me: please god let the democrats run someone better than Joe Fucking Biden in 2020

also me: if Joe Fucking Biden is the one who can get Trump-iffy conservatives to vote blue and get Trump out of office then this will be a Joe Biden fan blog from the Convention to December of 2020, at which point we will go back to our regularly scheduled “ugh, Biden” 

Feminine trans men characters are important and needed. They’re for people like me. Trans people shouldn’t be forced to go from one strict box to another. Gender roles and stereotypes hurt everyone. Feminine cis men don’t have their identities questioned. I get where it would be a problem if all transmasc characters were feminine, but they’re not. Your issues with feminine trans men are yours to sort out. Don’t speak for us. If you say Mettaton Ex and Lanque Bombyx are transphobic just by existing, choke on my asshole.

there is joy even in the small things!!! today the soap in the bathrooms smelt like sweet pea! they usually don’t have a notable scent!!!! i now get to go through the day smelling extra sweet!