SNK PRINTS FOR AX im not sure if im gonna print them as normal sized prints or mini prints?? I FEEL LIKE THEY MIGHT LOOK WEIRD AS A NORMAL PRINT IDK

they’re individual prints but if you line them up in the right order the ribbons line up h a haha

Rumplestiltksin. This thing we have it’s never been easy. I have lost you so many times. I have lost you to darkness, to weakness, and finally to death. But now I realize, I realize that I have not spent my life loosing you. I’ve spent my life finding you.

Belle. When we met, I wasn’t just unloved and unloving. I was an enemy of love. Love had only brought me pain. My walls were up, but you brought them down. You brought me home. You brought light into my life and chased away all the darkness. And I vow to you. I will never forget the distance between what I was and what I am. I owe more to you than I can ever say. How you can see the man behind the monster, I will never know.

But that monster is gone, the man beneath him maybe flawed. But we all are. And I love you for it. Sometimes the best book has the dustiest jacket. And sometimes the best teacup is chipped.


wowowow the zine fair went so well today, thank you so much to everyone who came! I meant to be able to start shipping more copies of IMAGINARY GIRL BANDS straight away but… I sold out of them all at the fair hehe. thank you everyone who bought one :)

unfortunately i also have a real job that i have to go to, so i can’t print any more until wednesday!  copies are now available to buy on my etsy and they’ll start shipping from 19th feb.

i also sold out of the 25 limited edition copies! working with calderapress to do the riso printing was the best thing ever and i’m certain i will want to work on more riso things again with them in the future! 

thanks again to everyone who supports artists & zinemakers, zines love you & so do i xxx

Easy Ways to Promote Your Tarot Business

You took the time to set your tarot business up right (aka legit). You have a sound structure, a gorgeous website, a comfortable office, and your favorite tarot deck.


You may have thought that if you built it, they would come. But nada. Nilch. No fish are biting in your tarot pond.

Here are a couple of easy peasy ways to promote your biz and get more eyes on your world:

Business cards – business cards have not gone the way of the triceratops (my favorite dinosaur). People still use ‘em so don’t pooh-pooh them. Get some eye-catching ones printed (I am in love with and pass them out wherever you can. Tuck a few into tarot books at your favorite bookstore if you really want to go guerilla!

Free teleseminar or podcast – teleseminars and podcasts are very popular and a fabulous way to get your work out there. You can teach a class, talk with other tarot luminaries, discuss the latest tarot decks, etc.

Local events – set up an event at your local bookstore, coffee shop or pub. (Get permission first, of course.) A tarot reading night or an intro class is a sure-fire way to get the locals excited about your work.

Blogging – regular blogging can be an effective way to build your street cred – and your SEO. I recommend putting fresh content out at least twice a month. If you can do it weekly, even better!

Guest posting – guest posting on other blogs is another way to get your work out to new audiences. Be sure to seek out venues that are not strictly tarot-oriented. A post on a blog for moms may just give your business a big spike.

Offering to speak at events – are there tarot events that you enjoy attending? Why not offer to lead a workshop or presentation? Share your ideas with the hosts and you may get invited to hit the stage. This is very good for visibility (and being able to say you’re a speaker at a big event looks great on your site).

Groupon or Living Social – these coupon sites get a lot of play. You’ll have to put your services on a deep discount (which sucks) but it will bring more traffic into your office and that may later pay off.

Social media – are you on social media? Don’t ignore it. Whether you choose Twitter (my fave), Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or any others, just pick one, do it well, and be consistent. Most of these are free and easy to use. No “I can’t understand tech” excuses.

A free newsletter + opt-in –  as they often say, “it’s in the list.” There is major truth to that. Get a newsletter set up (MailChimp is super popular) and create a unique opt-in that gets people jazzed to sign up. Make sure you are putting out your newsletter regularly, at least once a month.

And that’s the secret to any sort of promotion: be consistent. Be visible on a regular basis so people get your name on their minds and lips.

If you make the effort, your tarot business field of dreams can become your reality.

© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2015

Check out this post: 10 Ways to Grow and Expand Your Tarot Business

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1, 2, 3 or 4? (translations beneath the pictures)

I want to do one more print, but I can’t decide what to use.. these are chronological in order of the ideas I got…

if you could help me I’d me eternally grateful!!

and I need help with Japanese: 一所懸命 or 一生懸命?

also with 3 and 4: with or without name?

