koko-sweet  asked:

OMGoodness. You look totally awesome in that Nick outfit. All we need now is an orange wig, style it and then BOOM, ultimat Nick Wilde.

Awwww thanks koko I also got fox ears and a tail along with it but I don’t plan on wearing those

webarebearslife  asked:

Can i just say... your art and blog make me smile so much. <3 like OH MY GOSH! This is all so FRICKIN cute as heck! Aaah! Please keep being awesome and shower this blog with more lovely bear art!

Omgoodness! Thank You So Much!!!!!!

omgoodnessi didn’t think i was gonna get accepted so soon but!!! hello !!! it is i, ana/bee/whatever you wanna call me/whenever u wanna call me! ; v ; my pronouns are she/her, and i’m v excited to bring you my dorky sunflower nana~ 

my brain is everywhere because i just played marco polo for like three hours straight (i’m a loser sry)  but i’ll list a few little things about nana under the cut so everybody can get a little introduction! ♡ (●´ω`●)

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so I’ve written on here before about a lady who i watch on tv who is pretty famous as a child entertainer , i watch her when my anxiety is really bad and keep a video of her on my phone ( when things get really bad i will watch her to go to sleep ) she’s like a pretty big deal especially for 90′s children , anyhow she accepts friend requests and my friend requested her and she accepted so my friend and i were talking on fb as i was like totally fan girling for her and stuff and then the lady saw the thread and she said hello and i am totally talking to her in the comment section but I’m like 2cms off joy tears 
( I did not say like oh i watch you when i am about to dissociate because you calm my anxiety and i really wish you were my mum because you seem so kind and your voice is soothing and you help to stop anxiety attacks )