you know what, its been a long time coming, but after years of not wanting to wear something that was a huge part of my life solely based on the fact that i didnt want to be “judged”, today i finally get to say fUCK YOU to anyone thats ever made me feel ashamed or afraid of being a muslim in the modern, westernized world we live in. Today i turned 17 and after years of wanting to start wearing the hijab, but being too afraid, i finally decided that i dont give two shits of what other people think of me, or the group i associate with. If from today onwards im thought of as “a scary muslim with that thing on her head” then so be it :) to a muslim woman, the hijab provides a sense of empowerment. lol so @my ex friends: fuck you :)


Updates on Dragon Ball Super Episode #2:

Yakusoku no Rizōto e! Bejīta ga Kazoku Ryokō!?
Onward to the Promised Resort! Vegeta Goes on a Family Trip?!



今週の悟空 界王星で修業! 重力が10倍の界王星は修業するのにうってつけ!迷惑がる界王をよそに修業をはじめる悟空だが、その意外なトレーニング方法とは!?

The Prince of the Saiyans
Vegeta’s Family Time!

Vegeta goes out with Bulma and Trunks to a resort area! Bulma and Trunks are very happy with this unexpected family time together! But even as he’s doing this, Vegeta is bothered that Goku is off training?!

Goku This Week
Training on Planet Kaiō! Training under Planet Kaiō’s 10 times gravity is perfect! In spite of the nuisance to Kaiō, Goku starts his training, but what is his surprising training method?!

Sources: Kanzenshuu.com and DB-Z.com

anonymous asked:

i kind of feel like they really need to have handled/handle this better. their 'no homo' approach - mainly 2012 onwards - is getting to be quite (albeit unintentionally) homophobic bc it's making them identifying as non-het or being together seem like an impossibility and something shameful to consider, while their actions around each other contradict that. A simple, frank, honest denial video would be much better than making people feel delusional for picking up on their chemistry/history tbh

i actually agree with you!!


Hi kind friends :) Was hoping ya’ll could help me spread this link for a contest I’ve entered with KBS to win plane tickets to Korea! I edited the video within like the last ten minutes before submissions closed so its a bit crazy looking but hopefully I still have a shot!



My video is the first on the page, just click it and click like! You can vote for me everyday so I hope you remember to! Bookmark it! Set a phone reminder! Lol. Thank you for all the support you’ve all provided for me in the past and hopefully to continue into the future. Onward and Upward! Xoxo!


Sunnah Of Du'ā al-Qunoot In Witr Prayer During Ramaḍān


Sh. Muḥammad b. ‘Umar Bāzmool حفظه الله: “.. And the Sunnah for it (Du'ā al-Qunoot) is that at times it is done and at times it is left (i.e abandoned) and it’s established authentically that it is continually prayed every night in Witr prayer in the second half of Ramaḍān (beginning from the 16th night)…”

Nāfi’ رحمه الله narrated that Ibn ‘Umar رضي الله عنهما DID NOT peform Qunoot in the Witr prayer UNTIL the middle of Ramaḍān (began). • [رواه البيهقي ، إسناده صحيح]

● Source ➡ http://www.sahab.net/home/?p=1463

This is one of the abandoned Sunnan, so if you seek to act upon this Sunnah then say Du'ā al-Qunoot every night in Witr prayer starting from tonight (night of 16th Ramaḍān) onwards until the end of the month of Ramaḍān In Shā Allāh, as for authentic Du'ā al-Qunoot that the Messenger of Allāh ﷺ taught to al-Ḥasan b. ‘Alī رضي الله عنهما then it is as follows:

اللّهمّ اهدني فيمن هديت، وعافني فيمن عافيت، وتولّني فيمن تولّيت، وبارك لي فيما أعطيت، وقني شرّ ما قضيت، إنّك تقضي ولا يقضى عليك، وإنّه لا يذلّ من واليت، ولا يعزّ من عاديت، تباركت ربّنا وتعاليت ولا منجا منك إلا إليك

