May I have your attention please ^<^ (just a smol bit)

Thanks for the Hope and Inspiration! <3

I want to thank you all, but…

I want to give a special thanks to:

@apocalypse-prevention-agency & @omgaflyingpig

Thanks for being awesome friends, for encouraging me, and caring about me as a person. Maybe life isn’t always great, but I am glad to go through it, with God, and with friends like you.

I was… actually almost planning on giving up art for good, but, thanks to you two, reminding me, that God has great plans for even my simple doodles, and making me feel like my art was… worth something ^w^. I am inspired to make great things again.

Show them some love please, we need more people that care for you, not just when it’s convenient for them, but people who really care.

vangughh  asked:

hey shelly can u recommend some blogs (specifically Jewish but if there are others u think are quality that's good too)

hi hello! umm let me see. i reblog most of my jewish stuff from my bff @debz0rz, so maybe she has some suggestions for good jewish blogs? @jewishomgcp is also great for general jewish stuff in addition to fandom jewish stuff. 

some quality folks whose blogs i adore: @reservoircat (tbh lenora was one of the first people i ever followed when i got on tumblr and literally bless her for never changing her name/brand i love her and her life and her cats she’s great), @xerem is fab for like, social justice and qpoc solidarity and amazing stuff in general (also they’re my kid and i love them*) (*not my actual kid), @omgcphee is legit amazing re: race and fandom/racism and fandom and how those things interact and phee is just fantastic in general, @angeryginger is just hilarious and i love her. @adulting and @unfuckyourhabitat are my go-to “how to not fuck up 100% of the time” blogs.

if you’re a fandom person: 

some check please blogs i love: @hoenursey, @chillwhiskey, @onethousandroaches (beware of shitposts. YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID, BROOKE.) (jk she’s lovely.), @sinbindos

some marvel blogs i love (that avoid the general marvel drama thank gd): @isjustprogress (andi’s tags are the best thing and she writes amazing fic and i’m love her), @enigma731, and @spectralarchers (gifsets for DAYS)

hope that’s helpful? 

I am kind of amused and bewildered at the fact that it seems like the majority of SPN fans on fuckin Reddit are pretty excited for Wayward Sisters, whereas there’s some loud-ass people here on Tumblr who insist otherwise.

Like… way to destroy the stereotypes of both websites, peeps. 

Ayyy ~ Important

Hello everyone!!
Today I received the results of my tests… and I failed in 4 ^^;; (Mathematics, Chemistry, Sociology and Portuguese >yes, Portuguese)

I was planning to answer asks, reply some posts and finish my special drawing for São João… But I won’t be able to do this until July ;-;
Cuz next week I will do these tests again and this weekend I will study for them.
But don’t worry!! I will answer what your ask for sure (*⁰▿⁰*)
Hmmm~ that’s all! Thank you for reading :D

@itisasign awwwwww i guess it’s nice of your body to wait until you were done with exams???  mine usually jumps ship on me in the middle LOL

the cats in those gifs are literally me tho.  the second one?  the way it steals the blanket?  like “i need the large blanket but must avoid interactions with other beings” = me.  and of course, aggressive caring and comfort and cuddles always =v=

awwwww caerwyn is precious <333  i don’t think i could handle him though =‘D  i had an irl friend last year who tried to tell me to rest when i was sick before an exam and i literally avoided him the whole week >.<

also, here are some gifs of you that i found: 

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you and me ^^^

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you with a cat ^^^

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^^^^^ don’t forget to take your own advices, friend =v=

inspiration for this was because i have a friend who’s 6′5″ and i am a solid 5′2″ and trying to talk to him is hilarious

also some scheming kids

(i realize wylan looked like kuwei in that scene but wylan and inej are my favorite to draw so oh well)

also THANK YOU FOR 1000 FOLLOWERS!! you grisha fans are so sweet i really appreciate every single message ♡ stay tuned for more soc but this time with kuwei ;)


What a great episode I watched it nearly nine hours ago and I’m still yelling g o o d

[The first one is now available as a design on my redbubble!]

you have no idea how incredibly reckless i would be if i didnt spend all my time stopping my best friend from being incredibly reckless

For being someone who’s always sleeping or talking about sleeping or wishing he were asleep Aizawa sure likes being up late at night, doesn’t he

who would have thought I’d have found yet another reason for finding this man relatable