It’s not Halloween without David Pumpkins. 

i hope every episode of rwby from now on includes mysterious freckle boy doing completely mundane farmer things. like, we’ll see rnjr running around fighting grimm and being all badass but then – cut to freckle boy like. milking a cow or something.

we never receive an explanation or even acknowledgement from the crwby. fans go crazy with theories about how freckle boy must play into the larger storyline, there must be a reason for his inclusion. but no. it is just a boy and his humble life as a farmer.


Kate McKinnon A to Z → Ellen

“I’ve wanted to meet [Ellen] so badly. My mother had come up with schemes to try and meet you. I used to paint. I was an oil painter. And she would always say: ‘you know, if you would just paint a portrait of Ellen and send it to her, I’m sure that she would have you as a guest on the show. I don’t know why you won’t just paint a portrait.’ And I never did and I don’t know why. I guess it was because I was meant to appear in a different capacity.”


More photos of the galaxy eevee plushies that will be available at Youmacon!

There will only be 8 of them and I suspect that they will sell out by the end of the weekend so if you’re coming to the show and you’re interested, stop by and see me sooner rather than later :) I’ll have a map posted soon of my location in the AA (just waiting to make sure it’s finalized).