Summer Solstice Celebration!

Hello my lovelies! 
Only one week left until the Summer Solstice and I am just beaming for the upcoming celebration! I decided to make another post like my Spring Equinox celebration one since you all seemed to like it so much. I do plan on having a bit more of a ‘proper’ ritual and celebration of the day since that Monday I have off from work, but here are some other low-key ways that I am going to celebrate the day. I’ve split it into two sections of day activities and night ones because the Summer Solstice can go all night long and I plan on doing a whole cycle’s worth of things. 

During the Day:

  • Greet the sun! I know it’s going to be an early sunrise, but if you’re there to greet the sun, you’ll be starting the day off on the right foot! You can either just lay in bed and watch the sun rise from your window or head outside and do a sun salutation, both will give you energy!
  • Wear your favourite summer clothes! Shorts, tanks tops, t-shirts, sun dresses- even flip flops if you can get away with it! The colours associated with Liltha are reds, oranges, yellows/golds, blues, greens and white! 
  • I’m going to be setting my citrine, clear quartz and peridot stones absorb the sunlight throughout the day- other gems that would love to be out on the Summer Solstice would be fluorite, sunstone, agate, carnelian, and any stone that is green or yellow in colour! But you best check to see if it’ll fade in colour before you set it out all day. If that might happen, then the moon light will work just as well. 
  • For lunch, enjoy a summer salad filled with summer berries like strawberries and blueberries, apples, leafy greens and a sweeter dressing! The berries are a great way of celebrating what the summer will bring for you. 
  • Get outside! I don’t care if it’s for five minutes at your lunch break or an hour long hike like I plan on doing, but get outside and live in nature! Breath in the fresh summer breeze, feel the sun on your skin, meditate and be with nature. 
  • There are so many ways to drink summer in- literally! Lemonade, iced tea, fruit juices, herbal teas like chamomile, rose or lavender will be such a great way to get just that little bit of summer in you. 
  • Today is also a great day to try and interact with the faeries and fae folk. Leave a small offering of milk and honey (or a honey cake!) outside in your garden, in a park, on the outside window ledge, and the fae will appreciate the gesture! Who knows- that could be the start of a relationship between you and them. 

At Night:

  • Have friends over or go out to dinner! If nothing else, the summer solstice is about celebrating with friends and family! It’s about being thankful for what you have and getting excited for the summer, so get together and discuss your upcoming summer plans! Who knows what might come out of it?
  • Listen to music- your favourite music, and sing your heart out! The god Apollo (the Greek god of Light, Sun, music and poetry) is one of the many gods who will be thriving off the activities of today and you can honour them by just enjoying music and art. 
  • Light candles- or your barbecue! Traditionally, this sabbat is celebrated with a balefire (outside campfire), but if you’re like me and lack an outside fire pit, then lighting up the bbq and cooking up some veggie or meat kebabs will be a good way of making a feast and substituting the ‘real thing’. No BBQ? No stress- light up some candles and watch it glow. Bonus points if they are coloured or scented to match the holiday. 
  • Make a craft for the summer- a flower crown, a bird house, a sun catcher. I know I plan on making a flower crown and perhaps painting that day, but so long as you create something, spell or not, it can honour the day’s celebrations.
  • Watch the sunset- like watching the sunrise, watching the longest day of the year come to a close will be an amazing way to celebrate the whole of the Summer Solstice. 
  • Are you of legal age? Have a drink of summer wines or berry ciders- just remember to give either the first or last sip to nature, the faeries will find it! 
  • Decorate your home for summer and for the summer solstice by incorporating some common symbols as decor- seashells, fresh flowers like sunflowers, daisies, carnations, and peonies, little statues of birds, deer, faeries, feathers from birds, and shining crystals. The summer decor, beach house look is always a popular one during June and July so you’ll bled right in.

So this is the rough outline of what I plan on doing during the Summer Solstice! I am going to do a spell that day I think, but I haven’t decided what just yet. I’m thinking a motivation spell or a creativity spell, so I can charge up my summer and all the writing I plan on doing. All I know is that it’s going to be a great day! I hope that I have inspired you to celebrate, regardless of how busy you may be that Monday. 

I hope you have an amazing week and a fantastic Summer Solstice! Love you all and sending all my good vibes out to you for this summer.

-Faye xx



Behold! The many different interpretations of Frisk’s character according to the AU they live in!

I initially wanted to release these for Undertale’s one year anniversary, but that never happened because I had too many things to do at the time. I was going to add more, but I ran out of time and steam for this, so I looked through my old pictures and decided that I’m just going to post this online in case anyone is interested.

Hope you guys enjoy!

EDIT: I realize that probably some of you have no idea what I’m talking about in the notes section.

“Ducktales? Where?”

I already did a reblog with the Ducktales Frisk that I accidentally left out, but in case anyone here is interested, here is what I’m referring to:

… Also, I’m really sorry, I just realized I didn’t even need to reblog that at all, I could have just inserted the photo.

Whoops ._.

So, uh… anyone else looking forward to the Ducktales reboot? I’m definitely curious about it at least.

Fact Over Fancy (m)

Originally posted by tbhobi

Reader x Jeon Jeongguk

Summary: In this world, there are two types of people: those born with emotions, and those born without. Society is thriving in its emotionless state, productivity levels are at an all time high. Marriage serves only one function: to father the next generation. Those with emotions are considered to be defective, aberrations who can never be matched. What happens when there’s a glitch in the so-called perfect system and a defective and a “normal” person are matched?

Rated m for graphic sex, dirty talk

Word Count: 9910

As always, a HUGE thank you to my beta readers @ohmanholyjungkook and @blame-bts <3

“Back again I see, Mr Jeon.” Your eyes are fixed on his patient file in front of you, and you don’t look up when the person in question clears his throat and shifts in his seat in your doctor’s office. “This time it’s for starting a fight, again, with Jimin in the cafeteria.”

He leans back in his chair, one leg crossed over the other at the ankle in a display of absolute confidence. His eyes are fixated on your profile with a strange fascination, as if staring at you brings him some sort of entertainment almost. An amused chuckle catches your attention this time, and you glance up at his unapologetic expression. “Do you really like coming in here that often?”

Jeongguk leans forward in his seat now, interested. He props his chin up with his hand, and his gaze is penetrating, his cold, slate grey eyes unwavering. “Maybe I do, Dr ____. It’s my only chance to get you to myself for a whole hour.”

You don’t bother acknowledging his bold remark and flip to the section with his personal details, including his medical history. Defective.

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Always Watching - Yandere!Kyungsoo X Reader

Originally posted by xiulayallday

Yandere AU - Part of the Yandere!EXO X Reader Series

Genre: Mature, Horror, Angst, Smut (Masturbation, Voyerism)

Pairing: Kyungsoo X Reader

Words: 8,180

Warnings: This is a Yandere story, it will contain themes such as stalking, violence, obsession, possessive natures, and just general overall creepiness and swearing. You have been warned.

A/n: This is my take on this AU. I do not believe Kyungsoo, nor any of the members, past or present, of EXO would act like this. This is just my interpretation of the song and this archetype. As always, feedback is always appreciated! I hope you enjoy!

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hunterxasteria  asked:

Hihi I'm new to your acc but I live for your writing mygodd🙈💘 I was wondering if you could do a HC with RFA+V and Saeran reacting to when they find out that MC has a sketchbook filled with cute or maybe even spicy~ (lolol) drawings/doodles of them? And when they confront MC about it, MC gets super flustered?❤ Example: Yoosung finds drawings of himself

Thanks so much! Enjoy~


  • You were working on another sketch of him when you got up to do something else
  • You had left your notebook open on the table so he saw it
  • He noticed it was him…so he sneaked a peek at a few other pages
  • He was surprised to see how many pictures of him you had drawn
  • He’s especially intrigued at the fact that you’ve drawn so many…detailed pictures of him
  • He’s had fanart drawn of him, but yours was more precious to him because you captured him in such an intimate way
  • He takes a few of the ones where you drew him shirtless for blackmail
  • Whenever you complain that he’s talking too much about his abs, he pulls up the picture, “That’s not what your hand thinks.”
  • But he was super supportive of your work
  • In one instance, he really liked a picture you drew of him with this one costume
  • He showed it to his designers, and your design got created


  • You were drawing a flower while sitting beside him
  • He peered over your shoulder and asked if he could see it
  • You were already embarrassed as you didn’t show your drawings often, but you let him see
  • He took the book from you and you thought he was just admiring the one…
  • But then you heard the flip of pages, and it was too late to stop him
  • He stopped when he came across one particular drawing
  • It was one of him shirtless…with abs
  • It was super awkward for you both…since you haven’t seen him shirtless
  • You’re already dying inside as he now knows what goes through your brain…and into your notebook
  • And he just chuckles nervously, “Haha, this is exactly how I look like under this shirt.”
  • It was cute though, because you found out he started going to the gym two weeks later


