yo i wish i took a picture of this 

i went into the cvs all loopy fresh from work and hungry and was in the makeup/beauty isles looking at nail polishes

i turn around and there’s this sign like


five new black nail polishes. i was like oh lord no i’m already a mess rn

patent black (extra latex bitch shiny)

corrupted black (looks all acid eaten matte wtf)

smoky black (like wispy smoky glaze)

black dust (unsure the exact finish but wat?)

black matte 

i got so tripped up on all these choices i walked around the isle for like ten minutes till i bumped into my aunt buying eye drops and then i was finally able to leave that shit alone. omg. 

i finally finished Thief and holy fucking shit. I absolutely adore that game like wow wowow omg. It would be great if someone explained to me what happened at the end cos i dont fully understand it :^//

holy shit i didn’t even realize it’s shepard’s birthday today

how ironic that me3 finally started working again this week and im technically finishing me3 for the first time today omg

So I’ve been absent from Tumblr the last few days because I’ve been finishing up finals/moving/preparing for FanExpo Regina (plus my aunt’s internet sucks and is slow as shit) and all of a sudden there are textposts about snail people and I got an anonymous ask about snail people and omg people I was only gone like 3 days holy fuck do memes move fast.

anonymous asked:

ok so this scorpio guy i know has been ignoring me and shit, is it the fact that i cant go out until i finish my finals or what omg idk (he has told me he likes me and we went on couple of dates)& hes so sweet in person lmao

Maybe he thinks you’re just making up an excuse so that you don’t go out with him, idk. Scorpios can be a little distant sometimes, but I think he’s just afraid you don’t want him anymore