((OOC: Hey babes! It me!))

((Owner/operator of a roleplay blog where I haven’t actually done any roleplay in two months now.))

((I’ve received a few asks recently asking where I’ve gone, why I haven’t done any RPing recently, if I’m going to do any of that stuff again, and I just want to address all of this real quick.

A couple months ago, I got fired, right? And this is a problem because I live in a beach town which becomes completely dead around the end of August. As such, finding a job has been impossible. I had been thinking of moving back to Toronto for a little while before I got fired, and getting fired definitely made me feel like that’s the right course of action. The problem is, I have no money saved due to the shitty hours I was getting at the pet store toward the end there, and nobody is hiring, so, you know, what the shit.

I’ve come up with a temporary solution. There is a website that pays you to transcribe audio and video files, and in order to be make money for rent and such, I’ve been doing that. And it’s fine, it’s good. I get up in the morning, transcribe a video till lunch, take my ass on a walk, come home, transcribe some more, go to bed, repeat. This pays me enough to stay afloat, but it means that I’m confined to the computer all of every day. A 45 minute long video, paying roughly $36, will take about 1.5 hours depending on the quality of the audio and how many times I have to replay shit. As such, taking breaks is tricky, and when I do take breaks, I just want to not be at the goddamn computer anymore.

There is a solution! I’m prepping to move in February, and until I can do that I’m going to be staying with my parents, who live in a slightly bigger city with more job opportunities. I’ll be able to live and work here, keep paying rent back at my house, but not have to pay for anything else. But until I find a job, and am able to quit being a hermit, I’m going to be hiatusing on the RPing.

I’m going to try to find the time to complete the RPs that I have planned to do with others, though, so those will be a-coming, and I’ll continue to reblog things and answer asks and such. I’m sorry to everyone who has been awaiting the return of Molly, but I promise to get back on track soon! And I do love you all to bits. Thank you for your patience!))

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Do we absolutely NEED to put our tumblr blogs in the intro for your discord? :(

(* To join my discord, unless you’re a patron i have folks fill out a basic form (name/age/url) so i can do a quick check to make sure of who people are.)

(* In several of the other discords i’ve been in, there have been problems with stalkers trying to sneak in , people using fake accounts to get thru previous bans, and some who’ve now become well known for treating minors inappropriately. And sometimes even minors who act inappropriately toward adults (to the point they could get in trouble))

(* I want my discord to be a safe place, not just for my peace of mind but for all my followers, especially because i have such a large amount of minors in my fanbase.)

(* this is for safety’s sake, but if revealing your info makes you feel insafe, its ok not to join.)


((Hey guys! We recently reached the two year (wow!) mark with this blog and I wanted to both thank you all and apologise for the lack of updates of late. I’ve been really busy with Uni, and I don’t normally like uploading work unless it’s finished… that said, I figured I should probably do something for the landmark, so I compiled all of the blog-related bits and pieces from the past month or so that I’d started into this little post for y’all to flip through.

I might finish some of these eventually, but other than that I’ll be back sometime in mid/late December with something for Christmas and a lot more asks being answered! And if there’s anything y’all wanna know about these then toss me an ask and I’ll be happy to answer!))

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Aha! Asche gender has been expose! Kekekeke >:D!

Oh, but I don’t think so, mate! >:D

See, they look rather confused about being called a “he” ;0

You can consider them whatever you want tho, their gender is ambiguous, you can call him a “he” or you can call her a “she”, whichever you prefer :D

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would it be possible at all for private introductions? for people who maybe don't feel comfortable posting what could feel like their birth certificate In Public (or their blogs/pages, those too), without going through That paywall site just to keep their personal info private or more importantly, safe?

(* Um, the reason patrons dont need to do the intro is cause their names/info is required to use patreon in general, and this discord was set up to be for patrons to begin with. the public access is something i added long after.)
(* It’s not because they paid money that i suddenly dont need to check them.)
(* I can’t compromise others and my own safety for someone’s anonymity.) 
(* I won’t be replying to any more of these.)

So um?? One of my coworkers is staying at my house for 2 weeks because he’s in the middle of moving and his house isn’t ready for him (he’s much closer to my room mate who’s also my coworker who invited him to stay). I don’t really know him that well so it was a bit awkward at first but just now we were talking and he asked me about my hobbies and I really awkwardly told him about cosplay stuff on here and I was super embarrassed but I own the fact that I’m a nerd. And um.. yeah apparently he’s a HUGE Harry Potter nerd too. He said that and I was kinda assuming he just meant he had seen the movies a lot and really liked him but no. He’s fucking obsessed. He asked me who my favourite characters to cosplay were and I was actually shocked he knew who Teddy and Regulus were (because they’re not really super well known unless you’re in the fandom or pay a lot of attention in my experience). Anyway. He told he he hadn’t read Cursed Child yet and I said he could read my copy and he hasn’t moved since I gave it to him. He said he’s not getting up until it’s done. 

I made a friend.