On a Day in May

A Love Story is Better With You: On a Day in May - One Shot Series #7


The sound of the doorbell chiming through the house, cut your attention as you tried to get yourself off the couch, with what felt like a watermelon in between your thighs. 

“Can you get that love? Theo’s being a little difficult to dress” he called from upstairs. You sighed, finally making your way off the couch and to the front door. 

“Hello, hello!” Anne chirped, stepping inside and hugging you tightly. 

“Are you excited for today?” she hummed in delight, taking off her shoes and putting her bag down. 

“Excited, and anxious, really. But really excited to finally get her out and be able to comfortably sleep” you chuckled, ushering her in and heading towards the kitchen. 

“How are the contractions coming along?”

“They’re manageable for now, about five to six minutes apart, but H called the hospital and they said we can make our way to the hospital soon, since it is the second little bub, things may move a little faster, so they want to be cautious” you smiled, placing a palm over your belly and giving it a soft rub. 

Anne was about to continue conversation when she heard a loud squeal, and soft little claps. 

She gasped playfully, before turning around. 

“Is that my little boy, Theo?” she cooed, sticking her hands out and wiggling her fingers to try and intrigue Theo to come into her arms. 

“Nana!” Theo squealed, trying to wiggle out Harry’s arms and into Anne’s. 

“Hello, sweet boy” she cooed in excitement. “Are you excited to be a big brother?” she grinned, pressing multiple kisses to his face causing him to squeal, and hide into her neck. 

“Baby!” he mumbled, fingers in his mouth, pointing to your protruding belly. 

“Yeah, baby” she smiled. 

“How you feeling, love? Okay?” Harry checked, walking over to you, pecking your lips quickly, before checking if he had everything you both needed laid out on the kitchen counter. 

“I’m okay. They’re getting a little stronger, but I can handle it” you whispered, slowly feeling a contraction make it’s way up your back and through your belly, but trying not to show to much emotion and pain, so you wouldn’t frighten Theo. 

You released a slow breath, slowly opening your eyes, and giving Theo a soft smile as Anne put him down, and he toddled his way down to his play room. 

“Alright, he eat’s dinner at 6:00. We usually give him a bath right after, lotion him up and then read him a bed time story-”

“And then he’s in bed by about 7:30, I know sweetie, I’ve watched him before” she smiled. 

You nodded, feeling a bit silly, because yes she had, but for some reason, leaving him today felt a bit harder then it had been previous times. Maybe because you finally realized, this would be the last time you’d be seeing him as an only child, or maybe it was just the idea, that he’d no longer be your only baby, now he’d be a big brother to his little sister. 

“Alright” Harry breathed, patting his pockets, and grabbing the diaper bag. 

“Theo!” he called out. “Come say bye byes to mummy and daddy!” he called. 

Seconds later, he heard little giggles and tiny feet pattering their way down the hall. 

“Oomfh!” Harry chuckled, lifting Theo into his arms before he could crash into his legs. 

“Alright, mummy and daddy are going to go, and we’re going to go have your baby sister” he gasped with a smile, and Theo grinned with a clap. 

“Say bye bye to mummy okay?” he smiled, leaning him towards you as you snuggled him close and kissed his forehead, nose and cheeks, and finally his soft lips. 

“Mumma loves you” you cooed. 

“Love you mama” he grinned, showing his few little teeth that were beginning to come in, since he was almost at the age of two. 

“Alright, little guy. Be good for Nana, eat what she gives you for dinner and be the good little boy I know you are, okay?” Harry guided, giving him a joking glare but a stern one to allow Theo to understand that grandma was the boss tonight. 

“Okay, daddy! Luh’ you!” he called, already shimming out his arms and darting back into his play room to go play with his toys. 

“Alright, you two!” Anne squealed excitingly, bringing you into her arms. 

“Keep me updated, and I guess I’ll be seeing you two in the morning” she smiled, pecking your cheek and bringing Harry into a tight embrace. 

