Deer in headlights ~Naughty November~

Prompt: Being Stiles’ sister and seeing Liam behind his back.

Pairing: Liam x Reader

Word Count: 400

Warning: None

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To Embroider Your Waist With Corals by smittenwithlouis

The first thing he notices is the light cyan wings and the humanoid body with bird like feet, clearly a harpy, a child one at that. Harry thinks the best thing to do is to grab him and pull him above water as quickly as possible, so air can make it into its struggling lungs. That was his plan, until he made eye contact with it for a split second and that’s all it took for a flood of emotions to hit him like a sailfish.

Or: All harpy Louis has known is the sky, all merprince Harry has known is the sea, except when they’re together.

I don’t want to sound emo but like, Liam out there meeting Drake and chillin’ with him gives me life. Can you imagine the boy has been practically pining in public for some affection by Drake since circa. 2011 and here he is, new into 2017, with his massive beautiful arm around Drake and I suspect Drake’s tiny arm around himself BYE


“when liam is finished dancing and zayn is like whining for liam to pick him up, there are closeups of liam’s muscles flexing while he’s picking zayn up and an iconic shot of zayn ripping liam’s shirt off with a zoom in and slow mo of buttons flying off going along with “i-i-i-” and then zayn’s moaning letting his head fall against the wall while liam’s lips attach to his neck and then you can see a closeup of liam’s teeth biting into zayn’s skin and THEN A SHOT OF zAayn propped up against the wall but you can only see the top of his head and his legs wrapped around liam’s waist and liam’s back muscles are flexing and his hair is a mess while zayn is running his hands through liam’s curls”


Codes || Liam Dunbar Imagine (REQUESTED)

bleedinglaheylove : Can I have a Liam Dunbar imagine? Like you two having secret codes for when you’re in class or walking passed each other in the hallway? Can it be like really cute & sweet? Please & Thank you 💖😘

{ credit to gif owner}

WARNINGS: nothing to scary or life threating, mostly fluff.

A/n: SO FREAKING SAD THAT KIRA LEFT. LIKE CAME BACK DON’T LEAVE SCOTT ALONE! , just so this isn’t confusing, Sweet Cheeks= your so cute, Gem= I love you.

This is probably really bad, and I apologise for it…

Y/l/n= your last name

Masterlist // Send In A Request


Liam grabbed your waist, turning you around so you can face him. Before you could say good morning his lips pressed softly onto yours making your hands grab his cheeks, Liam pulled away quickly, his cheeks turning pink. Making you smile, “gem” Liam said, making you blush, “I gem you too” you said, back, Liam’s lips pressed against yours again, “Liam” you mumbled into his mouth, making him pull away again, “remember we have to finish homework this afternoon” you reminded him, “or we could make out?” Liam suggested, winking at you, “Liam we have to-” you were saying until you got cut off by the bell, “we better get to class” Liam said, grabbing your hand.

You let out a sigh, looking to your right to see Liam talking to mason, you tapped your fingers on your desk, just as they went down again, your phone beeped, making you jump in your seat, you opened your phone to see a text message from Liam,   sweet cheeks when your nervous ;) , just as you were about to reply back a shadow, making you look up to see Mr Yukimura,   “miss (y/l/n), may you hand me your phone?” he asked, sternly. You handed your phone to him reluctantly, Mr Yukimura walked up to his front desk, looking down at your screen “Miss (y/l/n) and Mr Dunbar, detention after school” Mr Yukimura said, everyone in the class oh’d, Liam tried to get your attention but you kept your eyes on Mr Yukimura….


“No cell phones and no talking” the teacher droned on “this is detention” he added, sitting on his chair. Liam scribbled something on his notebook, discretely sliding it into your view, Please talk to me, I didn’t mean to get us in trouble babe, you wrote it was embarrassing, sliding it back to him, just as his pen hit the paper the teacher spoke again, “damn it, I forgot the papers, you’s two stay in here will I go get them” he said, going out the door “(y/n), I am so so so sorry, I will do anything, but please don’t punish me by giving me the silent treatment” Liam rushed out, his blue eyes looking into your (e/c) eyes, “I forgive you if you give me a kiss” you said, smirking at him, making him smirk, he leaned into you, his forehead touching yours as his lips interlocked with yours, his hands resting on your knees caps, your hands in his hair, you’s heard a cough come from in front of you’s making you’s pull away “I go way for 15 minutes and you’s two are already making out, this is school it’s a place for learning not pda” he grumbled, walking back to his seat. You and Liam both looked at each other, “gem” you’s both said at the same time, making the teacher look at you’s weirdly, not that you and Liam noticed, since you’s both started doing homework…

His New Anchor --- Liam Dunbar Imagine

Part 17

warnings: SMUT SMUT SMUT


I walk into school and Amber runs over to me. “Hey nice dress!” She says, linking my arm with hers.

“Hey and thank you!” I laugh and we walk down the hall.

“Do you want to go see Liam and Mason?”

“I thought we were.” I laugh and she does too. We head down and meet up with them. “Hey boys.”