  • As a gift, you two had matching best friend notebooks
  • That backfired one day when she grabbed your book instead of hers and left for work
  • She found out later exactly what you were putting inside that notebook
  • She had to suppress a smile when she found the whole section dedicated to hers
  • At first it was a bunch of chibi drawings of you and her
  • Some of them was her serving coffee or sleeping on the couch
  • She took a picture of a few for rainy days
  • But then she got to the more detailed pictures
  • When she returned the book to you, she had a little mini fan girl session and also an apology for intruding
  • Although, she said she had one critique for you
  • She turned to one of the more detailed photos and looked down at her chest 
  • “My boobs aren’t that big, MC…”


  • He always saw you sketching Elizabeth the Third
  • Or chasing her around the house to make her sit in one place while you drew
  • So, when you leave your notebook on the kitchen counter, that’s what he thinks he’ll find in the pages
  • He’s surprised when he flips the page and finds a sketch of him
  • And another one…and another one…and there’s almost a whole collection
  • He finds one picture where his tie is loosened and his shirt is half unbuttoned
  • He starts smirking to himself, wondering if this is how you really see him…or want to see him
  • But then he hears your footsteps and slams the notebook shut, suddenly feeling flustered
  • You never found out about it until one day he comes home from work and pauses in the doorway
  • He loosens his tie, gives you a small smirk, and unbuttons a single button
  • You just know he saw that drawing
  • You’re unsure whether you’re about to die from cuteness or embarrassment


  • It all started when he was hanging on the couch upside down
  • You walked into the room to get something, and he shot finger guns at you
  • It inspired you to draw something, so you told him not to move
  • You grabbed your notebook and started sketching
  • You got so into it, you didn’t even realize he had gotten up and tried to come behind you and see your progress
  • When you did notice him looming over your shoulder, you practically threw yourself over the book trying to hide it
  • He figured something was off, so he went chasing after you until he got the notebook and saw what you drew
  • It turned out his shirt slipped down when he was still posing, and you drew what you saw in detail
  • He was surprisingly chill about it, complimenting on the drawing overall
  • But he just waits…until you put your BTS playlist on
  • He slid into the room during No More Dream just to do Jimin’s Part™
  • Only he didn’t stop doing it until you were red in the face


  • He was in one of his organizing moods
  • He accidentally knocked your notebook off the shelf, and it fell open to a page
  • He was about to put it back when recognized a little chibi character that looked oddly like him
  • He took a closer look and saw that it was him holding up finger hearts
  • He checks to see if you’re around before pressing further
  • Apparently, that isn’t the only drawing of him
  • There’s tons…and they’re detailed and well thought out too
  • He’s too consumed in your art to remember it was him until he turned to your most recent drawing
  • He was wearing a yukata, dipping down his chest and you did not skimp on the details
  • He waltzes over to you in the living room, “You know how I always say I want to know what’s running through your head?”
  • “Yeah…”
  • He sets the book down next to you, “I don’t anymore. And by the way, you’ve been watching too many anime.”
  • He threw a smirk over his shoulder and watched you burn as you realized what he saw


  • He was talking on the phone with a client
  • So his hands were trying to find something absentminded to do
  • He started turning the pages of a notebook sitting on the table
  • It wasn’t until he noticed the drawings of him did he realize it was your sketchbook
  • Thankfully, his call ended when it did, because he came across one the most detailed pictures of himself he’d seen
  • You drew him in a deep V neck shirt with a chiseled jawline and prominent collar bones
  • It was a stunning drawing, and he would’ve been flustered if not for your little note in the corner
  • “V in a V neck lololol”
  • You were the one who was flustered later when you saw that he found it

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This Fic Includes Days: 1. Aphrodisiacs 2. Dirty talk 3. Public | Biting 4. Begging 5. Humiliation 6. Bondage 7. Worship (Body, etc)

Summary: Hinata convinces Kageyama to go to a sex club and they give an audience quite the show. 

Silken Haze 

10:15pm. Hinata and Kageyama stood in front of a black metal door in a desolate alley with their hands interlinked and sweaty. The black awning above the door’s row of security cameras read in fancy white cursive, Club Silk—it was an all-sexualities-friendly “happening bar”, or plainly, a sex club.

“Why did I let you rope me into this,” Kageyama grumbled, foot tapping the ground anxiously. It’s true it had taken Hinata a few weeks to get him to come around to the idea of going to one of these notorious establishments, but Hinata had expressed various times that they would not do anything he was uncomfortable with. Kageyama had the final say and ultimately he had said ‘yes’.

Hinata laughed, his voice squeaking slightly. “But you’re curious, right? I have goose bumps all over my body. I’m both nervous and excited.”

“Most important rule: nobody is allowed to touch either of us.” Kageyama swallowed hard, “But they can watch, or whatever, I guess…”

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Everyone’s already gone about writing their analyses between Darkiplier and Antisepticeye, that much I noticed.  But something else was nagging me about the whole thing until I just got it while doing some homework.

Not only does Dark and Anti contrast the actual versions of themselves (Mark and Jack), but when speaking purely in terms of visual and auditory representation, they more accurately contrast each other.

Let’s go with timing first and talk about Anti.

Holy shit, I didn’t realize that I actually got a screenshot without glitches until I put it up o.o

This man is the embodiment of chaos.  He’s clearly shown in frame, and there’s no way that you’d miss him if you’re watching.  He moves so much that it’s almost impossible to get him to blend into the background.  Even so, just because he wants the attention doesn’t mean he’s putting it all out there.  The fucker speaks in Zalgo text and jump cuts, with about fifty billion filters on his voice just so no one can really catch what the heck he’s talking about.  Heck, you have to paste together the jump cuts in this section alone to get a coherent conversation from this video.  So in a way, he’s constantly moving and yet he’s almost impossible to focus on.  He’s talking to us, but his attention can just go ANYWHERE.

He thrives on the buildup than the payoff.  He spent an entire month just dropping clues to his appearance, which garnered more attention than this clip would ever do.  Anti thrives not on the full appearance but on the clues that are left behind.  He prefers to be on the back of your mind, not the full center of attention, because he lasts oh so much longer there.  If he was a type of music, he’d be dubstep: nothing but buildup to a loud payoff.  And that analogy is totally not because he wears gauges in his ears.

With that known, let’s look at Dark.

He speaks bluntly, straight from start to finish, with maybe one or two filters on him.  Visually, he practically blends into the background, with only the grayscale keeping him in focus.  Actually, that’s another thing.  Dark keeps to his name by staying mostly in gray colors and backdrops.  Only his afterimages have some form of color on him.  He stays still and collected during his conversations right until he starts to lose his cool.  Then the filter effects go nuts, the camera straight out flips, and THEN we get the jump cuts to a calmer figure.  He has coherency to his character, so no need to paste together jump cuts to find out his full conversation.

Judging from his dialogue, he prefers to be front and center in your mind rather than linger in the back of it.  He wants to shower you in attention, almost to a violent degree, yet never actually does much to PHYSICALLY harm us (unless we just accept that we’re the dog).  This is especially true when you look back and realize that whenever we’re alone with him, he never fully turns away from us.  Mark does…a lot, actually…but never Dark.  No, he’s constantly facing us.  He wants us to remember him.  He’s Jumin Han, a few minutes into the second bad ending is that even relevant anymore?.

Visually speaking, these two characters are utterly fascinating, especially since they came from fanart that doesn’t seem to have a full coherent personality on them.

anonymous asked:

What do you think of the recent news about the story of Half Life?

I feel like the tide is turning hard and fast on Valve these days. The timing of this certainly doesn’t help. Valve is no longer a software company. They are bleeding talent that worked on some of their biggest, most critically acclaimed work.

And the fact that they are bleeding this talent is important. Valve is not a company that you should just walk away from. Erik Wolpaw once told a story about a flare-up of ulcerative colitis that made him miss months of work. Valve paid for all the hospital expenses and even gave him full paid leave. Gabe Newell told himYour job is to get better. That is your job description at Valve. So go home to your wife and come back when you are better.” They didn’t have to do that, but they extended the ultimate in generosity to keep him happy, healthy, and employed at Valve.

So when Erik Wolpaw leaves Valve, that’s not a decision I’m sure he came to lightly. Even though Marc Laidlaw, Erik Wolpaw, and Chet Faliszek all left and said there was no bad blood, they are putting the golden goose back in the pen and saying “Naw, I’ve got somewhere else to be.”

That’s a reflection on what Valve is, and what Valve will become going forward.

Valve has, essentially, infinite money. And not only do they have infinite money, but they’re constantly looking for solutions to avoid hiring more employees. They’d rather figure out a way to make the community do all the work for them, so they can kick back and go for a swim in their Scrooge McDuck money bins.

