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jorda96 replied to your post:(any ideas?)

(Crowley needs to not be so bothered by this. It’s you who decides how he reacts, it’s your character. If you don’t like where it’s going then change it.)

(it’s a bit too late to change that

I could just do a 180 and decide he doesn’t, but that would be totally against his character
if it had happened sooner with intervention maybe, but the whole buildup around him and such just makes it kind of hard to do now)

an ooc note for direction

Given the recent development, I just have some notes on how I’m playing Natalie:

She will be currently single with no wedding/engagement

Her most recent relationship will have been with Mercer’s father (implied to be her real life partner). They will have taken a break/gotten divorced from July to November last year and tried to make things work until about May, at which point they planned to part ways for good. So Natalie will have been single since May.

Hello all!

As some of you may already know, Camp Undersoul is well underway and preparing to be launched August 5th! However, with only Solar, Nero, and myself taking on this project at the moment, we’ve come to realize that we’re going to need moderators for the Discord live RP and chat! So we’re reaching out to you.

Anyone is qualified, given that you:

1.)    Are already familiar with Discord, and know how to operate/navigate it.

2.)    Are able to handle a leadership role (that is to say, you are direct, firm, and comfortable with redirecting people who are unruly).

3.)    Are able to quickly organize people into groups (part of this position will require you to assign roles/color factions to many RPers in the Discord chat).

4.)    Will be available for (hopefully most) of the dates that Camp Undersoul will be held (August 5th – August 19th).

5.)    Are able to effectively communicate issues with not only the RPers, but also other moderators (That is to say, you will be given a banhammer, and expected to use it wisely. We are trusting you to have a valid reason for every action you take as a moderator).

If anyone is interested in helping us improve the Camp Undersoul event as a moderator, please contact either @orange-mercyfighter , @sixsmolsouls , or @seissouls.  We would greatly appreciate it!

And with that being said, do note that moderators *will* be able to participate in the Camp Undersoul events, as well! With special opportunities, might I add. Although Camp Undersoul rules dictate that one’s muse(s) must be a Human Soul OC up to the age of 18, Camp Undersoul Moderators will have the privilege to participate in the events even if their muse does not fit the usual criteria (say, a Toriel or Doggo, perhaps). We want our reach to be as wide as possible in the UT community,

Thank you for reading thus far! If you’re unable or uninterested in becoming a moderator, please consider reblogging this post for others who might like to join.

We hope to hear from you, but either way, have a fantastic day!




Im going to cry the college i looked at is everything ive dreamed of and its only 3 thousand dollars for a 14 month full time program and that gives me 5 different certification licenses for culinary arts omg

Im just so happy?? And that 3 thousand is including uniform and knife sets and its just?? Omg