their love is the purest thing there is, it clears my soul

okay but nobody is talking about the fact that Jake remembers exactly what day he decided to propose to Amy 6 months later

Jake, who thought it was May 18th when it was well into October

Jake, who is self-described as having the memory of a goldfish

that moment was so important to him that he didn’t even have to think about it and just rattled off the date, just because Amy did something that she probably does all the time, but Jake just loved her so much in that moment that he will never forget it

Oh my god, did you see this? Dean tries to wave the door open, but it doesn’t work and he’s so exasperated. Stupid door, why won’t you open? Damn it, now I have to pull it open myself. 

Stupid broken automatic door, can’t you see your own sign that says be cautious of my automatic opening grumble grumble I’ll just do it myself. Stupid, useless door… {13.05}