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OMG so after a whole half year of delays, I finally finished life-sized Sylveon, a project that originated as a joke during a conversation with @sugarstitchplush but which I was reckless enough to attempt to turn into a reality! Thank goodness because this plush almost singlehandedly burnt me out…

Anyway, as mentioned, this Sylveon is life-sized! The ears are tilted a little bit back as a natural consequence of gravitational torque, but when tilted up, Sylveon measures 40" from the ground to the top of her ears! The Pokedex put Sylveon’s height at 39" so this one’s actually spot on. I spent a lot of time fixing the body from the original shiny Sylveon which I wasn’t entirely happy with; after fiddling around with it, I got something I was a lot happier with (although it’s still not perfect!). Over the course of both Sylveons I must’ve made like 8-10 body tests, but I think it was worth it! …Right?

I haven’t decided what I’ll do with her yet; I’d like to keep her for a month or two so a friend of mine who wants to visit can come by and see her, but most likely I’ll put her up for offers since I think she deserves a better home than mine. Shipping this thing is gonna be a logistical nightmare though so I’ll have to work that out later…

           ( @stormfalliing
              I apologize in advance, Estinien is probably not the best company
              and he hates to dance. In fact, he is terrible at it. Plus he’s tall as heck.
              Please pray for Aqua for the upcoming CR-event.  

              He might save @alisaie-leveilleur from @emmanellainfortemps.
              Why are you two paired up - omg. )

“OMG after 3 months I’ve finally finished it. Should I save game now? Nah maybe I should take photos first? Or should I save the lot first? Nah later. I’ll go back in game and wander around just for a sec..”

And the game crashed.

And I kept staring at my screen for decades.

And I started yelling in the midnight.

And that’s the story of how I died because of my own stupidity.

From backyard of a house that I may never finish.

Two days ago, my committee members officially approved my dissertation.

Today, the grad school officially approved my dissertation.

And because I need my transcripts before August 7 so I can start my new job, they went ahead and awarded me my degree.

I’m done, y’all. 

I will graduate in December with most of my PhD cohort friends.

But I’m done.  No more graduate school. 

((Title: Fraternize))

Thank God I finally finished this, OMG! I have no idea why it turned out so long, but oh well, whatever. This is a random little (is it really little though LOL) fic for Wonho of MONSTA X, and yes, I’m fully aware that his real name is Hoseok and I should use that in the fic, but I didn’t want to cause any confusion. After all, you may be more familiar with another Hoseok in another group! (;

I really didn’t want to write the other members of MONSTA X as the bad guys D: but anyway I hope you guys enjoy this weirdass FratGuy!AU and please give me some feedback! And, as always, feel free to send in requests!!!!

Word Count: 10,024

“Come on! You’ve been working on that report for the last three hours! You need to take a break!” Your best friend, Hyesu, whined, tugging on your sweater sleeve.

You sighed and reluctantly moved your laptop aside. “For the last time, I don’t want to go bar-hopping with you and your boyfriend. I really need to finish this paper or else I’ll be screwed.”

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I finally finished watching Voltron! Omg you were right when you said I wouldn't regret it, I think i've found myself another fandom to join! :D

I’m so happy!!! Not gonna lie, it took me more then the first couple of episodes to get into it, but something about it kept me going then I got Insanely hooked! :D welcome to the fandom!!


I feel like sum nights the paladins and even Allura and Coran would have trouble falling asleep, and have ways to fall asleep and cope (these ideas r pretty obvious like u c some of it in the show i guess ??) like :

Some nights when Lance would try to fall asleep he would remember his family and start thinking about Earth, how much he would miss it, how much he missed the sea, the fresh air, the beach, literally everything about Earth he’d end up missing! Those nights , it was hard falling asleep but he’d eventually get to it, only to wake up disappointed and missing the “Hey, Lance get up!” from his sister(s) or brother(s). Other nights, he had those nightmares that everyone hated him and disliked him , that he was he’s not important to the paladins and replaceable. Lance would take care of himself, like put on a face mask to calm himself and listen to music to help him fall asleep. 

Shiro would always fall asleep easily when he hits the bed, simple because he’d try and go days without sleeping He’d dream about being on earth, somewhere calm. Only for that bright image to melt away and a darkness would come to his dream. Shiro would always have the same dream of him being on that table, where they put him under anesthesia, screaming and flailing about. He’d feel the probing as if it was real and eventually wake up abruptly shouting. After that happened he’d wouldn’t try falling asleep again, he’d put his armor on and start working out. 

Keith’s nightmares weren’t a usual occurrence since he’d be thinking about his troubles trough out the day. He’d have nightmares about how he felt abandoned, all alone, he wold feel helpless and fragile. He could have nightmares about everyone dying being he wasn’t strong enough to protect everyone. He’d wake up fidgeting, pissed because he hated thinking of himself as fragile, tiny, helpless. He hated  the fact that he cared for everyone because he know he shouldn’t get attached (like how he did w/ Shiro and “lost” him). Keith would get up and train despite training intensely trough out the day. As long as he could be better, than before. He’d constantly shout at himself about not being his best.

