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How would Hanzo and Genji react if their s/o found for them a gift of an old beautiful slightly dirty dragon pendant they sound while coming back from a mission???

Hanzo: He would be slightly confused as to where his s/o got it. At first he doesn’t like to look at it. Anything that will trigger memories of the story of the two dragon brothers will put him in a grumpy state. Before wearing it, Hanzo will clean it so well until it looks brand new! Hanzo wears the necklace because his s/o gave it to him, and not for any other reason.

Genji: Genji on the other hand will take it immediately, commenting on how cool it looks. He loves hearing stories about dragons in general and will definitely wear it for his s/o, as seeing them smile literally make his health 10x better! Genji doesn’t mind the appearance of it and wears it practically everyday, refusing to take it off.

~Mod Rose

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