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Could u pls draw a viktuuri love child, love?



Viktori Katsuki-Nikiforov

Viktori (or Tori-chan) may look like his dad, Katsuki Yuuri - but his dauntless and carefree spirit is undisputably something he’d inherit from his five-time World Champion papa, Viktor Nikiforov.

He’d start skating before he learns to speak in full sentences, and his passion for skating rivals that of both his fathers - his dream is to one day win more gold medals than his two figure-skating-champion papas combined.


This is definitely my favourite moment from episode 12 because both Victor and Yuuri are just so precious in this?

Look at this beautiful boy who declares he’ll win just so Victor could kiss his medal. He just wanted to retire but how could he when Victor says he failed as a coach? He’ll skate one more year and he’ll win this time ok.

But then as much as I love Victor’s ridiculous puppy eyes (same Victor, same) his answer is just so perfect because honestly, Victor’s main goal was to make Yuuri confident in his skills and to help him get the best score and the whole time after Yuuri beats his record he’s so proud and happy and Yuuri saying he wants to stay is everything he wanted to hear and yet he demands more. 

Victor, how long have you been thinking about competing with Yuuri while still coaching him? Because it looks like he already calculated all the risk and despite he doesn’t hesitate for a second? He’s so in love I can’t handle it and I also love how he puts Yuuri’s medal around his neck as if he was stating that it’s still valid but at the same time he says he wants Yuuri to win more times as he deserves.

Victor knows this is ridiculous, he was the only person ever to be able to do something like that and he was much younger when he started and he still totally looks like he thinks Yuuri could do this. Even when he does that super sweet thing with his face when he winks (I can’t find the gif but you know which one lol) it doesn’t look like his just teasing Yuuri he really is able to believe that at that moment even if he knows how it sounds. And then Yuuri doesn’t say it’s stupid or he could never do it, he says “okay”?!

He’s moved to tears because of how much Victor believes in him and how much Victor wants to do for him so they could stay together and so they could compete on the same ice because Yuuri always wanted that and promising Victor he’ll win for him is the least he can do in return?

Like this is the moment where most of their dreams come true and instead of just celebrating they sit there declaring absurd things to each other because they believe so much in the power of their love I’m so done with them, bye.

Inspired by #victuuriweek prompt:
->   Day Seven: Endings
Victor: Promises

Imagine you and Loki have been together for years. One day Asgard goes to war and Loki is forced to go. He gets injured badly and is transported back to asgard’s healers.

He is unconscious for a few weeks and you have stayed by his side the whole time. One day he finally wakes up, you hug him tightly and try to kiss him before he shoves you away. Shocked by his reaction you ask him whats wrong. He stares at you and calls for the healers. He informs the healers that there is a woman who tried to assault him, looking at you. The healers are shocked and tell him that you two are lovers.

He looks disgusted and doesnt believe them, thinking they are playing a trick on him. He demands you leave the room and to not bother him again. You are in a daze from his admission and leave the room.

For the next months you try to convince Loki of your mutual love, and he treats you cruelly, saying things you never thought he would say. Unknown to you, Loki is slowly remembering who you are and what you meant to him but he tries to ignore it, thinking he would never love someone like you.

You try one more time to win his heart, but you see him flirting with another woman, his hands all over her. Your heart feels like lead and you give up, resigning yourself to move on from him.

You leave the palace, since there is nothing left for you there. You start working as a barmaid and try to forget about Loki. One day the warriors three and Thor enter your bar and are celebrating their victory from the war. Thor tries to get your attention and explain that his brother is different now,bitter and angry since you disappeared. He asks you to move back to the palace and help Loki find himself again. You refuse, telling Thor that Loki doesnt need you anymore, you are just an annoyance. Thor doesnt believe that and the next night he comes back bringing Loki with him. He and Loki stay there all night and wait for you.

