Fairy Tales V - Saturday, Colin singing

I am now realizing that YouTube is too big a platform and it’s making me anxious. Does anyone know any other place I could download my animatics and upload on Tumblr? I might just start setting the videos to private so you can only get to them through my Tumblr.

Saturdays with Harry: Part II

A/N: Boyyyyyy I’m feelin’ it this weekend, huh? Husband!Harry is….truly messing with me and I really wanted to get it all out before the long weekend is over, so part 3 will probably be up tomorrow. Bye @harryspeakingfrench I just wanted to kill you a little more before the weekend was over. 

There are busy Saturdays, when you spend all day cleaning and doing laundry and grocery shopping for the week.

Then there are lazy Saturdays when you just say ‘screw it’ and watch netflix all day.

And there are the ‘let’s go on an adventure’ Saturdays. Those magical ones when you jump in the car, pick a place, and let time tell where you’ll end up.

All Saturdays with Harry are the best.

It spreads over you like the sun peeking out through a passing cloud. The warmth. You take a deep breath in and hold it. When you let it out, you swear your lungs have a heartbeat of their own. You open your eyes and turn your head to Harry, where he’s sleeping soundly, belly down and facing you. You want to run your finger through his eyelashes but you stop yourself and admire him without touching instead. You lay there, smitten, for a few long minutes.

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Trying to decide if I want to spend $35 (that I don’t really have, but full price is $45 which I *really* don’t have) to go to the anime convention that’s in my town during the July long weekend. The early bird price ends May 31 but the schedule isn’t posted yet… I’m afraid of buying a ticket and then not seeing anything that interests me. Decisions decisions…

Dramione - 1, 34

for @evolution-of-magic

1.  A/B/O (Alpha Draco, Omega Hermione)
34.  Food Play

Draco dangled the strawberry over her mouth, smirking as she took a bite. Absolutely full of himself. “I do adore feeding you, Granger.”

She rolled her eyes as she nipped at his fingers instead of the fruit.  “If you don’t watch out, your head won’t fit through the door.  You’ll have to work from home.”  

He slid his arm around her waist, pulling her flush against his side.  “Is my omega by my side in this scenario?  Because if so, I would have no qualms.”  

Hermione snatched the rest of the strawberry from his hand, popping it into her mouth.  “Not your omega yet, Malfoy.  You still haven’t bonded me.”  

“Give me one word, Granger.  One word and I’m yours.”  

“You’ll have to tell me which word.  There are quite a few,” she said with a wink.

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here is a thing i wrote and that @takeanotherpieceofmyhartwin graciously agreed to beta

it’s a soulmate au cause i will always be weak for those

michaelsdumbtattoo  asked:

Hey it's me Imma kick off blurb night: Hit me with some Michael fluff please and thanks Okay I love you :')

Thank you, Lainey! You’re the real MVP. I know you’ve been going through a hard time so this is gonna be him helping you get through it.

Work was the worst. You hadn’t been there for very long but you hated it. You’d come home and sit on the end of your bed and just stare at your hands with no energy to move. Michael caught you one day.

“Babe I just saw the funniest thing-” his words were interrupted when he saw the sadness that was flooded in your eyes. “Y/N? What’s wrong?” he asked, coming over to sit next to you. You shook your head and finally let the dam spill over.

“Nothing, it’s just been kind of hard,” you say.

“Baby,” his voice is soft and sweet, unlike his normal loud and obnoxious facade. He wraps his arms around your waist and tucks his head in your shoulder and you hold on to his arms. “You wanna talk?”

“Not really,” you mumble out. He nods. You both sit their in comfortable silence for what felt like the longest time. Your eyes were so tired that you had closed them and just listened to him breathing. It was such a peaceful moment.

But of course, he ruins it by suddenly blowing a raspberry on your neck. You can’t help but laugh.

“What the hell was that?” you ask in between giggles.

“I wanted to see your pretty smile,” he says as he attacks your face with kisses. You keep laughing and his smile was so big.

“I’m always gonna be here for you, baby,” Michael says. You smile and answer him with a kiss. “Now come on, I wanna show you this embarrassing picture of Luke I took today.”