Best excuse for not doing your homework.


Video by milk-hook

i’m laughing so hard at those 5-minute craft videos they are literally the worst life hacks ever…..

  • this lady is sitting at her desk, 15cm away from the screen (??? why) almost dozing off. The life hack? she grabs a piece of gum.
  • two glasses with a couple cm of water, some hand throws 2 green skittles or whatever in the left one, then 2 red ones in the right one. moments pass, they take out the candy and another hand appears. They then do a toast with the glasses??? why?? is it tasty? why not fill the whole glass? is this a life hack??
  • someone puts a big coca cola sticker on an empty soda cup from some place, then paints the cap black with nailpolish, hot glues some kind of weird shaped pieces of glass/fake diamonds on the top (to make it look like ice cubes i guess). they then put a powerbank (a LOT smaller than the cup) inside the cup. next shot: someone takes the big ass cup from their bag and plugs in their phone. How is that even practical?? or a life hack?
  • someone boiling a pack of ramen noodles INSIDE the kettle. I’m sorry but YIKES??? are you gonna drink ramen-flavored tea from then on or what? Boiling eggs in a kettle: ok. Ramen? no.

this one, though, was my favorite:

someone holds a potato and a straw, then tries to puncture the potato with the straw multiple times, with the straw bouncing off. they then seal off the top of the straw, and puncture the potato in one try. then they hold up the punctured potato proudly.

how the fuck is this a hack??? why would you want to put a straw into a potato? al;kdsfalhk