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Could you possibly name these mutuals? I'm looking for more people to follow 😁

Hehe sure! Prepare for a super long list though because I’m just gonna list all my mutuals <3 (I’m sorry if I miss anyone, I promise I still love you!)

@astro-child @berry-happy-tokki @btsfeelz @bulletproofbookworm @busan-skyline @cup-of-stars @daesungisbaesung @dark-jewel-mist @dyegu @heypon @ilovewonu @echoofalongforgottenflame @ineffableboyfriends @insearchofanexit @jihyped @jikoo-k @jikook-love @drpuffles @jikookiejar @jikookjikook @kooksgf @krushed @mintsugakookies @montrealae90 @rivertoforever @saltyauntsuga @sassyjun @sevensoulmates @shiningjin @shycutebts @shyjimins @smolhotchocolate @snapchattingyoonkook @somethingddakjoah @springjeon @strawberry-laudanum @sugakookie @sugakookie-jar @sugakookiesworld @sugaspun @sugastruck @sugodemic @supermanscrib @taehyungssmiles @taesmin @taetaetown @tanktoptiger @the-orgasmic-cypher @useoyaji @warriorrbunny @wortmalerei @yahjiminie @yoohkook @yoonvkook @yoonxkooks @yourpinkpill @yumebaah

They’re all amazing blogs and people! Most are either jikook or sugakookie blogs, but also writers, giffers, informants, theorists, just a lot of great people! Go check some out if you’d like ^-^

where the sun and stars meet


Pairing: Rafael Casal x Reader (oh my word, she’s done it, she’s written a non-Lin fic, holy moly, we never thought this day would come)

Summary: He knew you well enough to know when you were forgetting to breathe.

Note: i fell straight into rafa hell and apparently this is how i decided to handle it lmao. @fragmentofmymind and @alexanderhamllton had to deal with my yelling about this so go give them extra love THEY DESERVE ALL OF IT I LOVE THEM A LOT. 

okay omg i love you guys and i hope you enjoy the garbage, feel free to come yell at me about it <3

Word Count: approx. 4500? (guys it’s a ONE-SHOT ARE YOU PROUD)

Being a twenty-eight year old woman living in Los Angeles could be tough.

In six years of residence in the city of stars, you had realized that sometimes the lights weren’t so much sparkling as they were blinding. Blinding of the goals you’d set out to achieve, the paths to get there, the hope and promise of a state drowning in sunshine and smog. Although you had never expected it to be, the journey wasn’t easy.

Sure, you’d had plenty of dancing gigs during your time there so far, but your heart was in choreography and you were determined to keep working until you made that goal happen. You knew that you were talented, that when you were in your flow you could tell stories and string together phrases and characters with even the most subtle pieces of movement. Every once in awhile, though, you lost your flow.

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I am changing location this summer and due to me not knowing fully of the energy in the room/house I will be staying I am going to do all the readings I can UNTIL: MAY 23RD, 2017. I’ll have to cleanse the room, put up protective wards omg I’m tired just thinking about it! In honor of reaching about 3,000 followers as well!

PLEASE REMEMBER: Ask nicely, I’ll need initials, a name, or a username. I can not do readings without those and please be patient as well.

PS: I have a crystal healing deck, my lovely deck can’t answer certain things.

A Puck and A Date- JVR

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Ok anon gave me free reign of players and I haven’t done a JVR one in a while and I need my fix! Lol! Also check out @nhl-hockey-fanfic! She has a William Nylander 14 parter that is awesome as well!

Warnings: None!

Anon Request: Hey could you do an imagine where a player hits you with a puck and he feels really bad about it and asks you out on a date? The player can be anyone, sorry if that doesn’t make any sense. I love your writing by the way 💙


              You don’t remember it happening.

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I just really love you guys. Like a lot. I freaking blasted by my 4k milestone!! WOO!!! Thank you all so much for putting up with my weirdness, and most of all for joining in on it.

You are all absolutely wonderful!!! From the very bottom of my heart all the way to the top, thank you!!!

Now to the fun stuff… should I do something to celebrate? What would you guys like to see?