You are closing the bar and demand they leave, not caring what either of them have to say. Loki tries to explain that he remembers now, and that he loves you. You pause what your doing and stare at him, you start yelling at him, reminding him of the cruel things he said to you. How he treated you like trash. Loki tries to apologize but you dont care, in a fit of rage you lie to him that you moved on, you found someone who actually loves you.

Loki is saddened that you moved on but he doesnt care, he grabs you and pulls you towards his body, “I am not letting you go easily, You are the love of my life and I will do whatever it takes to have you back in my arms” He leans in to whisper into your ear “To feel your soft body under mine, screaming my name again”. You shove him away before he can kiss you and head home.

From that day on, Loki does all he can to win your love.

Protect my Honor- Tyler Seguin

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Ok anon I wanted to do Auston, but he just doesn’t seem like the type… so you got Tom instead! Hope you guys like this one! Enjoy!

Warning: Fight, cusses

Anon Request: hi i love your stories💓 if requests are still open could you do a tyler seguin one where like another hockey player starts hitting on you and he gets jealous and during the game they get into a scuffle? maybe the other guy could be auston matthews? tom wilson? (:


              You were leaning against the wall, waiting for your boyfriend to come meet you before the game. It was part of his game day routine and one you were happy to partake in.

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Drag Race Predictions

If y’all haven’t watched last night’s episode just stop here, because I talk about who gets eliminated.

So, now that our sweet wailing princess Farrah is gone, (I loved Farrah, and I feel so bad she never got a chance to shine) it’s time to start eliminating some fan favorites. My predictions are of course influenced a bit by who I like, but I’m also trying to keep it objective.

Next week, I think Alexis or Valentina are going home. My money is on Valentina. The challenge is making a TV pilot, so it’s another writing/comedy challenge. Valentina’s humor is relatively one-note, and really hasn’t delivered. Last night’s challenge was rough for her. Her laughs came from the confusing mix of accents and affectations, not really from her wit. Her Snatch Game got me really excited because I thought it was one of the best concepts for snatch game in herstory, but it was really the same joke. She hasn’t really stood out in a while in this competition, yes she was top 3 in 9021-ho, but I was a little disappointed because I felt like she was just doing the valley girl voice she always does in untucked. I’m just not seeing a whole lot of versatility with her, and I think that comes from her limited experience performing in drag. I like Valentina a lot, I just think she’s showed us everything at this point unfortunately. Even the other queens are starting to see Valentina as kind of a place holder. All the reads about just standing there and smiling were telling to me. 

Alexis is my other contender to go home next week. This is a group challenge, and she doesn’t really play well with others. Also, her personality is very diva-esque (she’s a drag queen I know but she goes a bit further than the other girls.) She also knows she only has one win, and was just in the bottom. I kinda predict her making the entire pilot about herself to try to stand out, but as we saw last night when Alexis gives herself a big role she crumbles. Plus, we found out last night, she can’t write for shit, so I don’t actually trust her to come up with a funny role for herself. I’m also pretty tired of her attitude. As much as I identify with the jappy queen from New York, she’s been pretty bratty lately especially when things aren’t going her way. Now things really aren’t going her way since she was on the bottom, so I’m pretty sure she’s sunk.

I think Nina is also in danger, and could be a surprise elimination either next, or in between Alexis and Valentina. To me, Nina doesn’t really seem like she wants to be there. She’s been kind of over it all for a while, and my patience is wearing thin. I love Nina’s out of the box style so much, but she’s got a major attitude problem. Her little tantrum with Shea last night was over the line. Shea has done nothing but help build Nina up, and inspire confidence in her every week, so I think her shitting on her biggest ally was a subtle way of detaching and pushing herself towards the door. She also has done really poorly in the acting challenges. Even when she has her choice of character, she’s so uncomfortable committing to anything other than Nina, and it’s not looking good for her having to make a character after what she tried last night. I honestly think it’ll be her and Valentina in the bottom 2 this week, and I think Nina will survive that lip sync. I also say Nina for top 5 because she’s too good for ratings for the show to let her go any sooner. She’s been the main antagonist, and one of the most talked about queens for a lot of reasons.