In a lot of ways, it’s starting to feel very reminiscent of the trend you see on Kickstarter. The big important game developer promises you everything you’ve ever hoped or dreamed for, they get millions of dollars, go over-budget, miss deadlines, and ultimately under-deliver. We saw it with Broken Age, we saw it with Mighty No. 9, we saw it with Yooka-Laylee, we’re seeing it with Shenmue 3 and most likely Bloodstained (which, after three years in development, is apparently only 20% complete). It’s less that these guys have lost their touches and more that they have the freedom to do whatever they want, and whatever they want turns out to be beyond reasonable budgets.

Take Broken Age: when Tim Schafer pitched the Kickstarter, he thought they’d do a short, simple adventure game, like the very first Maniac Mansion. No voice acting, not even HD visuals. The final Broken Age was so expensive it had to be broken in to two separate halves, with the sales of Broken Age 1 funding part 2.

I think it was in their Yooka-Laylee video, but Stop Skeletons From Fighting brought up a wonderful clip from behind the scenes of The Incredibles, where Brad Bird is arguing for a big, impressive, and most importantly time consuming and expensive action scene to cap the movie off. If Brad Bird had total creative freedom he would do that scene without a second thought, but since he was working for Disney, he had a producer on hand pushing back against it. Brad, in his own words, wanted to do “something cool” and the producer wanted it “on time and on budget” – and ultimately, that clash lead to a fantastic final product, because limitations foster creativity. Unchecked freedom can just make a very costly mess, which is a trap many of these high-profile Kickstarters are falling in to.

Valve gets around some of that because their money hose doesn’t stop gushing. They don’t even have to put out software anymore – Valve takes a deep cut of every DOTA 2 International tournament prize pool, which this year raised $24,000,000. Roughly half of that gets funneled back in to Valve, every year, until the day DOTA 2 stops being interesting. On top of the 30% of every sale on Steam. On top of them ramping up the tournament scene in CS:GO in the last two years with the same tactics that filled DOTA 2 with money. Valve clearly has more cash than they know what to do with.

But what has that gotten us?

A failed deal with Adult Swim for Valve to produce Team Fortress 2 shorts as a TV series. Only one episode was ever finished and released (Expiration Date), which reportedly took something like a whole year (or more) to put together. Using a piece of software Valve built themselves, and is intimately familiar with. When fans, using that same piece of software, routinely produce a significantly greater volume of work at nearly professional standards, and often by single-person teams working alone (there’s even a yearly film festival about this exact thing). The best Valve could muster was a single episode, despite reportedly employing more than 200 people.

Two, the Steam Controller. Valve custom-built an entire assembly line factory with their own money to produce Steam Controllers after nearly two years of private and public R&D. It failed to set the world on fire, because in order to use it, it requires you to unlearn basically everything you’ve ever known about game controllers. It is the DVORAK of gamepads, catering to a very narrow audience of people who either forced themselves to like it or grew up knowing nothing else.

Three, are Steam Machines, which is really just a nebulous PC spec that doesn’t seem to have really stuck around or gone anywhere at all.

Four, SteamVR (The Vive), which is prohibitively expensive and requires a minimum amount of space in order to work that most people apparently do not have. Cool if you’re rich enough to afford any of that, but I don’t think very many can right now.

And five, a DOTA 2 collectible card game that seems to exist only because Valve saw how much money Blizzard was making with Hearthstone, and they decided to make their own version of that.

Not exactly the greatest pedigree to have after a high point like Portal 2. So much for Valve’s “make something interesting, and if it’s cool enough it’ll eventually come out.” mantra.

How many projects like Half-Life 2 Episode 3 were left on the cutting room floor? Forgotten about if for no other reason than the person working on it got pulled away to help crunch for a TF2 update, or producing The International, or something else? Only to, weeks or even months later, come back and realize they don’t remember where they left off. But who cares, right? If it wasn’t cool enough, then you can just work on something else. Nobody’s going to stop you. Wheel your desk somewhere else and start over on whatever catches your interest that week.

What happened to F-STOP? The idea that was reportedly going to make up Portal 2 but ended up being abandoned because it was “too good.” That was more than six years ago. They spent one whole year prototyping F-STOP and we haven’t heard a peep about it since (unless they planned to have a whole section in Portal 2 where you play a DOTA 2 card game, I guess).

Valve has really backed themselves in to a corner, here. I am a massive Valve fanboy, and they just seem like a really hard company to root for these days. Between their hands-off approach to Steam curation, their slavish dedication to gargantuan esports profits over all else, and now the man who literally invented the Half-Life universe more or less saying, “This is how I wanted that story to end, because they might not ever tell you” …it’s just… probably about as close to a worse case scenario you could get for that company. And for once, you can’t point fingers at a greedy publisher, or a failed merger, or any kind of corporate man in a business suit. Valve controls their own destiny, and are the only ones to blame for the monster they’ve let themselves become.


THIS WILL TEACH YOU HOW TO MAKE A PSD FOR YOUR RP ICONS OR GRAPHICS.  I will personally just be showing you how to do it for an image that isn’t cropped or bordered.  you will need photoshop for this, but you don’t have to be a pro!  ( you can prob. find a download link online but be careful! )  the tutorial is below the cut!  Its super flexible and easy and is a great way to spice up your aesthetic and visual mood for your writing threads or blog posts!


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anonymous asked:

Prompt: Ryan protecting the Crew at all costs

There’s a few times in one’s life when you’re certain you’re going to die. It’s how you act in those moments that defines who you are as a person. Shoved up against the wall and watching the world go orange and red as yet another bomb blows up somewhere to the left, Ryan realizes that this is one of those moments. Probably the last one he’d ever have.

Gripping the tear in his side with rough, gunpowder-stained fingers, he hoists himself up from where he had fallen. The world spins as he forces himself upright. The concussive blast from the shockwave that had sent him backwards into the wall of the building left him reeling – he couldn’t hear out of his left ear. A brief probing touch of his finger reveals what he doesn’t want to consider: blood. Trickling down his cheek, it’s unlikely he’ll ever regain hearing in that ear again.

It didn’t seem like it was going to matter. As the bombs continue to shake their tiny part of Los Santos, he knows that unless he does something soon, all his boys will be dead. He turns, trying to force his vision to stop blurring. He knows he’s seeing two of everything, but he guesses he’d rather see two Michael’s than no Michael’s.

He eventually finds his young firecracker. Michael’s lost his glasses in the fight and is squinting in his attempt to see. One arm is limp and useless, hanging by his side at an awkward angle. Broken and out of it’s socket - it needs immediate medical attention and must hurt like one couldn’t believe. Blood drips from Michael’s nose, smearing across his chin, but he doggedly continues on in a losing battle. He’ll run out of ammo soon - they’re trapped, penned in by the wave of LSPD and hired SWAT team members who press forward unhindered.

They’re shooting to kill. They even got grenades. Explosives. They don’t care about damage to the city anymore - at some point the police had just snapped. They wanted the Fakes dead, whatever the cost.

And at this point, as Ryan watched through eyes besieged by double vision and a head pounding its own death dirge in his skull, he knows there’s no getting out of this without death. Gavin is out cold behind a rock, his golden glasses splintered and face bloodied from the blast. He had been trying to run to get behind Ryan as his golden gun had emptied his final clip when the blast went off. Ryan hadn’t seen how far Gavin flew, but the landing must have been nasty. One leg was somewhat trapped under rubble. 

Jack and Geoff were nowhere to be seen. Ryan just had to hope they were alive. He knew Geoff would never leave Jack and visa versa. They would be together until the end - hopefully the end hadn’t yet come. He imagines they’re probably trapped somewhere. Possibly unconscious, more than likely continuing their last stand like Michael is doing.

Jeremy - little Jeremy, their newest addition and the one the most fresh-faced and least acceptable to die here with them - is hobbled by a bullet hole in the thigh. It looks pretty nasty from what Ryan could try to make out. Blood stains his leg and he can hardly put weight on it. Ryan watches as Michael tries to cover him and the man stumbles, leaning against detritus from the blast. Their Kevlar vests will only do them so much more luck.

They are going to die here unless Ryan does something.

Looking down, Ryan takes account of what he has left. The pickings are slim. He lost his gun in the blast. He has a bullet hole in his side and …. one more grenade in his pouch.

Feeling the blood drip down his side, he knows he isn’t going to last much longer. The idea, when it springs into his head, seems feasible. To get inside their death courtyard, the police are funneled into one small section. If he goes in, drops the bomb, and runs….

…the police would be brutally devasted and the others could have a chance of getting out. B-Team would be able to extract them. They could survive. Hefting the grenade in his hand, Ryan takes a few steps forward. Then another. Then three or four more.

By the time the police realize how close he is, they hardly have time to relax. He must look a sight, looming out of the dust in the air, brick dust in his hair and facepaint mussed with blood and sweat and his stupid smile.

He pulls the pin on the grenade and tosses it into the first few rows of cops. They frantically scrabble for it, but what can they do? He turns and runs as best he can, but he knows deep down in his heart he can’t make it away in time. A few gunshots slam into his Kevlar, driving him down. He falls behind a wall of rubble just as the world turns white and red and the heat flashes over him.

