• me:*takes a deep breath*
  • me:i lo-
  • anyone who has spent five seconds around me ever:yes, you love intern joe, we know, you love intern joe so much, he's the light of your life, you love him so much, you just love intern joe, we KNOW, you love intern joe you fucking love intern joe ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE INTERN JOE. WE GET IT.

Actually imagining all Kiras as a group dynamic is weird though.
Like Light, Mikami and Takada all have similar interests and personalities so they’d get along fairly well. If it’s a situation where Light is the original Kira then he of course has a priority position, but overall they’d work very nicely together.
But then there’s Misa who like… has interests and a personality completely opposed to them and it’s kind of sad because ‘we tolerate her’ would probably be the consensus on her. Light might still be her pretend boyfriend, who knows. Mikami and Takada both wouldn’t like Misa for various reasons. I assume Misa would mind Mikami less because he is a man and she doesn’t necessarily see him as a rival. Probably would tease him and he’d be annoyed. Takada meanwhile would definitely register as a rival like in canon, so there’d be intense tension there. I suppose if we put Higuchi in the mix, he’d be the only one who actually likes Misa (in some way at least). Welp >_> But Misa would definitely not like Higuchi and only take advantage of him if she can.
And Higuchi… is liked by nobody. He is tolerated as an asset due to his market connections or something. He’d just have a horrible work-like relationship with Light, Mikami and Takada. Presumably Mikami gets stuck dealing with him more often than not and it all happens very scornfully.

It’s just… fun to think about, but tragically sad in how much of an imbalance between ‘people who’d get along’ and ‘others’ there is. I guess this just goes to show who the only other Kira chosen by Light and that one’s chosen one are…

  • NO BUT–
  • I JUST–
  • Actual potential storyline for Dean and for Dean only???????????
  • Dean being praised????????????
  • Dean being told he’s worthy?????????????
  • Dean being his badass motherfucker self?????????????
  • Dean?????????????
  • Help????????????//?
  • ?????//?????//////??