That leaves us with a top 4 of Shea Coulee, Trinity Taylor, Sasha Velour, and Peppermint. Who makes it to top 3 is pretty up in the air, but there are a few things to consider. Namely, Shea is the only guarantee right now. She’s never landed anywhere near the bottom, and she’s clearly a favorite for the judges. Even the guest judges have loved Shea with such limited exposure. I don’t think there’s a clearer front-runner, and Shea is easily my pick to win. It’s about time a Chicago girl won, and She has navigated this competition so beautifully that I think it’d be a crime to give the crown to anyone else.

As it currently stands, I think Trinity will be in the top 3 as well, so long as she pulls her shit together. She’s already lip synced once, and got real close this week. She does have 2 wins which helps, but if she’s in the bottom again, I think that’ll hurt her chances of making it to the final 3, especially if Sasha or Peppermint win another challenge. I like Trinity enormously though, which has been the biggest surprise of this season, and I’m kind of hoping she makes it to the final 3, but I wouldn’t be heartbroken if she didn’t. 

I think Sasha is in a lot better standing than most people realize. Sasha won “Good Morning Bitches,” and made top 3 in the CUNT pageant, snatch game, and now the comedy challenge. She’s been in the top 3 for literally half of this competition, and I think after 9021-ho she kind of figured out her exact humor wont always work, and learned how to make her style more TV friendly. She’s playing this game really well, and she’s really smart. I think she could easily win another challenge and secure a spot in the top.

Peppermint is the dark horse of this competition. It’s weird to say that, because she’s basically been the narrator all season, so it’s hard to imagine this season without Peppermint. She has the best confessionals, and the most magnetic personality of the group. Another really good one for TV. Until last night, I was convinced Peppermint would make it to the top 4, then get sent home because clearly no one this season could beat her in a lip sync (except maybe Trinity so let’s all hope to god that becomes a legendary lip sync in herstory somehow.) If she wins another challenge, she’ll make it to top 3 easy. I also think Peppermint might pull a Naomi Smalls right now and just start kicking ass at the last minute. I love Peppermint, and it’d make me really happy to see her make top 3. In that case, it’d be whoever doesn’t have more than one win to get bumped from the top.

So, in summary, I think the elimination order is Valentina, Alexis, and Nina for the next 3 weeks. Then, the top 3 will come down to challenge wins. I predict the top 3 will be Shea, Trinity, and Sasha (with Peppermint winning Ms Congeniality) but my ideal top 3 is Shea, Sasha, and Peppermint. I’ve really loved this season, and I’m actually rooting for a lot of the girls which never happens. I just fucking love this show so much.

Connor McDavid #3

Anonymous said: Can you do a Connor mcdavid imagine where you’re his wife and you have 3 kids and you’ve been going to see the playoff games and after the wins you go see him and celebrate the victory at a restaurant where your kids are all happy and energetic!

A/N: all these kid imagines lately have me feeling some type of way (I LOVE KIDS) hope y’all liked it :)))

Word Count: 1,729

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“Who wants to go congratulate dad?” You questioned while clapping your hands and standing from your seat. You desperately needed to stretch your legs after sitting there for the past 60 minutes, nervously watching the game, despite the fact the Oilers had a 2-goal lead the whole time. One more win and they were Western Conference Champions.

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Defying Gravity // Philip Hamilton x Reader

Never in a million years I imagined I’d be writing fanfiction for the founding fathers of another country yet here I am.

This goes out to Charley ( @always-blame-jefferson ) who is one of my bestest friends, I hope this cheers you up my friend.

Warning: This is a modern days AU, also it’s so sweet it’ll give you cavities so enjoy my loves.

Word Count: 935, short and sweet.


Things were definitely not going to plan.

