I haven’t posted any pictures of myself in a very very long time so I just wanted to say hello, hi everyone I’m doing ok thank you. Here’s a picture of me in the car. Here’s a picture of drunk me on my 21st birthday posing in a really classy bathroom. And here’s a picture of me after quitting the worst job I’ve ever had.
Still in OKC, still with my boy friend Berto, I’m back at a job I love and am much happier. Im moving into a new rent house in this adorable historic neighborhood in central OKC. I’m so pumped, things are looking good. I miss my Arkansas people a ton, but I feel like I’m finally getting kind of established here now, and I love it.

KD fans who say Lebron did the same thing… see the difference… Does this make it a little clearer? You don’t go join them cause you can’t beat them unless you are weak.

Look, if you put yourself in KDs shoes, and look at the options he had, OBVIOUSLY GSW was the best choice for HIM. But as a competitor, as a sportsmen, as a man even, you don’t run from a challenge like that, just to join the side that you can’t beat. WEAK

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If you really hate okcupid and think it's stupid why do you even have a profile on there? You're wasting your time with it and this blog. Any girl on okc already knows the men on there are disgusting this is nothing new and is pretty well known. I don't think the harassment is worth it to just post to your blog. If it really bothered you that much you wouldn't have a whole blog dedicated and and still be on okc. People can figure out on their own if someone is scum and not their type.

I’m not wasting my time. There is a whole community on Tumblr who are now made aware of the possibly dangerous guys. It’s a way to vent. It’s a way for some possible creepos to self-reflect if they don’t see anything wrong with most of these messages. I keep this blog and my profile to bring awareness.

I’m not wasting my time. You seem to be wasting yours, though.