It all goes dark.

Faint, muffled voices. “…and then he just dropped the fucking grenade and ran. There was nothin’ I could fuckin’ do. Stupid fuckin’ dumbass idiot.” 

“Mong.” The voice was clogged, as if it was full of tears. Ryan blinks and takes a gasp of clean air, not tainted by blood and sweat and dust. His eyes - crusty - open. The pain is remarkable, but he is distracted by what his eyes see.

His boys sit, watching him. All of them, bandaged and stitched and braced, but alive. He must make a noise, for they all turn and start chorusing their excitement that he’s awake, shrieking for Caleb and screaming that he’s alive, holy fuck, rYAN…

He watches with a faint smile on his face. He survived. Imagine that.

He owed someone up there a thank you. Thank you for keeping them safe.

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Can we get a ryden timeline... xx (love the blog)

thank you anon xo, and I can do a Ryden timeline and edit: I took the readmore out because it doesn’t work on mobile so sorry this is going to be lengthy, and I apologize, some of the stuff I’m gonna say I can not find the articles or pictures to back myself up.

I think I’m gonna do this timeline by year 


Ryan and Jac, Brendon and Audrey

  -So back in like the wee baby days of Panic! Ryan and Brendon both dated a couple of “scene queens’ (oh early 00′s) and I wouldn’t mention it but there are sceenshots of conversations between the two girls saying stuff like “Oh your boyfriend turned mine gay.” and a few other things about the boys having a thing.

Ryan’s Livejournal

-Here’s the tumblr post all of his entries are on, seriously give them a read in your freetime

-he’s deleted the account, so :(. Like right after the Myrtle Beach stuff but that is the next thing

-So his livejournal, full of teenage angst, the early developments of songs from fever, vague relationship posts, great banter between him and brendon including:

-I apologize there are a few other things of them interacting on lj but I can’t fine any screenshots or anything of them

Kerrang! Slow Dancing article

-So basically in a December 2006 issue of Kerrang! they put in an article and I quote  “Urie and Ross crack up as they slow-dance together through the heaving dressing room, belting out ‘All These Things That I’ve Done’ by fellow Las Vegas quartet The Killers as they glide through the crowd.”

-Don’t believe me here’s a pic of the article with that paragraph circled, super hard to read, but it’s there

Myrtle Beach

-Shit gets sexy here (like literally)

-So the myrtle beach lore is what I would call 1/3 of the huge Ryden lore stories

-Basically after a show Panic! and their crew all went skinny dipping in Myrtle Beach

-In some interview or another I’m pretty sure one of the backup dancers on tour implied that they fucked. 

-Ryan wrote this livejournal entry about the night:

Sun, Jun 25 2006

The moon bred new Atlantic life tonight.the salt burned you right out of my eyes.and secrets we’re not proud of were taken with the tide. We were all newborns with blurred vision and no sense of direction.

Today I saw cancer, cigarettes and shortness of breath.

this is why I walk to the ocean.swim with jellyfish.I may never get this chance again.

this is why if you want to kiss you should kiss.

If you want to cry you should cry, and

if you want to live you should live.

You don’t have to love me. You already did. At least enough to keep me smiling from South Carolina to’s for lovers (orjustfriends)

This is why I do it.

-and then promptly deleted his lj account shortly after that



-Seattle is already a significant place for Ryan as noted by this livejournal post:

Mon, Feb 6 2006

lay like lions in the sand..

one day we’ll settle in Seattle.

-But back to what this is really for (also totally copy and pasting this from my seattle post yesterday)

-Ryan turned 21 Pete Wentz  threw his party at one of his clubs in NYC, none of the other Panic! were 21 yet so they were already in seattle for the next show they were playing. 

^^^ Ryan @ his bday party,  -But anyways sometime during that night Ryan left his birthday party to fly out to Seattle, and was spotting in a resturant with Brendon, and a fan reconized them and got a picture which is here (sorry she’s blurred out I can’t find one not like that.)

-So yeah our boy left is own bday party to be with Brendon and wrote a song about it ( more on that in the next section) 

 -Ryan and Brendon also did an interview together around that same time where Ryan was still wearing the outfit from his B-day party and Brendon was wearing what he wore in that picture with a fan. Link to that interview: Here


-2ish years since fever

-How much detail so I gotta go into here? That album was gay as fuck.

- It’s lengthy so I won’t go into depth but this entire album is basically about a summer love, more specifically the two people in love (Ryan and Brendon since this is a Ryden thing) Who use “the sun” and “the moon” to refer to eachother. It’s up for debate who’s who. And i’m not going to get into it

-Most notably is the lyric “We must reinvent love.” From Mad as Rabbits which is quoting a poem by a gay man about how since he doesn’t like women love must be reinvented

Northern Downpour (yeah I had to give this it’s own section)

 -This is a song on pretty.odd is heavily suspected to be about that night in Seattle, including lyrics such as “I missed your skin when you we’re East, you clicked your heels and wished for me.” (Ryan was in NYC which is east of Seattle), along with Seattle is rainy and in the North of the US.

-Ryan told Brendon to pay special attention to the lyric “I know the world’s a broken bone, but melt your headaches call it home.” and that is the lyric he got chocked up on playing it post-split

-Also during the Live in Chicago performance Brendon sings “Northern Downpour sends it’s love-” and then adds in and “I love you.” Right after.

Cape Town

-Pain, sadness

-No one knows what the fuck happened (aside from those involved)

-Cape Town, South Africa is where the last Panic! show with Ryan and Jon in the band played. It’s shady, and what is know is that Ryan and Brendon were not getting along to the point where they could stand to be in the same room together so Ryan and Jon left and created The Young Veins. 

- The Young Veins just so happen to have a song called Cape Town

-There’s a lot of speculation about said song being about Ryden and the band split (wrapped up into a metaphor about a girl). Mostly because the song is about a lost love. (in cape town.)

-Another large reason this is a very significant place in Ryden lore would be the lyric comparisons from the song Cape Town by The Young Veins, and a few songs off of Vices & Virtues. Most notably. From Cape Town: “Woke me in the morning asked me if I meant it, I didn't”. And from The Calendar (A song confirmed to be about the panic! split): “And I meant everything I said that night”

-The V&V bonus track the song Bittersweet has the lyric: “I’ve been to Tokyo, and to South Africa so many places that you may say I’ve seen it all”. Cape Town is in South African, not hard to make a connect about the two. And that concludes today’s lesson on the mystery of Cape Town.

Post-Split bits and peaces

-The Young Veins went off and wrote an album all about regret called Take A Vacation!

-Brendon and Spencer went on and released Vices & Virtues which is full of salt and bitterness. Salty Breakup album. 

-Ryan and Brendon parallel lyrics to eachother and I reccomend doing research on it or shooting me an ask and I’ll talk about it. 

And that is a timeline of Ryden 2004-2011ish. Feel free to ask me for more post breakup stuff (like Halloween, or the whole ‘they were cool after the split to now they rarely talk’ ) This is just getting lengthy but I will answer more questions on it

there’s a windows update going around, so here are some friendly reminders
  • go over your privacy settings again, even if you did the pre-update survey thing
  • there will be things you want to change or didn’t know existed or that are new that they enabled by default which you’ll want to disable depending on how you use your device
  • check if there are any new ~windows default apps~ that have been installed (or old ones you already got rid of once that have been reinstalled) and clean that shit up
  • make sure system restore is enabled, even if you already manually enabled it before the update***

*** if you have windows 10 and you have not manually enabled system restore, you do not have it enabled. without system restore there is no midway point between “turn it off and turn it on again” and “whelp, reset the computer and have to reinstall all your programs and reconfigure all your settings.” this is a stupid thing for windows to have turned off by default and i do not understand why windows 10 does this.

to turn on system restore in windows 10:

1. in the regular settings area, go to “Update and Security”
2. go to the sub-section called “Backup”
3. under the “File History” heading, click the “More Options” link
4. this opens a section that looks like there’s nothing there, except a couple links. one should be “See advanced settings” - click that
5. this opens up a new window in the old control panel style, with options for file history settings. what you need is actually not here, because windows wanted to make this as difficult as possible.
6. in the bottom left corner there should be a couple ~related~ links, one of which is “Recovery” - click this
7. now we’re close! you should be in an old control panel style window titled “Advanced recovery tools”
8. click the link called “Configure System Restore” (it will require admin privileges)
9. this opens up another window, where you can enable system restore!
10. it will be off by default; click the “Configure” button to open up a window where you can finally tell windows to turn on fucking system restore by selecting the radial button labeled “Turn on system protection”
11. you shouldn’t need to proportion any more than the default space for restore points, which is 3%. you’ll likely never actually use that much space.
12. while you’re here you might as well create your first restore point! from now on, though, your computer should create restore points any time changes are made, such as program or updates/patch installations, etc.

