Things are going so well

The people calling me are super kind and I already sent my first postcard to thank an old lady for our nice phonecall and I keep apologizing for asking so many questions to my supervisors but they keep telling me it’s okay and that I’m doing a good job and omg I’m just so glad I’m doing the right thing and that there are people that are letting me know that I’m doing perfectly okay

For one, my flag came in today while I was at work and I’m super happy about that :)
but tomorrow I start my senior year?? and I have a partial schedule so I get out at 10 am every day??
I’ve had a very rough few days honestly and im sorry I haven’t been as active because of that, but I’m trying to keep up with this blog as much as I can.

So I’ve been tagged by @dynastywarriorsscreenshots to say 5 nice things about me (Fear not! I have not forgetten *A* and trntprenptete  YOU ARE SO NICE! T-T You always say nice things to me omg! <3):

Hum…I’m a good listener. I like to bake desserts <3 (when I am not lazy as fuck XD). I love to read (Anything: book, fanfic, comic, manga, articles on science. If it caught me attention, I read it). I like to make my friends happy (even if sometimes, I don’t know how, but hey, knowing that they are happy is enough to make me happy). I….have soft fluffy hair? XD (Anyone is welcome to pet them really, now that they are short MWAHAHAHA you can’t make them messier than they already are >D aaand no knot! Used to have them really long but damn, that’s a lot of work u-u and they get messy and full of know anyway).

A Mega Rec Post!!!

I really wanted to submit this, sorry it’s so long but I hope it helps a lot of people! :)

A mega rec post for Beatle shippers!

Fan fiction:

Mclennon- (Sorry there’s so many, but they’re all so good!!!)

The Red Hall…duh. Parts 1-46   47-59  (NC/17 like so hard omg) Pandemic- OKAY HOLD UP BE READY TO CRY HARD AF. One of those fics that makes you feel stressful but in good ways. It’s not finished but the last chapter can still count as closer. So well written, I love rereading it.  (R- NC/17)

Boy you’ve been a naughty Girl- Paulie in a skirt is the best. (Warning (NC/17)

The Hot Mechanic- This one is so funny, I love it! It’s well written and you’ll want to reread it once it’s over! (Pg13-NC/17)

 All over Bubbles- Again funny but agnsty at the same time. Lots of fighting. (Pg13-NC/17 lots of Mcharrison to :)

 Whatever gets you through the night, I suppose…-One of the only internet fics ever. (NC/17)

The Secret- Not one of my personal favorites but it’s really well written and you won’t be able to stop reading. (non-con (Rape Fic) NC/17)

 Admit it- One of my favorites because there’s angst and sexiness and jealousy and it’s so perfect. (NC/17)

There’s a Place- don’t even get me started. This fic is hearbreaking and angsty and I could not stop reading. (Pg13, mature,)

 Masturbation- Wow. This one’s hot af. Enjoy. (NC/17)

 Fun in the loo- I think this one is kind of funny especially at the end. Very sexy, too. (NC/17)

The Contract- I have no words. If you haven’t read this fic then you really need to. Tip: you better have tissues at hand. (All of the ratings, idek…)

Of Roses and Shakesphere- I never get tired of this one. Read read read! (NC/17)


Dinner with Mimi- One of the literal hottest fics ever. (NC/17)

Patchwork- So good. This is one of those fics that I read almost monthly because there’s so many good parts and the plot is great and the ending is great and just- READ READ READ!!! (Pg13-NC/17)

 The Japanese Insident- This was one of the first fics I ever read and it scared the shit out of me but now I love it. Very well written, the plot is sexy and funny. You won’t be able to stop reading! :) (NC/17)

 Red Sky- I really like this one because Stuart’s in it and you know what happens when Paul and Stu are in a fic together ;) (NC/17)

Beauty- Erotic Poetry and first times! This one is so well written and you’ll be on the edge of your seat the whole time! (NC/17)

Not a Word- This one reminds me of Patchwork or something, really good and very well written. Really hot but the ending is super sad. (Pg13-NC/17) Dear Friend- hold up hold up hold up, this fic is THE BEST I SWARE I WILL LOVE THIS ONE UNTIL THE DAY I DIE!!! It’s so well written and beautiful and suspenseful and omg I’ll never get over how good this fic is. It’s not done and the chapters take a while to come out but IT’S ALWAYS SO WORTH IT!!! AND-GAAAHHHH-READ READ READ!!! This is one of those fics that’s gonna go down in history as one of the best Mclennon fics ever. (Mature)

Starrison- (please please please add more if you know and love any I’ve forgotten because I don’t really read starrison :/  I’m really sorry)

The Dark Horse- This is it. this is the Red Hall for Starrison shippers. I love this fic so much, it’s well written, so vivic, and you will cry and laugh and the ending is fantastic! (NC/17 slight John/Paul but really fluffy in the end :)

 Do you want to know a secret- Super sweet and fluffy :) First kisses are always the best (Fluff)

I want to hold your hand- GAAHHH such a sweet fic, it’ll melt your heart! :)

Other- (Mcharrison/Lennstarr/ fics with Brian and Stuart)

Evasion- I always find myself coming back to this one because it’s so well written and hot af Paul/George- George/Brian- John/Brian (NC/17)

Cuddling to Sleep- damn. This one’s just…damn…Paul/George (NC17) Back Ally/ Sore Wrists- Hot hot hot! Paul/George (NC/17)

Longing for them both- Threesome! John/Paul/George! This one’s hot as hell enjoy. (NC/17)

Content- John/Ringo!!! I really liked this one, it’s a great fic that is very well written and it’s cool because there’s not many Lennstarr fics. Enjoy :) (NC/17) To dark to see- John/Stu!!! I really like this one, it’s very cute and captures there affection and relationship perfectly. (Pg13)

 What John likes about George- Hot hot hot! This one has one of those lines in it that makes your heart race and mind reel. Enjoy! John/George (NC/17)

 Curious George- Threesome again! John/George/Paul. (NC/17)

 Babysitter Brian- Cute fic where the boys are toddlers and Brian has to watch them, fluffy John/Paul and George/Ringo.

