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Omg you art is amazing I totally love your Pokemon go one like I so see them don't you agree Wendy would be on team mystic and Natsu would be so mad because Wendy is on the same team as Gray XD

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Omg I just saw your new Avi! it's adorable I want to squish his cheeks.

Waaah thank youu <33! The doodle was drawn by my sis, @ai-pai​ *w* And I adore it so much! *w*

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You are pretty and I wish I could see you smile on pictures! I mean you are beautiful anyways but I'm curious to see what's like! And your cosplays are amazing :D

OMG thank you so much~ you mean my full teeth smile? haha xD I’ll try~ xD SDJFHSD I always do the lips closed smile because I feel like that looked better? haha and I saw a lot of other cosplayers take pics that way! But thank you!

This was seriously so nice of you! Thank you so much <3 I’m really glad you like my cosplays!!

P.S.  I did find this super old Anne Takamaki pic from 2015! 

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Omg this supernatural show sounds amazing. Im just wondering where could i watch it. Because i only know vampire diaries if you know it. *idk* *shrug* ?

Supernatural is certainly something else :) If you’re in the UK, you can watch it on E4 on Wednesdays (that’s Season 11), I’m not sure which channel you can watch on in America, though. Also, I know it’s on fmovies and might be on putlocker as well. xx 


P.S.: I’ve heard of the Vampire Diaries and watched a couple of episodes but I just stopped watching it for some reason- can’t remember why…

P.P.S.: fmovies is pretty reliable just make sure you have antivirus protection because there are pop up ads and if you click on links sometimes other tabs will open with ads. Just close the adverts and then you’re good to go!

idfk… i havent eaten in like 11 hours lmao… i keep doing that i keep. just literally physically not taking care of myself because i feel… guilty and too occupied… i need to be working harder i still have so much tag shit to work on ive been saying i would for days and i have no… time or ability for pleasant stuff i dont know how to relax and enjoy anything even when im not doing something specific or being bothered

i have to be scared to say anything personal because people want to twist it and shit, i couldnt vent about a relationship i literally have no clue how to feel about without some asshole using to make up a stupid shitty post lying about what any of this shit has been about

im amazed i havent gotten even more “omg ur crazy and pathetic thinking ur tim” messages but lmao the pressure of a lot of strangers looking at me all the time and the awful association of jason shit really has driven a wedge between me and my connection to him which was something i cope with and feel actively good about myself with so without that ive been. more depressed and detached from everything than in a long time the last few months

but like you know. im not a person and i deserve any shit i get because i have the fucking gall to be upset that people in the fandom for something i care deeply about are fucking creeps, being creeps to actual kids, and i try to keep people aware of the creepy shit they do because vulnerable people and people with morals dont fucking want to be near them and saying that is our right

like i wouldnt give a shit about anyone saying ‘dont follow me if you follow reina’ because i do the same with them and its everyones right, i only care about that one shitty post because it claimed i was “spreading lies” by… making a post with literal links to exactly what i was claiming

i dont know its fucking exhausting and yeah congrats i feel guilty and stupid and obnoxious and i deserve all that


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In Paul, Nick, and Jen's playthrough of Asagao Academy, I really wanna see their reaction to "Kiss you? Um...why would I do that?"

Omg i cant wait its gonna be amazing, they are probably be like”Woooow Paul youre an asshole.” and im so excited

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HEEYYY! so first off, i LOVE you art <3 I also checked out your website for greedyflower an daaaamn i love the comic so far!!!! :) lol I just wanted to say KEEP DOING WHAT YOU'RE DOING BECAUSE ITS AMAZING! :D

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! OMG! You’re reading GF? AAAAW! So glad so glad so glad! Thank you!!! On 1st semptember will be released the 3rd chapter in the site but if you want to follow page by page everyday you can follow the fb page here:
Thank you also for loving my art! This make me really happy! *u*

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OKAY WE TALKING BOUT DADS AND PADS?? cause my dad is a jackass a lot, but he has this shit down. When my sis got her first period, he was without my mom and he grew up in a family where it was taboo, so he was so. lost. so he bought 15 pad brands to figure out which one was best, and researched the best heating pads and painkillers for PMS, so by the time i got mine, he had already stocked up on Advil and the best possible liners and pads, and the blood is still grossing him out but I AM PROUD

That’s amazing omg

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003 Kayo Kyrano :3

ahh thank  you!!!!

003 | Give me a character & I will tell you

  • How I feel about this character: omg kayo fhdfjdhjfs i LOVE her she is AMAZING
  • All the people I ship romantically with this character: uh either scott or alan tbh or maybe lady p ooo
  • My non-romantic OTP for this character: brains
  • My unpopular opinion about this character: i never liked her initially and then the truth hit and i realised the error of my ways
  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: she like teaches all the self defence stuff to the Bros so i would like to see them all get absolutely floored by her
  • My OTP: Alayo
  • My OT3: for the banter, alan and gordon

thank :D

Victoria 101
  • Jenna Coleman is WONDERFUL as Victoria. She perfectly captures her inexperience and naivete while at the same time displaying remarkable wit, charm and resilience.
  • I can see it now. There’s going to be loads of drama above and below stairs. So here for this.
  • Fuck you, Conroy. It’s early days yet, but this WILL end badly for you.
  • The sets and clothes are amazing. Costume drama’s are everything.
  • OMG. Rufus Sewell. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! Two seconds on screen and I’m reminded why I love you so much.
  • Yip. Victoria and Melborne have locked eyes. I ship it.
  • Dammit. Lord Melbourne is so handsome and wise and damn likable. Now I’m half agony, half hope at the prospect of him eclipsing Albert.
  • Side note: A British accent does things to me.
  • Basically, episode one has sunk its claws into me. I’ll be back for more.

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Omg a one shot of their honeymoon would be amazing-- Lexa trying to be all romantic and have food on the beach and Clarke is just like "you noodle I know you're having about 10000 problems with this sand don't front"

ok but,,,,,they have been together for ten years clarke would Never expect lexa to eat on the beach lol

however it is the first time they ever kiss in the rain