As the top student of George Fredericks academy, (Y/N) (L/N),  had everything planned out for her life until he came along, he being Philip Hamilton. 

It all began in a Chick-Fill-A of all places. 

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our boys won!!!

I am so so so proud of them holy shit I’m still shaking (I wish they had performed at the show, but I’m still unbelievably happy)

so I also know I totally promised part 2 of The Devil Himself this weekend but I got super caught up with the BBMAs today and didn’t finish it so I’ll have to push it back, sorry :\ thank you for being patient though, I will upload it as soon as I can~

let’s just give it up to BTS one more time for winning the Top Social Artists and making history for themselves and for KPOP, they are actual kings

How you Interact: Being Part of the Game Grumps

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I haven’t done anything for these guys yet!!! HOW COULD I FORGET THESE GUYS! I love Game Grumps just as much as I love Jack and Mark! This’ll be just for Danny and Arin where you’re recording with them.

  • You and Danny cling to each other when Arin plays a horror game.
  • You both hide behind each other, screaming at the smallest jump-scare and slapping him when he tries to make you yelp. Sometimes you have to hold Danny on the couch because he wants to ditch you to the horrors.
  • Making inappropriate jokes when Arin is trying to be serious. Making even worse jokes when Arin looses his shit at a game because he keeps dying. 
  • You sing randomly and Danny joins in. Arin starts beat-boxing, but when you don’t know the words you make up the lyrics. To which Danny tries to contribute, but fails miserably as he starts giggling.
  • Making up stupid stories for characters. 
  • Making up stupid voices for characters. 
  • Making up ridiculous names for characters and making the characters as ugly as you possibly can.
  • Over-exaggerating certain in-game dialogue with Arin, trying your best to ignore Dan as he absolutely looses his shit with laughter.
  • Telling funny life-stories/experiences. 
  • Danny forgetting what he was talking about and you reminding him. But then making fun of him for his forgetfulness. 
  • Messing with Dan’s hair while you’re sitting on the couch watching Arin. 
  • “(Y/N) is currently braiding my hair. Which is, I must admit, quite relaxing.” 
    “You can’t sit beside me and not expect me to touch that mane of hair.”
  • Arin screaming at you because you accidentally bumped him and caused him to die. 
  • Encouraging Arin when he gives up on a certain level/boss 
  • Him trying one more time and winning!
  • Making fun of the game your playing because you don’t understand whats happening. 
  • “Why is this tree screaming so much!” 
    “The tree obviously has a lot to say.”
  • Being slightly racist at times, apologizing, but not really apologizing, but still feeling bad because you don’t wanna seem like a terrible person. 
  • Unable to speak because Danny and Arin keeping yelling at each other and you can’t stop laughing at the two of them. 
  • Yelling at the audience because you didn’t wanna continue a certain game play-through. But enjoying the really stupid and silly games.
  • Danny bringing you snacks into the game-room between recordings. 
  • Telling Barry to edit something really random into the video. Making it stupidly difficult but he edits it perfectly.
  • Mispronouncing words to get on Arin’s nerves.
  • Arin refuses to play multiplayer games with you, because you do the opposite of what he says. Only occasionally helping him in battles. 
  • But he likes challenging you at party games. You two get really competitive while Dan is just having a fun time in the background. 
  • Sometimes, while you and Arin are concentrated on each other, Dan takes the glory and the two of you gang up on him. 
  • The three of you are always laughing and the videos are nothing but sarcasm, sass and terrible jokes. It’s a lot of fun and the subs absolutely adore you guys.
Let’s talk about Returning to Kamigawa

Sakashima the Imposter by rk post

Most of us don’t have fond memories of Kamigawa. This is a fact. Most of you who think it’s a cool plane and want a ‘Return to Kamigawa’ were never actually there to begin with. This isn’t me talking: This is something Maro himself has said. Sure, there’s plenty of things we liked about Kamigawa, but overall, the entire block failed on a lot of levels. I’m going to upset some people by saying that, but before we discuss anything else about Kamigawa, before we get into what should be changed or kept the same, before we discuss how a return could be successful, we’ve got to accept that the previous visit wasn’t.

