie, uncomfortable Sans, butter

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Tackling Physics: Thermal Properties of Matter! Just gonna finish at least 2 more sections of this chapter before I call it a night.

Today’s Chemistry test didn’t go as well as I had planned… 😥😔 I didn’t manage to finish the paper but I am hoping that I managed to score at least a distinction for it. May God have mercy on my soul!

makobend i came up w/ so many headcanons on how mako/jinora/opal read oh my GOD

- mako reads diligently. like a cop!! he keeps stopping between chapters and taking notes on the plot and characters in his little logbook and rereading stuff, what a NERD

- because of that, he always takes the longest to finish a book, and also because he’s had the least practice out of the 3 of them, so he naturally reads slower??

- his pockets are full of bookmarks that little kids made for him; he never dogears pages because he almost never owns the books he reads :(

- he is INTENSE when he starts a book. if he starts it, he’s gotta finish it!!!! he, like, pencils out 2 hours from his schedule to just sit down and focus and read (NERD!!!!)

- jinora, on the other hand, is more ~flirty~ with her reading….she can sit down in the library with stacks of books around her and dip into one for a few pages, then switch out to another one, but somehow keep all the plots/characters/titles straight in her head???? SOMEHOW

- the library is definitely her favorite place to read (and just her favorite place to be in general tbh). she likes the feeling of being surrounded by stories and possibilities!!! also kai totally works behind the checkout counter lmao

- she’s read more books than mako and opal COMBINED so she has the best recommendations probably. she’s read from all kinds of genres and time periods and authors……and possibly some that are inappropriate for her age lmao

- she reads everything and everywhere….dime novels at the breakfast table. autobiographies by the beach. romantic poetry in bed. everything. everywhere

- meanwhile opal is super SUPER picky about the books she reads. her mom raised her to have a good taste in literature!!

- she always, always, always reads outside. wind in her hair, bugs on her face, whatever. her books have flowers and leaves pressed between the pages as placeholders, and they smell like…..grass???? maybe?????

- she reads with a pen her hand, and she circles phrases and page numbers that have a special meaning to her. she also reads super critically, looking for authorial bias and stuff–- also from her mom lmao

- im not saying toph taught opal to read in braille, but TOPH TOTALLY TAUGHT OPAL TO READ IN BRAILLE

– when they read together, mako hates spoilers (the plot twists are the best part, he says), while jinora and opal don’t mind too much. all 3 of them are used to loud siblings so they can read through noise, but they do best with silence or ~soothing flute music~ in the background!! their favorite thing to do when they finish a book is to discuss it with each other, ofc :’)

Five Minutes Older -- Chapter Twelve: I Trust You

Chapter One - Chapter Two - Chapter Three - Chapter Four - Chapter Five-Chapter Six - Chapter Seven - Chapter Eight - Chapter Nine -Chapter Ten - Chapter Eleven - Chapter Twelve

Ao3 Link

A Time Stuck AU fic where Mabel gets trapped in the past with a younger version of Stan. This is the final chapter! My goal was to finish before the new episode, and I just barely managed it, whoo whoo!

Also, originally there was a scene that I had to cut, where Fiddleford referred to his son as his “little Tater-tot” and even if it couldn’t be in the final draft I wanted you all to know that.

Stanford, Oregon, 1979

Ford’s head was pounding. Red pain erupted at regular intervals from a spot just above his right temple. He groaned,opening his eyes slowly. Letting in the light a little bit at a time.

“Here…” a familiar, gravely voice said. “Take some aspirin.”

Ford turned his head to the side and fumbled around until he found a hand with two white pills in it. He took them, along with the glass of water that was held out a moment later. Then he closed his eyes, waiting for the pain to subside.

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SnK 74: Managing Expectations

I’ve seen several posts expecting chapter 74 to be something truly epic. Eren is about to transform, Bert and Reiner are hiding in the shadows and it looks like the stage is set for a monumental showdown.

But here’s something to keep in mind. The upcoming chapter will close out the first volume of a brand new arc. Looking back at previous arcs, the first volume is focused on setup and typically the least exciting in terms of action.

Allow me be a total dork and illustrate this point.

This is a basic story arc. Each new arc begins with exposition and a build up of action. Each arc ends with falling action and some resolution. 

SnK is comprised of many individual arcs, so there are a bunch of these, all working together to contribute to one grand master story arc. 

In recent months, we’ve finished one arc and are starting another so there’s been a natural lull in action. Instead of bloody battles, we’ve been in the resolution and setup phase.

During that time Historia has founded orphanages, Levi learned about Kenny, Hange’s been sciencing, Erwin’s been plotting and Eren got answers about his father. All good stuff but it’s hardly left us on the edge of our seats gasping for air.

The vibe I’m getting is that if there isn’t some death and destruction soon, the fandom will be disappointed.  But looking at this same point in previous arcs, chapter 74 may very well be another setup chapter, albeit with a dramatic cliffhanger ending. Of course, I could be totally wrong and it may leave us in a sea of blood and a world of hurt. 

My point is, whatever happens, be patient. The current arc is only beginning. The climax is still many months away. For the next year and a half of our lives, we will be uncovering what’s in the basement and dealing with the consequences. 

Tooks me the whole day and at least over 105 layers to finaly finish this… god damn this page but .. I love how far those two had come within their long journey from rivals to very close friends. Hope I catch all privotal moments, but for me those are very important.  :) Newest page for my DBS Comic so far.

First chapter here:  http://redviolett.tumblr.com/post/151183920847/as-promised-the-full-upload-from-the-first-chapter

Prev Page: http://redviolett.tumblr.com/post/151255500982/i-m-out-next-pages-wont-be-betterso-prepare

a one time thing (and other untruths) (14/?)

Captain Swan. Modern AU.

“She supposes the reason she tells him is the same reason she kept his phone number after all those weeks." 

Notes: So here we are. The next chapter. Sorry for the wait. Life stuff happened. You know how it goes. Next chapter’s partly written, but  - and don’t hate me for this - I need to buckle down and work on my grad school play. So from here on out, until I either finish the play or this fic (God knows which is gonna come first, good lord this fic is getting long) I’m not gonna work on new chapter until I’ve written at least one scene for my play. Then I’ll let myself write a chapter. Then a scene. And so on. So updates are gonna be slower, probably. Thank you all for reading and messaging and such. You guys are awesome. Hope you like this chapter. (And to the anon who just messaged me - your timing is perfect. I was giving the chapter a final read through when I got your message.)

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            It’s been two weeks. Two weeks of properly dating, and yet not much has changed, really. They talk more but see each other about the same, and since Henry doesn’t know (and he gets the feeling she’d never be one for public displays anyway) there’s not much in the way of hand holding or kissing or anything else. So it feels very much like it was except she’s kissed him and that changed things except nothing’s really changed and he—

            He’s not sure what to do with that.

            (They do meet for lunch, sometimes, and that’s nice. That’s—that’s when it feels real.)

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