I did my first reading

Omg OK lol. So I did a reading for a friend today. He seemed super interested and excited that I was learning tarot and wanted me to do a reading for him. I didn’t wanna say no cause I wanted to get a little taste for giving readings myself (gotta start somewhere.) I was super nervous, my hands were shaky, and keep in mind I did this during lunchtime, some people were watching me omg.

He told me it was a simple question, so I did the simplest spread, 3 cards that tell the past, present, and future. I told him to think of the question in his head and focus his energy on the cards as I shuffled them. As I spread them out and revealed each one to him, he seemed pretty pleased with the results and said that the past and present cards were incredibly accurate. I was so happy like omagosh (´つヮ⊂)!!

I’m really happy that my first reading went well. I still need a lot of practice shuffling the cards since they’re smaller than normal sized card decks, as well as interpreting their meanings. Its not as hard as I thought…

So yeah, I just wanted to share this joy with you guys and please please please lemme know if you have any tips for doing readings in the comments. I really appreciate the help and support I’ve gotten from some people when I got my tarot deck. 🌙💜

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a magpie?????

so magpies are gorgeous birds of the crow family they’re large and elegant and aRE ALSO KNOWN AS ONE OF THE MOST INtellegent animals in the world and also the only non-mammal that can recognize itself in a mirror
they remember directions and where they hide things and watch other birds to see where they hide their food so they can steal it lol
anyway magpies are handsome, smart, and can be very greedy
a very slytherin animal if you ask me

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Gay Boy Scout fic - "Man its too hot tonight for fireside s'mores" "you're too hot for fireside s'mores ;)" "Vic your marshmallow stick is on fire"


I’m legit so excited for this story. Like I might bump it up on my list. Like next is the zombie fic then harry potter, but after that I might write this.

Like I just really wanna write overly flirty fuckboy vic

i just booked flights to boston for like a long weekend fall break my school has!!!!!!!!!!!! im so fucking happy omg….!!!!!!!!! omg!!!!!!!!!!! like it occurred to me just a few days ago that i could go stay w my friend who has an apartment in the city and like i found pretty cheap flights n asked my father to drive me to the airport in chicago n now in less than a month im gonna be back in boston!!!!!!! holy shit omg i am so excited 


OMG I’m so excited for this!

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hey syd! I just wanna say thank you for your videos especially the more personal ones, cos I feel like I'm not alone after those talks. Besides that you also inspired me to try and start open a shop which I'm currently working on and aaah you're just great i love you omg

hi babe! wow thank you so much :) you make me so so happy omg!!! i’m like so excited for you hahaha thank you so much and let me know how it goes!!

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i just came from school and saw the luke cage trailer, I'm solo excited I'm parking met ass on the couch and watching it. we should all make a group chat and die together. ALSO HE SWEET CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!! ALSO MISTYYYY AND CLAIREEEEEEE AND EVERYONEEEEEEEEEEEE

MEEEEEEEE!! omg a group chat would be insane. i’m so excited i just want it to be friday already, it’s already the best marvel netflix show tbh

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♡!!! Ahhhh congratulations Hazel!! My face tag is #face. Omg I'm so excited for you.


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Okay, but can we please imagine Wind as Aravis in HHB?? Um, dream cast!😍