Fuck with people who build you up, open your eyes to more and value your energy. Fuck with people who teach you the importance of growth and who support and encourage you through the hardships of your journey. Fuck with people who tell it how it is, no sugar coating. Fuck with people who want to win and who only associate with winners.

My mom, who hates lazytown with a burning passion, stated with anger that Sportacus is a top. She was yelling about it for a good 20 minutes about how Robbie is too flamboyant and lazy to top. I told her “well some people think Robbie is top because Sportacus is 5'9” and Robbie is 6'2"“ and she looked me in the eyes and said “if he bends over he’s 3'1”“ This is information from someone who doesn’t watch lazytown. Open your eyes, people.

Shout out to DID/OSDD1 systems who feel fake because they aren’t aware of / can’t remember their childhood trauma. We love you and we’re here for you. You’ll find your answers and I hope you have a good day

So there are people who are still trying to defend Frozen’s lazy female designs but I want to compare those designs to the designs of a TV show from a studio that doesn’t have a Disney-sized budget.

The top picture is of the main character, Marinette, and below is her mother.

Now let’s look at the females of Frozen.

What are they clones?

Zagtons has only been around for 7 years yet they can female characters who are related look different. Remember, Frozen had a $150 million budget. Yet they copy pasted their female designs and just changed their hair. That is lazy.

Open your eyes people.

*Washed Away* Newt x reader

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You watched as Newt apparated from the top of the building you stood on to the next. Tina, holding his case of creatures, yelled out his name but with no luck he continued to apparate further trying to keep up with the obscurus.

“Queenie, take Y/N and Jacob somewhere safe” Tina ordered before whipping out her wand and disappearing. In shock, you turned to face Jacob and Queenie, fear in your eyes.

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When I was a kid, I thought everyone went to foster care at some point in their lives. And that everyone sometimes ran out of food in their refrigerators and had to live off of fast food and pb&j for the rest of the month. I thought everyone’s parents were divorced and that everyone got so used to hearing gun shots at night that they could easily sleep through them. Until I got older and I saw more and experienced more and I realized, not everyone lives the same life.

People that refuse to recognize their privilege are basically children walking around in adult bodies. If you’re in a position of privilege and you can say and believe that other people are just whining and didn’t work hard or didn’t behave well enough or didn’t have the qualifications to get where you are to be ALIVE like you are…you need to open up your eyes and grow the fuck up. Meet new people. See new things. Take a trip to the other side of town. Get out of your little box. Not everyone lives the life you live.