I do want to go back. As bad as it was, it’s a rich world with a lot of unique ideas, and today, if you’re willing to listen to the rantings of an old goblin for far too long, I’m going to go through what of Kamigawa needs to change if it’s going to be successful in the future.

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So I’m sitting here watching the Beautiful MV for i think the 12th time already and after it goes off I’m watching it again but anyways I started thinking that I hope everyone is watching it as much as me.

Cause something that is really important to me when it comes down to this comeback is getting our kings a win because we all know that they deserve it.

So I really hope that we help them get not only just one but at least more then one win this comeback because beautiful is just…. guys this comeback is MY LIFE!!!!

So if you haven’t seen the video yet plz go watch it and if you have seen it just keep streaming it plz on not only starship Ent. but 1thek’s YouTube channel too because those views do count.

The Videos Link Is Right Here
For Starships Channel

Then for 1thek’s Channel


Side Note: I will be tagging other groups and other fandom names that I Stan just in case others want to see it and might end up liking Monsta X

so sorry to any fans that might not like it cause I know some that only Stan one group don’t like when people tag their group in post that are not about that group

Anyways to the Monbebes that are really working their butts off to get our boys a win……


Connor McDavid imagine

I have no idea how volleyball works so i tried to write around it a bit. Google said that you normally play a 2 out of 3 games = win thing so i used that, i hope it’s somewhat okay

400 words

for: @nhlmcdavid

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You pulled your ponytail a little tighter and mentally tried to prepare yourself for the upcoming match. You and your team had managed to secure yourself a place in the NCAA semifinals. Smiling down at your phone you thought about your boyfriend Connor. He had called you just before the game to wish you good luck since he couldn’t attend your game. He currently was on a road trip with his team. You knew that dating Connor involved him being away a lot so you tried to not be sad. You had to win tonight so he could watch you win the finals in two weeks.

“Come on Y/L/N,” one of your teammates shoulder bumped you gently, “let’s go kick their asses.”


The matched wasn’t sold out but the ranks were still filled. You walked out onto the field and were immediately in competition mode. Only focusing on your team and the ball. You only snap out of it once the buzzer sounds and all your friends throw themselves at you for a group hug. Somewhere near your left ear a teammate yelled about your game winning point. The hug slowly fell apart as you got ready for the second set of the evening. There was a ten minutes break before the second match and you spent it with your team celebrating the win. Only one more win and your team would reach the finals! You were lost in your thoughts when one of the girls in your team turned you around by your shoulder. 

On the stands behind you a bunch of giant hockey players all dressed in your team colors squeezed their way through the stands towards some free seats. Connor was here and he brought his entire team. You watched as they all set down and, after spotting Connor in the middle, waved enthusiastically. He saw you and waved back smiling brightly. Your boyfriend was the best.


The second game was a bit of a blurry you just remembered giving your best and then another group hug. The first thing that was clear again was the moment Connor half hugged you and half lifted you up.

“You won. I’m so freaking proud of you baby.”

You hugged him close and kissed him.

“What are you doing here? I thought you guys were on a road trip?”

“We’re playing Calgary tomorrow and had the day off after morning skate so I convinced the guys to drive home with me for your match.”

You felt tears in your eyes. He had done all that for you. Connor was the perfect boyfriend. You were about to kiss again when your best friend on the team squeezed between you.

“Enough flirting you two. We need to celebrate. The first round of drinks is on Connor!”

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Hey hey hey sweetie, can you tell us your top 5 quotes/scenes from hq!! ??? Thanks and merry christmas :)

Hey hey hey petal! Of course I can! I’m forgetting for sure some iconic quotes, but these are the ones that are forever printed in my brain:

1. Because people don’t have wings, we look for ways to fly. This is truly a classic and maybe the most famous Haikyuu quote, but still it gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. It’s…just beautiful and so inspiring. 

