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-paints a neon orange heart on his tail-

The very nanoklik he felt the chill of paint on his frame he turned around
at the speed of light, claws ready to shred the person who dared to
paint on him without his consent to pieces- Only to be greeted by a
small gremlin in the shade of grey standing by his tail plating with 
a small brush, dripping an unspeakable color from the very fine hairs
of it, and an unreadable expression on their face.

That didn’t look good on his paint job. Purple and orange - especially
neon orange - should be kept very far away from each other. 

“I’m not certain why you painted this on me, but here’s one thing I am
certain about: You are the one who has to pay for a new coating.”

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YO. Tell me you watched Infinite on ASC where at the end Woohyun went to put his arm around Jimin and then awkwardly reconsidered and just made a peace sign. It was SO PRECIOUS!!!

YO HI! ~





he was so cute! he wanted to put his arm around her but then realised he probs should not and just awkwarldy did “v” sign