Oh my goodness, it’s actually done. A multi-chapter marked Complete. Thanks so much to everyone who’s encouraged me through the rough times the past year. @titaniasfics, @abbythebear, @peetabreadgirl, @lifeloveanddance, @loving-mellark, @jennagill, @sponsormusings, your kind words, whether occasional messages or constant hand holding, truly have kept me going. Without you, I’m not sure I’d still be writing, at least not fanfic. So thank you!

The Epilogue, titled Match, is up on AO3 and Fanfic. Hope you enjoy it! Would love to hear your thoughts!

  • <p><b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>me:</b> sorry I gotta finish my math hw first<p/><b>him:</b> haha then what ;)<p/><b>me:</b> well at least four pomodoros of history notes, proofread and hopefully print my research paper, perfect my powerpoint and recite my presentation, glance over some vocab for that quiz tomorrow, work on some chem labs, annotate two chapters for symbolism and characterization, start revising for a psych test this week, to be honest if I have time I'd like to make a healthy snack or ooh a smoothie, update my studyblr, organize my timetable for this week with a printable, write motivational quotes to myself, colorcode my assessments and events in my bullet journal, school agenda, planner app, wall calendar<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

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Your next chapter is going to kill me I just know it. How many stories are you currently working on?

I am working on… three? At least as far as ML fanfic. Serendipitous Fate, Lady and the Tomcat, and Pick-Up and Chase. I’ve got ideas for Widower too, and have a nearly finished a short fic for Umbrellas and Bracelets, but I’m trying to get Chapter 19 of SF done at the moment. Plus editing my novel, lol. 

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Keep Making Trouble 'Till You Find What You Love

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2bbPghG

by Rena

“We should date,” Bucky blurts out, inspiration suddenly striking.
That gets him Steve’s attention, at least. “Excuse me?” he asks.
“No no no, hear me out,” Bucky says. “You wanna get back at them, right? Imagine the following: We date, fall madly in love, then have the most horrendous breakup in history and make them deal with that. They’ll feel terrible because they set us up, and we get to eat free ice cream and see their faces when we eventually tell them we pulled one over them,” Bucky finishes with a smug grin.
“That’s a terrible plan,” Steve says.

Words: 41788, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2bbPghG

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You've done redraws of the first few chapters right? How do we see them? the way Daniel and Louis meet is so cute and I'd LOVE to see it in your current art style

They’re not finished LOL Given how long of a process it is and just how many pages there are…I’m going to be honest with you guys and myself…any redraws are not going to be done for another 2 years at least (that’s being optimistic; I start full time work in a month goodbye life as a student (sort of ) /CRIES). 

But, I can share the page when they “first” “met” bc I have that one done ;)

WIP: People You May Know Ch21

Hey guys, here’s a quick excerpt from People You May Know Chapter 21. It’s still going to be at least a day or two until it’s finished so I thought I’d share a little teaser with you just so that I’m not leaving you hanging for too long. ;) 

“Riley, open your eyes!”

He sounded so far away. Like we were in separate rooms on the opposite sides of the world. I wanted to reach out to him, but it was like there was a transparent wall blocking my way to him. It fell heavily over my eyes like a hazy black veil, and I tried with everything I could to rip it away.  

“Come on, don’t do this,” Lucas’ voice was panicked, desperate, and I felt pressure on my chest as his voice started to come closer and closer. “Open your eyes!”

I felt him hovering over me. I felt his longing for me to meet his gaze and I struggled to do just that as the pressure on my chest started to grow. It felt like my lungs were on fire and I used every ounce of strength I had left to push past the darkness that was surrounding every part of me. 

“Please,” he begged, and I started to see blurry images of trees and the night sky surrounding me as my eyes fluttered open just the slightest bit. “Riley!”

State of the Fic Address

So, several shits hit multiple fans this week. We are still reeling a bit and starting to clean up and get sorted. I am not going to go into any detail because it’s personal stuff and we prefer privacy at this time. The only reason I bring it up is because it may affect our output and you guys deserve some explanation for that.

The good news is that we have a pretty healthy completed story buffer that, if we’re lucky, will see us through until we regain some sort of equilibrium. Here’s what’s coming up the pipe:

Borders: It’s completely written and being edited. I’m going to commit to doing at least an hour of editing every day, on all our current backlog, so that doesn’t hold us up too much. I posted a new chapter today and will try to get the next couple ready for consumption before bed. There are not one but TWO finished fics in this series waiting to be edited. That’ll be the main thrust of our posting for a while.

Tales: We Can Save Tomorrow is completed, there’s only one chapter left to be posted and it’s on the editing list. I’ll commit to getting that up by the end of this week. We have finished writing the Civil War adaption, it’s also on the editing list. I’m giving Borders and it’s first sequel priority for the first few days. But you should see the Civil War fic soon, I’m guessing before September.

