Summer Solstice Celebration!

Hello my lovelies! 
Only one week left until the Summer Solstice and I am just beaming for the upcoming celebration! I decided to make another post like my Spring Equinox celebration one since you all seemed to like it so much. I do plan on having a bit more of a ‘proper’ ritual and celebration of the day since that Monday I have off from work, but here are some other low-key ways that I am going to celebrate the day. I’ve split it into two sections of day activities and night ones because the Summer Solstice can go all night long and I plan on doing a whole cycle’s worth of things. 

During the Day:

  • Greet the sun! I know it’s going to be an early sunrise, but if you’re there to greet the sun, you’ll be starting the day off on the right foot! You can either just lay in bed and watch the sun rise from your window or head outside and do a sun salutation, both will give you energy!
  • Wear your favourite summer clothes! Shorts, tanks tops, t-shirts, sun dresses- even flip flops if you can get away with it! The colours associated with Liltha are reds, oranges, yellows/golds, blues, greens and white! 
  • I’m going to be setting my citrine, clear quartz and peridot stones absorb the sunlight throughout the day- other gems that would love to be out on the Summer Solstice would be fluorite, sunstone, agate, carnelian, and any stone that is green or yellow in colour! But you best check to see if it’ll fade in colour before you set it out all day. If that might happen, then the moon light will work just as well. 
  • For lunch, enjoy a summer salad filled with summer berries like strawberries and blueberries, apples, leafy greens and a sweeter dressing! The berries are a great way of celebrating what the summer will bring for you. 
  • Get outside! I don’t care if it’s for five minutes at your lunch break or an hour long hike like I plan on doing, but get outside and live in nature! Breath in the fresh summer breeze, feel the sun on your skin, meditate and be with nature. 
  • There are so many ways to drink summer in- literally! Lemonade, iced tea, fruit juices, herbal teas like chamomile, rose or lavender will be such a great way to get just that little bit of summer in you. 
  • Today is also a great day to try and interact with the faeries and fae folk. Leave a small offering of milk and honey (or a honey cake!) outside in your garden, in a park, on the outside window ledge, and the fae will appreciate the gesture! Who knows- that could be the start of a relationship between you and them. 

At Night:

  • Have friends over or go out to dinner! If nothing else, the summer solstice is about celebrating with friends and family! It’s about being thankful for what you have and getting excited for the summer, so get together and discuss your upcoming summer plans! Who knows what might come out of it?
  • Listen to music- your favourite music, and sing your heart out! The god Apollo (the Greek god of Light, Sun, music and poetry) is one of the many gods who will be thriving off the activities of today and you can honour them by just enjoying music and art. 
  • Light candles- or your barbecue! Traditionally, this sabbat is celebrated with a balefire (outside campfire), but if you’re like me and lack an outside fire pit, then lighting up the bbq and cooking up some veggie or meat kebabs will be a good way of making a feast and substituting the ‘real thing’. No BBQ? No stress- light up some candles and watch it glow. Bonus points if they are coloured or scented to match the holiday. 
  • Make a craft for the summer- a flower crown, a bird house, a sun catcher. I know I plan on making a flower crown and perhaps painting that day, but so long as you create something, spell or not, it can honour the day’s celebrations.
  • Watch the sunset- like watching the sunrise, watching the longest day of the year come to a close will be an amazing way to celebrate the whole of the Summer Solstice. 
  • Are you of legal age? Have a drink of summer wines or berry ciders- just remember to give either the first or last sip to nature, the faeries will find it! 
  • Decorate your home for summer and for the summer solstice by incorporating some common symbols as decor- seashells, fresh flowers like sunflowers, daisies, carnations, and peonies, little statues of birds, deer, faeries, feathers from birds, and shining crystals. The summer decor, beach house look is always a popular one during June and July so you’ll bled right in.

So this is the rough outline of what I plan on doing during the Summer Solstice! I am going to do a spell that day I think, but I haven’t decided what just yet. I’m thinking a motivation spell or a creativity spell, so I can charge up my summer and all the writing I plan on doing. All I know is that it’s going to be a great day! I hope that I have inspired you to celebrate, regardless of how busy you may be that Monday. 

I hope you have an amazing week and a fantastic Summer Solstice! Love you all and sending all my good vibes out to you for this summer.

