Amikor 13-14 éves gyerekek 11-ig kint lehetnek a városba, de te 17 vagy és anyád csak fél 9-ig enged el :))))

I’ll be your temporary fix

That’s the thing: Louis and Harry were in love. Harry loved Louis. Louis loved Harry. Nobody knew about that though, management policy apparently. He hate every second of it but hey, it wasn’t up to him so he had to live with it. They had been together for four years. Then had a massive fight. Like…massive. Almost broke up the band in fact. They were on a break, he assumed. Louis ended up in LA, drinking too much, trying to forget all about Harry. He made friends with some models, but obviously, he was gay. He wasn’t attracted at all by these girls. Not that the world seem to believe that. 

But eventually, Louis and Harry and Niall and Liam were back together. They acted like nothing had happened although the tension was palpable between them. Louis ended up walking up to Harry and ask him to stop being awkward. And he felt like things were becoming good again between them.