Days: I do still consider this a WiP and hack away at it periodically. I’ve mentally scaled back what I’ll be doing with it, in the interest of finishing it sometime this decade. As always, I’ll post here when new chapters go up. No timeline right now when the next one will be.

Other Stuff: There’s a post-CW ficlet in the Lovers in A Dangerous Time series written and waiting to be posted, I’ll get to it eventually. I have a couple solo fics at various stages of work lurking on my hard drive that might get dusted off. There’s a Bucky/Amanda story set in the gender-swapped universe, a couple more Fairy Tales and possibly a Bucky/Amanda sequel to Past and the Future. As I said, editing is going to take precedent, but I can’t go more than a couple days without writing SOMETHING, especially when stressed, so you may see something in the fall.

Hope this gives you a good idea of what to expect from us for the next couple months. My ask here is always open, anon or not. (If off anon I’ll answer privately unless otherwise indicated.) We apologize in advance for any periods of silence or inactivity. Writing has always been a calming activity for both of us, so even in bad times we usually get something on the page. It just may be slower or scattered.

Thanks for reading.

In His Arms

Pairing: John/Paul

Rating: PG-13

Set in: 1958

Summary: Paul has some trouble sharing a bed with John. 

Disclaimer: I do not own The Beatles. This is fiction. I do not make money off this.

Author’s note: This is for the anon who requested a fluffy McLennon fic. I hope you like it and that it cheers you up at least a little. I’m sorry it’s not Paris, though. It wasn’t working out. Fluff isn’t exactly the easiest thing to write for me. It takes more time. 

2nd author’s note: Also, because this fic came up so suddenly, I’ll be posting WFR/TLG tomorrow, as I didn’t have time to finish the chapter (I also had to travel back home from my aunt’s house, which was a bit of work).

Paul lay quietly next to John, trying his hardest not to move too much in fear of accidentally touching the other man. It was ridiculous, really. They had slept in the same bed so many times before, and still Paul always got incredibly nervous and uncomfortable. After all, sharing a single bed with another man, wasn’t really what a proper man should be doing. But that line of reasoning was even more ridiculous, seeing as he and John were actually sort of dating. If you could call it that. It was all still kind of confusing to the sixteen-year-old.

He tried to shuffle a little bit more onto the bed, fearing he might actually fall out of it if he didn’t, seeing as half his body was hanging over the edge. But doing so, also meant moving closer to John. He blushed as his leg accidentally touched John’s knee, and he quickly pulled his leg back and crossed it with his other, so he took up less space. Yes, this could work. If he didn’t move at all for the rest of the night, that is. Paul huffed in annoyance.

“Paul?” John’s croaky voice came muffled from the pillow besides him. Paul tensed up at the call of his name, feeling as if he had been caught. At least, John had two pillows, which saved them the trouble of sharing one. “You know you can touch me, right?”

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Thank you Tite Kubo… Nope i mean thank you for ruining my day. 

Yes, i just finished reading the last chapter and i never regretted something as much as i do now. Don’t get me wrong, Bleach has always been one of my old time favorite manga, but to see it end this way is ridiculous. I know things have gone down the drain since Aizen’s downfall, but i still wanted to give it a chance. 

I can truly say that I’m very disappointed… literally with every fucking panel. 

Okay i guess I’m done shitting on this and it’s time to move on.. OH AND FUCK YOU KUBO A MOVIE OR WHATEVER IS COMING WON’T FIX THIS! 

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Are you and Cliff feeling better today? How are you two?

You’re so sweet to ask, thank you :)

Cliff has been doing well the past couple of days and has been working on music. If Cliff’s working on music, it usually means his pain is tolerable, because he can’t concentrate when he’s suffering. 

As for me, I’m still sick, but the migraines are gone so I’m at least not miserable. I’ve been spending most of my time doing beta-reviews and writing. I finished chapter four yesterday and started chapter five today. Super excited :D

Thanks again for checking in <3 

i’ve just finished rereading order of the phoenix for the first time in aages and it’s gone from being my least to (second?) most favourite. i forgot how beautiful the last few chapters are, how much i love them all pulling together against umbridge, its just such a perfect mix of the best things about the hp series

This is an excerpt of my newest FFN project. This story will be only a few chapters long (3 at least, 5 at most) so I am going to work on this one for the next few weeks before resuming my WIPs. This story is time-sensitive so I need to get it finished before the premiere. :) 

Stay tuned for the full first chapter of “Star-crossed.” 

Please do not repost on any Social Media network. 

Beta Request

Hello there, Elsanna shipper! My name is Sam and I have been writing fics for a while now.
I am looking for a beta reader(s) for my fics.

