@ army who attack and degrade every single kpop group and idol in the kpop scene because you think your bts oppa’s are the best, please keep in mind that nothing lasts forever. Especially kpop groups. One day, they could be at the very top but the next day they could hit rock bottom. That’s just how the cycle is, so get off your high horses and be careful of what you say. Always keep in mind that karma’s the biggest bitch out there.

“If wishes were horses, beggars would ride”

I have been here for the fun…from day one.  Shipping Sam & Cait was fun in the beginning.  For me, it hasn’t been fun since IFH.  But that has not stopped me from being here…reading all your blogs…laughing with you and loving the camaraderie and friendships that we have here.  None of that has to change.  

This is not hitting me hard because I have been resolved to it for many, many  months.  My logical brain was just telling me things I could not ignore.  I still feel they love each other but one/or both are choosing others for the sake of private lives, for the sake of not jeopardizing the magic that is J&C…because we know that it is BECAUSE of the S&C magic that we get the most loving, magnetic and sexy couple on screen.  I don’t want to dislike or resent either one of them.  I want them to be happy for selfish reasons. I feel if they are happy and allowed to live their lives as they deserve, that they will continue to give us the Jamie & Claire that we love PLUS they will still be their adorable selves in public because of the undefined love and affection they have for each other.  So, if this is how it is for now…then que sera, sera.

Either way… #LoveWins for us and for them 


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Relationship status: single and sad

Zodiac sign: Leo

Pets: I have Cain the goldfish, Charlemange the beta, and two new fish I haven’t named yet(a koi and a little algae-eater); Buddy the Shi Tzu, Biscotti the Standard Poodle, Morrel the cat, and Roar the Arabian Horse.

Sleep schedule: Really erratic, some nights I sleep great and others I don’t sleep at all.

Love or lust: love

Lemonade or ice tea: ice tea

Cats or dogs: I can’t pick, I like both

Coke or Pepsi: I don’t drink carbonated stuff, so um idk. Coke ‘cause it smells better and I clean pennies with it.

Day or night: Night

Makeup or natural: makeup. Lots of sparkly makeup.

Ever met a celebrity? Nah, no one famous comes here lol.

Smile or eyes: Eyes

Intelligence or attention: I don’t really know what this means.*shrugs*

Chapstick or lipstick: chapstick

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First language: English

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If you’re interested in a very quiet, rustic getaway, try the Deer Crossing B&B in Hamilton, Montana. This was my cabin for the last three days, ready for the next tenant, and if you’re lucky a bear will amble over and pay you a visit! I didn’t see one, but what I did find was a lovely 20 acre spread with pond, creek, two horses, a donkey, a cat, and, if roughing it is not for you, more nice rooms in the main house. Next time I think I’ll go for the BIG cabin! It has everything! 


Every time Eren smiles, Levi gets stuck in a music montage for a few seconds. Normally to “Just The Way You Are” by Bruno Mars or “My Girl” by The Temptations.

Eren smells Levi`s hair all the time, when he asks about it Eren says “Mike and I are distant cousins.”

Levi always makes Eren scrub the floor on cleaning duty, and always stands behind him to inspect his work.

Eren`s horse has a crush on Levi`s horse.

Levi steals Eren`s shirts to wear to bed, but Eren never had that many clothes to begin with so he winds up going into training one day with nothing but his jacket and 3DMG straps on his torso. No one did well in training that day, not even Levi.

Every time Levi bends over, Eren gets stuck in a music montage. Normally to “Smack That” or “Miss New Booty”

Eren and Levi like each other. It`s insane I know, but it`s true.

Since everyone wants to know where the whole “lance is stinky” thing came from, heres the origins (ive gotten 349383 asks about it so here yall go):

Ash aka @lanceissmeely decided one day to just declare that lance smells bad and that he looks and smells like a horse idfk what goes on in his head it baffles me tbh
peri aka @pbpidge and angie aka @pudgepidge agreed to this blasphemy as i was EXTREMELY offended!! That boy could not flirt with all those ladies knowing he smells bad!!! Keith would never let him smell bad!!! Its illogical!!
ANYWAYS so it seems the only other person who has some SENCE here is sam aka @defendarylegender since we have been fighting this battle alone.
But now… Now we fight. Take your pick. Is lance stinky? Or is he hygienic? You gotta pick
so there you guys go. The origins of stinky lance. Plz stop asking me now :,)

I love my friend

So my friend owns a stallion that she raised from a colt. The horse, when she rides it, is simply put, amazing, soft on the bit, willing to please, collects well, and is just an all around great horse. She was riding one day (I don’t really know the context) and met Clinton Anderson. This is how the conversation went. CA: Nice horse you got there you train him yourself? Her: Yes. CA: You used methods didn’t you? I doubt you could get his respect any other way. Her: No, actually I didn’t. Want to know how you can tell? CA: OK, I’ll bite. How? Her: He actually enjoys life and doesn’t want to hang himself by his hay net.

trimara  asked:

Has anypony come up to you and expressed their love for you? Or perhaps told you that you are their favorite princess?

Some fillies and colts have, yes. They seem to think I’m a role model and want to be me one day (of course they can’t be me literally, but I assume they mean they want to be similar to me).

It’s certainly encouraging that I can provide a good example for the young ones, encourage them to read more, though it’s also rather awkward to deal with. I never know what to say in such a situation, so usually I just end up blurting out some platitude about reading more or valuing friendship.

Imagine Sterek


Derek having the most weird dream about Stiles being kidnapped by some weird and creepy guys in horses and telling Cora about it while they eat their breakfast and she says “Who are you talking about”. And Derek refuses to believe that his sister didn’t remember Stiles, the most unforgettable dude ever.