Authors- These special people write amazing stuff and you should totally check out their blogs/Ao3/Live Journals! :) (If your blog or a link to your fics or stories or whatever is not below please feel free to add yourself!)

imaginebeatles. -has written almost all of my fave fics and she updates ALOT. Such a fast writer and so talented!!Her current fics are part of a series and I can’t wait to see where things go!!!

thewritingberry- Okay, this was one of the first blogs I followed when I started Tumblr and I’m so happy I did. The fics are great, Roxie is great and she’s very good at reassuring everyone that shipping mclennon or starrison or whatever isn’t the worst thing on the planet and you’re not a crappy person because you do. Check out this blog and the fics because they’re great!

mostly-mclennon-fictions- Not an active blog but the two people who use to run it were fantastic writers! The fics are great and here’s a link to Nirvanaclose, which is one of the writers blogs and she has more fics like the Babysitter Brian one I listed earlier.                                                                                              twinkjohn​ / sleeprettydarling- The author of “Dear Friend,” there’s some other fics on her Ao3 page that are really good! Such a fantastic writer, I hope to be half as good as her someday!

Beatle_boot- WOW OKAY UH YEAH ALL OF THESE FICS ARE LONG AND DETAILED BUT sadly we don’t have all of them, just the ones saved on that google doc. Warning: Basically tons of AUs but they’re all so good!!! Anyways, read read read!! She was such a good writer… :)                              eleanorrigby_66-Lots of good fics, well written and very hot. lots of Mcharrison to! :)

Here’s some extra links to random Live Journal/Ao3 pages with tons of fics

Here There Everywhere :)

Fan Art Blogs!!! - (Because the artists don’t get enough recognition! :)

common-boob- mostly Mcharrison, there’s a lot of art and it’s all so good! I honestly check everyday to see if there is anything new! :)

Fionafu0402- WOW HOLY SHIT. THIS CHICK IS THE MOST OUT OF WORLD ARTIST LIKE HOLY SHIT CHECK HER OUT! (warning it can go from sexy to tear jerking in a matter of clicks.)

mclennonfanarts- exactly what the name says, it’s helpful because there’s links to all of the artists blogs or whatever else. (Lots of Fionafu art is here!) spiesgohonhonhon- I just found this blog and I’m in love with it, all the art is amazing and cute but also hardcore and it all really has its own style. thebeatlesart- this whole blog is one big helpful place full of amazing art! Check it out!!! :)

Please feel free to add your name if you’re an artist because I don’t gravitate towards art like I do writing tbh!!!

These people and many more help make our fandom amazing and without them and you, wether you’re an artist, writer, gif maker, picture poster or simply a reader this place wouldn’t be as cool as it is without you. Rock on guys!

xoxo me and mclennon-imagines <3 <3 <3

Amazing Rec post submitted by the-beatles-wright-the-hits, also on her blog. Thank so so much for making this and for putting me in the authors sec. I’m so so happy! :D 

Whoa I got my eyebrows done this morning and now tonight at work like 6 customers have hit on me, boys and girls. I’m crying omg the power of my brow game knows no limits


Omg okay I just want a modern scenario like this:
Ciel and Lizzy have been dating since the end of middle school (beginning of freshman year in high school) and like its three years later (junior year) and Lizzy is kinda getting tired of the way Ciel sort of ignores her (which he doesn’t do it on purpose but he still does it) and how it doesn’t seem that he cares or anything. So one night, while the two are studying together Ciel leaves the room to go to the bathroom and when he comes back he hears Lizzy on the phone with one of her friends and her confessing that she’s planning on giving him two more weeks with her and if things don’t improve then she’s dumping him. And he panics and kinda leaves the house ASAP and begins to plan of ways to try to win her back. Like, small things, and like he really starts to notice her and starts falling in love with her again. But then, like, a few days after he starts trying to win her back he finds her on a ‘date’ with a guy in her class and it looks like they’re having a lot of fun and Ciel literally breaks down and he just stalks them the entire date and when she gets home he just goes to her window after a while and literally gets so emotional about everything that he cries and it gets her crying and tbh I just want all that Cielizzy angst uGH

anonymous asked:

22 25 34 44

22. description of crush.

I have two crushes ;////;

One is a girl and she is really cute and funny and I think she is really cute and good at cosplay and asdfghjkl;

The other is a Voice Actor that is really incredible and we have a thing kinda but I don’t think he wants to date long distance so it’s kinda an unrequited love scene ^^;

25. role model

My twin sister, my best friends Ashley and Sam, and my friends supersaiyankindaichi and kazukazupyon because they’re the bestt cosplayers I have ever seen omg omg

34. most embarrassing moment

Oh god there are so many. The worst one I can think of happened at ACen this year omg this is so bad okay i’m like crying even thinking about it but I was cosplaying Hinata and there was a Tsukki in front of me so in a moment of pure genius, I jokingly said “You’re too tall, Tsukki get outta my way” and they looked so offended and their friend was just staring at me and my friends were laughing and shaking their head and we kept seeing them in the con and I would apologize and it was just really fucking bad omg.

44. age you get mistaken for

It’s tough to say because when we walked by the fuckin Hentai booth at ACen, the lady started recommending me some pretty strange shit and I was like “umm…I’m 16.” and she stopped and was like “oh my god, i’m so sorry I thought you were 20.” so that happened and then others say I look like i’m 13 so I have no idea. I know I sound like an old man though. :v