Tom and Haz go to IKEA

“Okay,” as Harrison got one of the trollies, Tom stood to the side, frowning as he read over the list, “so we only need a few things, really.”

“Huh?” Harrison came back, pushing the cart as the two fell into a practiced step next to one another. Instantly, Hazs eyes were filled with the displays of items, the continuous shelves of products and the bussling crowd all trying to make their way through the maze that is IKEA.

“I said,” Tom chewed his bottom lip, eyes once again checking their list, “we only need a few things.”

Buying your own place sounds cool. Buying a place with your best friend sounds cooler. Buying stuff for your new home? Yeah, not so cool. Ellen had been generous and given Tom some essentials already, his family had brought him mundane things like toasters and kettles, and Harrison’s family had brought them cutlery and mugs. But they still needed more things, like tables and chairs, a coffee table, a toilet brush! So a trip to IKEA was needed.

“M'kay,” Harrison hummed, moving the cart slowly through the crowd. Probably not the best idea to go on a Saturday. The cart came to a stop as Tom was asked for a picture, Harrison looking through some jars without much interest. Did they need jars? Probably. We’re they on the list? Probably not. Harrison put six jars in the cart.

“So anyway,” Tom came back over, and much to Harrison’s glee, didn’t notice the jars in the cart, “we need more bedding, because although I love Ellen, seriously, I don’t want her name all over my bed sheets.”

Harrison snorted, and the two of them continued. Through the kitchen section, they picked up washing up brushes, an assortment of tea towels (they argued and couldn’t decide on one pattern), oven gloves and an apron (like damn was Harrison going to get covered in splatters of food!). As well, they got 2 frying pans, 3 oven pans, a tea pot (a proper one, not a small one which would only give you half a mug), a coffee maker and a coffee grinder.

They got food containers (“let’s get the green” “no, pink,” “Harrison, we are not having pink containers!” “Too late, they’re in the cart” “god damnit”) more jars (to Harrison’s glee), and a wine rack.

Happy, the two of them left the kitchen section. Tom doesn’t know how, but things kept adding to his list, the important list he had spent hours ensuring was right, grammatically correct and everything. “Where the heck do you read wine rack on here Haz?” He asked, flipping over the list a few times.

“Right there,” Harrison continued pushing through, now making their way into the dining section.



Tom sighed, giving up and folding the list away. Fine, okay, they were doing this free style, although he was TOLD not to. He could do this, sure, okay.

“How about this one?” Harrison pointed at a dining set, dark grey and black.

“How the fuck do you pronounce that?” Tom squinted at the name, as if it would magically change and give him the answer.

“Henrisk,” Harrison tried, leaning on the cart as he tilted his head.

“Henrietta?” Tom tired, chewing his thumb.

“Hakunna Matatta?” Harrison joked.

“Just get the number down,” Tom sighed, grabbing a pencil and jotting down the number. It was the ‘Henriksdal’ set.

“We need some fancy as fuck decorations,” Harrison decided, going over to the shelving.

“No we don’t,” Tom whined, following after him.

“Yeah we do, how else we going to impress people when they come over? Fancy adults have fancy decorations.”

Tom rubbed at the top of his nose, muttering to himself. Harrison was having more fun that him, but then again, he wasn’t the one paying.

“This,” Harrison held up a weird looking glass vase, black swirls running up it. “The Frindane,” Harrison attempted, completely mispronouncing the word.

“No, were going simple,” Toms eyes scanned frantically, before Harrison could put his beloved 'Firande’ vase in. His eyes landed on a bowl, simple yet sophisticated. The 'Nödändig’ bowl. Tom grabbed it and put it in, pushing the cart away from Harrison.

Most the rest of the shopping trip was the same, and 4 hours and 3 carts later, the two were taking their shopping out.

“Dude,” Tom sighed, his wallet considerably lighter, “we did not need 10 packs of candles.”

“You always have to be prepared for a power cut.”

As they came over to Toms car, the two realised they might have a problem. Their two dozen bags, 3 rugs and 4 large boxes weren’t going to fit. The two stood there for a couple of minutes, neither doing anything, just staring at the problem. “I’ll call dad,” Tom grumbled after a few minutes of tense silence.

So they waited another hour for Dom Holland to arrive. They’d packed half the stuff, including the large boxes, but still had a rug and nine bags to pack up.


They got all the shopping back, Dom helping them carry the bags up to their flat before sitting down and having a cup of tea, observing his son and basically over son unpack and make a mess.

“Right,” he pushed away from the counter, “got to go,” he rinsed out the Spider-Man mug, placing it on the drainer before making his leave, waving again as a chorus of “bye” and “see ya” followed after him.

Harrison was elbow deep in packaging, pulling out the new bookcase they got. “Thank god for your dad,” he grinned, pulling out another slat. Around the flat lay empty boxes, torn apart packaging and half put together furniture.

Tom lay face first on the floor, arms and legs out wide. He groaned, “he could’ve helped us actually put everything together.”

“Where’s the fun in that?” Harrison was flipping over the instructions, trying to find the right way. You wouldn’t think they would be this hard.

“Mnhm, yeah,” Tom rolled over to his side, looking over at Harrison. His head was held up by his hand, as he tapped against his skull, “but it’s gonna be ages to get this shit all done.”

“You could’ve got them to put it all together, you know?”

“Like hell I was!” Tom scoffed, “this lot cost a bomb anyway, don’t need no guys charging us more for something we could do ourselves!”

“If you actually start putting them together…” Harrison pointed out, eyebrows raised.

“I fucking hate IKEA.”

Fix You

Sherlock x reader

Summary: Life is too short to push those who love you away from you. Sherlock had to learn it the hard way.

Warnings: Angst. 

Request: @sherlockourhero “heyy, could you do a sherlock x reader based on the song ‘fix you’ by coldplay? hope you had a nice day:) *hug*”

A/N: Good read everyone! Heard the song for the first time and it’s beautiful. Won’t deny I cried a little writing this. The song is too beautiful. Lyrics go in bold.

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Nice To Meet You -13-


He feels silly. No silly isn’t the word. Nothing about him is silly. He is the Dark Knight. Gotham’s protector.  Yet here he is, perched on a rooftop holding a picnic basket, waiting for his estranged son to show so he can bring him giftwrapped sweets. It was a strange feeling, and now that he was away from the woman who had influenced him to bring the treats, he’s not sure that bending to her will was the best idea that he ever had.

He waited for what felt like hours, menacingly holding a basket of baked goods in hands as he waited for the younger man. Oracle told him that this was one of the stops that he frequented at night, and Bruce understood why. It wasn’t a particularly tall building, but the angle that the building sat at provided a full of view of some of the most crime ridden areas of Gotham. It was the perfect place to pick up intel on case where there are few leads.

The familiar thump of boots catches Batman’s attention. Turning his gaze from the street, he isn’t surprised to find Jason standing there, gun outstretched waiting for Batman to make the first move.

“Jason,” he starts.

“So, you found me, huh? Oracle?”


A frustrated sigh leaves the young man’s lips and he mutters, “I knew my channels were being bugged.”

“That’s not important right now, Jason. People are being hurt, and I need to analyze the device you’ve taken so that that I can find a lead.”

“Why don’t you go find one yourself? Oh, that’s right, you got your ass kicked when you tried. Maybe you should leave this to me, old man. You’ve seem to have lost your step in your old age.”

“Now isn’t the time to be childish. People’s lives are in danger and you not sharing that information is slowing this investigation down. You and I both know that you don’t have the facilities to process the devices that you found and that you’re probably just as stumped as I am. Being stubborn isn’t going to help anyone, Jason.”

“And you are?” The boy scoffed. “What have you been doing? I’ve been out here every night looking for these people. Do you know how many people are missing already? It’s not just people from that stupid firm, it’s all kinds of people. Sex workers, drugged out kids, homeless people. But did you notice? No. It wasn’t until your little girlfriend said something that you even cared.”

Batman, taken aback by this information, remained silence. How many people were gone? Why hadn’t he noticed?

“You want to pretend that you care about the people, but how many of the forgotten have you actually paid attention to? How many of them are you eager to help?”

Batman doesn’t say anything, guilt eating at him. Was Jason, right?  Had he been ignoring people who needed his help? What had he been distracted by that he hadn’t noticed something that had clearly been happening right under his noses. He needed time to think, but right now wasn’t that time, he needed to figure out some way to get Jason to give him what he needed. That would be the only way he could begin to make right everything that had been going wrong.

He clenches his fist and at the movement the forgotten picnic basket hit his leg.

“I know I haven’t been everything that you’ve wanted me to be, Jason, but you have to help me help these people. We won’t be able to solve this separately, you and I both know that.”

“There you go again, underestimating me. I can do more than you think I can, more than what you’ve been doing anyway.”

“Take this,” Batman says holding out his arm presenting the basket of baked goods.”

“The fuck is this?”