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#328 - Everything

Harry: “You’re everything to me…” he murmured out softly, tucking a loose strand of hair behind your ear. “And I mean everything…” he continued, wanting to make sure that that statement was etched into your mind. “I know…” you said softly, shifting a little closer to him and resting your head down on his shoulder. “Good…” he whispered, snaking his arms around your waist.

Liam: “Everything’s in!” he smiled proudly, setting the last of your things down in the corner of your now shared bedroom. “Can you believe it?!” you giggled out, softly, sliding your arms around his neck. Liam laughed out and wrapped his arms securely around your waist. “How should we celebrate?” “We should break in the new bed,” you smirked, grabbing his hand tightly.

Niall: “Everything… gone…” he croaked, looking up at the burnt remains of his apartment building. “Niall…” you murmured, slipping your fingers in between his. “My home is gone (Y/N)…” he cracked out, putting his free hand over his face. You stayed quiet, not really knowing how to make this any better, so you stayed with him, holding onto his hand and making sure he knew you were there.

Louis: “She’s everything to me…” he chuckled, sitting on the interviewers couch and resting his hands on his knees. “She’s just… amazing you know? When you find the right person, everything seems to just settle into place and that’s pretty much exactly what happened with this relationship. Everything just kind of fell into its right place and I couldn’t be happier.”

Zayn: “Everything I could say about how much I love you would take a couple days,” he chuckled, standing up beside you while delivering his toast at your guys’ wedding. “She is my everything, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. No words could completely explain how I feel about this girl, and I just feel incredibly lucky to be able to spend my life showing her.”

Morning babe

You flutter your eyes as you slowly wake up from your slumber. Before you could get used to the brightness of the light, you look up at the wonderful beauty with his arm lazily placed on your waist. Liam was adorably sleeping with his mouth slightly open. You can’t help but giggle, he was just so delightful. Your quiet giggle woke him up, groaning as he wanted to get more sleep. You stretch your body upwards so you can meet his face and kiss the tip of his nose. Before you could, he lifts his lips and softly puts them on yours. You smile as he kisses you, and pull apart from him.

“Good morning, Li,” you greet him with a wide smile as you stare at him. His eyes were almost fully closed, as he was drifting back to sleep.

“Morning babe,” he replies with a raspy morning voice. You start to sit up to start getting ready for the day until he pulls you down using his arm that was still on your waist. “Don’t leave. Stay here with me,” he says groggily as his eyes are still shut. You hesitate at first, but you would much rather stay with your boyfriend cuddled up beneath blankets than running errands on a Saturday morning.

You cuddle into his chest as his grip on your waist tightens slightly. He kisses the top of your head and murmurs an ‘I love you’. Before you could even reply, you hear the familiar noise of little snores. You smile and whisper an ‘I love you too’.

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“A place that is so pure, so dirty and raw…” Liam grins, lips soft and wet along Zayn’s neck as his fingers trace the shape of his hips, thumb pressing over the heart inked to his skin.

“…Be in the bed all day, bed all day…”

“Sh,” Zayn mutters, huffing a smile into Liam’s neck as he tangles his legs around Liam’s waist, pulling him closer.

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Cruel Twist of Fate- Part 6

Ok so I lied, there will be one more part part after this. I am such a turd, I know. This is probably the worst kind of  cliffhanger, milking this party for all that it’s worth. I was going to include the last part with this one but I have to head off to work in like 3 minutes so… this is it! I’ll try to post the next part when I get home tonight. Thanks for reading everyone!!

Part 6:

“Rae,” Liam tutted, a menacing grin on his face. “Slagging it up in the guest wardrobe?”

 “Liam, what do ya want?” Rae asked, unable to catch her breath. She felt Finn’s hand tighten around her waist. Liam’s gaze dropped to her middle take in their embrace, a small chuckle escaping his lips. Rae released Finn’s hand and stepped to the side.

“Rae, who is this?” Finn asked, his mouth pulled into a frown.

“Do ya not know?” Liam’s tone was light but malice oozed from every word. “I’m her ex boyfriend.”

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Simba ran from the door, and threw his arm around Liam’s waist. It was something he was doing more often lately. Simba and Liam were being a lot more open when greeting with each other in a public place. He nestled his head against the other boys shoulder. “I missed seeing you this morning. Did you have class or something?” he stated, quietly. Simba liked seeing his morning dose of Liam, but today didn’t seem like one of them days.

One of his friends was nudging another friend in the arm, and pointing at the two of them. Whispers were spreading from one person to the next. Simba didn’t have a clue what was being said, but he hoped it was nothing bad. Wasn’t this how they always seemed to everybody?



So this gif clearly shows you something…only Joshy’s hand/arm can linger around Jen’s waist/hips.

Liam, Jen, Josh and Liz were about to take a group selfie. The trio were already in position, In their usual formation with arms around each other’s back. Liz wasn’t quite ready though, so the trio had to wait a little while, slightly loosening up their pose.

“Hands off Bear!” “Joshy hun, honey, baby, my love…yours is perfectly fine to stay around my waist.”

Yup, even in the 1 photos below…it’s always his hand around her waist, touching her, holding her, guiding her, steadying her, supporting her.

WHY…??? WHY…??

Because they’re just best friends of course.