“Love you both!” she called, as you both exited the kitchen and made your way out the house. 


“Feeling okay?” Harry checked, as he sat the hospital bed, your forearms on his thighs as you rolled your hips against the birthing ball. 

“Mhm” you moaned lowly, biting down on your lip as he hands skated down your back and rubbed soft circles. 

“You’re doing great” he reassured, pressing a kiss to the top of your head before you let out a breath and nodded.

“Thanks for being here, I don’t think I could do it without you”

He smiled, as his heart fluttered, lips growing into a smile. 

“I’m always going to be here for you” he smiled. “No matter what, I’ve promised that since day one”


You were eight hours in, and barely any change was made. There were nurses and doctors scattered all over the room, each talking to each other and the room was just commotion, causing you great discomfort and a bit of uneasiness. 

“Is everything okay?” you nervously whispered, looking up at Harry with wide eyes and he nodded. 

“Everything is alright, nothing to be worried over baby” he reassured, smoothing your hair out and pressing a kiss to your damp forehead. 

Minutes later, your midwife walked over to you and kneel beside your bed. 

“We’re going to have to do an emergency cesarean…” she started, and your eyes went wide. 

“N-No, we can’t – that wasn’t according to plan” you whimpered, looking up at Harry with tears in your eyes. 

“I know, darling. But right now, you’re only at a four and that isn’t much progress in the amount of time that you’ve been here, and we want to make sure that you and the baby are healthy and okay. Her heart rate is okay right now but we don’t want it to decelerate” she explained. 

“It’s okay, love. You’ll be safe” Harry whispered, tears brimming his eyes as he watched fear, consume you. 

A nurse walked over to Harry, handing him a pair of scrubs along with a cap to put over his head. 

“C-Can Harry stay with me? I can’t do it without him” you whispered, tears leaking down your cheeks, and you didn’t know what to do or where to look. 

This wasn’t what you planned. You planned for a regular birth, with Harry by your side, and to just have your little girl placed in your arms and for everything to be alright. But right now, your biggest fear, was that everything was going to go wrong. 


“I’ll be in there soon baby!” Harry called reassuringly as the doctors and nurses wheeled your bed towards the big glassed doors labeled Operating Room

You sniffled with a nod, heart pounding, hoping that soon enough, he really would be joining you.


The ten minutes that Harry was told to wait in the hallway felt like the longest ten minutes of his life.

He was worried, of course. His wife was going through a major operation, which had risks, and he knew it was common, and he knew that the doctors and nurses would take good care of her, but there was a sense of worry and protection crawling under his skin, because the woman that was laying vulnerably under all the harsh lights and doctors wasn’t just any woman, it was you. 

The woman he’d loved for the last five years. You were the woman that he shared all his laughs with, all his tears with, all his memories with. You were the woman he loved, and the solemn thought or idea that something could possibly go wrong, was eating away at his guy and he was praying that everything would just be okay.


He was gestured by a nurse covered in blue scrubs very similar to his, towards the operating room. She pushed the door open, and there you were. Laying under all the harsh lights, your midwife along with many nurses crowding around you, preparing for the cesarean. 

“Hey baby” he whispered, thanking the nurse who pushed the stool towards him so he could be close by to you. 

“You came” you whispered, somewhat drowsily, as they had given you some medication, to decrease the pain. 

“Always” Harry smiled, stroking your hair as you closed your eyes in comfort that he was beside you. 

“Alright, darling. We’re going to begin. You’re going to feel a tense amount of pressure but don’t let it alarm you, it’s normal. If you begin to feel dizzy or feeling a bit sick, just let us know, alright?” she explained, and you nodded giving them a small okay before they began the procedure behind the sheet. 

“I bet she’s going to be beautiful” Harry smiled, running his fingers through your hair, keeping his eyes on you as you did to him, to keep you distracted. 