I got called away due to work during this afternoon’s trend (grrrrr) but I saw this floating around the tag so it looks like it trended worldwide at some point, yes?

Either way, outstanding job, Olicity fans. Thank you for assembling so quickly and coming out to help with the trend.  Monday’s new issue of Arrow Season 2.5 comics (#13) is bound be to a great one.  I can’t wait to read it!  And for 99 cents you can’t go wrong.

If you haven’t been reading, you’ve got a great weekend (and chilly, too, if you’re in certain parts of the country, geez! Brrrrrrr!) to catch up on all the previous chapters.  You can find them at:


Barnes & Noble


DC Comics


and more (anywhere that sells ebooks).  Print copies are also available, but lagging behind for obvious reasons, if you want to check your local comic book stores.

sooooooo I was pondering about a thing

I have to print portfolios for stuff, and of course the more I print, the less it actually cost me, so I was thinking about printing some extra few and sell them to make up for the moneys spent?

my illustration portfolio is basically an A4 format 12 pages artbook with a collection of those I consider my best not shippy and absolutely SFW art pieces, and each copy will include a personalized b&w bust piece on the last page (buyer can decide the subject). 

as for the price, I was thinking about maybe 25$ each (shipping and handling included for Europe, +5$ for the rest of the world)… a commission of that kind alone would normally cost 20$, so it’d be quite a deal!

does it sound like something that may be interesting?

Calligraphy Part 2

Got new calligraphy supplies.  I have to say the dip style pens are way more fun than the cartridge kind, but not having to constantly dip is a plus.  

Below are some images of my calligraphy practice.  Enjoy, copy, and share!

Have fun with it! I downloaded some easy and fun calligraphy sheets. You can Google search for some really good free ones. They are nice to get a hang of it, then go free handed!  

I found some great tips and free practices sheets via



I honestly don’t understand how people can go back years into someone’s past and start pulling receipts that include one word from a hour long interview. Like go do something more productive. Don’t run around here printing bills for people when your ass probably do the same shit. You just lowkey about it, that’s what nobody caught your ass yet.

if youre going to get a phone case, get one with a clear plastic back. then you dont have to spent $25 on some fancy design- you can make all the designs you want for one case. just print it out and put it in the case and blam. dont waste more money than u have to.

the-midnight-blogger asked:

Hey, so I saw that you're apparently and English and Drama teacher, and I just wanted to ask a quick question. You don't have to answer, obviously, but I am intrigued. What criteria does a text have to meet, if any, for you to consider it Classic Literature?

i’ve been sitting here making sad llama noises because a ‘literary canon’ is a bogus old white dude new critical concept but equally as undeniably, through printing and teaching practices, we have a classical literature canon - which is highly biased but/therefore has withstood the test of time which would probably be my one overarching criteria. so long as men can breathe and eyes can see, etc.

so what i find really interesting is whether our canon is going to be larger than that of the victorian era since a) more books are being published, and b) they are being more widely documented and discussed than ever before and how will fandom affect their survival. does the ability to connect with more people who enjoy a book, and enjoy it in multiple mediums so that it stays fresh (compare fancasting to stage productions of shakespeare - surely the freedom of adaptation is part of its appeal)?

i’m now rambling - i had no noncontacts today and had my students answer the role by telling an interesting fact so i’m a little giddy on knowledge and speculation.

Guess which of my overly popular pieces has show his face again?

Last year my “Soviet Bear” got around the ‘net without its watermark, and was left largely uncredited. It then invaded reddit and became a very one dimensional meme. Now it’s back, on Imgur, still without credit/source, which is not exactly surprising.

Excuse me, but I’d like some print sales to go with that. That is not too much to ask.

It is out of my hands. I can only hope a percentage of people can find the source of said images on my pages, or buy some prints.

Also: Does anyone have an answer regarding how to remove a print from the deviantArt site? I can’t find any option for removing a print without deleting the entire deviation. Answers?


New personal work. Second one for the “Hey Superhero” series. This time with more details and colors.

I’m loving working with both traditional and digital process. The traditional steps give a more authentic and unique look and the digital steps helps to finish the work faster when needed. As long as I have time, I go with traditional tools.