-Faye xx


Hey Taylor,
So you’ve literally changed my life in the best possible way. The picture on the left is me when 1989 came out! And the picture to the right is me last December! You’re album and you as a whole have changed how I am, I am more confident, self-involved and most importantly, happy. Honestly knowing myself I look so much happier in the right photo. And it’s all because of you. I never have been to one of you’re concerts. I was supposed to go to the red tour but due to a family emergency I couldn’t make it. But this year I’m going! I’m sitting in Section 146 Row 31 Seat 22-23 at night one of the Santa Clara shows!
I can’t wait to see after all this time!
Love you more than you’ll ever know, Julia ❤️

Okay I can’t sleep, so i’m going to do my thoughts on the end of homestuck.

Pros first
- amazing animation, absolutely gorgeous and well done homestuck is finally the animes
- the characters are happy. they are free from the game and can live in peace
- v nice music, as usual 
- dirk and jake were playing soccer i think i’m going to die laughing wtf 

Cons are a little more complicated, and I’m gonna section it into loose ends/the unexplained, and character/story potential. 

Loose Ends/The Unexplained
- the felt were left still alive on jake’s planet. Crowbar is not dumb, and was clearly alive and awake.
- Lord English’s curse. As explained by doc scratch, it passes to whoever kills the current bearer, and being killed is the only way for it to be taken away from someone. As having been the one to kill the condesce, Roxy should have inherited it, or the condesce wasn’t actually dead. 
- Hussie pointing ominously at LE. Just a glimpse of him in the flash would have been nice to note that he was still there
- The sprites. Were they allowed out of the game since they are constructs? Even if they were, none of them were at the platform. Are they all dead?
- The Weekend at Bernie’s reference was never cashed in.
- Jack noir was still alive???
- literally anyone could say ‘caliborn’ to calliope and ????
- Aranea???
- where did eridan’s gun go?
- what powers the jujus (rings of life and void, the cueball)
- Gamzee. gamzee gamzee gamzee. :o(
- the alpha kids left at the end of the masterpiece. do they just… stay there? forever? 

Character/Story Potential
- Pretty much no resolution between a majority of character relationships. i’m not talking about ships, i mean did jake and jane ever make up? jake and dirk? - rose and dirk never had a conversation.   
- Gcatavrospirte all that power, and the creation of this character led to nothing
- jane was supposed to talk to her denizen. remember that?
- rose never played the rain
- dirk never talked to /his/ denizen 
- terezi and vriska’s character arcs, but /especially/ terezi 
- Caliborn modeling himself after jake, and his OC. Many, many implications that caliborn would posses jake and there were /many/ opportunities for this
- Die’s doll with the ability to bring back members of the felt and the midnight crew, heavily hinted to be important, never used. Could have destroyed the green sun in a /very/ interesting way  
- Gamzee again. god he deserved more than that. at least if we were going to end up with him presumably dead and a permanent part of lord english, he should have gotten a Terry: Fast foward to Liv or Reader: Mental Breakdown style flash to explain it all
- Spades fucking Slick never got to truly fight lord english

now I know a lot of these are personal gripes, and i don’t want anyone to think that i don’t like the comic. it’s not even that i didn’t like the ending! I did! i thought it would have been a wonderful ending, had at least /half/ of the stuff above got resolved. I really hate complaining, and i love this comic from the bottom of my heart and hope that hussie is doing well. he should be so proud of what he accomplished, no matter the flaws. 

Keep It Shining. A DeanCas, Team Free Will, Extended Winchester-Family Christmas Tale! 7663 Words

All Dean wants is to have a nice Christmas with his family. Naturally, he almost gets himself killed for it. read on AO3

One day before Christmas, Dean is standing in a Target with a cart stacked so high with stuff it’s like a miniature mountain range, and one that’s gonna be in serious danger of a fatal landslide if he keeps throwing more stuff on top of it.

Which is why they actually have two carts, only Dean has dispatched Cas to go ahead to the fruit aisle and pick apples and oranges out for him and the others, and Cas had taken the second cart with him, even though there was barely any space left in that one too.

That was about ten minutes ago, maybe even more, but Dean is still standing where Cas left him, in the section with the frozen vegetables, staring at different packs of pees without really seeing them.