OMG 😭😭😭😭😭😫😫 I freaking love you guys. I’m sorry I need a minute. Ok now that I’m back this is the only part of this movie that actually made me feel what real love is within a family. Nobody is perfect and we disagree alot, no to mention fight but because we are family we work through the issues and disagreements. We are all different but we all collectively want something that something is Love. ✌️🍀😎

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hi omg I love your blog! could you guys maybe do some daichi headcanons? i need soft daichi in my life!!

Soft Daichi is my jam, Anon… He’s a perfect husband and I love him. I did some Childhood and Fatherhood headcanons; hope that’s ok!! Sora is Admn Ellie’s brainchild, though, and she helped me with the childhood ones a lot.
~Admin Emma


  • I’ve mentioned before that Daichi was the wee-est of wee babies, but just because he was small didn’t mean he wasn’t healthy… and he was definitely a bit of a trouble maker. He was an inquisitive little bean, exploring everything–the instant he was mobile, he was into everything. No one really minded because he wasn’t overly destructive, but his older brother certainly minded when Daichi got into his Weekly Jump collection.
  • Daichi has two brothers–one a few years older, one a few years younger. Kaiyo is his older brother–taller, stoic, muscular and went into police work; Sora is his younger brother–also taller, obscenely popular in school, kind of a pretty boy, good at sports… Daichi has always low key felt inferior to both of them, even as a kid.
  • When Daichi was about five, he fell out of bed. It sounded like a sack of bricks hitting the floor, and his parents nearly had a panic attack. Child was still sound asleep, curled up with his blankets and pillows and his stuffed Pikachu, and didn’t even stir when his mom tucked him back in. He was fine (kid’s built like a brick house even then) but his mom installed safety barriers on the bed the next day. They didn’t come off until Daichi was almost in high school (and only then because he begged her)
  • Daichi was never a kid to cry a lot. He tried really hard not to when he hurt himself or he felt disappointed with something. It got to the point that, even when he fell out of a tree when he was eight and broke his arm in three places, he only whimpered. His mom only figured it out before he went inside because Sora started screaming.
  • Daichi has always had problems with really vivid night terrors. He experienced sleep paralysis for a brief period when he was young, and to this day he still needs a small light in the bedroom with absolutely zero mirrors. Before Sora was born, he would climb in bed with his parents, but once he was a big brother, he tried to deal with it on his own.
  • He was an artistic child. He was that kid who always had piles of crayons and colored pencils; the fridge was always covered in his drawings and paintings, and he was really serious about it. He even had a little sketchbook most of his life. He continued this habit well into his adulthood–he’s always needed that creative outlet. It’s how he’s so steady, even at a young age.
  • Daichi wanted to be a firefighter when he grew up. He was always really interested in helping people, and he always really admired them. Even after he started to play volleyball really seriously, he was looking at it for like, a real job and everything. As he got older, he started reconsidering because his parents really wanted him to go to college, but it’s still a low key dream that he has.
  • Daichi had a stuffed Pikachu growing up; he was always a big gamer as a kid, and Pokemon was his favorite. It was his fifth birthday present, and he literally carried it everywhere for about two years. It was always the one toy he took on school trips, it stayed in bed with him always, and when it had to be washed, he either had to be at school or he parked in front of the dryer until it came out.


