Jakeda Headcanon #3

Jacqui slings her duffle bag over her shoulder and makes her way across the courtyard.  Hanzo and Kenshi are walking through the Shirai Ryu gardens discussing the future of the Shirai Ryu and SF with Takeda in tow. 

Jacqui and Takeda don’t see each other all that often since their mission with Team Cage and this is the first time he’s seen her in months. Her schedule brought her to Outworld and back regularly. Their communication was limited and often times when they spoke it was strictly business. Ever since she arrived escorting his father from SF HQ he hardly had the the chance to speak with her. He understood that rebuilding the Shirai Ryu was top priority but he also wanted time with Jacqui. Time he wasn’t entitled to.

“The mind wanders,” Kenshi chuckles and plucks a few flowers from the garden bed.  

“Ah…” Hanzo notices his distraction, following his pupil’s line of sight to Jacqui who’s walking toward to main gate. He harrumphs and breaks Takeda’s gaze. 

Takeda flushes and attempts to apologize for his disrespect but is interrupted by a small bouquet being shoved against his chest. 


Hanzo roughly turns him around, pushing his student toward the courtyard. 

“Master Hanzo-”

“-Rumor has it that the view from mountain path is quite the sight during sunset.” Takeda gawks at him incredulously. 


“You are dismissed.” Hanzo grumbles and crosses his arms. 

‘Go before Ms. Briggs leaves’  Kenshi quips telepathically

A smile breaks onto Takeda’s face, he bows quickly and races out of the Shirai Ryu Compound. 

Hanzo feels Kenshi’s hand lightly pat his shoulder, “You are a good man Hanzo Hasashi.” 

A small smile creeps onto Hanzo’s features as he watches Takeda and Jacqui. 

“We were all young once.”

bts: react to their idol crush preforming a sassy/cute dance

Bts reaction to their idol crush performingvon stage ? Like with a blackpink concept ( sassy,cute, slaying the performance) Sorry for that long request. I love your blog, it makes my day 😍 Thank Youuu ~~

here you go lovley, hope you like it!

namjoon: when the whole group attended your groups concert, namjoon couldnt keep his eyes off you. he loved all the sassy moves with a little cuteness involved. he as enjoying everything until jungkook started to try and learn the dance. Namjoon got disgusted and accused jungkook of making fun of the dance.

“huhhh, are you making fun of (y,n), she is an amazing dancer, stop it!”

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jin: in jins mind, he thought that you two were meant to be because of all the sass and cuteness combined. when the members werent looking he pulled out his little pink flip phone and snapped a picture of you. even thought the members knew that he was taking pictures they didnt tell him anything because when they tried to confront him, he just lied ,but they still made jokes about him. 

“what are you talking,jungkook, i was on the phone with someone” 

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yoongi: all the members enjoyed your preformance but not as much as yoongi did. he jumped and clapped everytime you flipped your hair, snapped your fingers, winked, and threw up the peace sign. he shocked everyone because before the concert he was calm but during it, he was singing along and smiled alot.


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hoseok: hoseok was so hyper and lit. he yelled,clapped,danced,jumped, and sang long. every once in a while he ‘accidentally’ called you baby or babe but that only made him realize how big of a crush he has on you. he got in the members face and acted like a huge fanboy but it was cute though.

“oooh kill em bab- i mean (y/n)”

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jimin: jimin would be flustered just by watching you so already he was blushing and when you spotted him in the crowd you waved and threw up the peace sign while winking. he started to blush but at the same time tried to contain all his feeling insdide him. the rest of the concert he stayed calm but went crazy when you acted sassy.

whaaaa did she just flirt with me

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tae: in his mind he would be thinking so many things but he decided to keep it to himself. when somebody tried talking to him during your part or any part of the concert, he pushed them away and continued watching you with his eyes bulged. everyone was laughing at him but he didnt care he had a huge crush on you and didnt want to miss any sassy or cute moments.


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jungkook: jungkook had the biggest crush on you but he tried not to show it. when you blew a kiss he smirked a little but once you turned around and flipped your hair it looked like his face was twitching because he loved it but didnt want to show emotion. he kept on talking to himself about all the thing you were doing. 

“i see what your doing (y/n)”

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MKX Headcanon #5

Okay so no one warned Takeda and Kung Jin that Jacqui has a lead foot when it comes to driving. 

Jacqui can fly planes and operate tech but if the military wasn’t an option she could have been hired as a stunt driver on her worst day. 

On their way back to SF Base from their Outworld mission Cassie elected Jacqui to drive the jeep back. She’s a safe bet in driving any vehicle but Takeda and Kung Jin thought otherwise when she’s rocketing them over sand dunes and swerving through the side alleys of the Outworld Marketplace. 

Jacqui is completely unfazed by her backseat drivers, though at times she had to pry Takeda’s hands off her shoulders.  

The only person who’s not having a hissy fit is Cassie. She’s chillin’ and taking selfies in the passenger seat. She tells the boys in the back that they’re fine but eventually becomes annoyed and turns up the radio’s volume to drown out their noise.  

“Just hold onto your seatbelts, you’ll be fine. In Briggs you must trust.” In her best Yoda impression. 

Back at base General Blade could hear the blaring music and Kung Jin’s faint screams from her office. 


Oooh kill em! AMAZING SPORTS is so dope. They’re following everyone back who follows them!

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Jakeda Headcanon

On occasion Jacqui enjoys bothering Takeda while he’s meditating. Not much effort is made, she just sits in front him real close and waits. 

At first, Takeda’s face progresses from pink to beet red.  He’ll squirm, clear his throat and screw his eyes shut.

Because what Jacqui is thinking is absolutely filthy. 


I love that Erron Black just seems to be a cool-cat all the time, but the next time someone asks him about Earthrealm man is gonna snap. 

Takeda: I can read you, you’re from Earthreal-


MKX Headcanon #7

Blade Chain (Hanzo’s Mixtape)

1. Get Over Here
2. No FACE. NO CHILL (Lin Kuei Diss)
3. Hellfire (Single)
4. Prodigy (ft. Takeda)
5. Blood for Blood (Quan Chi Diss)
6. Only Elder Gods Forgive
7. Prisoner of Hatred
8. I Am Hanzo
9. Heat It Up
10. Kunai
11. Whoop your Bi- Han (Lin Kuei Diss)
12. Vengeance
13. The Red Dragon is Dead (ft. Kenshi & Takeda)

Bonus: Living by the Shirai Ryu (Squad Up)

Bonus: The Debt is Paid (ft. Kuai Liang)

Hanzo slips Johnny his mixtape “my students say it’s fire” and he quietly walks away.


LMFAO hahahahaha The dude’s laugh kills me hahahaha