There are just – so many. And he’s trying to pick out organic whenever it’s possible, because that’s important to Cas, and Sam, and Charlie, and possibly Kevin too. Which is one of the reasons Dean’s doing the Christmas shopping now, when it’s hell on earth everywhere they sell anything, because apparently Dean’s family consists to 98% of nerds and hippies, and nerds and hippies need fresh and chemical-free stuff, and Dean wants to fucking cook a Christmas dinner for them, and he wants to get it right.

Sam, Cas, Kevin – hell, basically all of Dean’s family has been through so much shit, have lost and lost so much, and fuck, Dean’s failed them often enough, he should at least be able to pick out the right kind of stupid frozen pees for them.

He drags a hand over his face, get a grip Winchester, come on, and that’s when a warm hand lands on his shoulder. Dean turns around and there’s Cas, out of nowhere and standing too close as always, staring at Dean searchingly.

“What’s wrong?”

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I usually try to stay out of YouTube’s comment section for obvious reasons but I have seen quite a lot concerned comments in the last few videos. It’s not our place to speculate what is actually going on but I doubt there is anything more to it.

Ethan has been going through finals and he still has one exam left, everyone who’s been through that knows how stressful finals can be, and I personally was annoyed with every single person who even tried to talk to me when I was taking my finals, so it’s more than understandable if they are having a hard time right now.

Plus, like Mark said in the previous video, life is hard, even for them. Yes, we see bits and pieces of their lives and usually people only feel comfortable sharing the positive aspects of it but the truth is, life is not like a bed of roses all the time, and we can expect to see bits and pieces of that also in their videos and that doesn’t automatically mean that they are breaking up or whatever the speculations are at the moment. That is life. That is reality. Not everyday is a great day.

People have also wondered why they are going to visit their parents in a couple of days but if you’ve watched their videos before, they have done so also before so there’s no reason to read much more into it. Also, I personally believe that as a couple it’s not healthy for the relationship to spend time together 24/7. Every couple has their ups and downs and I strongly believe that there is no reason to speculate anything. Mark and Ethan’s two year anniversary is getting closer and they also have plans for the summer, so I believe and know that everything will be just fine. Stay respectful. ❤

The Day is Set

Yesterday we made the trip to the local hospital to get the date set for the new baby’s arrival and meet the surgeon. Minky arrived via c-section (after a lot of induced labor going nowhere), and Navyy opted to do a scheduled c-section this time around. So barring early labor or complications, the next addition to our family will be here on the morning April 27. While we had the May 1st due date kicking around for a while this one is a little more real, and I left the appointment excited (it’s finally coming…and soon!) while Navyy left a little more nervous (it’s finally coming…and soon!). Fair enough. I’m not the one getting major surgery after all. In any case, we’ve got 6 weeks from today to get things ready. I know there’s a lot to do, but I’m very excited, and very much looking forward to meeting the little one!


hey taylor!! 

i’m noel (the one on the right) and on the left is my best friend teän (@daerjhon)

thank you so much for all the things that you’ve done for me (all of which i’m sure you’ve heard before), i’m beyond grateful for all the times that you were there for me, making me feel less alone and that i genuinely mattered.

not only that, i’ve met so many friends through our mutual love for you. teän was one of them, and i couldn’t’ve asked for anything more.

we’re going to see you on november 28th in sydney!!

our seats: Section D4, Gate F, Row R, Seat 7/8

hope i can thank you in person for everything soon :) @taylorswift  

Display Wardrobes...

by  AdonisPluto at MTS

Here is a set of two modern wardrobe that can go with your sims modern bedrooms. The one on the left is the Modern wardrobe while the one on the left is the Modern wardrobe 2. Each comes in 5 colors. You can find it under storage-Dresser in the bedroom section and both costs 2000 Simoleons each.  Hope this makes your Sims happy

coffee shops aren’t the only retail job with fun AUs

Dealing with one insane repeat customer (holy fuck not asparagus man again. Does that woman poke holes into her peppers to get a discount? Etc.) AU

We just got a whole shipment of new books and they have to be stocked in an hour and I’m sleep deprived (alternate, left glasses at home) and can’t see straight help me? AU.

You just broke essentially all the jars in the sauce section and I’m on cleaning, what the hell is your malfunction AU.

