(170222) Dean - Like A Star (Corinne Bailey Rae cover)

OK not to go off but I’m a lil agitated.Yixing work increadibly hard just as hard if not harder than the other members.His schedule is very demanding even more than the other members as he’s required to constantly travel back and forth between china and korea (+ other countries incase of concerts). He give his 110% to EXO and even during his own solo promotions he constantly promotes EXO and mentions he’s so happy to be part of them. EXO don’t even remember to mention him during award shows when he isn’t there despite him being the only promotion EXO really gets in China. Yixing does not deserve fans that will suck up to how handsome he is or whever but fucking turn on him the second he chooses to take care of his own health and save himself from causing contraversay. Stop claiming this “we are one” bullshit if you don’t have atleast a little respect for Yixing. Yixing is an integral part of EXO an all korean EXO isn’t fucking better you nasties. 

If you disagree … Fuck off


(170222) Dean - 넘어와 Come Over (Acoustic ver.)

EXO Reacting To You Being an Idol On An Insanely Strict Diet

Hey lovelies! Sorry it took me so long to do this! I got sidetracked with life! Hope you enjoy!!


Xiumin: He would be concerned and would cringe at the thought of you dieting. He has struggled with weight and crazy diets during his career and he would be nervous that the diet you’re on is harming you more than helping. He would try to guide you to a healthier diet that would keep you safe.

“Starving yourself isn’t the answer Jagiya. Let me help you.”

Luhan: He would be mad at your managers for putting you on such a strict diet that you would almost be starving. He would be ready to go and tell off your company for doing this.

“Who did this? Who do I need to kill?”

Kris: He would be concerned, but wouldn’t want to say anything to upset you or potentially harm your career. He would fumble over exactly what to say before asking you what he can make you for dinner.

“I…ummm…are you….what I can make you tonight?”

Suho: He would be confused as to why you were on a diet in the first place. He would ask you about it and would still insist that you don’t need the diet and that you won’t follow it when you’re around him.

“Why would they put you on a diet? You’re the perfect cuddle size…I don’t want you changing…”

Lay: He would be shocked and wouldn’t know what to say at first. He would interpret it as the company insulting you.

“They called you fat? but…you aren’t fat….”

Baekhyun: He would feel bad for you but would understand that sometimes companies make idols go on crazy diets for a comeback. He wouldn’t be happy about it, but he would do his best to help you through it.

“I’m sorry Jagiya… do you want some water? or maybe we can go watch a movie to keep your mind off it?”

Chen: He would be upset you were on a diet again. You spent more time dieting than actually eating since debut and he would begin to judge your company for being so harsh.

“Again? What is wrong with them?”

Chanyeol: He would keep a cheerful face in front of you, but would have to excuse himself to let out how upset he really is. He would be hurt by how you are basically starving yourself for your career, but he wouldn’t want to upset you by saying anything about it.

“Deep breath Yeol….you know she’ll be okay…it’s only for a few weeks and then she’ll be back to normal…”

Kyungsoo: He would reject the diet and cook you all your favorite foods as soon as he heard your stomach grumble. He would make sure you can’t follow the diet and would make it known to your manager that he wasn’t supporting the diet.

“This isn’t happening. Come here and Oppa will cook you some ramyeon”

Tao: He would be shocked about the diet and would be ready to go all martial arts on your company. He would be cold about it and would not be happy whenever you were clearly starving.

“They. Will. All. Suffer.”

Kai: He would order fried chicken and make sure that you would be around as he started eating. He would tempt you with it until you gave in and ate. He would joke with you about it as well, while he was eating.

“This chicken is really good Jagi…You’re really missing out…This might be the BEST CHICKEN EVER!!!!”

Sehun: He would be upset about it since you clearly didn’t need the diet and it was being done as a comeback formality. He would march into your manager’s office calmly before going crazy with rage.