My main writing is Elsanna, both romantic and platonic, incest and non-incest, but I might do other things.

My chapter length does tend to vary, but I do like to keep it somewhere between 1000-3000 words (but i have been known to write longer)

My expectations on review are for, spell checking, suggestions on changes in story and where I should add detail and whatnot. I am hoping my beta to get my chapters back to me in within 2-5 days, and to be someone who frequently checks their submissions for beta stuff at least twice a day.

I would be submitting things usually every week or every few days, or whenever I finish something.

If you are interested in being my beta, please send a message to me @masterfifty on tumblr or MasterFive on fanfic.net. Once you have sent me a message, I promise I’ll reply as soon as I can.

             im sobbin i dont fully remember what happens to mello and matt 

Out of the Ashes (3/?)

by Inspector Boxer

Pairings: Supercat, Cat/Kara, Lucy/Alex, Luclex, The Directorship

Rating: M (eventually)

Summary: The D.E.O. is destroyed in a vicious attack leaving the Danvers sisters shaken and the women they care for in danger.

Chapter 3

All that was left of the D.E.O. was two topside structures, hangers formerly used to house their Blackhawk helicopters. Alex worked inside the bigger of the two, signing off on casualty reports for the better part of the day. Her hand was cramping but she was determined to finish them all so the bodies could be released for burial. There were too damn many names, too damn many faces in those files. Alex knew they’d haunt her, the men and women who served beside her, protecting the city, protecting Supergirl.

At least Lucy’s name hadn’t been among them. Alex closed her eyes, her thoughts never far from the other woman.

The hanger gave them room to spread out, but it was also hotter than hell. Another bead of sweat slid down Alex’s spine to pool in the small of her back, soaking through the black polo she wore. A small desk fan provided minimal relief, blowing the scents of oil and diesel in her face.

Pausing, Alex checked her phone again, sighing when there was still no word from or about Lucy. The major had been gone for two days now, and Alex couldn’t shake the feeling Lucy needed her. She hated the responsibilities that came with her undesired promotion, wishing she could track Lucy down, make sure she was okay, but she was as good as a prisoner herself, chained to her command. The D.E.O., what was left of it, needed her more than ever, and Alex consoled herself knowing Lucy would expect her to put duty first. At least Kara had taken some time off and was out looking when Alex couldn’t be.

Distantly, Alex became aware of footfalls on the hanger floor. She frowned, not recognizing the tread and she looked up, her temper catching fire and blazing white hot when she saw General Sam Lane enter the hangar like he owned it. He’d disappeared the night he’d taken Lucy against her will, but she’d known he’d show up eventually. She got to her feet as he spied her, changing direction.

The son-of-a-bitch looked so smug Alex could barely stand it.

“Director Danvers,” Lane greeted.

Alex had to take a deep breath, swallowing down the bile that has risen in her throat. “Where is she?” she demanded, her tone low and dangerous.

The general smiled thinly, and Alex wondered how much trouble she’d be in if she pistol-whipped that grin off his face.

“That’s none of your concern, but trust me, my daughter is where she is being well cared for.”

“Trust… trust you?” Alex said with disbelief, moving closer and crowding into his personal space. “You kidnapped your own daughter.”

“I’m her father, and I acted in my daughter’s best interests.”

“We’re going to find her, General,” Alex promised, watching as his eyes narrowed. “You’re not going to get away with abducting a member of the D.E.O.”

“Speaking of the D.E.O.,” Lane glared, “it’s now under my command by order of the President. Tell Supergirl she’s to report here at once.”

Continue reading on AO3.

Scifell Story Part 4

(This chapter goes into Sci’s past, but also some fluff :3)

Edge woke up at 8:00,before Sci could wake up, to make some breakfast. It was the least he could do for keeping sci really late. He made pancakes, French toast, and spaghetti, obviously for Papyus. It took him 30 minutes to prepare evrything, and right when he finished his alarm rang. He forgot that he had an alarm, so quickly rushed   to his room to turn it off. However, it was too late. Sci slowly opened his eyes to see Edge on his phone. He was confused as to where he was. “What, where am I?” Sci asked.

“Oh uh yeah sorry, you just fell asleep and it was too late to get you back to your universe. So instead of waking you up, I just kinda carried you to my bed while I slept on the floor.” Sci felt bad for making Edge sleep on floor because of him.“I-I’m sorry i didn’t mean to sleep here and interrupt your sleep schedule.” “N-no it’s okay. I had a mattress under my bed, it’s fine. If it makes you feel better I made well breakfast since you stayed. It’s in the kitchen.” Sci lightened up and smiled. “O-okay let’s go and eat.” Edge smiled.