Allaahumma Ahdinee Feeman Hadayta, Wa ‘Aafinee Feeman ‘Aafayta, Wa Tawallanee Feeman Tawallayta, Wa Baarik Lee Feemaa A'ṭayta, Wa Qinee Sharra Maa Qaḍayta, Innaka Taqḍee Walaa Yuqḍaa 'Alayka, Wa Innahoo Laa Yadhillu Mann Waalayta, Walaa Ya'izzu Man 'Aadayta, Tabaarakta Rabbanaa Wa Ta'aalayta, Walaa Manjaa Minka Illaa Ilayk

(O Allāh! Continually guide me and make me amongst those whom You have guided; and make me one of those whom You save and make secure from all evils; and make me one of those whom You love, and whose affairs You take care of; and grant me blessings in all that You have given me; and save me from the evil of what You have decreed; for You alone decree, and none can contradict Your Decree. And none can humiliate those whom You have befriended, and those who are enemies to You will never have dignity and honour. Exalted are You, O Allāh, and Supreme. And there is no place of safety from You except with You)

● Source ➡ http://www.sahab.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=153001

And with Allāh lies success

Howard Zinn's "A People's History of American Empire" graphic novel

Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of American Empire is a fantastic comic-book adaptation of Zinn’s classic A People’s History of the United States

(the best and most important critical history of the life of everyday people in America from 1492 onward), a new edition illustrated by Mike Konopacki and aided by historian Paul Buhle. American Empire focuses on the history of American foreign policy, starting with the policy of conquering America itself, with brutal massacres like Wounded Knee.

Zinn is an uncompromising critic of the imperial history of America, the unilateral deeds of its leaders, the atrocities committed by its military and  its contractors through Asia, Africa, Europe, and around the world. But the book is also part memoir, describing the emotional commitment to democracy and America that led him to join the military and fight in WWII in Europe – a campaign that ended with the first-ever napalm drop on a village in France, roasting surrendered German soldiers waiting to be taken away to a POW camp.

Zinn is a fierce lover of democracy, of justice, and of freedom, and he makes it clear that America is a land divided by dreams of affluence (no matter the global cost) and dreams of liberty for all. As a wise man once said, “All countries fail to live up to their ideals. America fails to live up to better ideals than most.” We can’t forgive or forget the atrocities of Iran-Contra, My Lai, Wounded Knee, or the many other shameful moments in American imperial history, because the price of forgetfulness is fresh horrors, in Abu Ghraib, in Guantanamo, in Afghanistan.

Zinn shows us that loving American means taming her, controlling the plutocrats who assert the unilateral power to crush dissent, act in secret and go to war.

The comic book form is a great way of delivering this message, the spreads mix text, cartoons, reproductions of historical documents and photos, making the whole thing visual, dynamic, and absolutely captivating.

A People’s History of American Empire

So I took a risk and moved into a house with strangers today so that I can be closer to work and have my own space.

My room is gorgeous, my roommates are nice, and for the first time since graduating college (aside from getting my editing job) I don’t feel as lost. Who cares if I’m gonna be broke?


GREAT NEWS GUYS! I’m going to officially be a published author! My poem “A Meter to a Poetic Mind” will be published in a book called “Eloquence”! My poem has also been submitted for further judging in the American Library of Poetry Young Poetry Contest. Hopefully I can place something in the contest. If you guys are interested in possibly ordering this book, go to http://libraryofpoetry.com/eloquence.html for more info.


Kiryuu: “It’s fine. Don’t speak, killer. Don’t say that you can understand the family carelessly.”

JJ: “Kiryuu…”

Before knowing whether that passed through my skull, my consciousness had begun to melt in the darkness of the basement.

Ahh the Dead End & there was another Dead End in this same situation but instead of shooting him Kiryuu slit his throat & yeah.

Kiryuu said he was in the police force before & that was pretty interesting.

Everybody's Looking For Something

by bowlingfornerds

Bellamy and Clarke meet on the first day of school of year eleven. From then onwards, they’re best friends, facing the world together and getting into all sorts of situations.

Or, the one where they grow into adults together and I will finish it even if I’m dead.

(Tags will be updated as characters are introduced.)

