Can I just thank One for being such an amazing mangaka? Like seriously people give him a hard time because his art isn’t the best, even his friends and family didn’t encourage him to become a mangaka for that reason, but here he is writing two manga at the same time and they both became an anime. You also have to give props on how different the story structure of each of them are and yet he’s able to keep them both in line and fun to read/watch.

Mob Psycho 100 Review & Analysis: What Makes One Special

Let’s not deny the obvious: the words that have been used the most when recommending Mob Psycho 100 to someone are “it’s by the same creator as One Punch Man“. Fair enough. ONE has proved to be able to come out with some successful and refreshing stories, and mentioning the creator of what was without a doubt the most popular anime of 2015 is the perfect hook. However, this comparison also has its downsides because, even if there are some obvious similarities, these are two completely different series with different intentions and different audiences in mind.


Everything I Need (One)

Anonymous asked: Hi! Just wanted to quickly say that I love your one shots. May I make a fluff request for One? You are both friends and while you are hanging out, he decides to confess. Thank you!

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    “So, I can fit all the candy in my purse, but what do you want to do with the sodas?” you asked.

    “Are you sure they won’t let us bring them in?” Jaewon asked.

    “Yeah,” you said. “I’ve been to this theater before and they’re pretty strict about it.”

    “Hmm, okay,” he said, considering. He looked down at himself, and then his face lit up. “I might be able to fit them in my pockets and then if I let my hands hang in front of them…?”

    “Brilliant,” you said. “Let’s go.”

    Jaewon laughed, sliding the bottles into his pockets and following you into the theatre. “Two tickets for Jason Bourne, please,” you said to the woman behind the front counter. You paid for the tickets, knowing Jaewon would pay you back for his once he could get to his wallet without giving up the game.

    “Okay, we’re doing good,” you whispered, winking conspiratorially at him as you walked toward the ticket-taker. The man’s eyes strayed toward Jaewon’s awkwardly covered pockets, and his expression was turning suspicious, so you quickly stepped in front of your friend, handing the man the tickets.

    “Um…” he tore the ends off the tickets before handing them back to you. “You’ll be in theatre seven, straight behind me. Have a good show.”

    “He knew,” Jaewon said firmly as soon as you walked away.

    You nodded. “He didn’t call us out on it though, so what difference does it make?”

    “I think he let us off because he thought you were cute,” Jaewon said.

    You looked at him skeptically as you walked into your theatre. “What are you talking about?”

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One Punch Man opening in the original art style of the webcomic by One.


ONE ART IMPROVEMENT!!! Here’s some things I noticed… head/face shape became rounder and more consistent (which i think is the most noticeable change), eyes slightly bigger, noses also seem bigger+more 3D, bodies more proportional, hair neater, lines smoother…  

These are comparing faces from the earliest and latest chapters, but his art improved/changed a lot during the middle too of course…