“The woman,” he starts. “She made these for you, she thought it would help. She wants you to help find her friend.”

“What’s in it?” Jason questions skeptically.

“She made you some things to eat and she told me she left you a note.”

“A note?”

“Like I said, she wants your help.”

“How do I know this isn’t a trick?”

“Didn’t you just say that I was ignoring people in need? Are you going to do the same? You’ve met her, saw what they were going to do to her if she had been in her apartment. She’s in just as much danger as all the others, but her main concern is finding her friend and the people have been taken. She thinks you can help.”

Jason doesn’t say anything and instead uses his gun to motion for Batman to put the basket down. He does and he backs away from the basket.

“Make the right decision, Jason.”

Jason doesn’t respond and instead he keeps his gaze on the basket. When he looks back up to the spot where Batman had been, the man is gone and he’s left alone on the roof with his picnic basket full of sweets.


Technically, you aren’t supposed to be on the premises. If they wanted they were going to be sticklers, they could decide that your presence in the building, was proof that you didn’t need the time you requested off. Hopefully, they wouldn’t be complete assholes about it.

Sitting in Bruce’s big house, by yourself made you uncomfortable, and using your time off to wallow and cry in your room wasn’t something that was productive either. You strongly believed that Bruce would do everything that he could to help find Camille and the others, and hopefully Jason would help too. However, there were still things that you could do that they couldn’t. It would look strange if Bruce Wayne suddenly bust in to your firm and started asking questions about the missing employees, but you could do that. And that’s what you decided to do when you left the manor this afternoon.

Taking the elevator up to the top floor of your building, your heart was thumping in anticipation. You recalled how strange your boss, Johnathan Preston, had been acting the day you met him in the copy room. Hopefully he was better now, and you’d be able to get answers out of him and Carlisle.  

The elevator stops with a thud and a ding and your let out into the lushly furnished top floor of you accounting firm. It was different than the other floors, much more traditional than the modern offices you and your colleagues were used to working in. You supposed that when courting potential clients, who tended to be older, it wouldn’t be considered to professional to have a bean bag and lava lamp corner in the offices of the CEO’s. And while you would allow them that caveat, in your opinion, needing the entire floor for two people was a bit much.

The whole floor was sectioned off into three sections. The entrance hall, a room where the moment you step out of the elevator is set up like a traditional waiting room at any large company. The secretaries desk sat imposingly in the middle along with dark brown chairs that matched well with the cream-colored tile that decorated the floor. From there the room grew a little more eccentric. The walls where a shade or two lighter in color than the chairs and decorated with auctioned pieces of art. The remaining to two sections where kept behind these walls. The first, to the left, was a pale silver door, with the name Johnathan Preston inscribed in gold cursive lettering. You’d been in Preston’s office before to get a commendation when your floor had over performed one quarter in a way that hadn’t been expected. With such a large amount of space available, it felt like going into someone’s apartment more than it did feel like going into another person’s office. To the right of you, the same door was nestled into the wall with the name Michael Carlisle inscribed in gold rather than Preston’s. You imagined his office was similar as well.

The moment that your foot to ouches the tiled floor of the office, the familiar click of heels rings through your ears and you’re accosted by their secretary.

Kristen Trainer was an interesting woman. A naturally tall woman who opted to accentuate her height with high-heeled shoes. She sported unnaturally fiery red hair that she always kept at in a tight bun. The tightness of the bun aged her as it tightly pulled at the skin around her eyes, assuring that there would be premature wrinkles as a result of the displacement. You figured she did it on purpose though, with her hair pulled away from her face, she could easily intimidate any unwelcome guest with her hawk like blue eyes. Cold orbs that judged anyone rather harshly if they worked anywhere lower than two floors down from her boss’s office.  People like you were peasants.

She approached you quickly as you walked on to the floor she occupied. Walking over to you with long limbs that were strangely accentuated in a dour gray pantsuit, you felt dread fill your mind as you realized that you would have to engage with the woman.

“May I help you?” She questions with a thin lipped hollow smile.

“Uh, yeah I just need to seem, them.” It sounds bad coming from your lips. You know her eyebrow is going to arch in suspicion.  That the first thing that she would ask you would be if you had an appointment.  If you didn’t and couldn’t make a reasonable case as to why you should be able to see them, you’d likely be thrown out of the building and taken off your leave of absence.

“Appointment?” She asks with a cock of her head as her eyebrow expectedly lifts in question.

“No,” you state. “But there is something I need to speak to them about, concerning the safety of the employees.”

Her lips purse skeptically and her body shifts so her weight rests solely on her heels. This results in her being able to get a full look at your form and being able to judge you and your appearance. You didn’t look particularly bad today, just weren’t wearing anything that would be considered anything appropriate in such a distinguished firm. Her hand strangely comes up to rest on her chin. You can see her roll something metallic in her hand but can’t make out what it is.

“Perhaps you can tell me what this is about and I can relay the message to Mr. Preston or Mr. Carlisle, when they return.”

“They aren’t here?”

“They are very busy men,” she says smoothly. “They won’t be in for the rest of the week. If you leave a name and number perhaps I’ll be able to squeeze you in next week.”

“Alright?” you say slight confused by her willful compliance. You know from experience that woman is usually like a shark, and hunts out anyone whom she thinks may just be a minor annoyance. That she micromanages their schedule to the minute. For her to be so forgiving about your intrusion is strange.

“I’ll get going then,” you say beginning to turn around and head back to the elevator.

“Enjoy your day,” she calls with a strange tone as you quickly make your way back into the elevator.

When the elevator closes, the smile falls from Kristen’s lips. The hand by her face never moving.

“Did you hear that? Our lost lamb is on the way down.”


The moment that you realize that something is wrong, comes when your elevator goes past the ground floor.

As the light passes from G to L and continues descending you begin to rapidly press at the buttons. There is no response from the buttons. Even the telltale signs light behind the plastic fixtures don’t react to your rough pushes.

There is a bright red emergency button sticking out and your finger finds it quickly. As you press rapidly, you hear clicks, as if a phone is trying to connect, but no matter how many times you press, there is no actual response.

Your hand rubs against the pocket of your jeans you reach for your phone but think better of it. So far down underground, the likelihood of getting a signal was low.

Feeling your spine tingle with worry you begin to panic.  Looking up at the ceiling you began to jump, hoping that you would be able to reach at one of the panels that rests on the celling. Perhaps there would be away to escape and search for help. Unfortunately, there are no rails or anything that could be used to increase your height to reach on of the panels.

You were stuck in a situation in which you had no control over and one in which you were likely in danger. This is what you’d been worried would happen your entire life, and now that you were trapped, it felt like all the precautions and observations that you normally took all counted for nothing.

The elevator comes to a stop finally as it hits the ground with a thud that causes the cab of the elevator to rock with the impact. The doors of the elevator ding but they don’t open immediately.

As time begins to pass, your heart begins to thud in your chest, and despite the fact that you find yourself huddled and motionless in a small corner of the elevator, your skin begins to get dewy with sweat.

The inhale and exhale of your breath seems loud and, reflexively, your had comes up to your mouth in order to try and quiet the sound. There is no point to that though, being quiet won’t help in this situation. The lights in the elevator are, unfortunately, in peak condition. Your huddled form is more than easily visible.

Five minutes go by and there is not a sound made from outside of your temporary safe haven. The only thing you can here is the creaking of the metal frame of the box that your trapped in. Each second that your left in this box, the warmer it becomes, the harder the air gets to breathe. You aren’t sure if that is because there is an actual lack of circulation in the box or if your panicking is making it worse.

Finally, to your horror and relief, there is a slight pounding on the door. A sharp tap raps at the door followed by and achy creek as the doors of the elevator are smoothly wrenched open.

You can’t see the form that is standing there at first. The light in the elevator makes it difficult for your eyes to separate the figure from the darkness that is surrounding them in the hall.

There is a deep chuckle that spews from whatever waits for you. The timbre of the voice is unsettling, and the deepness of it gives you and image of a rather large man. Your guess is proven right as a large boot cladded foot takes its first step into the elevator.

The rust stained metal boot is large and square in shape, it’s so big that you are certain that it has been exaggerated for effect. To make you feel afraid, there is no human on earth that has foot that bag, no matter how tall they are. As the figure leans forward, the light begins to spill over their form. Large thighs, both with muscle and fat, are tightly encased in brown stained khakis. A large rounded belly is covered in a black apron that is stained form indecipherable liquids. Thick muscled hairy arms give way to butcher gloved hands.

You try to take in all that you can about the man, but you are stopped when you reach his face. There is nothing to memorize. A clean, plastic, white sheep mask is positioned over his face. It’s eerie, with its pink tongue hanging slightly out his mouth. The eyes of the mask are dark, making it nearly impossible for you to make the color of his eyes.

“There you are, little lamb,” he coos. “We missed you at home the other day. Some naughty boys were there instead.”