Hope you like it!

You can buy prints on INPRNT:

and on Society6:

Baby was absolutely perfect!
He/she was waving their arms about like crazy and putting their legs up haha

The woman doing my scan got a few lovely pictures but wouldn’t go back and print them, she done new ones but she was rushing to go for her lunch and the two pictures ended up pretty crap quality so I got them both for free instead of £6 each.

I feel a lot happier and more relaxed now. I probably won’t pay for a 12/13 scan because I’m feeling so much happier (but we will see how I feel in a few weeks).
Baby’s due date changed to the 7th so I’ll be 11 weeks Monday meaning just over 5 weeks till I can have a gender scan ☺️

It looks like this baby has my nose like Oliver!

anonymous asked:

You should set up a red bubble account!! If you haven't heard of it, it's a website that you can upload your ate to and add tags and fans of whatever you draw can go on there and order T-Shirts, cell phone cases, magnets, posters, and I think I'm forgetting like two more things that the company can print your stuff on and you get paid and it's just over all super cool!

Long story short with RedBubble:

  • Had one
  • Their paper print quality was really not that good to me
  • So I made an Etsy to sell my own prints, that I print myself. With blackjack! And hookers!
  • But I’m realizing trying to outsource other product is not easy for me to do…at the moment.
  • So I’ve got RB up in the other tab to take care of that.


Yo dogs I now have a RedBubble, which I will use to sell stuff. Straight-up prints are still managed through my Etsy, though.


Together, Fred Frances III, Mike Madsen and Pretty Jeff Gibbons make up Cowboy House, a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based comic collective that is both restlessly inventive and ferociously productive. Cowboy House is in the closing days of their already-funded Kickstarter for the Correspondence Club Season 3. A mere $25 gets you a brand new independent comic a month, from March 2015 through August 2015, from one of the Cowboy House creators. You will also receive prints, sketches, stickers and all kinds of other delightfully weird stuff.

Go to their Kickstarter right here and watch the video to learn more. You can even see me, sweaty, standing in the hallway of my apartment, wearing boxing gloves, and palavering about boxing and art. It’s well worth it. And when you’re done, consider pledging. I did last year, and I am going to do it again this year. I’ve got boxes and boxes of zines and independent comics and I’m always giving them away. But I keep the Cowboy House stuff, and I always will. These guys are SOLID.

anathema-the-dark asked:

Do you know what kind of things and symbols that is asociated with Sutekh? And also... How would one go about offerings? Especially since I am having trouble finding any statue and such. (Not to mention a place to put it were the kittens can't reach.) I am not too familliar with gods at all... How do I work with him? ^^;

As far as I know, the color red is usually associated with Set.
And, his “special animal”. And, “restored testicles”, and generally phallic imagery. And lettuce.

About the offerings: you don’t need a statue if it’s hard to find, you may use printed image or something that will represent Set for you.
You may go more formally about offerings and make sort of ritual. You may just take some drink and food and say “Hello Set, this is an offering for you” by your own words.
I think you can browse through KRT entries about offerings for more detailed advice :)

From myself I may add that food/drink offerings are not a “must-do” for the start. If you are not sure or not very comfortable about them, make offerings of incense and candles.
Also, I think than in building a relationship with any of the Netjeru, personal connection and interaction comes first. It does not really matter if you make very fancy offerings or just lit one candle. It matters more that your prayer comes from your heart, and that you want to join the ones who live on Maat and uphold Maat.
May be big and formal rituals will eventually become your thing. May be, in turn, the communication will all be easy and informal.
Don’t try to copy others, but don’t be afraid to try things others are doing, if you feel that these forms of devotion may work for you too.

I have not worked with Set myself (only made one offering at Wep Ronpet). Devo ( thetwistedrope ) is the one who works with him a lot! (and always ready to answer questions about him). And so, take a look at her resource page about working with Set - and you may just generally browse her Set tags :)

Additional things you may find useful:
Books (Te Velde’s and “Set, misinterpreted god" dissertation)

AE images of Set, and, the book

Setian (non-kemetic) blog

I need to pull out all of my amigurumi and take a recount so I can try selling them again. I have them listed on Storenvy, but I don’t think I counted everything right. It’s just so hard with a couple hundred jellyfish and I don’t even know what to list the colors since some yarns overlap.