Pidge would get up quickly having a nightmare concerning their brother and their dad being tortured or dead. He’d walked about with that feeling of emptiness.  They would get up to start working on some tech, trying to fix the cloaking mechanisms, looking at every detail. They could stay up working for an hour to distract themselves or spend a whole night. Making sure he wouldn’t miss a thing and make no mistake. 

Hunk would try to sleep but he’d keep thinking about what everyone thinks about him, what he shouldn’t have done that day, what he did wrong, he’d worry about the rest of the gang, he’d freak about himself, etc.. Knowing he wouldn’t fall asleep at this rate. Hunk would get up and go make some food only to remember how he would make cup of chamomile and eat some biscuits back on earth. 

Allura would constantly think about her dad, the Alteans, how she missed everyone from her time. And how happy she was when she was young. She would cry herself to sleep each night only to put up a brave face in front of everyone showing zero cracks. She is the backbone of the paladins after all. Allura wound also feel that pressure of having to protect everyone in the entire universe from the Galra. She’s constantly wishing, that she was just her young self, naive and happy. 

Coran would fall asleep fairly easily but  similar to Allura, he would have thoughts about the Alteans and so on.He would be happy and show his gooffy face a lot of the time. To not let those seeping thoughts come head strong,he’d act happy all the time to not let sad ideas come to him. In a way, he would be in denial.


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1. What language, beside your native language, would you like to be fluent in?
cantonese so there isnt a language barrier at all between me and my parents :o (they speak a little english and i only understand some cantonese so you can see the problem i.e. when they use cantonese words i dont know and i use english words they don’t know)

also like, any language would be good because im a monolingual fUCK and i hate it 

2. How many pairs of shoes do you currently own?
..probably like eight or nine

3. Whats the last compliment you got?
i really dont think about these things omg… i guess its from this cutie anon c:

4. What does your name mean?
i have no idea i think my dad named me after the sister/nun(?) head of hospital he used to work in because she was amazing but im not sure x-x

5. Music taste?
basically anything but you know whats good


6. Do you have any other Social Media sites if so, what is your fave?
facebook and twitter? but i dont use facebook ever and i shitpost on twitter too much

7. What is your favourite food?
too many
way too many
but mostly anything my mum cooks (which is basically just chinese food)

8. Age?
dancing queen young and sweet only say the naME 17

9. Birthday?
May 9th~ (when it starts getting hot and just before exam period cRIES)

10. What is your favourite drink?
iced coffee probably

11. Current Drama?
the last one i watched was nirvana in fire… i havent watched any since then (thats a real good drama go check it out omg)

12. If you were a Pokemon what would you be called and what would you look like?
i have no idea omg

13. Cats or dogs?
both aaaahhHHHH except im allergic to cats sad face

14. Do you have freckles?
nope :o at least i think i dont

15. Who is your style crush?
taehyung, i love his style so much

16. Favourite candle scent or just scent in general?
a christmas candle called cozy apple and cinnamon~ (it smelt sooooOOO good omfg end me)

17. Best thing for you about each season?
literally nothing because im either too hot or too cold and when its too cold im sick 24/7 and when its too hot my eczema comes to royally kick me in the ass

18. Do you have any weird obsessions if so what and why?
people watching? though i dont think its a weird obsession per say… its because it helps me study anatomy~

19. Do you still watch cartoons?
not really x_x i almost only watch lets players, kpop things, and the odd drama here and there now…

20. Do you like wearing slippers?
if they’re super soft and cosy, and only in winter~

21. Shark diving, bungee jumping, or sky diving?
i think i’d rather rot in my room while sitting in a cardboard box than do any of these

22. Who was someone you really looked up to when you were little - someone you considered to be a mentor?
my dad definitely, even now i still look up to him!!

23. What are your fave clothing stores?
i dont have one…?

24. What is your fave ice cream flavour?
HANDS DOWN mint choc chip

25. Do you have any phobias?
SO SO SO MANY OH MY i think i listed them before but i didnt even remember some of them oKAY SO

i dont know if a fear of /deep/ water is a thing but im scared shitless of that, spiders, clowns, heights, small spaces, social situations, the dark, is there a fear of paranormal things because i can tell you right now i definitely have that

26. What is your wardrobe colour scheme?
mostly neutral colours with hints of pastel and bright colours~ and a lot of black

27. Tea or coffee?
both! though i guess coffee more

28. Favourite clothing item?
anything comfortable is fine with me in terms of wearing but i also really really love blazer jackets and waistcoats omg

29. What would your dream bedroom look like?

  • pale walls, i.e, cream, ivory
  • a central window on one wall with a desk in front of it with all of my drawing books, work books, stationary, laptop etc and a small flowering plant too
  • bed at the side near to the door with wardrobe, mirror and shelves with books and other collectible things i have on the opposite side
  • fluffy and fuzzy rug on the floor

30. What are your best childhood tv shows?
cardcaptor sakura, teen titans, csi (odd one out lol but it was a majority of what i watched growing up and hence why i love criminology related things)

31. What do you always have on you?
inhaler and a packet of tissues lol

32. What is the current temperature right now?
like….13 degrees Celsius im cold as fucdjkdfjkf

which is brilliant because i was complaining about it being too hot about 3 hours ago

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