If you could push yourself further into a corner you would. His voice is chilling, its deep but he’s using a sickeningly sweet affect that makes your skin crawl.

As he moves upon you he continues, “Your poor friend, she’s been so lonely. It must be so hard at such a crucial time.”

“Y-you’re the one who took Camille?” You question voice small.

He cocks his head, “Well, yes and no. But that’s not important.”

“Where is Camille?” You push, voice stronger than it previously had been. “Did you hurt her?”

“Oh my,” he hums as he watches you attempt to stand. “You are feisty.”

“Where is she?!” You question fists balling in anger. It’s not smart, you know better. There is clearly something not right with this man, and his size and weight alone would be enough to squash you, especially as you have no place to run in such a small area. But you can’t help it, something in you is pushing you to be brave.

“Don’t raise your voice to me, little lamb!” he says harshly, large gloved finger pointing at you in an almost accusatory fashion. “It’s not the prey’s job to question.”

“Stop calling me that!” You hiss. “Did you take the others too?”

“Be quiet!” He hisses as he starts to advance upon you. Despite his size, he quickly closes the distance between the two of you and his hand goes for you neck almost instantly.

The gloved hand has a putrid smell and you almost gag as it wafts in your nose. As you begin to struggle and claw at the hand around your neck, he tightens his grip and it sends a shiver of pain down your spine. He uses his left hand to dip into the pocket of his apron. A damp gray cloth is produced and he begins to move it toward you face.

“Maybe this way the little lamb will behave better.”

The cloth his pressed over your mouth and nose and your forced to breathe through as you gasp for air.

It’s not long before you can feel yourself losing control of your limbs and soon your vision is dark.


The Brownie Woman’s brownies were something Jason was willing to admit were amazing. They were perhaps his favorite thing to come out of that stupid bask that Bruce brought him. The fact that he was currently on a stake out, and he couldn’t stop thinking about them was a testament to how good they were. It also didn’t help that he had received such soppy letter from a woman he didn’t even know. Even now he could hear her unspoken words in his ear.

“Dear Jason,


           I know you don’t know me or my friend, but I feel like you know what it’s like to be alone. That’s how I feel right now, all alone. And it’s a feeling that is almost too much to bare. I told Bruce that I trusted him, and that I know that he would be able to help me find her, but I don’t think that he understands how much I need her. How much I need to know that she’s safe.  Camille is probably the most important person to me. Without her, I don’t know if I would have survived my first two years in Gotham. She saved me from caving in on myself. When I first came here, I knew no one besides my bosses. I’m used to living in big cities, but everyone should know that living in Gotham is different. I was robbed three times the first month I arrived, and had never been more scared. Every corner held a new monster for me and my paranoia sprang forth like it never had before. It got to the point where I wouldn’t leave my apartment, unless it was to go to work, and most of those days I would stay and work from home. I was afraid of the people would deliver my groceries or my mail. I was even afraid when my landlord came to check up on me to make sure I hadn’t hurt myself. I was in a dark place.


           On her first day of work, Camille approached me with the widest smile I ever saw. She tried to get me to shake her hand, but I couldn’t. She was a stranger and I was afraid. I was afraid of a tiny woman who can’t even open her own jam jars.  She left me alone that first day, and for the week after that, but every day I noticed that she would move her work station a little closer to mine. She traded artisanal and imported teas for whatever desk she wanted, until finally she was next to me. Even then she didn’t speak. She didn’t force me to do what I wasn’t ready to. And then one day I realized I didn’t start my work until she was there, and that the tea that she would sit on my desk in the morning helped me work better. That I knew her birthday and she knew mine, and I knew the name of her first boyfriend, and that I was suddenly in her wedding. We were going to the movies every two weeks and I was spending the night at her house and giggling like school girls while we watched scary movies. She had saved me and I didn’t even know it. I was able to live again because of her. I want to be able to do the same thing she did for me.


           I’m not strong like you or Bruce. I don’t have fancy gadgets that helped me track down bad guys, but I can ask you to help. Please help him find my friend, Jason. It would mean the world to me if you would. I can’t offer you anything but these sweets and if you want I’ll make you more.  I know it seems selfish to ask you to save one person, especially when so many others are missing, but please help.




P.S., I didn’t know what you would like so I made some of everything.  Enjoy.”

She didn’t leave her name, he didn’t why, so he’d been calling her Brownie Woman.  Like Bruce, he’d been roped into doing her dirty work. He found himself sitting outside of the accounting firm she and her friend worked at. Bruce mentioned something about there being over twenty people working at the firm going missing. Single people who lived alone or not, there should have been more of a fuss made about these people going missing. Someone should have noticed. The fact that the company itself hasn’t reported anything is suspicious is suspicious in and of itself.

Perched on a building across the street, he watched the comings and goings of the people leaving from the building. He’d wait for a little longer to make sure that most people were out of the building.

Soon he’s down on the ground, sneaking into the employee parking garage. With the guard gone, the only difficulty was opening the gate that guarded the remaining cars, but he’s able to overcome that barrier easily enough.

The dank gray of the parking lot was made extra creepy due to the unappealing yellow lights lightening the first floor of the garage.

There are more cars here than what he anticipated. How many people worked here?

He doesn’t have time to think on it more as the ground under his feet begins to shake. The dark concrete seemingly begins to split open. He is able to make out that there are metal spokes poking out where the ground is splitting, and he realizes that it’s not splitting, but just opening up.

He makes to move behind a pillar, to hide, whatever was coming out of the ground was clearly a danger, but the familiar hint of blue that appears causes his eyes to widen.

‘I know that van.’ He thinks to himself as the large vehicle appears from what looks to be an underground hatch.  

He’d seen the vehicle before, driving around where some of the poorer members of Gotham’s citizens resided.  It was a label less pasty blue van, rusted at the bottom, giving away how old the vehicle was.

“Holy shit,” he mumbles as his gaze sticks to the wind shield. A familiar visage sits behind the driver seat. The large man that he’d fought at Brownie Woman’s apartment sits there, and he seems to recognize Jason as well. His grip on the steering wheel seems to tighten and soon the engine begins to rev and Jason knows that its best to jump out of the way.

He moves from his position at a rapid pace and he narrowly misses being slammed against the garage door. The van begins to back up, a dent left from the impact. Jason quickly pulls one of his guns and aims for the tires.  The back two blow up without issue and this seems to send the driver into a rage as he begins to slam back into the garage over and over again.

Jason notices that there is a lock on the back of the van, and it swings wieldy every time the man slams into the door. A well-placed shot and the lock falls limply to the ground.

Hearing this, the driver sticks his head out of the window and he sneers at the masked young man. He shifts gears and begins to back up rapidly, slamming his foot on the gas. Jason jumps out of the way again, and the van slams into the concrete wall of the garage. There is a bit of smoke that fills the air, and a pause in the action in the area.

The driver seems to come to his senses and revs the engine once again. As he begins to speed toward the garage door again. The momentum, however, forces the damaged back doors of the van open and a very large full black bag falls out of the back. Jason is quick to grab at the bag as the driver is successful at ripping through the garage door. He knows, with the shot tires that he can catch it, but the heavy bag that he was trying heave is breathing.

When he’s certain that the man isn’t coming back, he kneels beside the bag at his feet.

He takes the large zipper and begins to pull it down.

He pulls away in shock at presence in the bag. Her face slightly pale from the lack of oxygen but red where the man had tapped her lips, no doubt to keep her quiet if she’d woken up. There is a bit of blood on her forehead, likely from the tumble out of the van, but she looks to be intact.

With a sigh, he slips his phone out of his pocket and dials a familiar number.

“Bruce, I’ve got your Brownie Woman here.”


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The Pirate And His Fish 5

“Jack? How much berries we can buy with those golds?” She asked while Jack was carrying her to his cabin.

“So much.” Answered Jack chuckling at her question.

“Really?” She said looking directly into his chocolate brown eyes.

Jack loved when she gets excited at new things. “Let’s get you dry before you get sick.” Jack put her on his bed. “Let’s see!” Jack opened his chest and pulled out a white shirt and brown trousers. “You put these on and I’ll try to find you some boots.” She nodded and took the clothes from him. She knew how to wear a shirt but she didn’t know how to wear trousers. “Why didn’t you finish yet?” Jack asked with a pair of boots in his hands.

“I don’t know what to do with it.” She answered looking ashamed.

“Umm, would you like some help?”

“Yes, please.”

Jack put the boots near the bed. “Get up.” She did as he said. “Put your hand on my shoulder then put your left leg in the left hole, savvy?”

“Savvy!” She nodded.

“And now the other one.” He guides her as she wore the trousers. “Now pull it to your waist.” She let go of Jack’s shoulder and pulled the trousers. “Sit on the bed.” Jack kneed in front of her and slide her feet into the boots. “We will reach the land soon. Then we will buy you new clothes and lots of berries.” With that a big smile formed on her pink lips.

“Where are we going?”