Originally posted by captainofalienvbc

^^^ Fly. I have this printed in my office. 

2. “Don’t you ever forget my worthless pride”. As I already said here, and it’s possible the best comeback of the whole series. It’s…such a sentence I can see myself saying and, one day, I will. Because no one could ever dare to question the decisions that we made…especially when the pride goes side by side with the heart. 

Originally posted by dontyouleavehimsamwisegamgee

3. Isn’t losing difficult for all of you? A challenge where, ending up on your hands and knees, you must see if you can stand up again? If you stay on your hands and knees, that proves that you are weak”. I love this quote because it sums up the show perfectly. No matter how many times life will try to defeat you, as long as you stand up on your feet again, the war is not over! 

4. Don’t you dare look down! Volleyball is a sport where you’re always looking up!”. Damn it, just typing this quote made my chest ache. I can’t separate it from the fact that this is Ukai’s voice actor last sentence before passing away…still another example of blinding positivity and faith (on ourselves and other people), no matter how harsh the situation can be. 

Originally posted by the-red-emperor-and-the-shadow

5. “I’m gonna fight my own battles, my way”. Oh, Suga. This quote broke my heart in half and it shows how much of a warrior he is. Because not all the wars take place on court and even if he’s gonna be often in the sidelines now, even if he’s been surpassed by a first year, he will keep on fighting his own battle in his own special way. With kindness, constant support and his special weapon: dependability. For a boy of his age, this is so mature it’s almost overwhelming

- Bonus: “Mou Ikkai!” is the name of my blog and my favorite thing to hear them say. It means “one more!” and it’s truly what this show is about: there’s always gonna be one more toss to spike, one more serve to receive, one more wall to break, one more round to run, one more tournament to win, one more of everything..if you just don’t give up. 

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Thank you for your message and merry christmas to you too! 

Ask me my top 5 things!

19. “Yeah, you’re right. You don’t need me.”

It’s been two months of hysterical practice since Andrew called. One more of winning, winning, hollowness, confusion so deep that Neil can feel it in his scars, at the empty back of his neck. He can’t remember the last time he won a game and didn’t ricochet off the ceiling and gather the whole room to his chest like a victory blanket. And yet.

Winning feels shit empty, like old names and a trashed duffel bag, like “please” and “sorry” and “I love you”, and all the hallmark bullshit that was never addressed to people like the foxes.

The thing is, he was trying so hard to keep his fingers clenched in his future, in Ichirou’s collar, that he let go of Andrew’s hand.

Or Andrew let go of his. Or— fuck, if there was anything to let go of, Neil can’t find it now, it’s like the whole wide world is his phone and Andrew lost his number. It’s never felt like that before. He’s never relied on anything like that. It hurts — just the wrong way, an itch that is actually a hand trying to burrow its way in.

He considers showing up at his apartment, and then he considers what it would feel like if Andrew closed another door on him. He lets another two weeks slip by.

He stops letting fights go.

He punches Jack in his fucking face until blood is more distinguishable than features. He looks like squashed produce left out on the court to rot by the time Neil’s done with him.

He breaks a reporter’s camera. They’re asking him jokingly about the lunatic former team member, one of them says “glad to be rid of him, eh?”, laughing. Laughing, their face cut up into red and white pieces, or that’s all Neil can see, just red and red and crooked teeth laughing. He shoves the camera away and it falls, shattering into grotesque confetti.

He remembers Andrew crouched on a motel floor, the second skin of his control in tatters. He knows, viscerally, how anger tastes on both sides of it. He can feel his father clawing up his throat.

Andrew shows up on the Friday the day after Neil’s tantrum of a press conference airs.

He doesn’t knock, and the door is unlocked. No key required.

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