  • When Daichi finds out you’re pregnant, he’s elated. He sweeps you into this gentle hug and there are tears in the corners of his eyes. He can’t believe how happy he is, and how lucky he is. He is super protective, though, almost to a fault. He will literally do everything for you without being asked. It’s great in the early months when you’re sick and tired, but by the end, you’re probably ready for some of your independence back.
  • Everyone sort of expects him to step into his role as a husband, caregiver, and father no problem, but he has a lot of anxieties and doubts. Researching gives him panic attacks, but not researching keeps him awake at night. He’s caught somewhere between wanting to be supportive and wanting to be supported. He feels guilty about it, though, because he’s always been your stern and stable Daichi, and you’re the one growing a baby, not him. Reassure him, though. Once you remind him that you’re nervous too, and that you’re a team, he’ll feel better.
  • The day his children are born are literally the happiest days of his lives. He worries the whole time you’re in labor, but the first time he holds his baby in his arms, he’s gone. He’s in love, and he’s so fucking proud. No victory, no goal reached, no obstacle overcome compares to the feeling of his healthy, tiny baby in his arms. He cries–like, real honest-to-God gut-wrenching sobs–when his first grabs a hold of his finger with those tiny, tiny hands. He thanks you profusely, and refuses to leave your side for a while.
  • He is literally your rock in the early months. He pulls more than his weight around the house because he knows you’re up every hour on the hour for feedings. He tries to get up too, especially for the things he can do like changing the baby or rocking it back to sleep when it just needs to be soothed. As a result, you and him both bond pretty thoroughly with your children, and neither of you is too exhausted because the other is always picking up slack and taking turns.
  • He loves blowing raspberries on their cheeks and tummies because he lives for their laughter. He does it to them until they’re about four or five, and when that doesn’t work, he tickles. He just wants his kids to be happy and feel loved at whatever cost, and if a few tickles from Dad is what it takes, he’s more than willing to deliver.
  • Daichi encourages wide varieties and arrays of interests. He wants his kids to try intellectual, artistic and creative, and athletic pursuits to their abilities and desires. He encourages trying new things, even if they aren’t very good at it at first, because he wasn’t born an amazing volleyball player. He’s also that Dad who will absolutely look into stuff his kids are into, but he’s not into or doesn’t know anything about. If his kids obsess over a game, he’ll try and understand what’s happening and ask them questions if they’re ok with it. If they get into playing a musical instrument, he’ll always ask them to put on little concerts for him, even if they’re awful at it. He always encourages and praises them, though.
  • He is literally the most supportive dad. If his kids ever came out to him, he would be so loving and supportive, no matter what. He also goes out of his way to make his house a safe space for all of his kid’s friends, unless they are legitimately bad people. Daichi has always been a good judge of character, though, and his kids trust his good word.
  • He literally takes to fatherhood like a fish to water. Everyone jokes about how it’s because of all the practice he had in high school, but he also knows that he would literally do anything for his kids. He’s just the best dad–stern, but fair; supportive, but always pushing for them to do better. He cries at every milestone, and makes them smile when they’re down. He’s just literally the best father any kid could ask for.
Roller Coaster- Tyler Seguin

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Omg so if you guys hadn’t read @mystupidlovesongs stuff, go do that! I love that boo! And she loves Ty-Ty so she requested this a while ago so I hope she likes it! I love how it turned out! Enjoy guys!

Warning: mention of death/dying

@mystupidlovesongs Request: Hello hello! Since the Stars are done for the year, could you do an imagine of Tyler Seguin and the reader having a fun date (going to the zoo, bowling, amusement park…) and they just have a really great time with each other? Thank you babe, you the best!


              “Come on Ty-Ty!”

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Most of you guys probably saw this but y E A H

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STEPH, I was looking for pins and I randomly found one that immediatly made me think of you in THAT watchalong and I was so happy because that only goes to show how much fun we have. Also: I'm dying, send help www(.)etsy(.)com/listing/74955439/the-only-reason-i-watched-labyrinth?ref=shop_home_active_11


*snorts* ASDFASFSD Well, I mean it is a VERY prominent package. HAHAHA OMG. I love you guys :D

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Could I have Tsukii and Nishinoya, what they're Snapchats would be between them and they're s/o like what they would send each other, if they put anything on their story what would it be If its easier headcannon please!

Omg, I love when you guys send me asks about what their social media would be like! It’s my absolute favourite!! <3

Tsukishima Kei:

  • He hardly ever uses his snapchat, but when he does they are actually really nice pictures. Unfortunately they are all of you captured at a bad angle. Classic Tsukki.
  • When you scroll through his story, it usually ends up with him roasting people and capturing people during their stupidest moments. You honestly die laughing when listening to him comment at how idiotic humanity has become. 100% gold.
  • You force him to use the snapchat filters with you. He honestly looks adorable with the dog filter, but even more so with the flower crown. It’s your new lockscreen.
  • You constantly steal his phone to record him, and you always zoom in on his face when he’s got a resting bitch face. Literally iconic.
  • He’ll snap you random selfies on occasion and you just???? Like why doesn’t he takes pictures of himself more often? He looks hot af.