“Tortuga, love.” Jack answered with a big smile on his face.

“Now, let’s go buy you some clothes.” Jack started walking towards to where they gonna buy her new clothes but he realized she wasn’t coming along. She was looking around with big eyes and amazed. “Love?” Jack immediately run back to her and grasp her waist. “Don’t go anywhere without me knowing, love.”

She looked at his with innocent and embarrassed eyes. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s ok, love. I just don’t want you to get lost.” She smiled at his kindness.

When they arrived to shop a blond woman came to them.

“Well, well, isn’t it Jack Sparrow?” A smiled formed on blond woman’s red painted lips.

“Ah! Maria! There should be Captain in somewhere, love.” Jack smirked at blond woman called Maria.

When Jack called Maria love, she felt a little jealousy in her heart. “We are here to buy some clothes for this beautiful lady.” Jack gestured her.

“Let’s see. Would you like a dress, a skirt or pants?” Maria asked while looking at the clothes on her shop.

“We’ll take pants. I don’t want her trip and fall.” Jack answered for her. She was glad he did because she didn’t know what was she talking about.

“How about this?” Maria asked holding a shirt and a corset in her hands.

Jack shook his head no. “I want something…more like this.” He was holding a tight corset in his hand. “How about this, love?” Jack turned her with a smile on his face. “I think you would look beautiful in it.”

She smiled what Jack said. “I like it.”

“See!” Jack returned to Maria with a knowing look on his face.

“I have more corsets like that. Give me a sec, dear.” Maria went to a room behind the stall.

“Come, love.” Jack signaled for her to come. “I also want you to try these.” Jack gave her two leather pants. One black, one brown. “If you like it, we’ll buy two more.” She nodded her head.

“Here you go, dear.” Maria came back with four more corsets.
She took all the corsets but she didn’t know how to wear. 

“Umm…Can you help?” 

Maria looked at her and Jack confused. “Where did you exactly find this girl, Jack?”

“That’s none of your business! Just help her, would you?” Jack looked at her annoyed.

“Come, dear.” Maria lead her to changing room. “Take off your shirt.” She took off her shirt as she said. After Maria helping her to wear her corset it was time for her leather pants. Without Maria need to tell her, she took them of. “Oh, my! You have no underwear!?” Maria was shocked. She wanted to answer but she didn’t know what she was talking about. “Wait here, dear.” Maria carefully leave the room.

“Where is she?” Jack asked impatiently.

“She is not finished! She doesn’t have an underwear!” Maria looked at him with an angry expression.

“She doesn’t like them.” Jack simply told her.

“You’re up to something, Jack Sparrow!” Maria left Jack without letting him say something back.

After Maria helping her to wear the clothes Jack choose for her she didn’t want to go out. “Come on, dear. If you stay here one more minute Jack will die from impatience.”
She nodded and left the room with Maria. Jack was looking at dresses. Maria cleared her throat and got Jack attention. “You look beautiful, love.” Jack smiled at her.

She immediately felt her cheeks burning. “But why she is bare feet, Maria?” Jack was really annoyed.

“You didn’t pick her boots, idiot.”
Jack just narrowed his eyes at her and waltz through the shoe section. He came back with two boots in his hands. “Try this, love.” He gave her brown boots. She remembered how Jack put them on her in the ship and put them on quickly. “Are you comfortable in these?” He asked gesturing her clothing. She nodded her head yes with a small smile. “Are they all same size?” He turned to Maria and she nodded. “We buy them all. And 2 more pants.”

“I’ll put some underwear for you, dear.” Maria winked at her.

“Thank you!” Maria was preparing the bags when her eyes widened and shout a bit. “The shirt!” She ran back to room where she changed and gather the clothes and came back with a relief expression.

“Love, you don’t need them anymore.” Jack looked at her.

“I know but I love the shirt.” She answered like a little girl.

“Well, give them to Maria so she can put them with others.”

“Don’t you want me to try others? What if they are too small or too big?” She asked after giving the clothes to Maria.

“Then I’ll buy you new ones. She asks too much questions and I don’t want her to know what you are.” Jack whispered the last part to her ear. Her smile faded when he said What Not Who. “What’s wrong, love?” Jack immediately realized her sudden sadness.

“I’m not a what! I’m a who!” She said with a small sad voice.

“Oh, love! That’s not what I meant! I’m sorry!” Jack kissed her forehead.

“It’s ok.” She said with a small smile that formed after Jack’s kiss. When Maria finished Jack paid and they left the shop.
Mr. Gibbs waiting outside the shop. “Capt'n!”

“Take these to ship, Mr. Gibbs. We are going to buy berries.” Jack handed the bags to Mr. Gibbs.

“Are there fruits like red balls?”

Jack frowned at her question. “Red balls? You mean strawberries?” She nodded at her head yes with enthusiasm. “Yes there, love. Would you like to buy some?”

“Can we?” She asked with big eyes.

“Of course we can, love.” Jack chuckled and pulled her to his side.

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Sooo, did you guys like it? Do you want part 6? If you have ideas about the story pls share :) .

people be talking about how the mechas in the toy store look like unversed, which i agree with, and since we know babynort is present for that section, i wonder if it might give some more context to this one random scene from ddd

yeahmynameissushi  asked:

DONT THINK ABOUT THIS!!!!WHATEVER YOU DO DONT IMAGINE BEING DOMESTIC WITH HARRY!!!!Like just going on a target run or grocery shopping. He'd roll around the cart while you get what u need & making stupid comments like "you don't need MORE pasta, Y/N. You still have three boxes left!" or when you put things in the cart that weren't on your shopping list "What do you need those mason jars for??" "i saw a thing on pinterest the other day that I wanna try" despite you not having any artistic ability


  • he has a tendency to immediately drift towards that one section of Target, where everything is $5 or lower
    • and he’s trying to convince you that you should decorate your apt for Christmas by holding up the $3 lights and window decorations
    • when he finds the succulents it’s a never-ending battle between him putting them in and you taking them out
  • as he’s comparing the nutrients on protein bar boxes, you come up behind him and wrap your arms around his waist peering around his shoulder at the various boxes
    • he absentmindedly reaches behind him to hold onto your waist, mumbling “love yeh” as he’s searching among the snacks
  • “Y/N, we’ve got two mo’ bags of those chips back home…”
    • “Okay, and? I’ve got a coupon.”
  • don’t even THINK about him drifting towards the baby section, looking at the tiny booties with that stupid smile on his face, before quickly turning around to scour the pajama section before you notice
    • and then you’re looking at the small onesies and whatnot but Harry actually catches you looking and immediately comes over, tucking his head on your shoulder
    • “Think I’d get us tha’ one, if we had a baby.”
  • and then back in the grocery section: “Should we go with generic brand or the fancy one?”
    • “It’s pasta sauce, I don’t think it matters. Go generic, it’s cheaper.”
      • “…No, I don’t want generic, Y/N, I want it to taste real.”
      • “Then why did you ask?”
      • “Thought you’d want some input.”
      • “Then listen to it!”
      • “…I’m gettin’ the organic one.”
  • and driving around to run errands together ???
    • he’s changing the radio station constantly to skip commercials
    • he’s got his window down even though its 30 degrees outside
    • he’s putting six boxes of hot chocolate in the cart, cheekily grinning at you and giving you a smack on the cheek
    • and you put mistletoe in the cart and he’s all blushing and whatnot
      • and as you two continue shopping, you keep turning around to find him dangling it above you so you’d give him a kiss
  • or just rifling through clothes together, holding shirts up above the rack to show one another from across the store
    • if he likes it, he gives you a thumbs-up and if he doesn’t it’s a general nod and tongue-sticking-out face
  • Harry checking off the list at the end of the trip, nice and orderly with his pen and notepad
    • “Think we’ve got everythin’?”
      • “I dunno, Haz, we’re here everyday because we keep forgetting shit. Who even knows?”
      • “That’s the spirit, love, now let’s get in line befo’ that family of nine reaches the register, don’t wanna wait fo’ that.”
tutorial: cropping & editing icons on mac

Howdy everyone!

jerry-mod here with your first tutorial! we’re going to go all the way from start to finish, so depending on how much you know, you’ll probably be able to skip some of this. i, however, am leaving no stone unturned. so before we dive in, let’s gather our materials!

  • first of all you’re gonna make sure you’re using a macOS. duh right? it’s in the title.
  • if you have a mac, you have Quicktime, but you know i figured i’d mention it.
  • this tutorial will use Photoshop CC6, however i have used this method on CS5 as well. (really, as long as you can use timeline, you SHOULD be good. the positioning may be a little different though.)
  • you’ll want a frame ripper for this method… unless you’re using pre-made frames or print-screening. i personally use SnapMotion but i’m sure there are more comprehensive ones. 
  • Photoscape is a bonus feature for this tutorial. i’ll show you how to mass edit file names with and without it.

okay! this tutorial WILL be image-heavy so if you’re ready, click the cut!

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