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miyagi deserves the hate

Well well, looks like someone is bitter about One Piece finally bringing us a quality character. I really cannot comprehend why would anyone hate Miyagi, one of the best characters Oda has ever written. Or maybe that’s exactly why you’re so angry about him.

First let me tell you, Miyagi is in fact the third best One Piece character. I’m not talking from a biased point of view, I’m standing here as objective as I can be, and all I can say is that Miyagi’s beautiful writing can only be topped by Tyrannosaurus and Robin.

Miyagi is the kindest and most selfless character in the series, he tries to stay positive and cheerful, he always has a smile on his face and yet you thing he’s just a happy easy-going goat? Oh friend, you’re so wrong. Have you even paid proper attention to him? You can see death in his eyes, Miyagi has suffered so much you can see his struggle to keep going or just give up in every panel he appears. Yet in the end he decides to remain hopeful and keep fighting for his loved ones.

Another interesting point about Miyagi is his relationship with Chopper. Miyagi has been shown multiple times taking notes from Chopper and learning from him, he’s also treated Chopper as a “sensei” with total respect and admiration. But I don’t think that’s all there is to it. I think anyone that reads these chapters and pay a little attention to Miyagi will see the huge inferiority complex he feels. He is a doctor, he helps his family and friends, and suddenly some tiny ass reindeer comes and takes the glory, takes his spot and does his job, and not only that, he does it better than Miyagi. Do you know how devastating this is for him? Yet Miyagi doesn’t give up, he tries to keep a smile on his face and learn, even though he’s probably burning with jealousy and hate inside.

Finally, let’s not forget he’s the cutest thing around.

Miyagi is honestly such a strong and beautiful character, he’s the definition of hard-work and hope, fact that someone would hate on him is plain disgusting from me.

the other other thing why i can’t really deal with most discussions about disability and eugenics today, is that… most of these ppl don’t really appear capable of the type of nuance needed to have this conversation.

like that post i reblogged? was talking about embryos and/or fetuses.

ppl get that embryos don’t actually have rights, right?

like. screening fetuses based on ‘desirable’ physical characteristics is disgusting, but ppl have every right to do this. and to decide to not have (or have) whatever babies they wish to have.

why? bc the reproductive rights of baby carriers trump the non-rights of embryos or fetuses.

i mean. yes. its disgusting but… what are people suggesting as the alternative? that ppl not be allowed to make these decisions about their bodies?

the other other thing that these ppl seem to miss out on is that, as far as 'undesirable’ physical characteristics are concerned, people who have babies literally cannot win.

if they decide, as they have every right to, that they do not wish to bear this child or carry it to term bc of a fear of disability, people like that person feel like they are allowed to criticism them or shame them for their decision.

if they decide, however, to knowingly bear a child that they know beforehand will be disabled, they also get shamed (for being selfish, for having a baby they 'know’ will be miserable, for creating a drain on society, etc.)

like. do ppl not realize that many people who might otherwise give birth to a disabled child face a great deal of social pressure to not have that child? and your response is to, what? pressure them into having that child?

this is an unwinnable situation because it appears that everyone wants to have an opinion or a say in who has what babies, and so you’re damned if you do and if you don’t.

that particular post, the 'solution’ appears to be calling this practice eugenics. and while it is eugenics what, exactly, does it accomplish to point to prospective parents and say 'this is eugenics’? ultimately, it doesn’t matter if this is why a parent chooses to not have a child. its gross. but its irrelevant.

at the end of the day, hypothetical people do not have rights over people actually alive today.