There’s an insanely drunk guy in aisle 4 weeping over some mashed potatoes. Help Me AU.

We work at a sex shop and if this guy says one more thing I’m going to slaughter him, hold me back AU.

Alternatively: I work at a sex shop and I can’t stop laughing at this new shape of dildo, do people actually find this sexy? I’m trying to ring up this poor person who’s buying one but I’m trying to contain my giggles (person B can be buying) AU

These teenagers are so high they’re asking me if this onesie will fit them what do I say AU

No we aren’t the store with the telletubbies boxers does a store actually sell those where can I get those AU

That is a children’s medium and you are an extremely tall adult I’ll check in the back if they sell that in your size AU

Help me catch this thief AU

No the price of meat has not gone up let me call in the manager/owner AU

Dude that plate was $200 dollars and you broke it AU

Someone can’t help pay so you jumped in on the check and wow you are super nice AU

Or you can’t afford what you’re buying, here let me help you pay for that AU

I’m sorry we can’t refund a bathbomb because it got glitter all over your shared bathroom AU

This is the fifth time that same man has attempted to get away with shoving frozen steaks down his pants, what do we do AU

Oh man you brought your pet into the shop, that’s totally not allowed, can I pet it AU

I just got yelled at by a crazy customer and now have a killer headache. do you (another customer) have any pain meds AU

It’s like five in the morning, we both worked a killer night shift, my car has a flat tire, can you give me a ride AU.

you and your ex/roomate/parent/a stranger are making a huge scene in the middle of the store I’m going to have to ask you to leave or at least chill AU.

I work in a flower shop and no we don’t have those stop insisting we do is that even a real flower AU

no we at goodwill do not accept that, where did you even get it AU


Felicity’s travel plans were going perfectly until… they weren’t. To get to Massachusetts for one of the most important interviews of her life, she’ll need a little help from a stranger. This little detour might be exactly the thing she didn’t know she needed.

A big thanks to Nelly @smoakqueenz who created the adorable cover art for this story and Aubrey @aubvi my awesome beta :)

Rating: T This Chapter’s Word Count: 3999

Start the story from the beginning here.

Okay so I know I said last week that there was going to be two more chapters left before the epilogue but it ended up not making sense to split this last section into two chapters, so next week will be the epilogue. I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to reply to people this week but I did read all of your comments and I really appreciate your feedback and encouragement! Enjoy the chapter :)

“So…. breakfast was a hit.”

Oliver glanced over at Felicity as they made their way up the stairs to retrieve their belongings from their room before getting on the road for the final leg of their trip. With Peter’s arrival into the kitchen snapping them back into chef mode, they hadn’t had much of a chance to fully process what had just happened moments before and it wasn’t exactly a conversation they were going to have over the communal breakfast table.

The entire time though he had been reminiscing about her soft lips and rosy cheeks and the contentment in her voice when she had uttered, “finally.”

Her comment about the food caught him off guard and it took him a second before he pulled himself back into the present and responded, “You can’t go wrong with french toast.”

“Mmm,” she nodded in agreement and pushed open the door to their room.

As soon as the door was shut behind them she turned to face him and they spoke up at the same time, “So—“ “About that—“

“You first,” she insisted.

He shook his head, “No, no, go ahead.”

“Okay.” She dropped her gaze to her hands which she was wringing together, “So I think we should agree now to just not think about it.”

He frowned in confusion and disappointment, “Oh.”

That wasn’t what he was going to say at all.


Tagging people under the cut…

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So I just spent like five hours revising a paper that is due tomorrow because I realized that a) my sections were just awful to start with and b) I left out a MAJOR PART OF THE ASSIGNMENT like an idiot. But I got it done and took a stab at Kandinsky in the process, but there’s that. (I really do like Kandinsky, but “Several Circles” somehow has more academic study than “Aspirations” by Aaron Douglas, and that makes me super salty).

So the point is, I got nothing done and now I need to go to bed because class tomorrow. Which I am not at all prepared for one of them. In fact I learned I’ve fallen behind in classes due to sleep deprivation and anxiety. COOL. So I’m going to work tomorrow afternoon on catching up (BECAUSE I HAVE YET ANOTHER PAPER DUE THE FIRST WEEK OF OCTOBER) and then I’ll be here to do stuff.

pray 4 me