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This crazy weekend I saw one of my best friends get married to the love of her life. She’s an only child who was concerned about her side of the aisle being empty so her friends came out in full force from across the world to fill all the seats. 15+ years of friendship seeing each other through the best and worst of times it gives me peace of mind that she’s found someone who loves her as much as we all do.

To love, loyalty, and longevity.

ik national friends day was a million bajillion years ago but i never made a post for my gmw friends so @zaydoras @rowanblnchrd @feministmatthews and @ literally anyone else who talks to me ily guys

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Poe Party Red Herring(s)

Well, Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Invite Only Casual Dinner Party/Gala for Friends Potluck is into its second week and their new transmedia prompt is Red Herring. How delicious as even last week I had come up with a red herring theory. Presented in the form of fanfiction, I present it to you. 

“Imbeciles.” Agatha Christie grinned to herself “Flitting about inside that dining room like chickens with their heads cut off. (”Ooh, wouldn’t that be fun!” she added in her head) Not one of them has any idea what’s truly going on. Poor Edgar, such a simpleton to believe I’d be running late. Of course he has no idea that my little cohort is doing her job perfectly and she doesn’t even know it. Poor thing. She and Edgar are going to go down in history, forgotten as their work is shamed by their actions this night. And I shall come out on top.”

The screams from inside continued, mixed with heaving coughs as a thud reached Agatha’s ears. 

Perfect, she thought, and rang the doorbell with her white-gloved finger. 

(I’m assuming this is how the next episode will begin from the perspective of inside.)

                                      OR IT HAPPENED LIKE THIS

Emily’s mind flooded with glee as she saw the little flies drop one by one. Of course she had to pretend like nothing happened, but no matter. Everything was going according to plan. She could take that stupid ghost’s jeers and getting left out of the story, because SHE was the the writing the story anyway. Edgar would regret his not inviting her by the end of this night. And of course so would dear Agatha. The perfect fall girl mastermind for Emily’s delicious plot. Everything was going according to plan. Right down to Agatha’s arrival time. Emily grinned as the others rushed the door.

Hopefully one of these turns out right. Lol. I’m really really excited to see what happens next. Love to all the Shipwrecked cast and crew. Thank you guys for making my Mondays a little better. Also, Elmingway4lyfe.

She has the certainty of rolling horizons
The supine stretch and sprawl
of lands grazed by sweeping lines;
the worn-knuckled grip of humanity slowly sloughing away.

I feel the grit of it between my toes. The choke of a century, three, mule kicked
into smoke in the sunshine
as coal stained miles slip away

We drive. She sleeps.

This dirt, it’s stardust
When caught beneath her fingernails.

—  Contrails over Baikonur (the beginning of a poem I’ll never finish) - EBK

make me choose: mondler or snowing (asked by @zayedkhan929)

You know we share a heart, and nothing can come between two halves of one heart. These are just precautions. No spell is strong enough to break what we have.

[TRANS] Yoongi’s letter to Santa

25th December 2016 If by that time we do get any awards I hope we receive the daesang award. I told you we are all working hard

You were the last string. You were the last thread I was grasping onto, last reason, last motivation, last hope. And just like everyone else, you left. You said we would be always together and yet here we are - or rather here we aren’t. How do you do that? How do you just build up false hope for someone and tear it down, without feeling sorry at all? How do you sleep at night when you left someone alone for so long that they had to get used to being alone? That they found loneliness to be a natural thing because of you? How did you do that so easily to me? You were the only one left that I trusted and put faith into the idea that you were different and that you would stay. But you didn’t. You didn’t.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write