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admin shiba likes Hunt Me Down we're going to get along well then ;u; would you mind if I asked each of you what are your favorite fics nowadays then? and thank you a lot for your hard work im so glad this blog is so alive and active again I missed it so much :')

i’ll start this off and the other admins can add their answers! I’ve also been enjoying hunt me down, but aside from that my favourite ongoing fics right now:

- codename: m.o.n.s.t.e.r by ariasofsnow (ongoing dystopian!au on ao3)
- keep me warm by bugarungus (ongoing domestic goodness on aff)
- and the la la corgi series by aestaeticism on ao3, which is an adorable series showing chanyeol growing up to love his corgi hybrid baekhyun (the first part is here)!!

as for non-ongoing fics - i’ve been reading bae 2017 recently. there are soooo many great fics from the fest but my personal favourites are blood and water and hold me closer, sleepy dancer (both very fluffy and feelsy)! be sure to give the authors at bae some love if you haven’t checked out the fest yet

hopefully the other admins will chime in with their current faves too!!

- admin paws

wow~~~ I’ve been reading all the ones Admin Paws is reading as well! Yes omg, Hunt Me Down is a MASTERPIECE of a fic, here are some more I’m reading, love!

are the ones i’m reading.. as well as BAE of course!!! I’ll def rec my fave bae fics ASAP <3 - Admin Shiba