anonymous asked:

what do you think of jaebum/yugyeom?


they’re just soft. patient/kind leader likes to take care of yugy. 

jaebum’s tendency to be so cute and clingy with yug. 

back hug galore. tummy rubs. 

yugyeom calling him “jaebummie” and jAEBUM’S HEART SKIPPED A BEAT LETS BE HONEST

Maybe other people dont know that the difference between being tired and depression is that being tired is something you feel like you can fix. You can nap away tired, drink enough water and your sleepiness evaporates, exercise enough and your energy comes back. You wake up on sunny days and feel rested.

But depression feels endless. A tired that only gets worse, not better. You can sleep in or sleep forever, it wouldn’t matter. You sip coffee and do yoga and turn in homework and none of it matters. You’re tired while doing everything, even the things you want to be awake for. It drags on you. Like cinder blocks through the floor.