Open ;; Francis and

In theory, he could hire someone to do this for him. Most people did, if they could, but he loved the feelings of hanging up blankets and sheets onto lines, to let them air dry, with the sun warming them. He breathed in the scent of cinnamon, and the faint smell of vanilla, from the baking he had done earlier.

He didn’t even notice the person behind him, as he had hung up the last sheet.

Loki’s Reign|| OPEN

The god smirked, feasting on the energy of his devout, laughing mirthlessly at the waves of chaos and destruction that his followers left. He watched them from far above, great golden wings spread wide as he sat aloft. Loki’s eyes glinted with mischief as he felt his powers surging, and he made his descent to the ground, stowing away his godly features to walk amongst the humans.

Werewolf Auction || Open RP

“Come on folks he may look scary but don’t be afraid!” The auctioneer smirked as he looked up at the chained wolf. “He’s as harmless as a pup. See this is a rare breed of shifter, an omega. And he can be yours for a simple price starting at 500! Come on folks this sorta deal don’t happen often so you better act fast!”

Bruce on the other hand was scared and in pain. The silver collar and chains on him burned and it didn’t help that he’d been whipped several times to be obedient before being put on the auctioning block.

Open (slavery AU) starter || Sold

“Now, we have something new for you, ladies and gentlemen,” the auctioneer called to the crowd. He gestured to the young woman knelt on the stage besides him, her hands bound, her head raised so that the crowd could see her face. “This lovely thing is nineteen years old, and she has never been sold before. Alexandria is well trained, obedient, and (though perhaps not the most beautiful girl we have), she is appealing." 

He grinned a little at the clear interest from the crowd. "The price for her is five hundred. You may think that’s expensive, ladies and gentlemen, but there is something rare and special about this one. She is a virgin.” He knew that that increased her value. “So, who’s interested?”

| Open

Mia stared up at a painting. It didn’t seem like much. Just a clash of colors and shapes. But she found herself staring at it. Art galleries were something that helped Mia sort through her head. They were usually bright, spacious and quiet. She could just be alone in her head as she studied the different pieces. Well as alone as a person possessed by a demon could be. 

Open Rp || Second Chance AU

God this was going to be tough. He thought to himself. See he had apparently crossed paths with his soul-mate numerous times but had never really established a relationship with them before his, albeit untimely, death. See he had been killed in a large gamma accident at his labs, but he was being given a second chance. If he could do the eight things he’d been told to in one month he would be allowed to continue living. If his couldn’t… well he went back to pushing up daises. He sighed as he looked down at his list again.

1. Make a friend

2. Get that dog I’ve been eyeing

3. Be more polite to my neighbors

4. Be a better person

5. Stay away from lab

6. Try not to die… again

7. Don’t drown sorrows with things

8. Make someone fall in love with me

Shots // Open Starter

Pushing open the door and stepping inside the building, Tristan breathed out a long sigh of relief. It had been a while since he’d had the chance to just sit down in a quiet bar with a few drinks and just unwind. It was just a shame he had to be alone.

As he headed to the bar and ordered a double Jack and Coke, Tristan scanned the room. He noticed someone sitting alone at a table and he decided they could do with some company. After paying for his drink, he went over and sat facing the stranger, flashing his million-dollar grin.

“Mind if I join you?”

open/ Slave AU - Raven Bran

Bran was thrown into a dark, small cell, which smelled like someone had actually died in there. He probably didn’t smell any better, with the amount of travelling he had done in the last couple of days. 

He had been so stupid as to let himself get caught in his raven form. Ever since he had become a teenager, the tattoo on his body had appeared and had started to grow. Reaching adulthood, the tattoo covered half of his upper body, left arm included. To his own surprise this allowed him to transform into the animal he had been given the name of… a raven.

This had given him such a sense of freedom, the air surrounding his feather, the feeling of flying and soaring through the skies… but it had also given him a means to distrust others. People who would abuse his secret for their own benefit.

He had been betrayed.

Sold off into slavery for an insane amount of money.

He had no idea what would happen to him now, why he had been brought here, who had bought him. Every question he had posed had earned him a slap in the face until he had quieted down.

So he was a little surprised at the voice coming out of the dark.