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Hey omg i saw the drawing u did of cigarette in my left hand whole world in my right hand and i have a request is there any way u could make something like that but in a green/blue theme? Or rainbow? OR green and blue theme with a tinge of rainbow somewhere in it?? Omg that last one would be amazing id love it so much ๐Ÿ˜โ˜บ๏ธ๐Ÿ˜


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kylo looks very young omg adam is amazing. he really looks like a lost boy.

He really does! Rian clearly wanted him to look as much like an actual adolescent as possible.

So my friend who posts on AO3, ffnet, and WattPad was telling me about comments left on her fic recently. And she told me something about WattPad that I didn’t know. A reader can actually be making comments within the body of the chapter as they go along! And as many as you want! So if you read a sentence you love, you can stop and be like “omg the feels what an amazing metaphor!” How cool is that??

AO3, come on now…can we have that too? Pretty please?! ❤️ 

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Ok can we take a moment for talking about Professor Pyg performance?! HOW MUCH IS HE INCREDIBLE?! I mean, I started love him from the first time, his way of moving and acting is incredible, but most of all I LOVE the way he talks! As italian, I can confirm that speaking in english could be very constrained, we have more strong sounds and dialectic and he really does it as an italian people speaking english! I can hear it so well and I'm so impressed! "MANGIA, SIGNORINA!" :-) *screams*

right???  I fucking LOVE him. OMG the actor is amazing. 

I’ve been looking forward to his scene with Oswald for weeks. Because obviously Robin is an incredible actor and so is Michael and I just knew that they would play off each other really well. That dinner scene was so amazing beyond my expectations. I hope we get many more episodes with Pyg,


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My Kung Fu Academia

(you have no idea how happy I am when I get the green light to post this on my blog. These are incredible!!)


Deathly God Parents! Opening Theme - DEATH NOTE (NETLFIX) PARODY

A Lams pic I made! It’s not for one specific post of yours, but I had the idea while reading through your texts! Idk man, just thought u might like it!! ;)

So I recently rewatched Aladdin and I’m sure y'all have heard the whole “where are Aladdin’s nipples?” and well, I have a theory about this. Aladdin is trans. Think about it, he stole to get top surgery (hence the pickpocketing), but couldn’t afford nipple grafts/his nipples rejected. His chest has defined lines in the middle-ish part similar to double-incision scars. He wears baggy trousers, a trick used by trans masc people to hide wider hips. He wishes to be someone else so Jasmine will be allowed to love him (possibly wishing to be a cis man so she can marry him) so becomes Prince Ali. There’s a whole song about he is Prince Ali with character traits typically associated with cis men. In the line “strong as 10 regular men, definitely”, he’s reinforcing the concept that he is definitely a man. Jafar finds out about Aladdin being trans and attempts to out him (“Prince Ali, mighty is he, but not as you know him”). At the end, everyone knows he is trans but having seen what Aladdin will do for Jasmine, yadda yadda yadda, the Sultan changes the law (trans people can legally change their gender marker) and they get married. SO THATS MY THEORY! Thought that here would be a good place to submit to! x - Jacob

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