Nishinoya Yu:

  • This boy would be the one to try and snap you a nude, but almost accidentally post it on his story. Almost ruined his life in one fatal move. RIP.
  • He snapchats you constantly to the point where it’s almost overwhelming, but you forgive him because he’s just so cute.
  • Will snap you about anything and everything, especially when he and Tanaka are fooling around during practice. He always has the baldie record him doing a cool move or a nice block.
  • Tries out every single filter and sends it to you. Well, at least you have a large selection of selfies to make as your home screen to choose from.
  • His story is always long af because he snapchats anything that fucking breathes. But it’s always funny because he adds commentary to go along with it.
  • Always takes pictures and videos of you because look at my cute girlfriend/boyfriend everyone!!!
Namjoon Scenario: Love Lessons.

Requests:  finally i’ve been waiting for this moment omg i love you guys!! Could I request a scenario wherein you and namjoon are the 2 best students in school, he tries so hard to see you as his rival but he couldn’t because you’re a genuine and lovely person? Thank you so much!!

Genre: Fluff 

Everybody inside the classroom was clapping and Namjoon’s ears were sizzling with the echoing of his own annoyance. The professor was patting your back and congratulating you for what felt like the thousand time that fatidic morning in which your oral presentation in the science class surpassed his.

He thought he had nailed it at the end of his carefully practiced speech explaining his theme, that first place now at his class was as easy as falling asleep, but it wasn’t. You were the only one standing between him and his so longed number one title.

He didn’t want to admit it out loud, but you were his biggest competence, nobody in that class knew as much as you did, nobody nailed the exams and quizzes the way you did, Namjoon didn’t think there was going to be someone who could challenge his knowledge, he was after all, one of Korea’s best students, always at the top of the class, always first without losing his life or mind in the process, until you appeared.

You, with your smart mind and great voice, who dared to smile at him brightly as if you didn’t know he was also the one stopping you from being named number one. You were competing for that spot without a doubt, you were rivals who had nothing to be smiling at each other for; yet there you were, bowing a last time towards the class, your hair framing your face cutely and smiling with your eyes fixed on him like you were sharing a special secret of some kind.

Namjoon took a deep breath, feeling the force of that smile and your perfume when you walked past him towards your seat. Well, he had to admit that your presentation was perfect, and alright, you didn’t look like the heartless, treacherous type of person that was going to do everything to get what they wanted even if they had to step over other people along that thorny path, if someone asked him. And you maybe always smelled like a delicious flower bouquet and smiled as genuinely as a person could, but he couldn’t forget that that delicacy was only a part of you, maybe there was something shady about you and he had reasons to think about you the way he did.

–Excuse me, Namjoon? – You tapped his shoulder softly with playful fingers, he had noticed how everything you did was somehow artistic or something like that that he shouldn’t even be noticing.

–Yes? – he moved a little on his seat to look discretely at you without the teacher noticing. You smiled yet again at him and laughed under your breath, covering your rosy lips for a moment before you held his eyes again.

– Can I ask you a favor? –

Namjoon wanted to say that no, of course not, why would he ever do you a favor when all you did was crush all his attempts to be the first student of that class? He truly had a lot of reasons to only see your as his rival, his competence, his one and only nemesis, he was sure, he thought he was sure at least, because it was hard to remember any of those reasons when he looked at your always kind eyes, and then, he wasn’t so sure anymore.

–Of course, what could it be? – Namjoon almost face palmed himself if he wasn’t trying to look composed and unbothered. What the hell? That wasn’t exactly what he’d wanted to say.

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I’m so excited to announce that I’ve reached 100 followers on this blog!

Thank you so much guys! LEt’s keep thos numbers rolling!

As for this big celebration I’d like to announce a give away!

ONE lucky winner will receive a FREE art piece by me of any one character of their choosing! (maybe 2 if they’re small)

Just simply reblog this post to enter! Reblog as many times as you like!

You MUST be following my blog to enter!

The winner will be chosen at the end of June by random draw using a generator.  You will have 3 days to respond with your character of choice and any particular details I will try to include, if you do not respond I will chose a different person.

(use the tag #entry to signify you’re entering, if not use the tag #no entry if you are not) 

Thanks everyone and good luck!