“I hope she looks like you. I hope she has your eyes, just like Theo. Gosh, I love your eyes” you softly smiled, feeling that sudden pressure the midwife was talking about and you scrunched your nose. 

“Well, however she comes looking out, she’ll be beautiful, and we’ll love her” he smiled, a tear rolling down his cheek but he quickly wiped it away before you could notice, because truth be told, he didn’t want you knowing that he was nervous, because that would only make you more nervous. 

“Alright, head is out!” the midwife called, as you felt your body being jostled a bit, as she tried to maneuver around to pull her out. 

“Alright, here we are! Little girl, 9:34 PM!” the midwife called and Harry gasped, as he looked up over the sheet to see the midwife lift your little girl up, and she let out a pierced out cry. 

“Oh baby, she’s beautiful” Harry cried, wiping at his cheeks and the tip of his nose, where tears were leaking out. 

You softly smiled, eyes closing as the room was buzzing. Nurses attending to the baby, and you. 

“Harry?” you whispered, but he was too in trance of looking at your new little girl being cleaned up. 

“Harry?” you whispered out again. “I feel cold” you shivered, face slowly paling. 

Harry’s eyes snapped over to you, and his eyes went wide. 

“Doc, is that normal?” Harry questioned, worry lacing his voice. 

“She’s loosing a lot of blood” one nurse, called out and Harry gulped. 

“Suction, please!” another nurse called out, as another ran to the other end of the operation room grabbing lap pads. 

“Get him out of here, please!” the midwife shouted. “Now!” she shouted, a bit louder. 

“No, I have to stay in here!” Harry fought, keeping his ground next to you, as you laid there, with no movement. 

“Baby” Harry whimpered, tears rolling down his cheeks. “Come on, open your eyes” you pleaded, wiping at his eyes to get a better look at you, but still, you remained the same way you were seconds ago. 

“Sir, please” one nurse directed, grabbing his arm and hauling him out the room. 

“No, please!” Harry cried, seeing the doors close behind him and the nurse, as she ushered him out the hall, and you were left alone, vulnerable, with all those doctors and nurses and he was praying you were okay. 


He slipped off the gloves he was given, sliding down the wall, sob crawling up his throat as he grabbed his phone, and dialed the first person he could think of. 

“Hello sweet boy!” Anne happily spoke over the other end. “Is the little miss finally born? How’s the missus? Everything go well?” she questioned, excitingly. 

He sniffled, closing his eyes, trying to compose himself and that’s when Anne knew something had went wrong. 

“Harry…” she started, tone completely shifting. “What’s happen? Is everything alright?” 

“I–I have no idea mum” he sniffled, trying his best not to completely break in the middle of the labor and delivery floor. 

“They took her in for an emergency cesarean, because they said she wasn’t progressing like she was suppose too. Everything was going okay, until it wasn’t” he cried vulnerably. 

“One minute, she was okay, and then the next she went pale, and she wouldn’t wake up, and the nurses said she was bleeding a lot and I don’t know what to do!” he cried helplessly. 

Anne closed her eyes on the other end, wishing that she could be beside him, with her arms around her little boy and comfort him and tell him that everything was going to be okay. 

“Oh baby” she sniffled, leaning against the counter and wiping at her eyes. 

“It’s going to be okay, it has to be. She’s such a strong woman” she reassured, but she felt like her words probably meant nothing to him, and she knew she shouldn’t be promising him anything, but they were the only words that she felt would calm him down a bit. 

“I promise, she’ll be okay. She’s a fighter, she won’t let go that easily.”


Harry was sat on one of the waiting chairs, scrubs taken off long ago, because he just couldn’t sit in them as they made him feel claustrophobic. 

“Mr.Styles?” a soft voice spoke, causing him to lift his head with eyes rimmed of red. 

“Yes? I-Is my wife, alright? The baby?” you stuttered nervously, trying to clear his head, somehow preparing for the worst. 

