I'm sorry but it confuses me why everyone freaks out about diamond rings

This is a Diamond engagement ring (kinda obvious)

And this is an Opal engagement ring.

Just my opinion but why isn’t opal a giant thing :? You also get crazy variations like the Lightning Ridge Black Opal….

External image

Dragons Breath Fire Opal…..

External image

Even this fucking Harlequin Opal that looks like a rainbow on LSD



Rare Ethiopian Opals

Large and rare pieces of rough Welo opal. This newly discovered type of opal was found in the Welo Amhara region in Ethiopia. The colors are brilliant and rival any top grade opal in the world. Most have an incredible brightness level with hot, neon multi-colors and multiple pattern mixes. The best trait of the Welo opal is that it can be one of the brightest opals in the world.

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