Words: 1626, Chapters: 1/20, Language: English

Read it on AO3 at http://ift.tt/1LG9KYE

anonymous asked:

Can you recommend any TV shows/ movies with femme lesbian charakters in them? Thank you

I’m not the best with movies, because I really don’t watch any lesbian films but I can do tv shows; the ones I’ve watched are - Lip Service, Sugar Rush, Faking It, Skins (series 3 and 4 - and techinically 7 but I really don’t recommend it), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (from season 4 onwards) and OITNB obviously

Those are all I’ve seen. I know a couple of other shows that have very one off lesbian characters, but they’re not worth it for the small screen time they have.

anonymous asked:

Can you explain what the phan timeline is I'm very confused

it’s quite hard to describe but it  wsa like  . this google document archiving a timeline of dan and phil’s friendship in chronological order (a lot of it was made up of twitter screencaps i think?? idk it’s been a while since i last saw it) so like . i think it dated back to around may/june 2009 when they first became fb friends and since then it had all the tweets about anything phan-related like phil tweeting about dan’s first video when it was uploaded, when they first met, the xmas adventure in 2009, i think it went over into 2010 but i’m not sure about 2011 onwards…


(From 6 seconds onwards)

서은광 이민혁 이창섭 임현식 프니엘 정일훈 육성재 비투비 괜.찮.아.요

어깨가 무겁나요
무거운 짐을 내려놓기가
참 쉽진 않죠
누군가 말했죠
내 꿈이 멀게만 느껴질 땐
잠시 쉬다 가세요

매일 같은 일상에 힘든가요
그건 누구를 위한 거죠
결국 또 쓰러질 텐데
힘들어 혼자라 느껴질 때
이 노랠 들어봐요

기대해 즐겨 듣던
그 멜로디 Woo woo
라디오에 흘러나올
그 목소리 Oh

내가 할 수 있는 건
노래 가사뿐이죠
괜찮아 괜찮아 괜찮아
잘될 거예요

I believe in you

3년째지 어느 곳도
날 원하지 않는 삶이
이제 군대라도
가야 하나 싶어서
부모님께 말씀드렸더니
딱 한마디 했어 어휴
그래서 말 못했지
하던 알바도 잘렸다고
Well, 어제는
제대 직전인 친구가
휴가 나왔어
하는 말이 무섭대
대학서 배운 건
다 까먹었어
실업자 100만 시대
그런 건 잘 모르겠고
그 숫자가 차라리
통장 잔고였음 좋겠어

시끄러운 알람이
새벽부터 날 계속 재촉해
쫓기듯 나선 집 밖은
틈 없는 벼랑 끝 같아
뭘 하고 있지
아니 뭘 해야 하지
답이 없는 메아리
난 왜 밖에서 치이고
엄한 곳에다 화풀이해
좌표 없는 항해 위
방황하는 작은 종이배
억지로 눈물을 삼켜
어느새 한숨은 습관이 돼
알아 나도 바보 같은 거
남 앞에선 괜찮은 척
티 없이 해맑던 예전의
넌 지금 어딨니 (어딨니 어딨니 어딨니)

기대해 즐겨 듣던

그 멜로디 Woo woo
라디오에 흘러나올
그 목소리 Oh

내가 할 수 있는 건
노래 가사뿐이죠
괜찮아 괜찮아 괜찮아
잘 될 거예요

I believe in you

사랑하는 가족들
가족 같은 친구들
얼굴 못 본 지가
밥 한번 먹자 한 뒤로
한 번쯤 여유를 가져도
나쁘진 않을 텐데
지금 내가
외롭진 않을 텐데

노랜 다 끝나가지만
아직 다 못한 말이 많아
모두가 나와
같은 맘이겠죠

기대해 즐겨 듣던
그 멜로디

멜로디 멜로디
라디오에 흘러나올
그 목소리 Oh

내가 할 수 있는 건
노래 가사뿐이죠
괜찮아 괜찮아 괜찮아
잘 될 거예요

I believe in you

I told him the story, then, and he fell asleep smiling before the end; as well he did, I thought, for it is one of those stories that ends without an ending, that the listener may judge for him or herself what happened.
Tales of gods and angels may end that way, for they continue, we know, in the land beyond the end of the world, the true Terre d'Ange. Alas for we who are mortal, and are denied the luxury of dramatic license. We must live, and go onward.
—  Kushiel’s Dart, making me cry