“They are both doing beautifully” she smiled, placing a hand on his shoulder, causing him to release a breath he didn’t think he was holding back and his shoulders slumped. 

“Oh thank god” he whispered, hugging the nurse and she jumped a bit surprised, and hummed softly. 

“No worries, she lost quite a bit of blood, that’s why she suddenly felt the shivers, but she’s back in her room, all cleaned up and happy, asking for you” she smiled, guiding him down one of the many halls, and to your assigned room. Giving her a soft thank you, he quickly opened the door, and there he saw you, laying in bed, seeming about to doze off, until she saw you. 

“Oh baby” he whispered, rushing over to her side and pressing kisses to where ever he could reach. Her cheeks, her forehead, her nose, her lips. “Don’t ever ever scare me like that ever again. I thought I lost you” he sniffled, nose burrowing into your shoulder and you smiled softly, running your fingers through the back of his hair. 

“Don’t plan on it” you whispered hoarsely, and he pulled back, giving you a long, soft awaited kiss. 

“I love you so much, did you see her yet? Baby, she’s absolutely beautiful” he smiled, wiping at his eyes. 

“No not yet” you replied, shifting trying to get comparable with a bit of a grimace since your wound had just been stitched up and you were still sore. “’Said they would bring her in, after they finish giving her hearing tests and all that” you smiled, just simply enjoying the moment between the two of you. 


“Here she is” the kind nurse cooed, grabbing her out the little bassinet, and handing her over to you. 

“I think there are some well deserved cuddles in order, for what you three went through today” she smiled, making sure your little girl was comfortable, and warm. 

“Alright, I’ll give you three some time alone, I’ll be in to check on you two soon, to be sure she’s latching properly and all that. Other than that, congratulations you two” she smiled, exiting the room. 

“Oh Harry…” you sniffled, looking down at her chubby cheeks and wiping at your eyes. “She looks just like Theo did when he was born” you smiled. 

“Doesn’t she? She has your cute little nose” he pointed out with a smile. “Gosh I can’t believe we have a little girl” he breathed. 

“Me either…” you smiled. “Our little Penelope” you breathed. 

“Gosh, I can’t wait for Theo to meet her. He’s been so excited.” you breathed. “He’s going to be such a good big brother” you fawned, looking up at Harry as he gave you a watery smile and nodded, clearly infatuated with the both of you. 

“God baby, I love you so much” he whispered, pressing his lips to your forehead. 

“I’m so glad you’re okay…both of you” he smiled, wiping at his wet nose and just taking in the moment, that he finally had a little girl.


“Knock knock” called a soft voice, followed by a pitter pattering of small feet into the room. 

“Theo” you called out softly with a smile, gently adjusting Penelope who was feeding. 

“Mama!” he grinned, waving at you as he saw Harry and crashed into his arms. 

“Hey, big brother” Harry gasped with a smile. “Do you see the baby?”he smiled, pressing kisses all over his face and tickling his sides, before pecking his mothers cheek and sitting down next to you carefully. 

“Baby” Theo whispered quietly. 

“Yeah, baby” you smiled, running your fingers through his soft curls. 

“This is Penelope, Baby P” you smiled, kissing his small hands.

“P!” he smiled, leaning forward and taking in what she looked like.

You weren’t sure how he was going to react. If he was going to squirm away, or if he was going to take a liking to you. But in the next moment, you literally felt your heart melt. 

Theo leaned forward carefully, puckering his lips and pressing a soft kiss to her forehead, and running a finger down her cheek. 

“Baby” he whispered, with a large grin, causing you to giggle and Harry to squeeze him tight. 

“That’s right, our new little baby. Say hello to the family Penelope, we’re going to love you a whole lot” you smiled, looking down at her and pressing a kiss to her forehead. 

And oh, did you all love her a whole lot. 


Ah! Baby Penelope is born, I absolutely loved writing this, a bit different from the traditional L&D stories, I hope you all enjoyed and let me know what you thought! Have a wonderful night, lots of love x 


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