SMTM4 in a nutshell:

Zico: im cool and my bro is cool too, swag everyone accept idols pls thanks, stares people down but is also a fluff ball
Loco: oh yEAH! i make cool stuff please check it out im begging you bc ily all
Jay Park:
disses everyone secretly and talks about the newest gossip and is also a true fashionista
Tablo: the “dad who tries to be tough”, is searching for giriboy 2.0
Jinu: am i cute?, smiles all the time and shares a brain with sean
Sean: *walks away*, hes the cute daddy that everyone wants
Paloalto: im cool don’t diss me, im senpai yo
San E: laughs at everything and tries to be a true swagger but fails miserably
Verbal Jint:
says nothing at all