I was just staring at my salad and that was when I first really had this little flash of like the whole world falling apart, collapsing and like this salad just didn’t make any sense at all, if that makes any sense. Like, what the hell is happening. Why is there like little pieces of plants on my plate. What is going on.
—  Andrew VanWyngarden
Thank you Bruins!

You lifted a city that was hurting. You’ve saved so many lives of people who never had a thing in the world to cheer for. You’ve given me something to look forward to every other night. I’m in a state in my life where I don’t even know what I want but you guys give me a distraction something to look forward to. Thank you for an unbelievable season and playoff run. 

Things New Yorkers Do

- Live with a to-go cup of coffee permanently attached to your hand.

- Order EVERYTHING. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, wine, shopping, clothes, weed, sex, love, movies, order ANYTHING anytime.

- Say, “I’m going on a yoga retreat.”

- Say, “I can’t sign any contracts this week because Mercury is in retrograde.”

- Say, “I’m looking for a healer. Do you know a good healer?”

- Use Oh my god to open or conclude any sentence to express sadness, joy, surprise, anger, boredom, pleasure. Oh my god yes!

- Say, “Oh my god we haaaaave to get some coffee together!!!!” and then never ever text.

- Not see your friends for three months even though you live on the same street because everyone in the world is too busy.

- Almost lose your sh#t because you just realized that the dinner you just said yes to is in BROOKLYN. Ugh.

- Bitch about how everyone is too busy and then hear some guy say, “Dinner?! Yes of course! How does three weeks from now sound to you?” after looking at his planner.

- Spend three weeks planning said dinner, send 3543 emails to get 4 fu#*%g friends together, an hour on the phone with the restaurant to get a good table at a decent hour (Ok, just, any table. Okay, 9:30. Ok.) and then…

- Cancel at 9:27 because “Oh my god I’m just so tired. Would you be upset if…”

- Give everyone the biggest hugs like you’re BFFs that haven’t seen each other for three years even if it’s only the third time you’ve ever met someone.

- Say “OMG I LOVE YOU” to someone you think is nice.

Garance Dore


Sorry about the tests. School can be a real pain. Hope this helps!



First off, TFW smiling because they are adorable. 

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Hugs are supposed to help, but since I can’t give you one, here’s a cute picture of Dean hugging Charlie!

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And one from Sam:

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Also, here’s a really cute picture of Cas. 


And a picture of Dean with Abaddon in that one episode because that was just the hottest thing ever:

Hope this made you feel better sweetie!