So apart from the quotes and the serious stuff, I want to talk about the stuff I like here (sometimes), till I don’t make a separate blog for it (which might be sometime soon). Ya know when I’m too excited about something and can’t contain it inside me and just want someone to listen to the shit I have to say, which no one does irl (okay maybe that’s not true but you get what I mean) Yeah, well.
So you’ve already probably gotten the hint of what I’m gonna talk about rn from the picture. Yep, it’s Zayn Malik’s new song, PILLOW TALK. So I love love love this song. It’s beautiful in so many ways. The lyrics, the video, the effects they’ve used, the tone, the way he has sung it, and last but not the least, Zayn and Gigi. They look so cute together omg. And I went “D'AWW” like so many times while watching the video aha. And I’ve probably watched it once or twice and by once or twice I mean maybe a couple of hundred times (okay that was totally a Justin Bieber reference) haha. And well, it’s Zayn’s first solo song after quitting one direction which makes it quite interesting and honestly, I think he has done a wonderful job. So anyway, I’m totally addicted to this song. And you should listen to it if you haven’t already cause it’s amazayn. (see what I did there lol)