Then Lydia calls him and tells him what was happening in Beacon and they both get back to the city. Then the pack treats him like if he was loosing his mind and he’s like “NO, I’m not crazy. We have to find Stiles”.

Finally, Derek finds the way to beat one of the Ghost Riders and he uses the horse to go to the other world and the Sourwolf saves the day and blah blah blah… There’s a reunion kiss with Stiles or something and Stiles says “I thought that you forgot about me” and Derek replies “How could I?”

Happy ending for everyone :v

dusty roads / closed

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Moonlight flooded the rolling fields and trees that stretched behind the old farm, silver-white light dripping over leaves and the silo. It had once been open to the public, long before the modern day, used to teach young children how to ride horses. One hundred years previous, it’d been shut down out of the blue, after the old woman who lived there passed away.

A long sigh rolled past his lips, fog filling the air around his head. He remembered the day his mother had passed on, leaving the house to her son, who then should have been thirty-six years old.

He looked as though he hadn’t aged a single day in one hundred years; If anyone were to see the pictures of him standing next to his mother in those days, they would’ve thought it a hoax. His hair was longer now that Mama wasn’t around to fuss at him over it, and he bore a beard that certainly needed a trim.

But age seemed to never touch him, chocolate brown gaze sliding over the property. Maintaining it wasn’t the easiest by himself, though he no longer struggled with the sunlight burning his skin.

The cowboy rose off the fence he’d been balanced on, breathing in the crisp, fall air. Living here worked for him, granted him plenty to feast on, albeit that limited him to animals. Their blood was not the same as humans, it all smelled like flesh and soil. Humans… They were different. Each one had a unique smell, a unique taste.

Even now, Jesse McCree could remember the taste of his favorites, could describe them in great detail (should anyone ever ask.) His eyes traveled along the dirt road that passed in front of his home, head tilting to one side as he took another breath.

Every once in awhile, the vampire got lucky; Someone would happen by, and he would enjoy what he could of their blood while they slept on his couch. Never did he kill the innocent, would send them off in the morning after making sure they felt okay. No one had ever been the wiser to his actions.

It seemed tonight was lucky, he could hear footsteps in the distance, still so far away. Too far to smell, really, at least to get a good feel for what their blood would taste like. Shuffling closer to his home, he tried not to look too interested, had a system down for weary travelers.

It had only failed in its early days. After all, he could be rather charming, when he wanted to. Deep, Southern drawl, a smile that seemed to drip sunlight. No one seemed to see him as a threat. He was thankful that the red eyes he’d once sported had faded as he grew ‘older,’ back to the brown they’d been when he was younger.

Taking a seat on his front porch, Jesse lit up a cigar, leaned back in the chair and rocking it slowly. The scent of smoke dulled the scent of the person walking up the road, but they’d be close enough soon. He just had to wait.


In honor of my sweet baby child, a collection of headcanons.

- Her favorite flavor is strawberry. She loves strawberry shortcake, strawberry candies, sugared strawberries… (and the strawberry sweets her boyfriend makes for her)

- When Sophie was little, she was scared of horses. She was motivated to overcome that fear after seeing her father’s mastery of horseback riding. 

- One of Sophie’s methods to overcome her fear of horses is to surround herself with horse stuff constantly… which is why she loves clothing with horse patterns. (All the fun of horses with none of the danger!)

- She owns a lot of headbands and likes to switch her headband out every day. Otherwise, she doesn’t ever do much to her hair since it’s way too frizzy and wild most of the time.

- She loves warm weather and sunlight.

- Her favorite thing when she was young was have her parents read her fairy tales. Her favorite stories are the ones where lady knights are the heroes.

- While she admires fashion and makeup, she feels like she’s not pretty enough to partake.

- Her friends are the most important things in the world to her. 

- Her relationship with Avel is a bit like your typical bickering sibling relationship. She does love her horse but spends a lot of time annoyed with him.

As I’ve mentioned before, I was very into horses when I was little. Not only did I draw nothing but horses, I had a big book of horses that included pages on each of basically every horse breed ever, and I read it for fun all the time.

I really, really like the way that Mudsdale is stylized, because damn near everything about it takes me back to poring over that book back in the day. The braids, the broad hooves, the mane sticking up. I always felt sorry for the draft horses with those tired eyes and wonky hooves, and here is a draft horse Pokémon with bags under its eyes and cracks splitting its hooves. I want to take it and help it and set it free.

(I also just like the design generally; I enjoy the way the braids and the mud around its feet harmonize with one another, and the way the face is distinctly horse but not generic-horse.)

(Also, another bounding box failure, ignore the random hair in the corner.)

Dog Days [DRABBLE]

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18. “We’re not buying a dog.” + 24. “Kiss me, please.”

In your world, there was no such thing as dog person or cat person. There was only animal person. And animal person you were. Big dogs, little dogs, furry cats, hairless cats, horses, fish, birds, turtles; you loved them all (except snakes. You appreciated them for what they were, you just didn’t want to cross paths with one in the dark).

But despite your love for animals, you’d consistently refused to entertain the idea of getting a pet.

A pet requires love, attention, care; all things you would not be able to give as a full-time student and a full-time worker. You were rarely home and your boyfriend was there even less. You couldn’t adopt an animal only to neglect it. And if you couldn’t give an animal your full commitment, you weren’t going to entertain the idea until you could.

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So my barn has a camp going on and they always teach the kids the different coat colours. So one day I was untacking Dolce and they came into the barn to name all the colours of the horses. And the counsellor, as well as all the kids, had said that Dolce was blue roan. And tbh I never really thought about what her colouring was 😂. I never considered her blue roan though, what do you guys think?