rfa + going to a club/party

a/n: so this wasn’t requested but i thought i’d put up an initial post so you guys can see what my writing is like! i wrote this way before i started posting on here and i just didn’t expect to get so many requests right away! i’m gonna post this anyways bc i worked on it lmao. i’ll be posting a request soon, though!


  • he’s actually never been to a club before so he’s super excited when you ask him to go to one w you
  • lowkey the idea of going to a club makes him feel more grown up
  • anyways,, he gets all ready a bit too early so he has to wait for a while he’s so over-excited omg
  • he somehow remains patient as you get ready tho ok but his leg is bouncing excitedly as he’s waiting on the couch
  • you two arrive, looking cute as hell the doorman thinks Yoosung’s ID is fake lmao…anyways
  • he pulls you on to the dance floor immediately
  • and you guys start out dancing just like… next to each other;; not touching or anything
  • but ofc u inch closer and have to actually take his hands and place them on your hips
  • aaand cue his bright, blushing face rlly boi y'all have been dating how long now??
  • u think it’s adorable of course bc how can u not
  • he’ll eventually just awkwardly suggest getting drinks bc his heart can’t take it anymore
  • u guys have a rlly good time tho :’)


  • so Zen invites you to a party being thrown by some people he’s acquainted with in the industry
  • you two spend forever getting ready
  • bc u know… gotta make sure you guys look bomb af
  • and ofc when you get there, every.single.person. envies y'all immediately
  • ur guys’ outfits are coordinating and honestly u two are #couplegoals
  • you guys take selfies at every given moment (also u both “sneakily” take candids of each other)
  • he introduces you to a looooot of people and makes sure they all know how great u are
  • end up dancing together at some point and probably “accidentally” turn him on
  • it’s not ur fault he makes it so easy
  • did someone say “quickie in the bathroom”????
  • ppl at the party notice ur absence but don’t actually suspect anything when u get back


  • aaa so you’ve invited Jaehee to a party one of your friends is throwing
  • she asks a lot of questions;;; “will there be a lot of people?” “what’s the expected attire?” etc.
  • she’s so nervous the poor angel (mostly bc she’s going to be meeting a lot of people you know/are friends with)
  • u reassure her ofc
  • she asks to borrow some of ur clothes for the occasion what a fckn cutie
  • initially she clings to u a tad but eventually gets more comfy
  • she even tells a few funny stories abt her crazy boss srry jumin and just beams when people actually, genuinely laugh
  • she ends up drinking a bit too much tho
  • “this punch is so good!! what’s the recipe?” she slurs a bit bless her
  • when she’s told it has alcohol in it she just sort of goes… oh
  • “so enough of that then…. right, MC?” she sort of stumbles into your arms and just starts laughing
  • you guys go home an hour or so later and she just… passes tf out
  • in the morning, she’s a bit hungover but she doesn’t regret it a bit;; she had a lot of fun


  • somehow you convince him to go to a club w you
  • unsurprisingly, he’s totally out of his element
  • doesn’t really know what he’s supposed to be doing???
  • you try to pull him on the dance floor, but that’s just…not gonna happen
  • instead he secures you guys a VIP booth typical
  • ur lowkey disappointed bc u wanted to dance
  • “dance if you want to, MC. i’ll just watch.”
  • poor dude doesn’t even realize what he set in motion when he said that
  • not that he was going to complain once you were giving him his own private show
  • although he ended up having issues… restraining himself
  • your night out is cut rather short when he grabs you a bit rougher than he meant to and announces that  you two are leaving
  • of course….. you don’t mind what comes next at all


  • you two actually go out to clubs on occasion, not too often but u know
  • he’s always so captivated by how you look when you two go out well, even more so than he usually is
  • it’s actually a fairly normal outing
  • …..until he accidentally scares the shit out of you 
  • “guess who?” he says in a weird accent as his covers your eyes from behind
  • after you jumped and yelped that first time, he made it his mission for the night to find more creative ways to scare you
  • aaand more creative reasons to keep having to excuse himself
  • “Saeyoung pls we both already have three full drinks, stop going to get more.”
  • his excuses start getting nonsensical and it honestly becomes a game
  • you try and spot him before he can scare you (you only manage that once rip) and he tries to get better and better reactions from you
  • nearly every time, he genuinely surprises you
  • the yelps are replaced by laughter eventually but that doesn’t stop him
  • this goes on even after you two get home and you have to desperately call for a truce
  • you two shake on it… and he then proceeds to get you really good while you’re brushing your teeth gdi Saeyoung 

there are some pretty amazing things happening in my life right now and i’m so so happy that one of my biggest dreams is coming true(!!!!)

i’m finally going backpacking in southeast asia in the beginning of march! i’m first flying to bali and gonna be there for like a month and i don’t really know yet where i’m going from there but i’ve been thinking about the philippines and thailand

also i’m going alone so hmu if you want travel company 

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