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Now for the Sensei Sasuke hc. Wb a Sakura Sensei? He'd be so flustered ;w;


I think Sakura would act the opposite as Uchiha-sensei in the hc’s. She’s bubbly and really nice but she also holds an extremely strict side to her. 

Sakura notices that Sasuke always comes to her office to check his answers for the homework or the tests but his answers are always correct…;;; Tbh he’s just there to spend time with her. 

One day Sasuke doesn’t come and she gets super worried bc ??? He’s usually here??? Did something happen??? 

She finds him the next morning walking to class and he explains that he just had baseball practice early so he couldn’t come. Sasuke jokes, “Why did you miss me, sensei?” and Sakura responds, “Yes! Don’t worry me like that!” and she pats his back and walks away. Sasuke blushes “Oh” and looks away. 

(I’d draw this but man that’s a lot haha) 


kyliebunburyRare KB diva footage 💁🏽

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SMTM4 in a nutshell:

Zico: im cool and my bro is cool too, swag everyone accept idols pls thanks, stares people down but is also a fluff ball
Loco: oh yEAH! i make cool stuff please check it out im begging you bc ily all
Jay Park:
disses everyone secretly and talks about the newest gossip and is also a true fashionista
Tablo: the “dad who tries to be tough”, is searching for giriboy 2.0
Jinu: am i cute?, smiles all the time and shares a brain with sean
Sean: *walks away*, hes the cute daddy that everyone wants
Paloalto: im cool don’t diss me, im senpai yo
San E: laughs at everything and tries to be a true swagger but fails miserably
Verbal Jint:
says nothing at all

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❝ Oi, Juvia —— I wanna, uh, take ya somewhere. ❞

   T H U M P … !

              T H U M P …



       A request given in a space-wise manner, as if the words, even if just for a second, were taken away from him. Gray was never good with words,  ( as was comproved after some events ) which resulted in a misunderstanding on her part. Probably the male wanted to say something simple without any romantic interest, or even something irrelevant, yet Juvia could not help herself       after all, those were the words a person use when they want to invite the other out, right 

    ❝ Take Juvia —— somewhere?

The female brought both her hands up to her
countenance, palms resting against cheeks as 
azure eyes stared at the other in disbelief. The 

reddish pigment getting more && more visible 
as the thoughts came to her mind. She blinked.

     ❝ Gray-sama is finally calling Juvia out?!


@the-wandering-grunt dude just knows when you’re lookin at him apparently???