I’ve been watching NCT DREAM and omg JISUNG IS SO DAMN TINY AND CUTE. LIKE WTH. HE’S SON MATERIAL AF (lolll does it even make sense???) IF I WAS TO GET MARRIED WITH JEON , I’D LOVE TO HAVE HIM AS OUR KID??? HE’S LIKE A CUTE MUSHROOM 🙊🙊🙊🙊JISUNG THE BLONDE LIL BBY MUSHROOM OMG 🙈🙈🙈 HE’S TOO CUTE. He’s a 02 liner LIKE OMG (even tho he’s the same heigth as me lmaoo) . HOW CUTER CAN YOU GET SON??? *Mentally screams* JEON JUNGKOOK GO ADOPT HIM ASAP!!!!!!

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Okay but imagine MC having a picture of Seven and Yoosung she took as her lock screen bc they're all besties and she loves them so much ^^ and another of Jaehee as her home screen bc they've also become besties but then Zen gets jealous bc why not him??? so he whines about it to MC and MC reassures him that next time she changes her wallpaper she'll have one of him, okay but now imagine Jumin sulking in the back bc he's also jealous but won't say anything bc he doesn't know how, lol

omg that’s so cute but so sad :(( poor jumin bby

I feel like, once Zen’s favourite selfie that he spent 2 hours choosing was set as MC’s lockscreen, Jumin would sort of go quiet because he’s jealous but he’s scared of word vomit.

So when MC would approach him one day, asking again and again what’s wrong with him, he would finally say something like “lockscreen..” and refuse to say any more before walking away from the situation.

MC finds Jaehee, asking if she knew anything and telling her what he said and Jaehee would piece together all the information. “Oh, he’s probably a bit sad that he’s never been your background on your phone.”

MC just pulls that face of “oh”.

cut to like the next day

“Hey Jumin, can you check if my friend messaged me back yet?” MC asked; fully aware that she hadn’t.

And Jumin sees a photo of him at a business meeting as your lockscreen and lets out a sneaky cheeky lil smirk.

He felt like giving MC a big hug and telling her thank you, but he wanted to remain professional.

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I'm going against canon here but Yuuri remembering that night and thinking Victor thinks he's weird but Victor spends like 10 months convincing him "no its adorable and sexy you dork come be my pork cutlet bowl"

omg, that would be cute. 

he’d be so embarrassed when he remembers, and feel like he’d never be able to face victor again. four months later, victor shows up naked in front of him ready to fulfill his request of becoming his coach and yuri would just want to crawl under a rock. :,)

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you and your boyfriend are so cute oh my god i adore you two

omg???? thank you////!!!! he’s so cute and sweet and kind and i love him…❤❤❤


Playing with a lazer and a cat – Voltron level

WELL, @klanced made me do this sketch ; and then @loveanimationfan came up with this idea and…

Here is the Lance & Blue comic I promised !
Omg I spent way too much time on this …
I really LOVE to draw Lance & Blue <3 My fav paladin & Lion.
(And yes, Paladins playing with their lions would be the cutest thing.)
(I will definitely draw more lion stuff.)

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