They both went to the kitchen and found Papyrus eating his spaghetti. “Wow Sans, this tastes really good. You never cool this well.” “What does that supposed to mean?” Edge asked confused. “Well isn’t it obvious? You decided to cook better than ever because science you is here.” Edge knew what Pap was doing. “I-I always cook like this I don’t know w-what you’re talking about.” He started to look worried.“It’s pretty obvious you’re trying to impress science nerd with your skills aren’t you?” Both Sci and Edge blushed. “D-don’t listen to him, he’s just jelous I can cook better than him.” Edge gave Papyrus a threatening look. Finally the two sat down and started to eat.

They finished and Sci washed his face. “So um I think I should go back to my universe. Alphys and Gaster might be worried about me.” Sci told Edge. “Well I mean we’re on the surface right now. We can, you know, g-go out so I can show you around.” Sci really wanted to go, but Alphys might tease him again about being this long with Edge. But then again, he could make up an excuse about why he took so long. “B-but you know you don’t have to if you don’t want to, I don-” “No no, it’s okay. Y-yeah I can go with you.” Edge lightened up and smiled at him. “But it’s snowing and it’s cold. I wasn’t really prepared for the snow.” Edge thought about it and decided to give him his jacket. “You can wear my jacket. I have anther one I can wear.” Sci blushed when Edge gave him his jacket. “Th-thanks.” Edge teleported and came back with a black trench coat. “Heh, it’s kinda old but it would do. So should we go?” Sci smiled at him. “Y-yeah! Let’s go.” He said with a determined look. ‘I guess you can say it’s a date’ Sci said in his mind, smiling at the thought. But sadly he knew it wasn’t one.

They were walking around a street filled with many buildings and stores. There were giant screens with advertisements that caught the city’s attention. “This place looks amazing, I really wish I was back on the surface.” Sci said looking rather down. “C'mon Sci, cheer up. My universe is in the surface and you can visit this place anytime.” Edge said trying to cheer him up. “Soo, I as curious, can you tell me like what it was like growing up?” He asked Sci trying to build conversation. “Um, well… I don’t know.” Sci said, following it up with a small sigh. “C'mon nerd. I wanna know more about you.” “Um, I-I guess…”

“So I wasn’t always a scientist when I was little, I was more of that chill kid that does what every kid does. Play with toys, and such.” Edge laughed. “You, not a nerd? Hard to believe.” Sci chuckled. “Just let me go on. However, being the child of the royal scientist, W.D. Gaster, I was expected to know as much as he did. Human scientists were very impressed with his knowledge and how much he knew. But all changed when he told me that I was going to have a new baby brother named Papyrus. I was however worried that I might be left out. But after a year of spending time with him, he was my world. So here comes the war… you know the story about how it all happened. Many monsters died that day and my father was in his risk of loosing his life. I was scared about what would happen to Papyrus. He was only 1. I grabbed him as we were ordered by King Asgore to go Underground, for that was the safest. We were trembling, as I was holding Papyrus. Never letting him go. Then I saw my father come down with two cracks. He must’ve gotten them from the damn humans. I rushed as I hugged him. He told me that he needed to improve my magic skills. I helped with all the data and he taught me so much about it. He bought many books to help me studying. As we found a home and created a new lab, he has done many experiments, but it was all for good sake. However, they were intense, and they all were filled with determination pills. I was worried that Papyrus wold had to go through all the pain I had. Through all the experiments. I didn’t want Papyrus to go what I was going through. I-I needed to protect him. I didn’t want anyone to touch him, nor harm him. If anyone harms him, I-I…” Sci started trembling and tearing up. Papyrus obviously meant so much to him.

“I-I’m really sorry.” He started crying silently. “S-Sci. P-please don’t cry, it’s my fault for asking. I shouldn’t have asked. I-I know see how much you care for him. My Papyrus is the world to me too, even though of all the arguments and fights we had. We do it out of love. I understand Sci, p-please stop crying.” He wiped away the tears off Sci and hugged him. “I understand how it feels to be overprotective over someone, and how it feels to love someone this much. Just know you can talk to me alright?” Sci smiled and hugged back. “Thank you so much.” Sci said. “Edgey Mc My Chemical Romance~”

On Every Letter:

Chapter 9 is gonna be another long one like chapter 7 was, but I should have it done in the next couple of days. Probably somewhere between 10k-12k.

I have never written anything this long (at least nothing I’ve actually finished) so I’m really excited that I’ve managed to keep up my enthusiasm to complete this thing since I began it in June. And I still have chapter 10 to write!

Honestly, writing this has kind of been like an emotional purge I guess. I’ve always used drawing for that but as it turns out writing is just as good, if not better, for getting stuff out. So thank you for sharing this journey with me! :)

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current word count of chapter 22 of kuebiko: 7515