voltron is one of those shows where you’re like

“ OmF look at keith and lance kajngsafas, did you see that omg look they’re iNTERACTING w/ each other, look it’s so canon already, i mEAN LOOK AT THEM, they’re perfect for each other, it’s so gonna happen, omg look at lance go he is so cute, just gotta wait for klance to happen lmao” 

but then you’re like- 

“sigh… it’s not gonna happen, i should stop getting my hopes up, stop reading fanfiction, i should stop browsing through all these geniuses on tumblr who put so much work into this ship, maybe i should just quit watching this show already, and i should really stop getting so hype whenever i see the fucking colors blue and red together.” 

and then finally like

“i can no longer say ‘quiche’ without losing my shit, shiro is fucking six years old, keith is gay af, omg look at all these crack videos i’m dyin g” 

anonymous asked:

I can totally see Angela talking with Genji about his new body, and then she saw his brother and fall in love with him awww shit I don't play overwatch but I love Hanzo, he is so... and Angela is so cute omg aaaaaa shit I hate that I fall in love with characters that isn't real aaaaaaa And to finish it, your art is amazing. So cute and beautiful, it made me shipp Healing Arrow so hard..... Don't stop being the amazing artist you are. kissu kissu >3<

Hello, anon!

I actually have a different headcanon for how I see Hanzo and Angela getting together, but I do love hearing other’s people ideas on how they fall in love with each other.

I don’t think it’s a bad thing to fall in love with fictional characters. That just means that the characters were created very well. :)

Thank you for your kind and wonderful words! I will do my best to continue to create art for you to enjoy!~